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Lost Kassicast- Season Finale- Season 5 Theories and Questions

Sorry it took so long to get these out. I’ve been holding off- in the hope of getting more information… Plus, all of my free time has been spent in breaking my toe, painting our kitchen and full bathroom, and doing some serious organizing… So, in between going 100 miles an hour and being on pain killers (for my back and now toe) I haven’t gotten around to finishing this up till now… On another note- I’m really interested in hearing other theories and such- so I’ve included questions and multiple choice  Please send me your thoughts and answers- so we can keep this going a little ways! Also- please send me any questions you have- and I will do my best to answer them- and see if we can get other answers from other people!

1. The tapestry that Jacob created
a. While the style was Egyptian, the writing on it was Greek

b. The writing at the top of the tapestry is from Homer’s Odyssey (by the way- remember that the Odyssey speaks of islands with magical beings, mythical monsters, and interfering gods)
i. The first line reads “May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires”
1. a lot of people are seeing similarities in this line- to the start of Psalm 20:4 “May he grant you, your heart’s desire…” and Psalm 20:1 “May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob protect you”
ii. The second line “hail to thee, and all welcome, and may gods grant thee happiness” It was in a passage of two separate books and also in the Homeric hymn to Apollo- the phrase was used to greet a stranger and wish him well, whenever the speaker or the greeted stranger arrives from a sea journey.
iii. These first lines are where Odysseus had just washed up on an island with nothing, literally naked, and Nausicaa provided him with clothing and food and ultimately it is from this island that he returns home, to Ithica. The island was called the island of corfu or (also known as) the island of Pheakians. According to Plutarchos (who examined the geography of Homer)- this island was located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

c. At the bottom of the tapestry, it says “Only the dead have seen the end of the war” a quote misattributed to Plato

d. The pictures on the tapestry depict a pair of wings outstretched from an encircled Eye of Horus, and what appear to be fifteen long arms emanating like rays out from the eye. The hands at the ends of the arms grope for nine human figures who appear to be at the mercy of the hands, while on either side of them, a king sits on a throne and observes. In the row below, seven human figures dance to the music of a lone harpist on the right, for eight figures total. Four tall water jugs sit on the floor around the dancers. Several rows below that, figures labor to harvest wheat. The row beneath that depicts three heavily crewed ancient Egyptian sailboats debarking from the island, with a statue in view on the island’s shore.
i. In the tapestry, the hands ending from the lines were used in the Egyptian art of the Cult of Aten, created by the Pharaoh Akhenaten. The cult represents one of the earliest known examples of monotheism. The Pharaoh and his wife Nefertiti are seen in reliefs receiving the blessings of the Aten (the sun) in hands
1. The tapestry depicts the sun disk is shown showering blessing onto the people below. But in the legends- only Akhenaten and his direct family could receive these blessings, making it a very exclusive religion, other people could only receive blessings from the sun- through the royal family

e. The tapestry had various series of hieroglyphs as well. – found at the tips of the wings extending from the Eye of Horus, in the two lines in the middle of the tapestry, and in three clusters near the bottom of the tapestry. The hieroglyphs near the Eye of Horus make reference to certain “lords” or “masters”. The two lines of hieroglyphs contain words that are also shown on the Cerberus chamber pillars. The bottom three clusters represent the three Egyptian seasons: Inundation, Winter, and Summer.

2. WHO IS JACOB AND MAN #2? This is a very difficult question- but I’m going to give you some theories and see what you think

a. They are Jacob and Esau from the Bible
i. For those of you- who don’t know the story: Jacob and Esau were twin brothers born to Isaac and Rebekah. They fought even in Rebeka’s womb and God said “The two children inside you will become the fathers of two nations. Just like the two are fighting with each other now, the two nations will struggle with each other. One will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.” The boys grew up- Esau became a strong and skillful hunter and Jacob was a quiet man, who preferred to stay home. Isaac liked Eau best- but Rebekah liked Jacob best. One day Eau went out for one of his hunting trips. He must have been gone for a few days, because when he came back, he was starving. Esau saw Jacob eating some stew and asked for some of it. Jacob was a schemer, so he said, “sure! I’ll give you some stew- if you give me your birthright” (Esau, being older, would become the head of the household and get more wealth when Isaac died) Esau didn’t care about tomorrow- he was hungry NOW- So, he agreed. Years Later- when Isaac was dying Rebekah and Jacob tricked Isaac into thinking Jacob was Esau- to receive his blessing. But, once Isaac found out he was tricked, he told Esau that he could not bless him now “You will not have the richness of the earth, the dew from heaven won’t be given to you. You will have to live by taking, and you will serve your brother. But one day you will break free” Sound familiar? From that day on- Esau hated Jacob and vowed to kill him.

b. They are God (Man #2) Vs. Satan (Jacob)
i. The colors of the title card at the end of the show were inverted, possibly to suggest that the black and white shirts from the opening scene were inverted from traditional associations
ii. Jacob lives inside the statue, maybe the shadow of the statue is where Man #2 lives, thus making him “He will save us all”

c. They are God (Jacob)Vs. Satan(man #2)
i. Man #2 shows a strong desire to kill Jacob- but can’t- much like the Devil’s desire to kill God.
ii. Man #2’s resentment also seems to stem from a common past, as the Devil was once an angel of the Lord who fell from Heaven
iii. When they saw the Black Rock coming to the Island, Jacob expressed optimism that perhaps humanity was capable of greatness, change, and progress. Man #2, however, was convinced that humans were flawed and corruptible creatures who are easily convince into doing bad things, like eating an apple or killing Jacob
iv. Richard’s response to the question “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” was a Latin phrase that translates to “He who will protect us” or “He who will save us all”- since Jacob is the one who lives beneath the statue, it’s possible that the question refers to Jacob and that he is the salvation of mankind
v. Rick found this: Jacob and Man #2 are using Ben much like God and the Devil used Job in the bible. God told the Devil that people are good, just look at Job, my faithful servant. The devil said let me try to tempt him away and you’ll see. In the scene in Lost, Ben asked Man #2 “Why do you want me to kill Jacob” Man #2 said, “because despite your loyal service to this island, you got cancer, you watched your own daughter gunned down, and your reward for those sacrifices… you were banished from the island. And you did all this in the name of a man you’ve never even met. So the question is, why the hell wouldn’t you want to kill him?” Also notice what Ben said to Jacob when he meets him:

