Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny thought

This is a far stretch- but funny :) So, what if- Theresa is Daniel Faraday's mother (remember- time doesn't matter with Dan- therefor age wouldn't matter) and she actually knows the answer to how to stop the Island from traveling, but as she was out- she didn't talk to Des. So Desmond went to Widmore- and Widmore (thinking all he wants to do is get back to the island) is sending Desmond into a trap of sorts- where he will get sucked into going back to the Island, after talking to ben and Ms. Hawking??? LOL- far stretched- I told you- just a thought I had :)

Season 5 Episode 3: "Jughead"

So we're in the full swing of things. Last night we saw the third episode of season five "Jughead". First things first- I've started a new blog site- it's, It will have all of the new Kassicast each week- as well as other's ideas and such- and you can also leave your thoughts, theories, and comments! So, become a follower of that blog. There will also be all of the old emails sent- starting in 2007- with old theories- so we can laugh at me and such :). Also, become a fan of my random 'my-life' blog spot at
OK! So, we'll start with the recap- Make sure you read the recap- because I do point out some clues in it- that are not listed later
Lost: Episode Three, Season five "Jughead":
Begins with some Asian fishing village and Desmond is running around yelling for "Salonga" He finds the man, a doctor, and begs him to come back to his boat, where Penny is in labor. After a few quick pushes, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. About two years later, Desmond, Penny, and their kid are on the boat heading back to a very special island called 'Great Britain'. Penny's worrying about what will happen if her father finds out that they're back, but Des say's not to worry- and he has to help those on the island. On the island, Miles, Charlotte, Faraday, and a few red shirts make their way to the creek. Charlotte looks like she has one of my migraines. Hmmmm.... I have a feeling that traveling through time without a constant isn't doing her good- She didn't ever meet Alpert, did she? Miles notices a trip wire and tells everyone not to move, but it's too late for the red-shirts and they both go flying like they're in the circus. The people with the arrows arrive and (in the same 50's/60's army uniforms like what we saw on the British and mean kids that attacked juliet/sawyer) A young woman in charge, tells Faraday "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Now- are they talking about this group- thinking they are with some other group- or has she seen Faraday before- say.... while he's been traveling. Of the island- Desmonds boat is docked and we see Penny worrying about if Des will go back to the Island. He comforts her and tells her "why in god's name would I want to go back there?" He leaves the boat Back on the Island, Ellie interrogates the three scientist, asking where the rest of their group is and informing Miles that she didn't put the mines by the creek, his people did. On the way back to the base camp, Miles senses that they walked over fresh graves of four U.S. soldiers who died from shooting and radiation poisoning. Future, Des goes to Oxford and asks for Faraday's mother. A receptionist states she has no record of anyone named Faraday. Desmond goes to the physics lab. He sees that the lab i closed for 'fumigation'. He breaks down the door and find a picture of Faraday and a woman (maybe they just have odd style- but it looks to me like the photo's a little dated- maybe from the 80's) He then finds the rat maze. A man approaches and tells Des not to touch it. He asks Des if he's a professor. He tells Des about rumor that Daniel wanted to send rats back in time and scoffs at it- like Des isn't supposed to believe it. When he sees that Des isn't laughing, he says that the university wanted to erase records of Faraday and to tell anyone that all that's in the lab is a crazy scientist junk. No one would want to remember what Faraday did to a girl... Meanwhile, Locke, Sayer, and Juliet are debating what to do with their two hostages. The two speak Latin to one another, which Juliet translates to say the men are wondering why these people aren't in uniform. The reason Juliet says she can speak latin is the same reason the boys can: They're all Others... First thought for me- what's with the uniforms? Faraday and his people are brought back tot he Others camp (which does look like a piece of the island we've seen before... in the past/future... say with bunkers on it...) where they meet Richard Alpert, looking young in his smudge free guy-liner as always. Although- a little more of a butt head than I've seen him before. He wonders if Faraday has come back for his bomb. They sure seem to single out Faraday a lot- if they haven't seen him before. I think there's something to that. Faraday tells the other two that they're in the 50's when, before DHARMA