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Lost Kassicast- Episode 5:10 "He's Our You"- Recap‏

Well- another week of being ‘beat’ over the head by character traits… Wednesday's episode of Lost centered on Sayid, as we learned how he became a killer and how Ilana managed to get him to board Ajira Flight 316. The new Dharma recruits settled into their groovy new lives, but it was not without tension as Kate found out about Juliet and Sawyer, Sawyer tried his best to play double agent and keeping his new drama free life, and Jack and Hurley sampled dipping sauces. It was a bit on the boring side- for me- down to the last few minutes- which I know, in your mind, you’re screaming “LET’S TALK ABOUT THE ENDING” Patience grasshopper- we’ll get there. First let’s start through the relatively slow ‘family’ feel to the first fifty minutes of the show. I’m trying to keep from jumping around too much in this narrative- so we’ll go in an order that makes sense to me- stick with me J Namaste

We open on a young Sayid in sunny Tikrit, Iraq, who kills a chicken for his more sensitive brother (he was fat, which is TV shorthand for "sensitive"). I found this act a little creepy but it seems to please Sayid's difficult-to-please father, and a killer is born! Hooray?

We're in Russia, where Sayid systematically offs some guy. Once he's done, he reports back to Ben, which places him in the post-island timeline somewhere in the "Economist" era, when Sayid was a globetrotting assassin. But Ben has good news: Andropov was the last guy on the list of members of Widmore's organization who posed a threat to Sayid's friends. Or so Ben says, ha ha. And, uh, so what does that really mean- why were these people threats to the Oceanic 6? And what does Sayid do now, now that the Linus Slaughterhouse has closed up shop? "I suppose you should go live your life; you're free, Sayid," says Ben. Sayid's confusion indicates that the last thing on his mind is building houses in the Dominican Republic.

But that's where Ben finds him next. How did he find him? "I looked," Ben tells Sayid that he thinks that John Locke has been murdered, and since Sayid isn't surprised to hear that John Locke is back in the real world, we can place this after "Jeremy Bentham" in the timeline. Ben, his pants afire, thinks that Sayid is in danger of being murdered by the same mythical killer, and gives as evidence the men who are watching Hugo in the mental institution. (AND TO THIS I SAY…. HA! COME ON! BEN IS USING HIS OWN KILLER INSTINCTS AND KILLING OF LOCKE TO TURN SAYID BACK AGAINST… WIDMORE’S PEOPS?) Ben wants him to start killing people again, because "it's in your nature; it's what you are," he says.

"I'm not what you think I am," Sayid replies, clearly still aching from his boyhood trauma.

This is presumably when Sayid goes to play buddy cops with Hurley, which ultimately leads him to the Long Beach Marina, where he storms off when he hears Ben's "hey, here's an idea, let's go back to Island" plan.

He drowns his sorrows in a $120 glass of MacCutcheon whisky, coincidentally also the preferred brand of bad dads everywhere, including Anthony Cooper (Locke's father and aka- original sawyer) and Charles Widmore.

Hey, guess who's at the same bar? No, not Norm and Cliff, but a sparkly, dolled-up Ilana, who is ordering a "bloody" rib eye and making her best sexy-eyes at Sayid, who, with his droll manner, immediately assumes that she's a prostitute (sorry, a ‘professional’- now that’s a way to win over a woman… no). No matter. After some chit-chat about trying to change and resisting temptation, yada yada, Sayid and Ilana head back to some hotel room- where they… well you know…

Sayid’s trying to get off Ilana’s serious ‘hooker’ (wait, not hooker- lets just say boots) boots and she round-houses him into submission. At gunpoint, she reveals that she was hired to bring him to Guam (aha!) by the family of Peter Avellino, the man we saw Sayid kill on the golf course in the Seychelles. This might be a little close to home for her- she seemed to get a little more upset than just a bounty hunter.

As they board Ajira Flight 316, Sayid sees his long-lost friends and asks, "Are you sure we're going to Guam?" Why don't you ask Frank Lapidus that question, Sayid? He knows! He tries to convince Ilana to take a different flight, but to no avail.

"It's over, isn't it? Us, playing house?" Juliet asks, as she looks forlornly through the curtains at the milling-about Oceanic 6- Mainly Kate. Sawyer demurs, but this doesn't change Juliet's mood.

Hurley, who has been hilariously assigned to the Dharma kitchen, is serving breakfast to Jack and Kate. "Be sure to try the dipping sauces; they really bring out the ham," he advises. Ham… Waffles… what is he making? I’m hungry… Heh. He also spills the beans about Jawyer (Julisaw? Fleuriet?) — "they live together now, and not as roommates" — to which Kate has an effortful non-reaction, which Jack notices. I thought that was odd… I mean- it has been three years. And Kate moved on with Jack and she would be married (at least engaged) to him if JACK hadn’t screwed up and started drinking… but now she’s upset because Sawyer moved on???

Later, in the motor pool, Kate and Juliet, aka grease monkeys, talk turkey about flat-four engines and, you know, the man they've both slept with. "I wasn't quite sure how to say it without it sounding like I was telling you to stay away," Juliet says. Kate says it's fine, which we know it totally isn't, because later Sawyer pays her a visit to ask why she came back. "I don't know why everyone else came back; I just know why I did," she replies significantly. Evangeline Lilly (Kate) didn't have a lot of lines in this episode, but she played then with an almost palpable weight on her delicate shoulders. Well done, Evie! I think she did a great acting job as always- but her character is making me a bit uncomfortable… J for Juliet’s sake of-course. Matthew Fox (Jack), meanwhile, might as well have been an extra tonight.

Back in Dharma jail, a young Benjamin Linus brings Sayid a chicken salad sandwich, and tries to get out whether Sayid is a Hostile sent by Richard Alpert. While Sayid is noncommittal, Ben offers to help him anyway, and a demented friendship is born.
Then comes the questioning. Horace and Radzinsky take a shot at it, but Sayid remains silent. "Ask him about the model," suggests Radzinsky, cryptically. Next Sawyer goes to check on the welfare of his old friend. "A 12-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich — how do you think I'm doing?" he says. Sawyer suggests that Sayid fake being a Hostile defector, but he resists that plan. Why? We're not sure. Once Sayid witnesses Ben with his cruel father, Sayid recognizes something in the kid's lonely childhood, and forms an uneasy alliance.

But first! LaFleur shows up and Tazes him and carts him off to see Oldham. Who is Oldham? "He's our you," Sawyer mumbles. The eccentric Oldham is found in a tent by the side of the road listening to Billie Holiday. As played by guest star William Sanderson (you remember him as a Darryl on Newhart), Oldham is both folksy and menacing, a character straight out of a Tarantino film, if Q. was a hippie.