"So now after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me? 35 years I've lived on this island and all I've ever heard was your name. Richard would bring me your instructions, all those lists. And I never questioned anything. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told 'you'll have to wait, you’ll have to be patient’. but when he(Locke) asked to see you, he gets marched straight up here as if he were Moses" And then Ben does turn- with Man #2 looking very smug at Jacob- as an “I told you so” way.

d. Jacob and Man #2 are the same person
i. There is only one Jacob- Man #2 is a representation of his own dark side/ other personality
ii. Or they are the physical representations of the island’s (or some ultimate being) conscience. They are able to act out the good and the evil of some high power.

e. They are ancient Egyptian gods.
i. Jacob is Sobek (trying to right the wrongs of the major players of the Lost crew- one of Sobek’s roles was to correct the wrongs caused by Set (seth) (Man #2)
1. Sobek ambiguous nature led some Egyptians to believe that he was a repairer of evil that had been done, rather than a force for good in itself. He was also said to call on suitable gods and goddesses required for protecting people in situations, effectively having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part.

ii. Jacob is Set, Man #2 is Horus
1. This would make Jacob- bad and Man #2 good as Set was the god of Chaos
2. Set was older brother to Osiris and was jealous of Osiris and his wife Isis… Set kills Osiris- then Isis gets pregnant with Osiris corpse (I’m trying to sugar coat this stuff- but most of mythology is not pretty- so this was the best I could sugar coat it… if you knew most of the story about Osiris and Isis conceiving a child… well, let’s just say- when I learned about it when I was 15- I thought I was going to be sick) and has Horus. Horus and Set became “like brothers” and natural enemies- always fighting to the death.

iii. Jacob is apep, Man #2 is Ra
1. there were yearly rituals the Egyptians used to ward against Apep; spitting on him, defiling him with the felt foot, shackling him, using a knife to smite him, and finally laying fire on him.
2. Ra, in the disguised form of a cat, slays Apep.
3. Tales of Apep’s battles against Ra were elaborated during the New Kingdom. Since nearly everyone can see that the sun is attacked by a giant snake during the day, every day, story tellers said that Apep must lie just below the horizon. This appropriately made him a part of the underworld, which attacked the sun each night. In some stories, Apep waited for Ra in a western mountain called Bakhu, where the sun set, and in others Apep lurked just before dawn. The wide range of Apep’s possible locations gained him the title World Encircler. Myths say that Apep was trapped in the underworld, because he had been evil and had been imprisoned for his battles.

f. MULTIPLE CHOICE>>>> WHO ARE THEY? (you can have more than one answer- but you must explain it)
i. Jacob and Esau
ii. Jacob=God; Man #2=Devil
iii. Jacob=Devil; Man #2=Devil
iv. The Original Evil and Good (not one specific person- but in a form)
v. The Island
vi. One Person
vii. Egyptian Gods (which ones?)
viii. Other (explain) 

3. Jacob and Man #2- Good or Evil?

a. In the first scene Man #2 wore a black shirt while Jacob wore white. The colors have been used many times in Lost to show the battle between good and evil- the forces of light and dark

b. Rick-“Man #2 knows that bringing more people to the island is a bad idea but Jacob keeps doing. Jacob gave Sawyer the pen so he could finish his revenge quest. He keeps little Katie from learning a lesson about stealing. He might have made it impossible for Jin and Sun to have a kid when he touched them. If you remember, Jin and Sun said they might try having a kid on the honeymoon. Jacob didn’t want them to have kids because it would keep them from coming to the island. He gets Nadia killed by bringing Sayid over to him which makes Nadia stop walking and turn around. So anyway, look out for Jacob ”

c. I don’t think Jacob is bad

d. If Jacob is from ‘Jacob and Esau’ maybe he inherited the island under false pretences

e. Man #2 spends years finding a loop hole- so he can go back and have Jacob murdered

f. Knowing this information and the information from #2- here’s another Multiple Choice
i. Jacob is Good, Man #2 is Evil
ii. Jacob is Evil, Man #2 is Good (Rick’s Vote)
iii. They’re Both Evil
iv. They’re Both Good
v. They are neither good nor evil- yet a portion of both (Kassie’s Vote)

4. Who/What is the Smoke Monster?
a. Jacob
b. Man #2 (Rick’s Vote)
c. The Judge- neither Good nor Evil (Kassie’s Vote)
d. God
e. Darth Vader
f. Other- insert your thought here

5. Rose and Bernard’s cabin looked very similar to Jacob’s cabin

a. Encircled with ash from the cabin that Ilana burned to the ground? Was a question- but doesn’t make sense- as the ash wouldn’t have been there before she burnt down the cabin… I think people are getting confused by the time line

b. But remember- in Locke’s dream- Horace was building the cabin for him and ‘his missus’- we’re assuming after Rose and Bernard would have been there- as Horace has been married for 1-2 years only at this point.

c. Also- the main thought- which I agree with- is that the cabin was put there- by Jacob- to keep Man #2 imprisoned. Now this brings up multiple questions and points
i. Ilana then went to the cabin searching for Man #2… to kill him?
ii. Who put the piece of tapestry on the wall- showing the statue and where he was heading?
iii. When did Man #2 get out- saying he was trapped of course- Was it Hurley or Locke that opened the protective circle (as they both fell- next to the cabin at one point- when startled)
iv. Ilana stated that ‘He hasn’t been here for a long time, other’s have been using the cabin’
1. How Long?
2. Christian and Claire- which would imply that they aren’t related or on the same side as Man #2?
3. Rose and Bernard?
v. It is said that ashes and salt have been used for centuries as symbols of either purity or preservation and are effective barriers against the evil or supernatural world
1. So, if Man #2 was a prisoner- and the ashes were used to keep him in- it would imply that he was evil
2. BUT- if he were not a prisoner- it would imply HE put the ashes there to keep evil out

6. When Ben was in the cave and confronted by Alex/smokie… We didn’t see Locke- Locke had wondered off- in search of something to help Ben back up the hole- and only reappeared when the ‘vision’ was over

7. One thought- is that Man #2 was killed long ago- and became the smoke monster. He was then trapped in that house with the ash on the ground and could only leave the cabin as the smoke monster. Now since the soil is broken, he can leave as a human being (in a ‘pod’)

8. Rick and I both thought Bernard looked like Moses- coming out of the jungle with a staff and his shirt billowing out behind him- and the grey beard

9. Who are Adam and Eve?
a. Rose and Bernard
b. Penny and Desmond
c. Kate and Jack
d. Juliet and Sawyer
e. Miles and Hurley
f. Other

10. Why did they need such a big box to carry Locke??

11. Maybe… is the Locke we see dead in the box- not really Locke either…

12. Maybe… it’s a magic box… which would make it a little humorous… that after all the “Magic Box” stuff, that Locke would end up in one!

