Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost Kassicast 06:06 'Sundown'‏

FYI- starting the week of the 15th- I will be working at a new job!! J So, my recaps won’t be able to be updated until Wednesday nights or Thursday- instead of during the day on Wednesdays. Also, it’s going to become a collaborate job between Rick and myself- So if you have any theories that you would like to throw into the mix- send them to Rick or I by Wednesday night. Thanks!!

Best lines of the night:
“Right… Claire. She just strolled in here a couple of hours ago acting all weird. Still hot, though”
After Sayid stabs LNM- LNM holds out the dagger “You want it back?”

Ok- where to begin. Last night’s episode was… interesting… a bit funny (the fight between Dogan and Sayid) and really creepy. Sayid was one of my favorite characters until last night- where I wasn’t a fan of him either on the island (CREEPY) or off. Now don’t get me wrong- I thought it was a great episode- just bloody… and again creepy- but that just means they did a really good job J

Oh- and if you watched ‘House of The Rising Sun’- which was the ‘sister episode’ from the first season- you will know that the producers are messing with us! J Every episode- till last night- matched the main character and some key principals to the story of the ‘sister episode’ from season one. Last night, however, did not have to do with Sun (even though it was called ‘Sundown’) and the only thing that really lined up was the fact that Jin was in handcuffs again- someone else was wearing the watch (see below). However- if you look at the fine lines of both ‘House of the Rising Sun’ (where the camp split in two over caves and the beach) and ‘Sundown’ you will see that the underlining principles and ending are similar- in that groups that have come together are now being split in two.

Beware- there weren’t a ton of Easter Eggs this week- but there were a few J

Ah Sayid- he hops out of a cab with flowers- seeing him mooning over Nadia’s photo- we assume that’s who he’s going to see. And, we’re right. Although we’re wrong that Sayid came to be with her- as he has pushed her into the arms of his brother, Omar. You remember Omar? We’ll the last we saw of him- little boy Sayid had to kill a chicken for him- because Omar couldn’t do it. Omar runs a dry cleaning business and has two kids with Nadia- but Sayid’s still hurting over her. Anyways- Omar borrowed money… from the bank like a smart individual? Nope- from loan shark/mobster/all around bad guy- KEAMY. Keamy- being the butt head he is- is still charging Omar- even though Omar paid him back and is broke. He asks Sayid for help to scare off Keamy- but Sayid says ‘Nope’. Then Omar get’s ‘mugged’? and get’s a punctured lung from Keamy’s men. Nadia begs Sayid to stay out of it- and he obeys… until Keamy’s goons pick up Sayid on his way to pick up Nadia’s kids and try to convince Sayid to pay for Omar. Sayid puts a bullet in Keamy and his men. Good thing too- if you’re ever in a situation with Keamy- ALWAYS kill him. Sayid finds Jin in the freezer of Keamy’s death kitchen… Now… how did he get there?

1.There were two ‘Omar’s’ in this Dimension X episode- the other Omar was the one who brought Sayid to Keamy. He was also one of the mercenaries that worked for Widmore with Keamy- on the freighter. This all leads me to believe that Keamy wasn’t the big bad in this situation- he wasn’t the one that Brother Omar borrowed money for. My thought is Keamy was still working for Widmore?
2.Also, Keamy was wearing the ‘WATCH’ the same watch that in ‘House of the Rising Sun’ Jin beat Michael up over. It’s Sun’s father’s watch- Jin is supposed to be delivering it to someone. Widmore? Keamy?
3.We glimpsed Jack in the hallway (in his scrubs) of the hospital when Sayid went rushing in with Nadia
4.The man driving the school bus looks JUST LIKE Anthony Cooper (Lock’s dad) but can’t tell for sure- he’s shadowed but look at and tell me what you think!
5.Guessing it’s a prop error- but it’s funny J Nadia’s license plate on the minivan is 2SAQ321- California. It matched Jack’s Bronco’s license plate.
6.My vote is that Nadia is evil… I mean- Sayid kills people for her- in both Dimensions. Yeah- not really... Just thought...

