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Lost Kassicast Episode 5:8 “LaFleur” Theories/Easter Eggs/ Thoughts/ and Questions

Well, lets hit the most argued and important issue of the episode first… THE FOUR TOED STATUE. If you look back- my original thought was a Mayan statue or god- now seeing the full back figure- it looks like a HUGE Egyptian statue. So, I went in search of what other people thought- and here’s a list of different ideas. With my thoughts about each in parenthesis. (by the way- I used to be REALLY into mythology- once I learned I was named after a Roman Goddess- and some of it stuck with me- so that’s where some of my thoughts come from- although they might be incomplete or incorrect from what I remember- so go ahead and call me on them! J)

1. The Most popular vote is the God- Anubis. (it does make sense- we see the pointy ears, what definitely could be a large ANKH in his right hand, and the long main and toga. My argument with this is of course- that the statue’s pointy ears aren’t nearly is big as Anubis’ as anytime we’ve ever seen Anubis portrayed- plus Anubis’ ears stick straight up and the statue’s ears do not)

a. One person said “It has crutches, Locke?” (I don’t see the crutches, but thought it was funny)

b. Another said “It’s obviously Juliet” (a huge statue of Juliet in a toga and headdress… I’m doubting it)

c. A few people said that it’s not pointy ears- it’s more like the back end of a crown or tiara (Could Be)

d. (The ears also make me think of the goddess Bastet- there were other names for her but I can’t remember- and couldn’t find her too well- but she had the head of a lioness- hence mane and ears- and the face was something else I think… but I couldn’t find any other mention of this from other bloggers- let me know what you think)

e. Someone said Spock (HAHAHAHA!)

f. The God Horus is also a thought (as was Horace- the dharma one- which I say- I don’t believe so- but funny J… The god Horus is also a possibility- as he looks a bit like Anubis- with the mane, toga, and also holds a ankh- but… he does have the face of a falcon- so where do the ears come from…)

g. “its holding 2 Onyx's - - one in each hand - - - looks like it could be: Isis, mother of Horus. Isis is the wife of Osiris, who is also her brother. Osiris is the judge of the dead in the afterlife, who was murdered by Set.
This is a battle of light and dark as Horus is the sun god (good) who brings life warmth and protection and Set the god of night or darkness (evil). This mirrors the dark and light theme and struggle in LOST.
Set murdered Osiris and Isis resurrected him (Osiris). Her magical skills restored his body to life after she gathered the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Set. . . similar to the O6 scattered all over and having to be retrieved or brought back to the island . . . Once Osiris was resurrected, though the resurrection was only temporary, Isis became pregnant with Horus, before Osiris died again.
The statue could also be a statue of Set.” (Cool thought- don’t remember too much about Isis, Osiris, or Set- but what I do remember is Isis didn’t wear a toga- had a full bodied dress in most depictions. Osiris was really odd looking, didn’t have hair or wear any type of long head-dress- wore a white crown with feathers on one side, and didn’t carry an ankh- I believe he carried a crook and flail? And Set- I don’t really remember much about- except he was Osiris’ brother and killed Osiris and was the God of the Desert and Chaos- not Night and darkness. And that there was a lot of argument- because it was thought he had the body of a canine- with other animals mixed in- but others thought he had a human body with the head of the weird creature. So, if they were going of one form of Set (the human body) I suppose it could be- as that form did also carry a ankh- and have a toga and mane- but I believe had long ears).

h. Rick’s thought (I’m guessing as a joke) is Richard Alpert. “Egyptians wore makeup so that’s why he wears eyeliner” (Albeit funny- I’ve seen a TON of people saying it’s alpert.

i. Another Anubis- that I liked J “the statue of Anubis has 4 toes...
the kilt....the pointy thinking now because Anubis is the guardian of the underworld...that the island are the gates to has to be the statue of Anubis and the temple refers to the temple of Anubis.”

j. “it's definitely Egyptian, the circular thing in his right hand is exactly the thing in almost every Egyptian god statues right hand, a tao, or ankh I believe. the other hand is a mystery though as all Egyptian god statues tend to be holding some kind of staff in that hand, but this one seems to be holding something else. lastly, look at the legs, on most Egyptian statues, the left leg is angled outward, this one does not appear to be, though the right leg does look angled outward maybe, course that could be illusion. so I don't know, perhaps this culture was influenced by the Egyptians, but they've certainly gone their own way...” (good points!)

k. possibly Jar Jar Binks (another- Hahahaha!)

l. Maybe Hermanubis - if there was a Roman influence it would explain the Latin. Although I guess not spoken in a modern form. (I don’t know anything about Hermanubis- but this is what Wikipedia said “In classical mythology, Hermanubis was a god who combined Hermes (Greek mythology) with Anubis (Egyptian mythology). Hermes and Anubis's similar responsibilities (they were both conductors of souls) lead to the god Hermanubis. He was popular during the period of Roman domination. Depicted as having a human body and jackal head, with the sacred caduceus that belonged to the Greek god Hermes, he represented the Egyptian priesthood. He is the son of Osiris and Nephthys.”