13. When Sun found the DS ring
a. Charlie had left it there for Claire and Aaron- before he died- if you don’t remember
b. It actually stands for Dexter Stratton- Charlie’s Great Grandfather- and they named Drive Shaft after Dexter Stratton. Also- a far fetched theory is that Dexter Stratton was on the Black Rock

14. Touchy Touchy Jacob…

a. He touched everyone we saw in the flashback
i. Seemingly to get them back to the island
ii. Katie- Touched her nose while telling her not to steal anymore… but did buy her a lunchbox- possibly teaching her that punishment isn’t necessary
iii. Jack- Touched his finger- while giving him an Apollo bar and telling him- that sometimes ‘They just need a little push’
iv. Sawyer- Touched his head- and giving him a pen during his parent’s funeral.. – giving sawyer the pen to finish his revenge letter
v. Hurley- patted his shoulder and telling him that he’s blessed not cursed- thus causing Hurley to go back to the island
vi. Locke- Touched his shoulder- after Locke fell out of the window… Did he save his life- bring him back from the dead- or just wake him up?
vii. Sayid- He tapped him on the shoulder and asked for directions. Did Jacob kill Nadia or save Sayid’s life?
viii. Jin and Sun- He touched their shoulders and wished them a happy marriage at their wedding- Did he cause their inability to have children?

b. We think that when he said “They’re coming” he meant the people he touched

c. This also scared the bjesus out of Man#2/Flocke – what is it about this group that could scare him?

15. So.. on that subject… When Jacob said “They’re coming” Who do you think he means?
a. Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Jin (our vote)
b. Ilana and Co.
c. Richard and the Others
d. Dharma
e. Rose, Bernard, and Vincent
f. The next group of people- that we haven’t met yet… first there was black rock, then others, then military, then dharma, then plane… etc
g. Other

16. Juliet’s flashback- has a lot of people talking. When we saw other people’s flashbacks- it was evident that it was a flashback- IE the 70’s or 80’s. But with Juliet’s- their home, clothing, and hairstyles were all current. Was there more to Juliet than we knew?

17. On the bookshelf in Juliet’s flashback- there is a book called “Mysteries of Ancient Americas”… just an easter egg…. But the book was published in 1986- but Juliet’s timeline- should put us in the late 70’s.. so another reason people are pushing #16

18. In the hospital- where Jacob visits Ilana- they spoke Russian

19. Yet- the secret answer to the question of What Lies In The Shadow Of The Statue- is in Latin and says “He who will protect/save us all”

20. Is Richard Alpert a “god” that has been called upon from Jacob (assuming he’s an Egyptian god)… Alpert has always been an observer, but has also protected people. He takes his orders from Jacob. And he always has on awesome Egyptian gyliner

21. Juliet was holding her tummy- and Bernard tried to push her into having some tea… like he knew something… It’s a thought that Juliet is pregnant… Of course- I think she’s dead- so that defeats the purpose- but what do you think? Pregnant or not?

22. When Alpert went to see Locke as a child- Locke chose the knife- instead of the compass… Funny- because the knife Ben uses to kill Jacob- looks just like that knife

23. The knife that Jacob was using to gut the fish at the beginning of the episode is the same knife that was holding the piece of tapestry to the wall in the cabin

24. The statue… While ABC has come out and said it’s the statue is the Egyptian goddess Taweret- there is still much debate- even with me as…

a. Taweret
i. She was the demon-wife of Apep- the original god of evil (interesting…) and was seen as one who protected against evil by restraining it
ii. When Set took over the position of Apep- Taweret became seen as Set’s concubine- and she held him back on a chain
iii. She was a composite of all the things the Egyptians feared- her whole body was a hippopotamus, had the arms and legs of a lion, and the back of a crocodile…
iv. She was also portrayed as a pregnant woman- with the animal-compound, she was also seen with pendulous breat, a full pregnant abdomen, and long human hair…
v. While the hair and the ears and snout might fit- it really doesn’t seem like the statue has the body of a pregnant hippo and the arms and legs of a lion… does it?
vi. She often carried one ankh and a knife
vii. Early on- the Egyptians saw her as less aggressive and began to view her as being a mother and a deity of protection in pregnancy and childbirth.
viii. All of the personality fits- but the physical just doesn’t…

b. Sobek
i. Now even though this isn’t what ABC is saying- it makes more since to both Rick and I
ii. First of all- it seems to be a man- not a woman- by the clothing (wearing a garment worn by gods) to the shape of the form… doesn’t look like a pregnant hippo to me
iii. He is a man with a crocodile head, a full headdress and a toga, carrying one ankh (not two like the statue) and a staff
iv. Sobek first came out of the waters of chaos to create the world.
v. Eventually- Sobek came to symbolize the Nile and the fertility that it brought to the land and his status became more ambiguous.
vi. He was also considered the army’s patron- and represented as strength and power.
vii. He was also a repairer of evil that had been done…

c. Isis was another Goddess originally thought to be the statue
i. The mother of Horus and the wife of Osiris (the judge of the dead in the afterlife)
ii. Again… Goddess not God
iii. And she wore a full bodied dress… not a toga

d. My original favorite theory was that it was Bastet (who had the head of a lioness and the body of a human.. Again- now this is thrown out- because the body looks more like a God not a Goddess

e. Anubis
i. This was the most popular vote- back in “LaFleur” when we saw the back of the statue for the first time.
ii. Anubis also wore the traditional garb- held one Ankh in his hand and had large cat like ears and a long human main
iii. My argument at the time was that the statue’s ears weren’t nearly as big as Anubis’

i. Taweret
ii. Sobek
iii. Isis
iv. Bastet
v. Anubis
vi. Another God
vii. A combination of two or more gods (I like this)
viii. A god just made up for the show
ix. Alpert
x. Darth Mal

25. Multiple Choice When we see the flash at the end of the show-
a. Jughead Blew Up (my vote)
b. It was the Time Jump- like before they got stuck in the 70’s (possibly caused by the magnetic incident
c. Juliet Died
d. The magnetic reaction caused the tunnel to explode
e. Something else- such as a truck- exploded by being pulled into things
f. Nothing happened
g. Other

26. Did They Change the future
a. Tell me Yes or No and why- and I’ll do my best to ‘argue’ with you  friendly manner of course 
b. My thought is NO- they caused the current future that they already live in. They are stuck in one dimension- so officially they cannot change the future- or else they would never go back to change the future in the first place- and they would still be in the place they are to begin with. It’s the common ‘Grandfather theory’ which can only really be changed if we’re talking multiple dimensions… So, long story short- by going back in time, setting off the Jughead, they end up causing their own future

That’s all folks. Again- sorry it took me so long to get out- this was some serious information to get organized! Please send me your thoughts, theories, and answers- and watch your email for updates through-out the summer!