On The Island:
Sayid barges in and demands answers from Dogan. They have a kung fu battle- but once Dogan get’s the upper hand- he’s stopped by a baseball falling on the floor. Dogan tells Sayid that he’s evil and has to leave. Meanwhile- LNM and crazyClaire are standing outside the ring of ash where LNM is convincing crazyClaire to go in and deliver a message and she’ll get her boy back. Claire comes into the temple right before Sayid is all packed up and tells Dogan he has to go meet ‘You know who’- wink wink. Dogan sends Sayid instead- with a magical dagger to plunge into the chest of ‘someone you know and you know to be dead’- “If you let him speak it will be too late”. Back at the Temple- Kate is back and demands to know where ‘that crazy Australian chick’ has gone. Now back at Sayid plunging through the forest- I was waiting for Michael Jackson to jump out of the bushes, here comes LNM. Sayid Stabs. LNM doesn’t die or do anything but start a talkin’ and offers Sayid the dagger back. Sayid was set up by Dogan. LNM promises Nadia back to Sayid if he cooperates and delivers a message. “Leave the temple by sundown or die… Jacob is dead, you are free, I’m leaving the island and you can come with me.” Panic ensues. Kate and Claire reunite- but Claire (while seeming childlike happy) doesn’t seem happy that Kate rescued (sorry- took) Aaron. Sayid goes to ‘return’ the dagger to Dogan, who tells Sayid about his off island life- he was a businessman in Japan- got drunk- crashed his car and killed his little boy. Jacob came to visit him and promised to save his son, as long as Dogan becomes the new CEO of the Temple facility. Dogan hasn’t seen his son since. Made him seem human. But, it didn’t last long- because Sayid got super creepy and drowned him. Lennon runs in “He was the only thing keeping HIM out!” So, Sayid kills Lennon too- quick as a bolt- and leaves both bodies in the ‘pool of life’… ironic. LNM barges in- smoke form- and starts killing everyone. Kate goes for Claire and Miles runs for the Exit Sign. Ilana, Sun, Ben, and Lapidus come to the rescue- of Miles at least. Ben goes for Sayid and backs away after Sayid tells him ‘it’s too late for me’. Ilana finds the secret brick and they get the hell out of dodge- leaving Ben with Sayid, and Kate with Claire. LNM’s group is growing- as he waits outside the temple for creepy looking Claire, Sayid and scared looking Kate.

1.If Sayid killed Dogan and Lennon and left them in the spring that seems to bring people back from life- would it stand to reason that they are not permanently dead?
2.“Sun downing” is another term for Dementia… Claire…
3.there are 108 stitches in a baseball
4.When Claire is in the ‘hole’ she’s singin “Catch a Falling Star” by Perry Como- the same song she had insisted Aaron’s potential adoptive parents sing to him.
5.Christian Shepherd used to sing ‘Catch a Falling Star’ to Claire and to Jack
6.Kate sang ‘Catch a Falling Star’ to Aaron in one of the Season 5 Flash Forwards
7.They made a point of showing the baseball falling on the floor. I noticed it didn’t roll, just *plunk* and sat there- which is odd.
8.The hieroglyph on the wall Ilana (and Hurley) pushes to open the secret door is a Shen Ring. Among other things, this means “protection”.
9.Knowing that in this world- Dogan’s son died in a car crash (which seems to happen a lot to people- Nadia, Juliet’s Husband, Michael- didn’t die but busted up his leg, etc- and seems to be an action that get’s people to the island) and knowing that he did not in Dimension X- would lead to the conclusion that something else had caused the accident… So he would come to the island.
11.Actually- where are Rose and Bernard too?

1.From Bailey- a Lostie: “I just wanted to add on to the good vs evil or God vs the Devil. For a long time i thought lost might mean lost in a spiritual way. I mean people die and come back again as something a different body or different self. And the more and more they try and control their life or change the way things are on the island the worse it gets. And they are always talking about why they are here? Like what is their purpose? and they all think of the greater picture. And for instance in the last episode jack discovered that Jacob had been watching him all of his life (God). And then Hugo questions Jacob that if he knew jack would break the mirror and all then why didn’t he just tell Hugo to bring jack there. And Jacob says that some people can have someone jump in their cab and tell them what to do while others like jack need to find it on their own. So it could be the quest to accept Christ. And their slate is cleaned when they get to the island. Kate is no longer an outlaw, jack is no longer questioned with his medical skill, Hugo is no longer a curse, sawyer is no longer a con man and lock is no longer crippled and rose no longer has cancer and the list goes on. That’s my insight. –bailey”

2.Of course I still love the idea of Smokie being a Djin- but going off the religious angle- there could be another answer for him as well- thanks again to Islam insight: In Islam there are ‘major signs’ and ‘minor signs’ that the world is about to end and Day of Judgment is at hand. One of the major signs: the coming of a false messiah (LNM?) that will lead the faithful away from the remembrance of Allah or God. And then, there’s ‘The Smoke’. Seriously, I’m not making this up. From Wikipedia: “The Smoke will appear all over the earth that will cause believers to catch something similar to the common cold or even a nose bleed, whereas disbelievers will be hit harder by it. Finally, a cool wind will cause all of the believers to die. This leaves all the unbelievers left on earth to experience the last hour of the day of judgment”