arrived, the U.S. military came to the island to do some hydrogen bomb testing, only to run up against the Hostiles. Now- Faraday said that they "Tested Hydrogen Bombs on this Island" How does he know this when there is no record of the island in history??? I think he's been around the island for almost as long as Alpert- but by traveling. Faraday figures the casing for the bomb is leaking, so he convinces Alpert to let him fix it by promising not to explode it because he's in love with Charlotte. Another part of the Island, Locke stops to talk to the hostages. Juliet tries to convince them in Latin that they're friends and they want to see Richard Alpert. One of the boys starts to tell them where the camp is, but the other (whose name tag says Jones) snaps his 'friend's' neck and runs away. What an evil little *******. Locke refuses to shoot him because Jones is "one of my people". Back in the real world, Desmond goes to the house of Theresa Spencer and is greeted by her sister Abigail. Theresa is in some sort of catatonic state caused by Daniel's experiments, and we learn that after he was injured, Faraday fled to the US. Abigail states that Theresa wakes up every once in a while and tells how sometimes she'll think she's three or she was just speaking to her dad- sounds like a constant traveling to me- I wonder who her constant is... Faraday? Abigail is just happy that Mr. Widmore is taking care of them, RED FLAG. It turns out that Widmore is paying for all of Theresa's medical bills, and also funded Faraday's time research. Back at camp, Ellie (the blonde other) takes Faraday to deal with the H-bomb, but first Alpert explains that the US soldiers made camp and the others tried to get them to leave peacefully, but they wouldn't, so they had no choice by to kill them. It was orders from Alperts 'boss' hmmm... Jacob? My thought was- is this where they got the uniforms? Jones run's up explaining how he got away, but Alpert is wary that the people may have tracked him. Jones doubts that an old man knows this island better than him. LOL! Locke, of course, did track him, and is standing on a hill watching the base camp. He asks Juliet exactly how old Alpert is. Her response: "Old" Thanks for clarifying that Juliet :) Locke goes to finish his conversation with Alpert while Sawyer and Juliet run off to "save the geek". Faraday makes an observation that Ellie looks just like a woman he once knew (we're assuming the blonde that's stuck traveling through time). Faraday gets to the H-bomb with is called "Jughead" :) He notices the crack and tell Ellie they need to fill it with lead and bury it in cement (remember this for below) and everything will be fine. He explains that he knows it won't go off because 50 years later, the Island still exists. That just makes Ellie more agitated. Sawyer and Juliet show up with their own guns and get's Ellie to drop hers "are they from the future too" Sawyer looks annoyed "You told her?" Back in Britain, Desmond barges in to Widmore's office. He wants to know where Faraday's mother is. Widmore gives him an address for LA- hmmm... isn't that where Ben is? :) Widmore tells Des to deliver his message and take Penny back into hiding- it's not their war. On the Island, Locke barges into the camp calling out for Alpert, Jones pulls a gun on him, and Alpert arrives. Locke realizes Alpert doesn't recognize him, so he says "Jacob sent me." That get's Alpert's attention and he tells Jones to put down his gun.... only he calls him "Widmore"... Oh- what?! I always thought Widmore was on the island- only working for Dharma... Locke looks at him "Charles Widmore?" nice to meet you. Now why wasn't this left for the final scene of the episode- I don't know. But everything is starting to make sense now... This explains why Widmore could grow to hate Ben. On Desmonds boat, he tells Penny that Faraday's mother is dead. She catches him in his lie, and Des tells her that he wont leave her and Charlie :) hmmm blonde kid named charlie :). Penny tells Des that he will never forget and they're going together to LA. On the Island, Locke tries to convince Alpert that the time travel stuff is true, but he doesn't quite believe it. Locke finds out it's 1954, so he tells Alpert that on May 30, 1956, he will be born, so Alpert should come and visit him. Wow. Suddenly everything from "Cabin Fever' makes sense, since we already know that Alpert did visit Locke when he was a young boy and the process for selecting him as their new leader started- when he tried to get young Locke to pick out the items that already belonged to him (funny, because that's probably why he was so upset that Locke didn't pick the compass- as it did belong to him...) Before Locke can learn any more, there's another time jump. It's worth noting that the ropes used to bind Charlotte and Miles' also jumped with them. Charlotte says she's fine, but then she starts seizing, falling to the ground as blood pours out of her nose. Poor Faraday- just waiting on Des.