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Lost Kassicast: SEASON FINALE "The Incident" Recap

Here’s the recap- just to start us out. Now, remember- most of the extras will be in the Theories email/post- BUT there are some things that are put into the recap that you need to remember… So, make sure to read it J This was a two hour long episode- so the recap may be a little read- but enjoy- it’s getting good J

Let's start at the beginning...

GOOD VS. EVIL, a long time ago

We open with a man in WHITE working at a loom in a dark cavern with Egyptian carvings on the wall. He wander’s out to the beach- cooks up a fish- and watches the Black Rock sail in. He’s joined by a man dressed all in BLACK- and they have, all things considered- a pleasant conversation… They’re really polite for Man #2 (as ABC calls him) wanting to kill… Jacob..

JACOB, everywhere and everywhen

Over the course of the two hours, we see how Jacob has met the Oceanic 6 and Locke before, so let's cover that now:
Jacob is there when cutie-pipsqueak Katie Austen and her friend (who get’s killed in an early episode- later in time) are attempting to shoplift a lunchbox from a general store in Iowa- The same lunch box- that kate and said friend dig up years later- right before he’s gunned down. Jacob covers for them when the shopkeeper catches them, and warns Katie not to steal anymore. AND TOUCHES HER NOSE

Jacob is in attendance at the funeral of little James Ford's parents. James is writing that famous letter to Tom Sawyer, the man who doomed his mom and dad. Jacob gives him a pen when his runs out and PATS HIM ON THE HEAD. A relative arrives and asks him to never finish that letter. "What's done is done," he says.

Jacob momentarily distracts Sayid (BY TOUCHING HIM ON THE SHOULDER to ask for directions) when he and Nadia are crossing a street in Los Angeles. She is, of course, struck in a hit-and-run and killed.

Jacob visits a bandaged Ilana in a Russian hospital and asks her to help him. She says yes.

Jacob is reading Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge outside the building from which Locke is pushed by his dastardly dad. Jacob SQUEZES HIS SHOULDER which appears to revive him and says, "Don't worry; everything's going to be all right. I'm sorry this happened to you."

Jacob crashed Sun and Jin's wedding, and wished them good tidings in Korean. Quite the linguist he is! HE TOUCHED THEM BOTH ON THEIR SHOULDERS

Jacob is wandering the halls of the hospital where Jack has just performed his first procedure, during which Christian embarrassed him by undermining Jack's authority. Jacob hands him an Apollo bar that got stuck in the vending machine and THEIR HANDS TOUCH BRIEFLY.

There's another flashback in which an emotional Juliet and her sister Rachel learn that their parents are getting a divorce, but unless Jacob was hiding under the sofa cushions, he appeared not to be present.

When Hurley is released from prison (thanks to Ben and his henchmen), Hurley shares a cab with Jacob. He encourages Hurley to return to the island on the Ajira flight by TOUCHING HIS SHOULDER and assures him that he is not cursed, but in fact blessed. Jacob leaves a guitar behind in the cab- the same guitar that Hurley takes on the flight


On board the sub, Kate fills Juliet and Sawyer in on Jack's plan to fulfill the salient points of Faraday's Operation Boom Boom. She convinces them that they have to go back to stop him. They subdue the crew and get them to turn around and drop them off. They meet up with Vincent! Rose! and Bernard! who are all safe and sound, but have no desire to rejoin their craziness. "ah, hell no, they found us!" Rose says hilariously. "We traveled back 30 years in time and you people are still trying to find ways to shoot each other," she also says, speaking for those of you in the audience who wonder if things just couldn't be a little simpler for these people.

Rose and Bernard are perfectly happy as unorthodox retirees who scavenge for food and have the occasional spot of tea together, each other's company being all they really need. So the renegade trio is like: Aw, nice, but see ya because we have to go shoot a bunch of people, including maybe Jack, so he doesn't blow us all to Kingdom Come. But it's a nice interlude anyway, and maybe goes a long way toward the theory that says that they are the Adam-and-Eve skeletons from the cave. At this point- Rose says all you need is each other- Juliet looks at Sawyer- who happens to look at Kate- who is looking off to space… Poor Juliet. L


The quartet successfully extracts Jughead's plutonium core, but before they can all escape through a tunnel that connects to a house in New Otherton, Richard knocks out Eloise and tells Jack and Sayid that they're on their own from this point on- and he’s protecting his leader.


Along the way to see Jacob, Locke and Richard agree that Jacob is the reason that Locke is alive again. Locke tells him that that's why he's going to see him — to thank him. (Um...) He also says they're going to have to "deal with" the rest of the Ajira passengers — and you know what that means. Doesn't seem like Locke to me.

Ben tells John about his run-in with Alex, and pledges his fidelity to John's leadership. Which is good, because, uh, Locke wants him to kill Jacob. Uh-oh.

At the site of the old Oceanic 815 camp, which is now in ruins, Locke asks Ben why he lied about seeing Jacob. Because he was embarrassed and he didn't want Locke to know he didn't have enough juice to get an audience with the big guy. Ben asks why he has to kill Jacob. "Because despite your loyalty, you got cancer, you had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you, and you were banished, and you did all this for a man you've never met. So the question is: Why wouldn't you want to kill Jacob?" Locke asks. Makes sense to me... funny how the tables have turned and Locke is now manipulating Ben

Also: Sun finds Aaron's old crib, with Charlie's DS ring tucked inside. Sniff. Which- I totally called as soon as we saw the camp :)

Soon enough, they arrive at the foot of the giant statue because, apparently, that's where Jacob lives. But when Locke explains that Ben is going to join them, Richard says that's not how it works; only the leader can request an audience. "I'm getting the feeling like you're just making up these rules as we go along," Locke says to him. "Ben is coming with us." He acquiesces, and Ben and Locke enter the statue's foot through a stone Richard has effortlessly pushed aside. Richard stays behind.


Ilana and Bram argue about bringing Lapidus with them, but perhaps he's "a candidate," whatever that means. They show him what's in the cargo container they've carted along. We don't see what's inside, but judging by Lapidus' reaction — "terrific" — it doesn't bode well.