They put him in restraints, and give him a sugar cube laced with truth serum- that’s the 70’s way of ‘torture’ I’m guessing…. I’d like that more than Sayid’s torturing! The funniest part of what happens next is that Sayid, totally tripping, actually does tell the whole truth, but since his tale is so fantastical ("I am from the future," he reveals), Oldham thinks he messed up the dosage. "You used exactly enough," Sayid says, and then he sits Indian-style on an old Oriental carpet and sips mushroom tea as an old lady braids his hair with daisies.

Since Operation Truth fails so miserably, Dharma calls a meeting of the Jumpsuit Quorum, who ­— at Amy's impassioned, new-mother behest — votes to execute Sayid. To cover his tracks, LaFleur votes with the crowd, making it unanimous. And Sawyer- has taken my bad side. What a prick. He will do anything to save his newfound ‘barbie life’

Sawyer hot-foots it over to the lockup to try to fake some sort of breakout scenario to save his friend. A still-woozy Sayid has other plans though. He has a purpose. "Now I know exactly why I'm here," he tells Sawyer, who throws up his hands and searches, fruitlessly, for a cutting nickname.

We see a Dharma van on fire as it careers through Dharmaville and straight into a house. While various Dharma folks — including Kate — attempt to reestablish order, young Ben springs Sayid from the pokey. Sayid notices the kid's broken glasses and says solemnly: "My father was a hard man as well." Ben, who's wearing a very ominous-looking hoodie, has visions of the streets paved with gold in Hostileville, as the pair skip off into the darkness. Sayid tells him that his purpose is to bring Ben to the Hostiles, which raises all sorts of questions about what exactly Sayid's future role will be and what else was laced into that ‘truth serum’.

But just as I'm thinking I’ve figured it out. in my head, they meet up with Jin, who appears to be down with helping Sayid escape. But just as Jin is about to call LaFleur on the radio, Sayid does a quick, assassin-y neck twist on the poor guy, and he falls to the ground. Little Ben is OK with the violence, but little does he know. "You were right about me," Sayid says to the kid Ben. “I am a killer." And with that, he shoots young Ben square in the chest. And... thump!

WHAT?!?!?! IS BEN DEAD? I thought ‘we’ couldn’t change the future- and if Ben would die- then there would be no purge, most likely no ‘incident’, there wouldn’t be a button needing pushed- and desmond wouldn’t have forgotten to push it, and the plane wouldn’t have crashed, and Sayid would have never been a killer to save the Oceanic 6, and Sayid wouldn’t come back and kill Ben- so everything would happen… My head hurts. Theories to be sent later.

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Lost Kassicast- Episode 5:9 “Namaste” - Easter Eggs/Theories/and Questions

There’s really not much this week- but feel free to add- There weren’t many surprises or easter eggs for me- but others had some theories, so here you go.

* The First One is something huge (potentially) that I totally missed. In the scene with Sun – when Christian Shepard appears and this time in Othersville. The recreation room is eerily similar to Jacob's cabin and well after the wind blows open the door and the light shines behind Sun and Frank you can see a woman move her head slightly in the background!?

It seems like someone with red hair or blond hair like Claire. Is Claire hanging with Christian OR is this a huge production error!?

I don't know the more I look at the image and re-watch the scene it looks like a production member looking at a screen or something to that effect (plus it was cut off of the widescreen versions- and there’s was no attention drawn to it)- but whatever it is- it’s pretty interesting- people are arguing Claire or Charlotte.

* Okay... maybe I am seeing things, but in the scene with were Christian is showing Sun and Frank the picture, does the smoke monster open the door and come in?

* “If the Swan wasn't built yet, why does Chang have a Swan lab coat in the barracks video?”

* Hurley’s a Chef  LOL

* Notice the airlock in the blueprints- when Radzinsky was building the Swan Model? Most likely part of the sealed off wall: ;)

* “The whispers come from people that are in the same place/location on the island...but at different stages of time. Early in the series of the show, when time travel wasn't a theme, this would have been hard to figure out. But now that time travel is apparent...hearing the whispers but not seeing anybody could be plausible. Didn't some translations of the whispers (in previous years/episodes) sound like.."there they are"..."do you think they see us?"...and stuff like that? This is just my thought.”

* “I wonder if we'll get to see what's in the Swan room that's been sealed off. You're able to get in there in the video game (Lost: Via Domus) and look around, and that was cool - I wonder if we do see what inside in the show, if it'll be the same thing as the game! I have a feeling we're not quite done with Swan station hyjinx.

And I really don't mind spoiling that little tidbit about the game. The game itself is an "alternate universe" storyline separate from the show, and unless you're a fan of the show, the game really wasn't that great at all.”

* “Again, the room behind the sealed wall (also known as the Incident Room), can be found by accessing a secret area in the Lost: Via Domus video game. Although the game's storyline is considered non-canonical, the design of the Incident room is the intended layout made by the creators of the show! Mystery solved?

So, you can either wait to MAYBE see past the sealed door in an upcoming episode taking place back in 1977, or you can rent the game and find that secret area! It's near the end, but the game only takes about 4 or 5 hours to beat.

Or you can just go here:

What someone SHOULD do (I can't, because I sold my Via Domus on eBay), is play through the game and get to the Incident Room...because the game automatically makes maps of the places your character travels, including DHARMA station maps confirmed as faithful to the show. If someone would get to the Incident Room in the game and compare the game map to the blueprint Radzinksy was building his model on...then truly it could be mystery solved.”

* Where if Faraday?????

* If we see little Ben- that means that Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, and Jin see him all the time. They also see Ben’s little girl friend…

* We had thought that Caesar and Ilana had known each other before the flight, but based on Caesar saying, "Hey, lady," after the crash, it doesn't seem like they'd met previously.

* Jack's watch appears to have stopped working. This is presumably the same watch that his father gave to him on his wedding day.

* Jack was on the list, but Kate wasn't. Did Juliet do this on purpose to make her sweat?

* Why did Ben bring Sayid food? Why did they let a kid bring it and talk to Sayid alone?

* If the name Radzinsky (the guy running The Flame and building the scale model of The Swan, aka the hatch) sounds familiar, it's because Kelvin spent a lot of time telling Desmond about him during the flashbacks in the season two finale, "Live Together, Die Alone." He had been Kelvin's partner at The Swan before Desmond, and painted the map of all the Dharma stations on the blast doors. Assuming that one of The Others didn't assume Radzinsky's name after the purge, then The Swan was still technically under Dharma control in the 21st century, which might help explain why Dharma planes were still doing supply drops after the Oceanic 815 crash.

* I caught "The Muppet Show" on one of The Flame monitors. Were any of the others showing '70s TV?