Ok- so here's some easter eggs- theories of mine and others, and some questions and my answers (received by some others):
1. One a second thought from last week. We're assuming that Ms. Hawking is Faraday's mother. During last weeks episode- as soon as Faraday said, find my mother- my very first thought was Ms. Hawking.... But, then we see her and nothing. Then I see so many people assuming it's her... Now, it just seems almost too easy. And, one thing that Lost has been, it has not been easy. So, I'm on the fence with it now. It makes sense and Lost isn't supposed to make sense...
2. Rick's thought: Wouldn't it be cool if Desmond's baby charlie is our Charlie- I mean you must forget that time has any meaning... Whose to say that our charlie wasn't adopted. It was never stated one way or another, but here we have this blonde baby named Charlie (because Desmond named him after Charlie) with parents with the same accent as our Charlie and whose mother has a price on her head and in a world surrounded by people to whom time is not an object... One thought that I had- going off on this- is what if Penny is killed and Widmore would want to protect his grandson.. What better way than to send him back in time...
3. Remember back in a Boone centric episode where he kept repeating, "Theresa falls up the stars, Theresa falls down the stars" Now, we find a woman that Faraday was involved in named Theresa. Coincidence?
4. My thought with Theresa- she's obviously traveling, yet she's not dead... She's traveling like no one we've seen before without the consequences. Could it be that once Faraday realized she was going to die, he started traveling so that he could be her constant. That would explain why he disappeared.
5. My thought is Widmore becomes the leader of the Island at some point in the near future and when Ben became the leader- it kicked Widmore out- explaining why Widmore has so much trouble re-finding the Island and also why he seems to resent ben (sort of similar to the way ben resents Locke)
6. Funny thought- how Locke gives Alpert the compass and pretty much sends him to little boy Locke- where Alpert tries giving him the compass again...
7. One thought that I heard, but don't necessarily agree with, is that Faraday noting that Ellie looked liked someone he once knew- he was referring to his mother and not to his old love Theresa. There's a thought going around that Ellie is Faraday's Mother- possibly Ms. Hawking. Something that did catch my eye with this is that the girls name is Ellie and Ms. Hawking's first name is Eloise. Plus they also have same accent.... It a big coincidence- but I think that Ms. Hawking has a much bigger part than an other- she seems to know all in the future.... Age wise- she would fit as well. It's a good thought- I'm not convinced that I agree just yet.
8. one note- Thanks to Rich! I've seen more of- is remember- when Sayid was exploring the Swan station- he found the whole station was filled with concrete- behind the front door. Could this be where the Other's buried the H-bomb? It makes sense! But what doesn't make sense, is why DHARMA then build the Swan station there?
9. We know the bomb will not explode- for sure if they buried it in concrete, but could the radiation from it still leak out of the concrete? Hence, healing Rose's cancer? Or is that just the power of something else on the island?
10. A few small easter eggs... Eloise is the name of Ms. Hawking. The rat that Faraday was using to show Des in The Constant was named Eloise. Jeremy Davies (who plays Faraday) was in a movie called Million Dollar Hotel where his love interest was named Eloise.
11. Along with the Ellie/Ms. Hawking thing- someone noted that Faraday's father might be widmore... That Widmore and Ellie got it on while on the island and had Faraday- again far stretch but worth noting
12. Another far far stretch worth noting is that Theresa looks a bit like charlotte- and when Faraday says he loves her and all of his worry towards her is fatherly, not romantically. Again, far stretch but worth noting.