The group arrives at Jacob's cabin, and there's a path cut through the BLACK ash that surrounds it. Ilana finds a swatch of fabric with a hieroglyphic on it, pinned to the wall with a knife. Jacob isn't there, and hasn't been for a while. Someone else has been using it, Ilana reports. So... what to do? "Burn it," she instructs.


Ilana & Co. show up at the statue and she asks Richard: What lies in the shadow of the statue? She finally gets her answer when he replies, in Latin, "That which we protect." She has something they need to see. It's Locke's body, which they found in a coffin in the cargo hold of the Ajira flight. Zoinks! So if Locke's still dead, then...

Meanwhile, inside the Foot, Fake Locke and Ben find Jacob, who is quite proud of the tapestry he wove by hand. "So I guess you found your loophole," Jacob says, and it becomes clear that Locke is actually Man No. 2! Ben is all: You dudes know each other? But clearly Ben is a man with a mission. Jacob tells him he has a choice: He can either kill him, or leave them alone to discuss their issues. "Now you've decided to stop ignoring me," Ben seethes. "I never questioned anything; I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you yourself, I was told to wait, to be patient. But when he asks to see, he gets marched up here as if he was Moses!" His jealousy is flaring. "So why him? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?"

"What about you?" Jacob asks. Probably not the best response... unless you want him to stab you... right rick? :) And with that final insult, Ben stabs him several times and just before he appears to die, Jacob whispers, "They're coming." Unmoved, Fake Locke rolls his body into the fire.


Jack and Sayid put on Dharma uniforms and attempt to "hide in plain sight" in the panicking Dharmaville. But Roger Linus recognizes them, and a gun battle ensues, in which Sayid takes a bullet to the gut courtesy Roger's shotgun. Jack goes kind of nuts and shoots, um, everyone. Just when it's starting to look like Jack is the crazy guy ready to go down in a hail of gunfire, Hurley, Jin and Miles arrive in a Dharma van, and they're off to the Swan site, Jughead core in tow.

Jack and a wounded Sayid explain the plan to their comrades, and Sayid explains that he needs to modify the core so it will detonate upon impact. But! They come upon Sawyer, Kate and Juliet, guns drawn. Sawyer wants five minutes to talk to Jack, and it doesn't sound like his demand is negotiable.

Sawyer tells Jack the story of his parents' death, explaining that what's done is done, and Operation Boom Boom is not going to make things right. Jack appears to explain that he's doing all this for Kate, but Sawyer points out the obvious: If 815 lands in L.A., he and Kate will be strangers, and she'll be in handcuffs. Jack doesn't listen and the conversation turns to a fight, which is only broken up by Juliet, who announces that she has changed her mind: She thinks Jack is right.

"Why did you change your mind?" Sawyer asks. "I changed my mind when I saw you look at her," she replies. Juliet appears to back-track on their relationship, explaining that if she never meets him, then she never has to lose him.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate have snuggly time, remembering how they first met, when Kate stitched up his wounds. Jack convinces her that Operation Boom Boom is the right thing to do, since it will put Aaron back where he's meant to me, which is why Kate returned to the island in the first place. He is successful, and Kate is on board.

With everyone on board (including a dumbstruck Sawyer), Jack makes his approach to the Swan site, while his comrades hang back. While Jin attends to Sayid's wounds, Miles asks this noodle-baker: "Has it occurred to any of you that your friend is going to cause the thing he's trying to prevent? So maybe the best thing to do is nothing?" Now... Here's my initial thought- and you put a group of really smart people together and they don't even question it till now? and it's only miles who questions it? sigh...

But Phil has called ahead to Chang and Radzinksy, so they know Jack is coming, and they're packing heat. Just when Jack has another Butch-and-Sundance moment, his comrades appear, guns a-blazin', ready to cover his approach to the drilling pit that leads to the pocket of unique electromagnetic jazz.

[Insert bang-bang-bang here], as something goes wrong with the drill and they can't turn it off. Jack drops the bomb into the hole anyway, and... everyone kind of exchanges I-love-yous and meaningful glances and tears and... nothing happens. "This don't look like LAX," Sawyer cracks. hahahaha! But soon enough, a magnetic event begins, with everything metal being pulled into the pit, similar to what happened when Desmond forgot to punch in the numbers.

Phil is impaled on something metal and killed- which, I'm sorry, I would never actually wish something bad on a real person, but in this show- it's about time! Too bad it takes so many years for Radzinsky to die.... Jack is knocked out by an airborne toolbox. Miles saves his father, whose hand has been crushed under some falling debris. Juliet is pulled to the edge of the pit by some flying chains, and despite Kate and Sawyer's best, heartbreaking efforts, Juliet lets go of Sawyer's hand and falls into the pit.

Jack wakes up and sees Kate trying to get Sawyer away from the pit. "This is going to blow any second," she says. Cut to Juliet, who wakes up at the bottom of the pit, sees the bomb lying next to her, grabs a rock and bashes it until... the screen goes white. THUMP!

Awesome :)- Then we see the infamous LOST on the screen... only it's not White letters on a black background- it's black letters on a white background. It's inverted :) Sweet.

Keep your eyes open- I will try to send out the theories later today- It's been a hectic week- and we're headed to Iowa tonight for a wedding- so you might have to wait till Sunday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lost Kassicast Episode 5:15 "Follow The Leader" Easter Eggs and Theories‏

Ok- Ready for the little easter eggs? Sorry for the wait- I had it done on Friday, but wanted to wait and see if I came up with anything over the weekend as I don’t really have many theories- but the one’s I stated before- that they will start the chain of events by trying to prevent it. I do have some little fun things tho! So, here we go! 

1.The ship in a bottle that Alpert was making in 2007- is most likely the Black Rock … I know, I know, in your mind you’re thinking “but Kassie, how could you know?” I don’t- but the sails and the shape of the ship is the exact same as the Black Rock- so it is so… in my mind 

2.In Faraday’s journal- we can clearly make out “Time=Obama=____” can’t make out the last word- but that is just funny. Did he happen to travel forward in time to 2008/09?