* We don't get to spend much time with the other Ajira 316 passengers, or get more clues about whether Caesar knows more about the island than he's telling or is just this plane's equivalent of Sayid, but I did catch another familiar face in the crowd. When Caesar's arguing with Frank over going to investigate the nearby buildings, we see Brad Henke, late of "October Road".

Lost Kassicast- Episode 5:9 “Namaste” - Recap

a conventional Hindu expression on meeting or parting, used by the speaker usually while holding the palms together vertically in front of the bosom.
Taken literally, it means "I bow to you"

So, I don’t know about anyone else- but this episode while good- was still a little boring. We enjoy figuring out what’s going on in the fictional addiction known as LOST, but when we’re right and there is nothing we don’t know going on in lost- it’s a little disappointing. Granted- this was a good ‘catch up’ episode and was needed for a filler and (I suppose- although I didn’t need it) a ‘breather’ and also.. more character development. Beyond my pouting- here we go with the Recap of “Namaste”

Hey Look- There’s A Runway.

We’re back on Ajira 316. The plane undergoes some turbulence and Lapidus isn’t happy with what he knows is about to happen. Things get rough and there’s a giant flash of white light.

Once the light is gone, we’re still on the plane with Lapidus, only it’s magically gone from night to day and he’s about to crash into the Island. Lapidus does some fancy flying and manages to land the plane on the “runway” on the secondary island. Hey look- we knew Sawyer and Kate were helping to build. But- the awesome part- is that it, oh, just happened to be right where 316’s engines went out and Lapidus had to land… The crash knocks him out, and when he comes to, his co-pilot is dead.

Lapidus heads to the back and sees that, for some reason, Sun is the only one of the Oceanic 6 still aboard. Ben says they’re gone (and he’s also not all beat up and unconscious waiting to be taken to the ‘infirmary’ where Locke sees him later), and when Lapidus asks how, the response is, “How would I know?” Oh Ben…

Three Years Had Better Be Enough Time
But we know where they are, and it’s 30 years earlier. We see Sawyer reconnecting with Jack, Hurley and Kate, and everything’s happy until he tries to explain why he’s in a DHARMA jumpsuit. “It’s 1977,” he tells them.

“Uh, what?” replies Hurley.

Sawyer tries to hatch a plan to bring them in, but as soon as Jin hears that Sun was on the plane, he speeds off to the Flame to check with Radzinsky. Here’s a quick reminder for any Lost fans who don’t remember all the mythology: the Flame is the communications center on a farm where Locke and others met Mikhail (aka-patchy). Radzinsky was Kelvin Joe Inman’s partner in the Swan Station before killing himself. At the Flame, Radzinsky is building a model of a geodesic dome. Jin asks if there have been any plane sightings. After checking in with the other stations (and Radzinsky being a bit of a smart ass) a blip on the radar suggests a Hostile has entered the perimeter.

He Will Be Hostile Once You Get Those Cuffs Off
Jin runs after it, hoping that the “Hostile” is his wife. It’s not, unless the time jump turned his wife into a Middle Eastern torturer. Sayid is happy to see Jin, but less so when Radzinsky arrives and points his gun at him, forcing Jin to go along with the assumption that Sayid is a Hostile. Jin couldn’t even wink at him- to let him know it’s cool and just go along with it?

Welcome to DHARMA
Sawyer returns to DHARMA-Ville and tells Juliet about who he found. They’re both stumped about how it happened (well Juliet seems more disappointed than stumped- this might very well take away her perfect life), but the submarine just happens to be bringing in some new recruits, the perfect cover.

Juliet takes the passenger manifest from Amy to help with the plan. Juliet asks if Amy has named her baby, and she has: Ethan! Sigh- Ethan, ethan, ethan, Can we tell you now- that you shouldn’t steal pregnant women off the beach in the future- because it might lead to your death?

Sawyer returns to pick up the Oceanic 3 and tells them about the plan for them to pose as DHARMA recruits. On the van ride back to DHARMA-Ville, Sawyer mentions Faraday and Jack wonders if he’s still there. “Not anymore,” Sawyer says. Well- duh- we haven’t seen him… but where has he gone to?

Sawyer puts some leis on his friends and tells them to play along with the initiation to get their work assignments. Jack, Kate and Hurley go through DHARMA processing. Jack is interviewed by Pierre Chang, aka Dr. Marvin Candle- which has just got to be odd- as Jack watched his antique video’s not long ago. Jack is a Workman, doing janitorial work in The Shed (Hahahaha!). Kate isn’t on Phil’s list (and I’m thinking this is a Juliet thing- so Kate doesn’t ‘ruin’ her and Sawyers life), but Juliet comes in to save her with a new list. Later they all smile and pose for an orientation group photo.

Kill The Hostile
Miles drives up and he’s clearly not a very good actor because he can’t stop staring. He finally tells Sawyer that there’s a Hostile who’s been captured, and when Sawyer gets on the walkie talkie, he’s furious that Sayid is the Hostile.

Sawyer drives over and Radzinsky wants to shoot Sayid because he thinks he’s a spy who saw the model of the Swan and where they plan on building it. In the holding room, James LaFleur interrogates Sayid and coerces him into admitting that he’s a Hostile, which allows Sawyer to take him back to the barracks as part of the Truce. Poor Sayid has NO clue what’s going on.

He takes the prisoner downstairs and locks him up, leaving him for another day.

“I’m A Thinker”
Sawyer goes home to read a book, and Jack stops by to ask what the plan is with Sayid. He’s surprised when he realizes that Sawyer and Juliet are living together but then the two men get into an argument about leadership skills, and while Jack acted impulsively and got a lot of people killed, Sawyer likes to read a book every night like Winston Churchill did and think. Interesting. But Jack doesn’t seem too upset that he does not have to lead anymore.

When Sawyer walks Jack out- we notice Kate standing on her front porch watching Sawyer. Now- I do really like Kate- but jeeze is she drama trouble.

Little Ben
Back at the prison, a little boy walks over to give Sayid a sandwich. As soon as we saw the back of the kid’s head- “Ben”.

Trusting Big Ben

Back in the present… I guess… Caesar and Ilana are taking control of the situation- bummer- because I don’t think I like either of them. Lapidus tries to calm everyone down, but Caesar wants to look through the buildings and the cages.

Ben lurks off as only he can, and Sun follows him. When she catches up to him, he says that he’s going back to “our Island” and asks if Sun would like to come with him.

She goes along with it in hopes that Jin is on the main island. Lapidus catches up to them and they go for one of the three canoes. He begs her not to trust Ben and gets into a debate with Ben. Sun sneaks up behind Ben with an oar and whacks him over the head. Ha! She’s such an angry little woman!

Lapidus thought she trusted him, but she responds, “I lied.”