m. “Crazy theory. The producers have stated that Smokey has been around a long time. The statue is a statue of Smokey's true form, that is to be worshiped and revered. Maybe the statue served as a security system as well telling outsiders to stay away or else.” ( Good thought! J)

n. Annie (have to disagree with that one)

o. Taweret is a good theory, without the crocodile on her back (it would give it away otherwise). She was the ancient Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth, and she also guarded the mother and child. Maybe Dharma did something to piss her off therefore all the women die during childbirth from that point forward?
The ears are similar and the thing on her head ( I don’t remember much about Taweret at all, but I had thought- she still had the body of a hippo and was always pregnant.. and a demon… I might be totally off on that tho)

p. Ok- that’s it for now- let me know what you think! J

2. So, when Alpert noted that the sonar fence can hold some things out but not “us”, does that mean that all of the others have some special powers… or that they have a large selection of ear plugs…

3. Still mad about the not knowing Horus’ baby’s name… Some think it could be Charlie, Ethan, Island Tom (aka. Mr Smiley), patchy, yada yada. My guess is that it would NOT be one of the now known others- as he would still have been a young Dharma kid in the purge and would have died. My guess is that it’s either no one or it’s someone connected with the island in another way… desmond? We know nothing of his parents. Sawyer? I’m trying to think men in their 30’s...

4. One magic Easter Egg- we always seem to find is the connections in all of the books that Sawyer reads- to the island. However- for once- here is Sawyer… reading a book waiting for Horace to wake up… and the book has NO cover and NO name on it. ?? L odd

5. I really liked the Sawyer and Juliet thing… Darn Kate- she keeps stealing guys from Juliet- first Jack and now we know Sawyer’s going to go back to her. But… I do still like Kate- so I can’t be too mad- I’m just a little bored with all of the love triangle stuff.

6. “Rosie” the girl with the magic brownies- in 1978 is… wearing a Geronimo Jackson T-shirt J Another Geronimo Jackson reference

7. Where did Horace get the dynamite?? The Black Rock?? It’s too early for Rousseau to have arrived with it.

8. The wine Sawyer and Juliet are drinking with their dinner is a nice choice- Swan Station Dharma Merlot… actually

9. Where was Faraday? We didn’t see him in any of the “Three Years Later” Scene’s …. Did he leave the island? Disappear? Was to freaked out over Charlotte’s death that he ran away in order to avoid her?

10. One thing that's still a mystery about the Others is that, while Richard Alpert may not have changed, the Others/Hostiles definitely seem to change, as an organization. "Jughead" showed them as a tightly disciplined, militaristic outfit; this episode—at least with the murder of Amy's husband—made them seem more like a sadistic cult. (And what was up with their demand for Paul's body?) Later, they purge Dharma, but take on many of its trappings. Maybe the Others have a way of absorbing the attributes of whatever groups they encounter/destroy. But what are they originally, at their core?

11. And speaking of who knows what about whom: We know that Juliet joined the Others around 2001, but what did they tell her about their history? Does she know the Purge is coming—about 15 years from the "present," if my math is right—or do they leave that bit out of the Orientation film?

12. What happened to Horace’s wife, Olivia? Remember way back- when Ben’s father and mother were picked up by Horace and Olivia right after Ben’s mother died in childbirth… So, where is Olivia? What happened to her?

13. Sawyer wants to protect Horace and not tell anyone that he got drunk and threw dynamite at trees.

14. Sawyer, Jin, and Miles are part of Dharma's security team. They have a star Dharma logo.

15. Sawyer and Amy both seem like they feel Sawyer has a right to ask Amy about Horace. Sawyer is seen as an authority.

16. Miles says that last flash was more like an earthquake. I think that with the other flashes they were moving in time, but with this one, the island actually moved to the spot where Eloise Hawking said it was going to be for the O6 to get back.

17. According the Ben- telling Juliet in a past episode: “During the Dharma Initiative, the pregnant woman went to the mainland a couple of weeks before their due date in order to give birth.”

18. That sub going back and forth… If the island is moving all the time, how is the submarine finding them? Do they have to recalculate where the island is all the time, or is there a pattern?

That’s it for now- add any theories, questions, or answer my questions J Oh my- waiting the 18th…

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  1. #6- Also Rosie was in there eating brownies with Phil and Jerry (like Phil Lesh and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful The Grateful Dead also have make many references to Roses in their songs and art. (Rosie) And The Grateful Dead derrived their name from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    "We now return our souls to the creator, as we stand on the edge of eternal darkness. Let our chant fill the void in order that others may know. In the land of the night the ship of the sun is drawn by the grateful dead." -- Egyptian Book of the Dead

    Also, to bring back a thought from the past 2 weeks... WHERE ARE ROSE AND BERNARD???? Are they on the island, jumping time, in Dharma, dead, does anyone know??? Are they "Adam and Eve" in the caves? (I dont think so because I think they had Dharma uniforms on, but I may be mistaken)

    AND... Young Ben would have been around in the 70's at the Dharma compound wouldn't he have... if he didn't come til after 1977, then that doesn't add up right, time wise. Especially since Horace has a different wife... everything has changed due to Sawyer rescuing Amy perhaps. Maybe it has changed to where Ben and his dad don't even go there... probably not, but I am confused as to when they got there and why they're not there between 74-77!