3.If anyone was questioning Ms Hawkings being pregnant or not- in the 70’s when leaving with Jack and Kate towards Jughead… well, when Widmore talks to her, he actually says “… not in your condition” and touches her belly. I’m pretty sure that’s a dead giveaway… Otherwise, maybe she has worms…

4.Much like most movies have a ‘color’, so do some of the lost shows. When they first got BACK to the island- it was green- everything had a green tint. Very happy, comforting, yada, yada. However in this episode- the color was grey. The clothes, the sky, the lighting. I’m thinking it might be to give a foreboding/ominous feeling- to be ready for the finale…

5.Might be something deeper to the grey color for this episode- it was very “nothing is Black Or White- as in- it’s hard to tell who’s doing the right thing here.”

6.I think Locke is going to ‘kill’ Jacob because… (tell me your vote before the finale!- yes this is a multiple choice question.. theory) Personally- my vote is A.
a.That is how he can “HELP” Jacob, by ‘killing’ him, setting him free, yada,yada
b.He actually wants to kill him, because Locke is not Locke anymore, but he is the same thing/person that is working through Christian Shepard.
c.Is actually expecting Jacob not to be there and is trying to call a bluff and get some answers
d.Richard is Jacob
e.There is no Jacob- you only see what you want to see- remember the bullet hole that moved on Ben’s chest?
f.Locke is Jacob- in another time jump… doesn’t quite fit with the why to kill him- but it’s a theory
g.Other (if your answer is other- please explain)

7.Um- they didn’t incase the bomb in cement- and there are also flames right next to the leaking hydrogen bomb… is it just me or does this not work? I can’t think if a hydrogen bomb would be effected by flames??

8.I think the bomb’s a dud

9.btw- on that subject… HOW DID THEY GET THE BOMB DOWN THERE? It was always tunnels, right?

Rick’s thoughts:
1.We’ve always thought that Richard knows all when it comes to the island. He knew that Ben looking into the baby problem was not the right direction and he always seem to be calm and in control…but no more. We now know that he went to see Locke being born because Locke told him to. He found Locke in the middle of the woods after he was shot because Locke told him to. There have been plenty of things happen now that tell us he doesn’t really know all.

2.I think Richard is bad. He will trap Jack and Sayid…maybe more…down with the Hydrogen bomb. He then assumes they dies but they end up travelling through time before a major event happens…maybe a bomb going off?

3.I think the final shot we may see is the Hydrogen bomb going off and then fade to “Lost”.

4.I also think that Richard is holding Jacob hostage and running things the way he wants to.

5.Rose and Bernard WILL show up in the finale, I feel. And I bet you they are working for Dharma somewhere. I still feel that they are Adam and Eve though. Maybe we’ll see them enter the cave this episode and no longer see them. It won’t effect much of the story since we haven’t seen them at all pretty much. 

6.Claire will return. I think we’ll see her at the end of the finale.

7.Is Locke really himself? I keep going back and forth on this one. I really think he is different from Christian. Whatever happened to him is different. Whatever he shocked Ben so I think it’s something special.

8.The smoke monster and Jacob are NOT the same thing. We know now, almost sure, that the smoke monster can take on other forms. The smoke monster turned into Alex and told Ben he had to do whatever Locke said to do. And if Locke wants to kill Jacob, then that’s probably not the same thing as the smoke monster. I do feel that on Kassie’s question on her #6 is that he will be freeing Jacob from Richard.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lost Kassicast Episode 5:15 "Follow The Leader" Recap

Last night, a newly energized Locke seeks out Richard Alpert in 2007 with some very interesting errands. Back in the past, Jack and Kate help Eloise Hawking understand how she came to kill her own grown son, and Jack convinces her to fulfill Daniel's dying wish. Sawyer and Juliet, whose cover is blown by that pesky surveillance video, make a shocking decision about their future on the island. All in all- I thought it was good for a ‘set-up’ episode- getting us ready for next week. And, just fyi- I will be late on my Kassicast next week- as Rick is out of town- and I can’t see the finale without him. I will hopefully get it out on next Friday- but do not send us text or emails saying “I can’t believe….. happened”, “I knew….. was his dad”, etc- BEN  Thanks! Now here we go- in the order that best makes sense to me…

We back-track to see Daniel's shooting from Kate and Jack's perspective. Kate tries to convince Jack not to follow Daniel into Hostiletown- which would only seem to make sense. Jack, on the other hand, is convinced that this plan is their destiny, so he's practically ready to skip down into Hostileville. But before they can agree, they're captured by Charles Widmore.

Eloise has them put in her tent while she pages through Daniel's journal. Widmore asks, "Why has the Dharma Initiative declared war on us?" But Eloise says Kate and Jack aren't from Dharma. "Then where the hell are they from?" Widmore asks, and the unspoken, incredulous answer hangs in the air.

There's a nice scene here between Kate and Jack, as Kate questions why Jack would want to put things back the way they were supposed to be, as Faraday suggested would be the result of blowing up Jughead. For obvious reasons, Kate is not so nuts about this idea, as her pre-crash existence was pretty much a one-way flight to the slammer. "And what about us?" Kate asks. "We go on living our lives because we've never met?" When Jack says it would bring back dead people and end all their misery, Kate says it was not all misery. "Enough of it was," Jack huffs. He forgets about Kate being in Jail- and obviously it has slipped everyone’s mind- the OBVIOUS reason why they can’t change this. If they blew up the bomb- causing the island to explode- and their plane never crashed- and they would have never been rescued- and they would have never tried coming back to the island three years later and getting stuck in the 70’s- and so… they would have never blown up Jughead- in which case their plane would have crashed- yada yada yada- proving right then and there- they can’t change the past- at least not this way. Now if they didn’t go back to the island- they might have changed it. But not by doing an action- because then they wouldn’t have been there to do the action in the first place and It’s impossible- like killing your own grandfather (ie- you can’t kill your own grandfather- because then you would cease to exist- so you wouldn’t have been able to go back in time and kill your own grandfather- it’s impossible- unless, of course- it opens a different time sting- or dimension- and now we’re really getting into it- ok- now back to the story) Let me know if this needs explained better- I can draw a diagram 

Eloise questions the pair about Faraday's plan, and because of her 1950s-era run-in with Daniel – whom she saw disappear "before her bloody eyes," she's more receptive that she rationally should be. "How is this my handwriting if I don't remember writing it?" she asks. "Because you haven't written it yet," Jack says. He appeals to her future maternal instincts by telling her that if she sees Dan's plan through, she can take it all back. "Does he know what he's talking about?" Eloise asks Kate. "He thinks he does," replies Kate (I laugh- totally agreeing with Kate). She believes them, so they're off to find Jughead, which is buried underground as Daniel instructed, but in the intervening years, Dharma showed up and built Dharmaville over it.