“You Have A Long Journey Ahead Of You”
Sun and Lapidus take the boat back to the main island and head to the barracks. They’re abandoned and the two hear whispers all around them. A light goes on in one house, and out walks...Christian Shephard. Sun asks where Jin is, and he tells her to follow him.

Let’s put the pause button on. Sun was off the Island for three years and yet not once did she ever see a photo of Jack’s dad? I find that a little hard to believe, but I suppose plot holes are a moot point in a show with time travel, a Black Smoke Monster and four-toed statues.

Inside the house, Christian takes down a photo from 1977. It’s the DHARMA orientation group photo and Sun sees Jack, Kate, and Hurley in it. Christian tells her she has a long journey ahead.

Next week on Lost: It’s Sayid vs. DHARMA. Hmm, a trainer torturer versus a group of hippies, I wonder who’s going to win. Also- Kate vs Juliet/Sawyer

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Lost Kassicast Episode 5:8 “LaFleur” Theories/Easter Eggs/ Thoughts/ and Questions

Well, lets hit the most argued and important issue of the episode first… THE FOUR TOED STATUE. If you look back- my original thought was a Mayan statue or god- now seeing the full back figure- it looks like a HUGE Egyptian statue. So, I went in search of what other people thought- and here’s a list of different ideas. With my thoughts about each in parenthesis. (by the way- I used to be REALLY into mythology- once I learned I was named after a Roman Goddess- and some of it stuck with me- so that’s where some of my thoughts come from- although they might be incomplete or incorrect from what I remember- so go ahead and call me on them! J)

1. The Most popular vote is the God- Anubis. (it does make sense- we see the pointy ears, what definitely could be a large ANKH in his right hand, and the long main and toga. My argument with this is of course- that the statue’s pointy ears aren’t nearly is big as Anubis’ as anytime we’ve ever seen Anubis portrayed- plus Anubis’ ears stick straight up and the statue’s ears do not)

a. One person said “It has crutches, Locke?” (I don’t see the crutches, but thought it was funny)

b. Another said “It’s obviously Juliet” (a huge statue of Juliet in a toga and headdress… I’m doubting it)

c. A few people said that it’s not pointy ears- it’s more like the back end of a crown or tiara (Could Be)

d. (The ears also make me think of the goddess Bastet- there were other names for her but I can’t remember- and couldn’t find her too well- but she had the head of a lioness- hence mane and ears- and the face was something else I think… but I couldn’t find any other mention of this from other bloggers- let me know what you think)

e. Someone said Spock (HAHAHAHA!)

f. The God Horus is also a thought (as was Horace- the dharma one- which I say- I don’t believe so- but funny J… The god Horus is also a possibility- as he looks a bit like Anubis- with the mane, toga, and also holds a ankh- but… he does have the face of a falcon- so where do the ears come from…)

g. “its holding 2 Onyx's - - one in each hand - - - looks like it could be: Isis, mother of Horus. Isis is the wife of Osiris, who is also her brother. Osiris is the judge of the dead in the afterlife, who was murdered by Set.
This is a battle of light and dark as Horus is the sun god (good) who brings life warmth and protection and Set the god of night or darkness (evil). This mirrors the dark and light theme and struggle in LOST.
Set murdered Osiris and Isis resurrected him (Osiris). Her magical skills restored his body to life after she gathered the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Set. . . similar to the O6 scattered all over and having to be retrieved or brought back to the island . . . Once Osiris was resurrected, though the resurrection was only temporary, Isis became pregnant with Horus, before Osiris died again.
The statue could also be a statue of Set.” (Cool thought- don’t remember too much about Isis, Osiris, or Set- but what I do remember is Isis didn’t wear a toga- had a full bodied dress in most depictions. Osiris was really odd looking, didn’t have hair or wear any type of long head-dress- wore a white crown with feathers on one side, and didn’t carry an ankh- I believe he carried a crook and flail? And Set- I don’t really remember much about- except he was Osiris’ brother and killed Osiris and was the God of the Desert and Chaos- not Night and darkness. And that there was a lot of argument- because it was thought he had the body of a canine- with other animals mixed in- but others thought he had a human body with the head of the weird creature. So, if they were going of one form of Set (the human body) I suppose it could be- as that form did also carry a ankh- and have a toga and mane- but I believe had long ears).

h. Rick’s thought (I’m guessing as a joke) is Richard Alpert. “Egyptians wore makeup so that’s why he wears eyeliner” (Albeit funny- I’ve seen a TON of people saying it’s alpert.

i. Another Anubis- that I liked J “the statue of Anubis has 4 toes...
the kilt....the pointy thinking now because Anubis is the guardian of the underworld...that the island are the gates to has to be the statue of Anubis and the temple refers to the temple of Anubis.”

j. “it's definitely Egyptian, the circular thing in his right hand is exactly the thing in almost every Egyptian god statues right hand, a tao, or ankh I believe. the other hand is a mystery though as all Egyptian god statues tend to be holding some kind of staff in that hand, but this one seems to be holding something else. lastly, look at the legs, on most Egyptian statues, the left leg is angled outward, this one does not appear to be, though the right leg does look angled outward maybe, course that could be illusion. so I don't know, perhaps this culture was influenced by the Egyptians, but they've certainly gone their own way...” (good points!)

k. possibly Jar Jar Binks (another- Hahahaha!)

l. Maybe Hermanubis - if there was a Roman influence it would explain the Latin. Although I guess not spoken in a modern form. (I don’t know anything about Hermanubis- but this is what Wikipedia said “In classical mythology, Hermanubis was a god who combined Hermes (Greek mythology) with Anubis (Egyptian mythology). Hermes and Anubis's similar responsibilities (they were both conductors of souls) lead to the god Hermanubis. He was popular during the period of Roman domination. Depicted as having a human body and jackal head, with the sacred caduceus that belonged to the Greek god Hermes, he represented the Egyptian priesthood. He is the son of Osiris and Nephthys.”

m. “Crazy theory. The producers have stated that Smokey has been around a long time. The statue is a statue of Smokey's true form, that is to be worshiped and revered. Maybe the statue served as a security system as well telling outsiders to stay away or else.” ( Good thought! J)

n. Annie (have to disagree with that one)

o. Taweret is a good theory, without the crocodile on her back (it would give it away otherwise). She was the ancient Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth, and she also guarded the mother and child. Maybe Dharma did something to piss her off therefore all the women die during childbirth from that point forward?
The ears are similar and the thing on her head ( I don’t remember much about Taweret at all, but I had thought- she still had the body of a hippo and was always pregnant.. and a demon… I might be totally off on that tho)

p. Ok- that’s it for now- let me know what you think! J

2. So, when Alpert noted that the sonar fence can hold some things out but not “us”, does that mean that all of the others have some special powers… or that they have a large selection of ear plugs…

3. Still mad about the not knowing Horus’ baby’s name… Some think it could be Charlie, Ethan, Island Tom (aka. Mr Smiley), patchy, yada yada. My guess is that it would NOT be one of the now known others- as he would still have been a young Dharma kid in the purge and would have died. My guess is that it’s either no one or it’s someone connected with the island in another way… desmond? We know nothing of his parents. Sawyer? I’m trying to think men in their 30’s...