13. One note on the US military on the island as it relates to the bomb. Back in 1954, the US was experimenting with Hydrogen bombs in Bikini Atoll. In fact, the united states declared Bikini habitable again and started bringing a small group of Bikinians back to their homes in the early 70's as a test. In 1978, however, the islanders were removed again when strontium-90 in their bodies reached dangerous levels after a french team of scientist did additional tests on the island. It was not uncommon for women to experience faulty pregnancies, miscarriages, stillbirths and damage to their offspring as a result of the nuclear testing of Bikini.... hmmm... Why was Juliet brought to the island? ;)
14. People noted the painting in Widmores office- with the polar bear and says Namaste at the top of it. It's the same painting we've seen before that looks just like the painting that Aaron's father was painting when he was still with Claire.
15. Just an easter egg- but the woman who spoke to Desmond at Oxford is the same woman who worked for Oceanic in season 1 that let Hurley on the plane. I'm pretty sure it's a coincidence- as they did recast a lot of the same locals in different parts tho. :)
16. In response to a question by Rich- So, is Richard the only one that doesn't age? Or do none of his original group? -I think it's only Richard. Ben ages, widmore ages. I'm pretty sure that only Alpert doesn't age- as Juliet put it "He's always been here"
17. Another question by Rich- "What's your prediction as to how Faraday ended up with that hard hat with the Dharma people when Dr. Candle was explaining the energy there and how it could manipulate time? Do you think it was just on one of their jumps later on? (he did look remarkably the same, but at the same time, I wouldn't think it would be that easy to infiltrate Dharma. Who knows?)" - I do think it's from a time jump. It seems to make more sense to me that he's jumping through time and trying to 'save' the future- rather present- or at least figure it out. I think he could easily infiltrate Dharma is he appears in the background- due to a time jump.
18. This is also from Rich "From what I've read we get to find out about Rousseau's past and what happened to her team this season (probably when Daniel, Locke & Co. jump to that time), as well as what happened to the real Henry Gale. (Remember his balloon cart had Widmore Industries or something to that effect on it)   Can't wait for those answers!
 And they better elaborate on Jacob, as well as what happened to Christian Shepard. (Not sure if you saw the mobisodes from the season 4 DVD, but one shows Christian walking in his suit and coming across Vincent.  He tells Vincent he has to find his son and that's when Vincent appears to Jack to begin the very 1st episode)  I also want to know about Claire, why people can't have babies if they become pregnant on the island and if it's always been that way or not, what the hell the smoke monster is, what the incident in the hatch was (yes I'm still curious), why Walt was so special, what happened exactly when Desmond turned the fail-safe key and what would have happened otherwise, why Miles can speak to dead people, why Desmond could see the future for a bit, why certain people heal on the island, why Richard doesn't age, if his other people do, how Ben somehow took over leading the others, how the fighting between Dharma and the others began, why the hell Dharma food and supplies are still dropped at the village and hatch if Dharma was wiped out years ago, and how Ben and Widmore become enemies. (I'm sure many of these will be discussed, but I'm dying to know some answers!)
 Man time travel is fun!  I loved seeing Ethan shoot John... lol!  And I LOVE how it covered why Richard went to see John with the compass.  It hasn't however explained why Matthew Abudon wanted John to go on the walk-about...  Since Abudon works for Widmore, did he somehow plan the plane crash. (I thought it crashed when Desmond didn't push the button that time he was killing that other guy who was stealing his boat... the time matched perfectly)  Oh wait... Widmore would have already known John was on that plane and found the island... it may have been his only way to find it again"
19. Margie asked if I thought Charlie and Claire are dead- I think they're both dead. Charlie died the season finale of Season 3- and I'm pretty sure the island is using him to protect it. And, I think Claire died when the building fell on her and Jacob is using her. I'm thinking they're both being used by different sources for different outcomes...