"Why is it that this man looks so familiar?" Widmore asks. Well… Eloise announces to her Hostile cohorts that she's taking Jack and Kate to the bomb. There's a tense, whispery moment between Eloise and Widmore as Richard explains: "Widmore and Eloise are… let's just say that love can be complicated."

Eloise tells them that they have to enter the underground bomb-hiding place by swimming there. And then something interesting happens: Kate speaks for the Doubting Thomas’s in the audience and wants out of this cockamamie scheme; she wants to return to their friends. But Eloise won't let her, as the Hostiles are not in the habit of sharing all their deepest secrets with strangers and then letting them saunter off into the jungle. There's a bit of a stand-off, and a gunshot! For a split-second, I thought Kate was a goner- but then Sayid pops up out of the woods with a gun and it becomes clear what has actually happened. The Hostile rifleman falls to the ground, and Eloise and Richard put their hands up.

Once Jack, Kate and Sayid are reunited, Sayid points out what he thinks is a flaw in Faraday's plan. You see, he already killed Benjamin Linus, but they're all still there. Oh, but he didn't, Kate tells him, and she's actually a little ticked off. "Since when did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become OK?" she asks. Jack spins another rich fable about destiny for Sayid, and Kate tells him that he sounds like Locke – and "he was crazy too." So Kate is heading back to Dharmaville to take her chances there. "Because if I can't stop you, maybe they can," This is a very interesting development.

Jack takes a deep breath and follows Richard underwater through a passageway and arrives at a temple- that looks remarkably like the temple where we’ve recently seen Smokie. "Where are we?" Jack asks. "The tunnels" is Richard's uninformative reply. Eloise and Sayid follow them, and they're off to see the Jughead. Along the way, Sayid is on board because "if this works, you might just save us all, but if it doesn't, at least you'll put us out of our misery." He does have one nagging question: Why should they trust Eloise? Jack points out that in 30 years, she helps them get back to the island. Sayid rightly points out that that isn't really an answer.

So they find Jughead (which is NOT incased in cement like Faraday told them to do) and Eloise asks: "Well, now what?" Indeed!

Radzinsky is questioning Sawyer about where Kate is — with his fists mostly, and with the assistance of Phil. I’m starting to REALLY not like these guys. For his part, Horace is rendered mostly chicken as Radzinsky's rage motivates him to takes charge.

Juliet pleads for them to stop. "We have known each other for three years. We are not bad people. We are not here to hurt you," she says. She's perhaps more vulnerable than we've ever seen her in this moment.

Sawyer tells her not to tell them anything because, even if she does, they aren't going to believe her. Plus, it's only going to get more people hurt. Phil turns his fists of fury on Juliet, but just as things are about to get really sticky, an anonymous Dharma dude barges in with a head count the recent additions to their numbers. They know where Jack and Kate have gone, but…. "who the hell is Hugo Reyes?" Radzinsky asks. "He's the fat guy," an increasingly menacing Phil says.

Cut to Hurley in the Dharma kitchen, socking away canned goods. He makes a hasty exit from New Otherton to meet up with Miles and Jin. Dr. Chang, who appears out of, follows him.

Chang catches up with the trio, and rather than sound the alarm, he asks them if Daniel was telling the truth, if they're from the future. Hurley attempts to lie, but as we all know from the beginning of the season, he's not very good at that, so he cracks when he can't tell Chang who's the president of the U.S. in 1977 and denies the Korean war. "It's true then?" Chang asks Miles with a sly reversal on Empire Strikes Back (thank you rick ). "You are my son?" Miles says he is, and that Daniel has been right about everything so far. This is enough for Chang to call for a complete evacuation of the island.

Once Chang sounds the evacuation alarm with the Dharma Interrogation Squad/Chess Club, Sawyer says, "If you put me and Juliet on the sub with [the women and children], we'll tell you anything you want to know." Radzinsky wants a map that shows where the Hostiles are.

Sawyer presumably gives them what they want, because the next scene is them being escorted in handcuffs to the sub. "We'll buy Microsoft; we'll bet Cowboys in the '78 Super Bowl. We're going to be rich," he says to Juliet. "I should have let you get on this sub when you wanted to three years ago," Sawyer says. As he climbs down the ladder, Sawyer looks around at the island's breathtaking vistas and says with a characteristic huff: "Good riddance."

(Aside: Around the same time, Miles, Jin and Hurley witness Charlotte, baby Miles and their mothers boarding the same sub. They see Dr. Chang exchange angry words with his wife, and Miles realizes that it's what he had to do to get his young family out of harm's way. We already figured as much- but still good to see)
Sawyer and Juliet are handcuffed inside the sub. Just as Sawyer and Juliet are exchanging I love yous and planning their post-island, 1970s life… Kate is brought into the sub and cuffed beside them. Ouch! There is a very cool image of the sub slowly sinking into the sea


Richard Alpert is erecting a ship in a bottle on the beach, and an anonymous lady-Hostile approaches and says, "Richard, he's here," and without further explanation, Richard immediately appears to know who she means. And then there's neo-Locke, carrying a dead boar over his shoulders. "I brought dinner," he says with a smirk.

It has been three years since they've seen each other, and Richard observes that there's something different about him. Rather than mention the small matter of his resurrection, he says simply, "I have a purpose now." Locke explains that Ben "helped me get back," and it's kind of hysterical how many crucial details Locke is leaving out of that sentence.

Ben explains to Sun that Richard is "a kind of advisor, and he has had that job for a very, very long time." When Sun hears of Richard's history with the island, she rushes up to him, shows him the Dharma photo with Kate, Jack and Hurley, and asks if he knows them. "Yeah, I was here 30 years ago." (We know) "I remember meeting these people." (Hooray!) "Because I watched them all die." (Oops)

Locke asks Ben to join their conversation. "Afraid I'll stage a coup?" Ben taunts. "I'm not afraid of anything you can do anymore, Ben," Locke says flatly. "Well, in that case, I'd love to come," Ben says with his signature snarky musicality.

Before they leave, Locke says to Sun, who is staying behind: "Whatever happens, Sun, you have my word, if there's a way for you and Jin to be together again, a way to save our people, I'll find it."

Alpert wants to know where Locke was for three years, and again he withholds the most interesting bits of his crazy tale, and says only, "You're about to see where I went. After that, you're going to take me to Jacob." Come again? "That's not how it works," says Ben, but they reluctantly agree, powerless in the face of Locke.