4. One magic Easter Egg- we always seem to find is the connections in all of the books that Sawyer reads- to the island. However- for once- here is Sawyer… reading a book waiting for Horace to wake up… and the book has NO cover and NO name on it. ?? L odd

5. I really liked the Sawyer and Juliet thing… Darn Kate- she keeps stealing guys from Juliet- first Jack and now we know Sawyer’s going to go back to her. But… I do still like Kate- so I can’t be too mad- I’m just a little bored with all of the love triangle stuff.

6. “Rosie” the girl with the magic brownies- in 1978 is… wearing a Geronimo Jackson T-shirt J Another Geronimo Jackson reference

7. Where did Horace get the dynamite?? The Black Rock?? It’s too early for Rousseau to have arrived with it.

8. The wine Sawyer and Juliet are drinking with their dinner is a nice choice- Swan Station Dharma Merlot… actually

9. Where was Faraday? We didn’t see him in any of the “Three Years Later” Scene’s …. Did he leave the island? Disappear? Was to freaked out over Charlotte’s death that he ran away in order to avoid her?

10. One thing that's still a mystery about the Others is that, while Richard Alpert may not have changed, the Others/Hostiles definitely seem to change, as an organization. "Jughead" showed them as a tightly disciplined, militaristic outfit; this episode—at least with the murder of Amy's husband—made them seem more like a sadistic cult. (And what was up with their demand for Paul's body?) Later, they purge Dharma, but take on many of its trappings. Maybe the Others have a way of absorbing the attributes of whatever groups they encounter/destroy. But what are they originally, at their core?

11. And speaking of who knows what about whom: We know that Juliet joined the Others around 2001, but what did they tell her about their history? Does she know the Purge is coming—about 15 years from the "present," if my math is right—or do they leave that bit out of the Orientation film?

12. What happened to Horace’s wife, Olivia? Remember way back- when Ben’s father and mother were picked up by Horace and Olivia right after Ben’s mother died in childbirth… So, where is Olivia? What happened to her?

13. Sawyer wants to protect Horace and not tell anyone that he got drunk and threw dynamite at trees.

14. Sawyer, Jin, and Miles are part of Dharma's security team. They have a star Dharma logo.

15. Sawyer and Amy both seem like they feel Sawyer has a right to ask Amy about Horace. Sawyer is seen as an authority.

16. Miles says that last flash was more like an earthquake. I think that with the other flashes they were moving in time, but with this one, the island actually moved to the spot where Eloise Hawking said it was going to be for the O6 to get back.

17. According the Ben- telling Juliet in a past episode: “During the Dharma Initiative, the pregnant woman went to the mainland a couple of weeks before their due date in order to give birth.”

18. That sub going back and forth… If the island is moving all the time, how is the submarine finding them? Do they have to recalculate where the island is all the time, or is there a pattern?

That’s it for now- add any theories, questions, or answer my questions J Oh my- waiting the 18th…

Lost Kassicast Episode 5:8 “LaFleur” Recap

Sigh… well I thought it was all in all a decent show…. I don’t think it’s a completely awesome as I’ve been hearing from others (who also didn’t like “316”) But I guess, while Rick and I agree on our favorite episodes- we don’t agree with most of the people out there. Like I said- I liked “LaFleur” and it had some good fill-in points and had this little happy side to Sawyer and we got to see a bit more of Dharma. So, I will leave it at that and run into the Recap. By the way- as “LaFleur” was in a bit of a jumble- going back and forth between ‘Three Years Earlier’ and ‘Three Years Later’- we’ll do this in a ‘time-line’ order- so it’s a little easier to follow.

We briefly recap the disappearing wishing well situation, with Sawyer still hanging on to the rope that ends in solid earth after the flash.

So when are we now? "I'd say way before [the well was built]," Miles notes, and they all look up to see an ancient-looking, gargantuan statue off in the distance (we’ll get to the looks of the statue in the theories…) It’s the four toed statue!!!

As John turns the donkey wheel, there's a new kind of flash, sending Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin and Daniel into painful-looking convulsions. When it's over, Miles says, "That one was different; that was more like an earthquake." Now the well is back, but as Sawyer tried to jump in after Locke, they find that it's filled-in. They observe that their flash headaches are gone, and their noses are no longer bleeding. "I think it's over," Juliet says. "I think John did it." So now what? "Now we wait for him to come back," Sawyer says, "as long as it takes."

After the big flash, they find Daniel, who is basically distraught... and alone. "Where's Red?" asks Sawyer. "She's gone. She's dead. There was another flash and she was gone," he cries. He really seems to have lost it. Her body just disappeared because dead people don't flash apparently. Daniel reports that wherever we are now, whenever we are now, we're here for good. Sawyer wants to head back to the beach, and although Miles complains about how much aimless jungle hiking they're doing — "who put him in charge?" he asks -- Juliet backs him up. It's all for naught though, as the ever-present gunshots ring out, and they come upon an ominous quartet: a dead guy in a jumpsuit, two feral-looking guys with guns and a lady with a hood over her head.

"We don't get involved, right?" Miles asks Daniel. "Whatever happened, happened," Daniel responds weakly. Sawyer- "Thanks again, Plato, I'm going over there”. In short order, Sawyer and Juliet waste the guys with guns and rescue the damsel in distress. "It's OK, you're safe, it's over," Sawyer says. For a second, as he reaches for the hood, the mind reels with all the possibilities for who this lady. Possibilities possibilities.

Could it be... Sun, Charlotte, Danielle, Mrs. Hawking, Harper, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby??? No, it's Amy, who, at this point in this episode, we've already met "three years later" (see below). Sawyer lies to Amy that their ship wrecked on the way to Tahiti. Amy says, because of "the truce," they have to bury the bodies and bring the Dharma dude back home with them, because he's Paul, her husband.

Along the way, Daniel almost walks through those weird sonic pylons, but Juliet stops him, and asks Amy to turn them off. She crouches by the control box at the base and then, at Sawyer's prompting, walks through them first. Phew. No bleeding from the ears! But when the Lostaways try, they collapse in twisted seizures. We see Amy remove her covert earplugs with a slight smirk. Oooo- I don’t think I like her.