They arrive at a clearing and Locke gives Alpert some very familiar-sounding instructions about what to say to the man who stumbles out of the jungle. "Who is that man, John?" Ben asks. "Me." Big, satisfied smile. Awesome 

So we see the scene where Richard removed a bullet from John's leg and told him he was going to have to die again, from what appears to be a slightly different angle. It's a little unsettling, but it's an interesting way to resolve this previously inexplicable scene. "This must be quite the out-of-body experience," Ben says to Locke as they watch Richard counsel Locke. "Something like that," Locke replies, significantly.

"How did you know when to be here?" Ben asks. Yeah, what he said! The island told him. Hasn't the island ever told you anything? he asks Ben. No, says Ben, clearly annoyed, so he adds that the island hasn't told Locke where Jacob is. Locke is unmoved by his jab, and says "You've never seen Jacob," which is interesting considering that mind-bending scene in Jacob's cabin. Richard returns and says he's glad Locke didn't have to die, as he just told him he would have to. "Actually, Richard, I did," he says matter-of-factly.

Locke, Richard and Ben return to the Hostile settlement, where Richard says they can leave in the morning to see Jacob. But no, Locke wants to leave now. But first he wants to speak to "his" people. In a strange speech, he says it's a little odd than they're following the orders of a man named Jacob, a man none of them have ever seen. So he invites them all to come with him to see Jacob for themselves. "I'm starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble," Richard says to Ben. "Why do you think I tried to kill him?" Ben reveals.

We end on a procession across the beach, as the Hostiles follow Locke to their destiny. It's very Biblical-looking, except they all have shotguns. "Beautiful day, isn't it?" Locke bellows. "Yes, so far," Ben replies. Ben says that Richard has some reservations about Locke, but that he's here to follow Locke's orders. His deviousness is pretty transparent. Ben says he'll help Locke find his friends. "I'm not interested in being reunited with my people," says Locke. Then why are they going to see Jacob? "So I can kill him," Locke says. Thump!

I Can’t Wait For The Finale!

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Lost Kassicast: Episode 5:14 "The Variable"- thoughts and easter eggs‏

So here we are again- More theories than easter eggs. First I’ll put it my words what I think is going on ;) Then I’m going to post something from Rick- Then I’ll get into the smaller easter eggs, theories, and questions. Cool? Better be cuz that’s how it is :) not a whole lot this week tho- sorry :(

1. MY THEORY (also attributed to Rick- check out his input below) Is that Our Ms. Hawkings knew exactly what she was doing when she sent back Jack and Kate- She wasn’t wrong. She knew she would kill Faraday- and that Jack and Kate would… somehow ( I think possibly Jughead- but most likely something with the magnetism) would mess around with Daniels stuff- inadvertently sending themselves back to the present and causing the ‘incident’ which starts this whole chain of events to begin with---- the chain of events that Daniel was trying to prevent. If all of them hadn’t gone back- THAT would have changed the present, past, and future. But they are the ones who start it- if I’m not making sense- email me- and I’ll try to explain it better.

2. Rick’s email: (my responses are in italics) “Will they actually change the future or will these actions they are taking to change the future be necessary to make everything turn out the way it did? See my response above- they wont change the future- they will start the past

Things to consider. When Sun and Lapidus show up at the Others' camp
when they find Christian, it looked like the place was abandoned for
quite some time...even though it is just in the year 2007 and the Others
left camp in 2004. Also suspicious about that is the fact that there
were Dharma signs hanging up and pictures of the Dharma recruits all
over. Was this a different future caused by what the Losties are doing
now? Or were there always pictures of the Losties right there in Ben's
house?? That's confusing to me. Also the hanging signs with the Dharma
stuff doesn't look to much like New Otherton. Agreed- very confusing! Did they change something? Or will they? What are your thoughts on this?

Did Eloise recognize Daniel when she shot him? She did meet this guy 20 years earlier when he was telling her to bury Jughead, you'd think she'd remember. I don’t think she recognized him- but wouldn’t it be funny- if in her future, she has her son- can’t think of a name and then thinks “Oh yeah- Daniel, that’s what his name was” We’re looping :)

Originally I thought that the Losties, probably Hurley, would try to
blow up the hatch so it would never be built and their plane would never
crash. Then with the release of the electromagnetism (the incident)
they would be forced to build a Faraday cage (the hatch) to protect the
world from the release. This is still a possibility but with Daniel out
of the picture I don't know for sure. I think that’s what Jack and Kate will end up doing to start the chain of events

I do think the incident will be the release of the energy though.
Jughead won't come into play until possibly the series finale, blowing
up the island. I like this :)Agreed :)

3. Now for the Easter Eggs and Such… First things first:


5. We’re thinking Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve- I still want to see them tho :)

6. The Wired Magazine we see in Daniel’s house bears the cover line: “The Super Powers Issue—X-Ray Vision, Invisibility, and Time Travel—The Impossible Gets Real!!” :)

7. A big question people are asking is… Is Faraday Dead- I say yes. Sorry, but yes. We didn’t just see him get shot and ready for the next episode- we saw him fade out- dead is dead. The biggest reason for this question- brings us back to the comicon video- Many people think that it’s Faraday’s voice (the man who is recording Dr. Chang) I’m going to have to watch it again- but I still think he’s dead. Plus- the producers said that video is not canon (which means it was just an extra and is not meant to be tied in with the actual show)

8. Interesting point tho- How did Faraday walk into the Hostile camp without being detected?? Usually they see everyone coming a mile away?? Richard?

9. Is it just odd that there’s a gun cabinet right next to the motor pool and the janitor is the one with access?? I mean- if it were for the Dharma peops to get guns out of, in case of an attack- why didn’t Kate have a key to it- as she WORKS in the Motor Pool?

10. Why did Radzinsky already have his weapons drawn when he got out the van- Did he already think Faraday looked suspicious??

11. In case you missed it in the recap--- Little Charlotte said “I’m not supposed to have Chocolate before dinner” Which was exactly what she said right before she died

12. We didn’t see what happened after the hospital room with Desmond and Penny… I have a hunch that baby Charlie isn’t going to be there when Penny comes to get him from the waiting room- any takers?

13. Widmore said he sacrificed his relationship with Penny- which makes me think that he knew that when he turned down desmond as a son in law- what path he would take to eventually get him to the island- he knew it had to be done

14. We’ve had many references to Alice Wonderland in the show and white rabbits are everywhere. In the restaurant with Eloise and Faraday- you can clearly see there is a rabbit through Hawkings drinking glass :) Through the looking glass?? :)

15. Another Wired Mag thing- J.J. Abrams is the guest editor for this months issue :)