Sawyer wakes up with another headache (might add- in the same building that Kate is held hostage by the others- oh… 30 years later), and our old friend Horace Goodspeed is there, and he wants some answers. Sawyer introduces himself as James LaFleur ("call me Jim," he says), and confirms his friends' story that he was the captain of the boat. He inserts some mythology into his lie, and says they were searching for the Black Rock. Horace thanks "LaFleur" for helping Amy, but says he can't stay on the island since he isn't a member of the Dharma Initiative. "There's a submarine that leaves the island in the morning, and you're going to be on it," he says. Sawyer says he needs to locate his missing crew members (and how!), but Horace isn't having any of it.

Juliet reveals to Jin, Daniel and Miles that she's having a strange moment because she lived in house in ‘Dharma Land’ for more than three years. "That was my house over there," she indicates. She exposits the history of the Others vs. the Hostiles and The Purge and how she ended up there in the first place.

Daniel is having a moment of his own. "Record's spinning again; we're just on the wrong song," he reports. His deep thoughts are interrupted by a cute little redheaded girl who walks by with her British-accented mother. It's Charlotte as a little girl! She waves significantly, and you can only imagine that Daniel is wrestling with whether he's going to approach her or not, if he can actually change her doomed future. Sawyer joins them, and explains that his name is LaFleur now. "It's Creole; I improvised," he says.

Then, the perimeter lights snap on and an alarm sounds. The Lostaways are ushered inside, and, predictably, Richard emerges from the jungle. Uh-oh. We learn that in addition to Richard's apparent discovery of the Fountain of Youth, he can also walk through the sonic fence undisturbed. Horace learns that he's there because two of his men are missing, and he believes that Dharma has broken their truce.

This sends Horace into a panic. "Call the Arrow, tell them we're at Condition 1, take the heavy ordnance, and make sure the fence is at maximum," he says. Sawyer suggests that maybe he can talk to Richard, “Your friend out there wearing the eyeliner. Maybe I should go talk to him” which he does. He reminds him of his meeting with Locke two decades ago, and asks if he buried Jughead. Once Richard realizes that Sawyer & Co. are not members of the Dharma Initiative, and that he killed the two men in self-defense (sort of), he makes a deal with Sawyer.

In order to give Richard's people justice, Amy agrees to give up Paul's body (for what exactly -- eye for an eye?), but not before removing a wooden necklace from his neck in the shape of an ankh. Interestingly, Wikipedia tells me that an ankh symbolizes "eternal life". As a reward for helping out Dharma, Horace says Sawyer & Co. can stay for two weeks, and look for the rest of his crew.

Juliet points out that maybe Locke has already saved them since the flashes have stopped. As a result, she drops her own Jughead: She wants to leave on the submarine the next day. Sawyer tries to convince her otherwise, and she agrees to stay for the two weeks, but then she's still going to try her chances for an off-island life. "You do realize that it's 1974, whatever you think you're going back to, doesn't exist yet," he argues. When she persists in her desire to leave, he tries another tactic. "What about me? Are you really going to leave me with the Mad Scientist and Mr. I-Talk-to-Dead-People? Jin is a nice guy, but he isn't exactly the best conversationalist," he pleads.

"All right, two weeks," she says, and we laugh heartily because we know what's coming next.

We're dancing to Tony Orlando and Dawn's "Candida" inside a hatch with some dude named Jerry and a woman, Rosie (who brought magical 70’s brownies), whoever they are. Until... "Are you kidding me? I'm gone 10 minutes and you're having a hootenanny," says Bill. "What's going to happen? The polar bears are going to figure out a way out of their cages?" teases Jerry. Well, no, but Horace might be drunk out in the jungle blowing up trees with dynamite.

"We've gotta wake LaFleur," Bill says. Back in Dharma, it's 3 am and the boys have to rouse their boss, LaFleur (aka Sawyer!), who is sporting a shorter haircut, eyeglasses and a spiffy Dharma jumpsuit. "LaFleur" picks up "Enos" (aka Miles!) in that famous Dharma van, and they're off to save Horace from his demons. Once they find a passed out Horace, Jim… Sawyer… whatever- brings him back to his wife, Amy -- yes, that Amy -- who is REALLY pregnant and a little distraught. Amy explains that they had a fight about Paul, and then promptly goes into labor.

The baby's breach, so Amy is going to need a Caesarean, and the internist on hand isn't going to be any help for that. A quick-thinking Sawyer/LaFleur rushes off to find Juliet, whose Dharma job is now a mechanic- which I just thought was completely awesome! "We had an agreement," Juliet says, which we're meant to assume is something about keeping their real identities secret or –also- that she didn’t have to be the baby doctor of death anymore. But she agrees to help Amy with her difficulty delivery.

Outside the infirmary, Sawyer and Jin chat about what he's been doing, searching Grids 1-3 without any sign of "their people." Juliet emerges, and everyone's OK. It's a boy! Darn!!! As- we hadn’t seen little 2 year old charlotte yet- I really thought the baby would be charlotte… But, no- and NO names- Whose the baby?! Please don’t let it just be a random kid- that’s no fun! Where’s the connection?! (if you can’t tell- this was bugging me- just a bit)

We see La Fleur picking a flower, on his way to a romantic dinner with... Juliet! (by the way- DUH- we totally called it) "Something smells good," he says, as a sunny portrait of Dharma domesticity emerges. "You were amazing today," he says to her. "Thank you for believing in me," she coos. And then they kiss and exchange I love yous. Which is our cue to deal with the Kate situation tout suite. Shall we?

Once Horace wakes up from his drunken slumber, he learns that he's the father of a new baby boy. LaFleur asks about the argument, which was about Horace finding Paul's ankh necklace. Horace tells him that Amy still isn't over Paul, and asks poignantly: Is three years really long enough to get over someone? Hmm… that sounds familiar. LaFleur begins to tell him about the woman that he has gotten over in three years, but he sketches it in broad strokes. "Is three years long enough to get over someone?" he repeats. "Absolutely." Asked and answered. Just like that.

We cut a morning where Sawyer and Juliet are in bed together. The phone rings, and we know it’s Jin- and we know what it’s about! But Sawyer doesn't tell Juliet about the absolutely insane phone call he just received, and instead leaves abruptly to meet Jin in the north valley, where he's waiting with Hurley, Jack and Kate! They're baaack!

Now we have to wait two weeks! Can you do it?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lost Kassicast- Theories/Easter Eggs/ Thoughts- Episode 5:7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Easter Eggs/ Theories/ and Questions:

- ‘Jeremy Bentham’s’ passport is a Canadian Passport.

- Helen’s death date is April ’08… That would be 4/8

- The Real Jeremy Bentham was born February 15th, ’48 (same as Locke’s fake passport) the only difference is the Real Jeremy Bentham was born in 1748- not 1948

- How long have the 316 Survivor’s been on the Island before Locke arrived?? There is none of the chaos of the original Losties crash- and everyone has been patched up

- The paper bag containing the cord that Locke ‘hung himself’ with- was from Angel’s Hardware Store… Just thought that was funny.

- Ben killed Locke in the same way that Sawyer killed Locke’s father. (minus- the creepy set up to look like a suicide thing)

- I’m thinking Ms. Hawking wouldn’t have helped Ben if she knew he was exiled from the Island- that’s why Ben killed Locke after he heard the name

- There were multiple close shot’s of Locke’s foot. And in all of them- you only see four toes. Could that be some kind of connection to the four toed statue?

- If widmore knew the outpoint for the Island- why didn’t he capture Ben when he was there?

- Widmore says he was the ‘Others’ leader for 30 years. He was 17 when Locke last saw him; so he’d have to have been there till he was about 47… Where does Penny fit in?

- The Life Magazine from April 19, 1954 (found in the Dharma Station- by Caesar) is a real issue- not fake prop J Just happened to be about the hydrogen bombs

- Another Magazine found by Caesar had a picture of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and has him carrying actress Julie Adams. She was in Lost- episode “A Tale of Two Cites” and in the Missing Pieces webisode “The Envelope” Just thought that was funny J Remember her…. In A Tale of Two Cities she played “Amelia” who we’ve thought could have been Amelia Earhart….

- The papers that Caesar was looking through were Rousseau's map, the Tempest map and a photocopy from Daniel's journal. The original had blue ink.

- Rick and I both think Helen is alive- that this was a ploy to get John to keep moving. Another option tho- is that Helen is dead- but not by a brain aneurism

- But- do keep a note- Charlotte died of a brain aneurism and that’s what was causing the nose bleeds of the people on the island- odd how common brain aneurisms seem to be in this show…

- Rick thinks Ben is a good guy and Widmore is bad. “Widmore told John that if he didn’t make it back to the island, then “The wrong side would win”. He didn’t say the bad guys”. I don’t necessarily agree with this. I still think Ben’s a pretty bad guy. I have nightmares about him…

- We think Walt will still be in Lost- he still has a lot more story to tell- I was surprised he wasn’t on the plane. I thought we would see him lying in Ben’s spot at the end of the show

- Rick thinks Carlos and Ilana work for Widmore- I agree to the possibilities- I mean- I talk to people in airports- but he just seemed nosy

- Jack saw his Dad right AFTER speaking with Locke and that was what finally put him over the edge.. I concur J

- Remember back when Kate and Sawyer were having to help build the airstrip in Season 3- we think that’s what flight 316 landed on. Which brings up the question- who knew and how did they know about the future landing??

- Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid flashed to Dharma time- and joined up with the Losties… Sun (for some reason) did not- and went with Lapidus to look for Jin on the other Island (30 Years too early). That’s how one of the boats got there.

- One more boat must go over to the main island (Locke?? Ben??) who will be shooting at the Losties??

- From Rick “Yes, Ben appears to be evil but I think it’s just a selfish act at most so he can come back to the island. If he rounds everyone up then he thinks maybe he can get back. The second he found out about Hawking he killed John” “Widmore has more evil plans in mind then just selfish acts. He wants the power of the island. Ben just wants back on it.” I don’t know about that…. I think Ben’s one evil dude.

- Charlie convinced Hurley to get on the plane- and take the guitar- obvious- agreed

- Kate gave Aaron to Cassidy (Sawyer’s ex flame and the mother of his child) Kate knew nobody could find him there.

- Rick thinks Kate’s pregnant “It just seems like she is, but I don’t know if there’s enough room left in the overall story of Lost for another kid, especially if the next point is true” I don’t think she’s pregnant tho.

- From Rick “The overall story of Lost is really centered around the Shephard family. Jacks’ grandfather was once on the island and will return. Jack’s dad was on the island prior to the 815 crash and may have been resurrected like Locke, but I don’t think so. I think he is still dead but connected with the island because of the bloodline. That is also why Aaron is so special and Claire is acting weird with Jack’s dad now. She is either dead (we both think so) or just has a greater understanding of the island than anyone else so she is content where she is.”

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost kassicast- RECAP: Episode 5.7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Wow…. Well 1. Sorry- that it took so long to get these out- Like I’ve said- I’ve been really busy running to five different states as of last Thursday, but I’m back in good ole KCMO and need to send this out 2. It was an awesome awesome episode! I just re-watched it- so I could finish up my recap. So, let’s get to it shall we?


We open on The man from the plane rifling through a Dharma office. We both thought this was before the plane ‘crash’ of 316- but I did totally call that it was in a Dharma location. He doesn't seem satisfied with the old copies of Life magazine and the random papers bearing notations about time and space, but when he finds a gun strapped to the underside of the desk, that puts a smile on his face. His name is Ceaser. The Woman that had Sayid in handcuffs, Ilana, is there too, and though there's a suspicious vibe between them, they appear to be working toward the same goal. He tosses her a flashlight. They exposit that Roxanne was scouting just south of here, that there's a very large group, and that they found a man in a suit.

On the beach, Suit Man is revealed to be a very-much-alive John Locke, and he's surrounded by a very large group indeed. The group on the beach found some boats, but one is missing because "the pilot" and "some woman" (I’m assuming it’s Sun- but we’ll get to that laterI) took off in one. The next morning, John reveals to Ilana that he remembers dying.


Whoosh! We're back to the scene when John left the island, and like Ben before him, he is spit out into the Tunisian desert, gruesome leg injury intact. (And to all those that thought there was something sticking into Locke’s leg--- it’s his bone- proven this episode…) Locke sees that there are surveillance cameras, and in short order, a convenient band of Bedouins arrives to ferry Locke off to a hospital. (For what it's worth, their truck's license plate reads "342, something in Arabic, 6346." )

Meanwhile, back at Tunisia General, the mysterious Matthew Abaddon is there! Standing in the background. A painful-looking procedure — which includes sedation, biting down on a stick and the nausea-inducing realignment of the stray bone — renders Locke unconscious. When he comes to, Charles Widmore is there, just like that. "Nice to see you again, John," he says, which sends my mind reeling about how the Lostaways actually are changing history, no matter what Daniel Faraday says. Widmore remembers meeting Locke when he was just 17 (an event that Locke remembers happening four days ago), but it's unclear if Rousseau remembered Jin, since she was nuttier than a fruitcake.

It's at this point that I wonder, if Widmore had all his secret-squirrel cams in place, why didn't he immediately apprehend Ben when he took his similar trip through the "exit"? It's possible that he set up the cameras after Ben snuck out, whenever that was, since we've now discovered that time passes in radically different ways on and off the island. A matter of days after the island moved, three years have elapsed in the outside world. So who knows when Ben actually arrived, right?

On one side is Charles Widmore; on the other is Benjamin Linus. Choose a side, people, because it appears that it's these opposing nemeses who will define the remainder of the series.

Widmore exposits that Ben had him exiled, and tricked him into leaving the island. "I was their leader," Widmore reveals. Locke, in turn, reveals that Ben had no influence on his decision to leave the island, that he chose to leave.

After all, Locke's mystical frame of mind is such that his gullibility knows no bounds. Think for a second about all the dubious people that John has chosen to believe: his father; those drug dealers and that grifter; Matthew Abaddon; a spectral Walt; Ben; Mr. Eko; Richard; Daniel Faraday; and Christian, to name several. He hasn't made a single decision without someone telling him that it's his destiny or whatever.

Widmore tells Locke that the Oceanic 6 lied about what happened. He, as Ben did to Jack a few weeks ago, tells Locke that he has to convince them all to go back, which Locke already knows, but wonders why Widmore would be working toward the same goal as, say, Ben. "Because there's a war coming, John, and if you're not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win,"

It's Widmore that sets Locke up with his alias, and jokes that he named him Jeremy Bentham after the British philosopher since his parents obviously had a similar sense of humor. He gives him an international phone, a dossier containing the Oceanic 6's whereabouts and the services of a chauffeur, Abaddon. "What makes you think I'm so special?" Locke asks Widmore. "Because you are," he replies, which isn't a very inspiring send-off.


First stop: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where Sayid is working with the selfless folks of Build Our World erecting houses or something. He tells John he was manipulated by Ben, and that Nadia was murdered nine months after they were rescued. So he says no, he is not going back.

Next stop: New York, New York, the city so nice they named it twice, where Locke finds Walt Lloyd, Michael's son, who is all grown up. "The boy's gotten big," Abaddon says.

Walt reveals that he isn't surprised to see Locke because he's been dreaming about him, specifically him on the island wearing a suit surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him (uh-oh, that sounds familiar). Locke lies and tells Walt that last he heard, Michael was on a freighter near the island. "The boy has been through enough," Locke tells Abaddon when his driver chides him for not being very good at the old recruiting racket. It's kind of sweet, but the fact remains that Locke is 0-for-2. O-2, huh? It seems a little to me- that maybe Walt is supposed to get back to the island too.

Next stop: Santa Rosa, Calif., where Locke has a funny exchange with Hurley. "So you didn't make it. It's cool, no biggie," Hurley says, obviously fully adjusted to his dead-seeing abilities at this point. It really did have me laughing out loud- poor Hurley… Locke’s not dead… obviously. And- Surprise! Hurley is not going back to the island, and when he realizes that creepy Abaddon is with Locke, he freaks out and runs away. 0-for-3, dude.

"What exactly do you do for Mr. Widmore?" Locke asks Abaddon, who reminds John that they've met before, when Abaddon-as-hospital-orderly convinced Locke to go on a walkabout in Australia. Locke remembers. "I help people get to where they need to get to, John," Abaddon responds ominously. He’s creepy- but I’m starting to like him a bit…

Next stop: Los Angeles, where Kate is all: N-O. For added effect, she belittles John. "I think about you sometimes. I think about how desperate you were to stay on that island, and then I realized, it was all because you didn't love anybody," she spits. Locke tells her about Helen, but Kate is still a little grumpy and 0-4

Next stop: Santa Monica, Calif., where Abaddon takes Locke to Helen's grave. Bummer. Abaddon says that she died of a brain aneurysm, and that she's where she's meant to be, and nothing Locke could have done would have changed that. Maybe this show has heightened my sense of paranoia, but I have a feeling that this whole scenario might have been staged for Locke's benefit, and that Helen is actually married to an orthodontist in San Luis Obispo or something, since "reunited and it feels so good" would be an unwelcome distraction to Widmore's Operation Go Baaack.

At this point, Abaddon is shot, Pulp Fiction-style, splat, all over the windshield, and appears to be dead. A suddenly nimble Locke hops into the front seat and burns rubber. Just as he's about to make a clean getaway, he gets in a car accident, and he's off to the hospital again!

Final stop: Jack's hospital, and obviously the good doc isn't happy to see his faith-blathering nemesis. They argue about fate vs. probability, but to no avail. Jack's answer to the "lonely old man" is no, even after John tells him that his dead dad says hey.


Then we see Locke write his fateful note to Jack. He throws the phone away, and unpacks the electrical cord and tools he picked up at Suicide Depot, makes a really weak-looking noose, and... there's a knock at the door, and it's Ben.

A clearly frantic Ben convinces Locke to get down from his perch, and they chat for a bit, allowing us to get Ben's side of this convoluted story. Ben says that he killed Abaddon because it was only a matter of time before he killed Locke. He reveals that Widmore is using Locke, and that Widmore is the reason that Ben moved the island. "I had to keep him away so you could lead," he offers, and my BS detector starts beeping.

"There is no helping me; I'm a failure," Locke. "Couldn't get a single one of them to come back." Ben, seeing an opportunity to appeal to Locke's ego, echoes Widmore's assertions that Locke is special. He also tells him that Jack booked a ticket to Sydney, which I think we're supposed to understand is the beginning of Jack's "try to crash on the island" plan that Sad Beardo Jack undertook at the end of Season 3.

Ben suggests that they try talking to Sun, and John (foolishly?) reveals that Jin is alive, tells him about the wedding ring, and lets it slip that Eloise Hawking is the person who can help them get back to the island. "Do you know her?" John asks. "Yes, John, I know her," Ben replies, and with the reflexes of a jungle cat, strangles and kills Locke dispassionately. I don’t understand why Ben

talked him down- then just kills him anyways…

In the next scene, Michael Emerson channels Martha Stewart-as-CSI, and stages a suicide scene so real, so devoid of any conflicting evidence, it's no wonder the newspapers didn't reveal Jeremy Bentham's cause of death. "I'll miss you, John; I really will," Ben says as he departs the scene of the crime. These final words make me wonder if Ben actually believes that returning to the island will resurrect Locke, or if he offed him so that he could regain control of The Others once they return.


Back to the "present" (ha-ha) on the island, John tells Caesar about the Dharma Initiative, and that he was on the island for 108 days and then came back. Since Locke is good at saying puzzling things, Caesar has a puzzle for him. He explains that he saw some people — including Hurley — disappear from the plane when that white light flashed.

Locke says he thinks he might know how he came to be there, but that he has to find his friends. Caesar says the long-gone pilot and the woman (AKA Sun) has the passenger manifest, but also that there are other injured survivors. And... hello! There's Ben among them, all bloodied as usual. "You know him?" Caesar asks. "Yeah, he's the man who killed me," Locke replies. Thump!