Ok- that's all for today :) Make sure to check out my blog, leave comments, and check it continuously - as I will put updated theories and such on it- nonstop instead of just the weekly kassicast :)


Sigh.....  Two Hour Long Episode- which was awesome!  But, again- have to get used to the fact that we have to wait a week between episodes and more answers :(  Oh well- such is life :)  To the new-comers to my Kassicast- this is just a weekly email that is sent- with 1.Recap (which is always a little in-depth- so I- as well as you- can remember what happened- to help with the theories and the Easter eggs) 2.Easter Eggs (little things with-in each episode that are hidden- little things that you might have missed) Last season was great for Easter Eggs- lets see how this season goes! 3.Theories about the episode- others and mine.  I watched the first season and stopped when the second season started up.  Then Rick and I decided to get back into it- caught up on the second season and started fresh with the Third Season.  We really got back into it- and started listening to Pod Cast and reading up on theories- and I started sending a little email to Rick weekly- which then grew to friends at work- family- and so on and so forth.  If you have any other friends that watch the show and might get a kick out of this- forward it on :) Also, if anyone has any theories or ideas- send them to me and I'll post them on the following weeks Kassicast :)
OK- lets get started!  Last night was "Because You Left" and “The Lie”  pretty apt names for the shows :) Now- pre warning…. As this was a two for one night- the recap will be twice as long- sorry ϑ but that’s what you get for opening this email….
A clock turns 8:15 (there’s something already but I’ll wait for after the recap ϑ) and an alarm goes off. We see an Asian woman tell her hubby to go get the baby. He gets up- goes about a somewhat normal morning routine- although everything looks a little dated- and… the whole scene is pretty identical to the opening of season 2- with Desmond in the Hatch- including the record playing. Willie Nelson. ϑ The Record Skips and the man turns it off- and heads out of his house- only to reveal that he’s living in the Barracks on the Island- figured that- but we still haven’t seen his face…. He goes into another house- and we see it’s no other that Dr. Marvin Candle- from all of the DHARMA videos. He starts filming another orientation video for the Arrow, saying it’s mission is to provide defensive strategies against the Hostiles… which eventually fails… Filming gets interrupted when a man comes in talking about a disturbance in the Orchid Station. The Drill melted because of their proximity to a strange power source- and one man is lying on the ground with blood coming out of his nose (remember that- we’ll hit it later) Dr. Candle tells them to stop drilling because they’re closing in on the Island’s mystical power that- when harnessed- can allow them to manipulate time ϑ The construction worker laughs “are you going to go back and kill Hitler” Dr. Candle looks at him like he’s an idiot- love it- and says there are rules (hmmm… rules huh?) and you can’t change the past and if the chamber is opened- “God help us all” The construction worker ask another worker “Time Travel- how stupid does that guy think we are”” and who is he talking to?? No other than Daniel Faraday!! Same age as now- only years before (BTW-Rick totally called that one ϑ)
Now into the future- Ben is trying to convince Jack they need to take Locke’s body and the Oceanic 6 back (but back to where? ;)) Ben says that he saw Locke at the Orchid Station and that was the last time… perhaps… Locke didn’t tell Jack what happened after the Island moved and Ben seems relieved.
Back to that moment. Ben pushed the wheel and the Island was enveloped in a glowing light. After the blinding- Locke looks around and the Others are gone. It’s raining. The people on the Zodiac can still see the Island- as Faraday says, “We must’ve been inside the radius” huh? Sawyer notices the smoke from the freighter is gone, as is Sawyer’s shirt. Bernard runs to the beach looking for Rose- Rose isn’t far behind- and they announce the entire camp is gone. Faraday arrives and takes charge- asking for the location of a man-made object that was there before the losties. I had forgotten that Faraday and Sawyer hadn’t met yet- and their reaction to each other made me laugh ϑ. Faraday informs Sawyer that the camp isn’t gone- it just hasn’t been built yet. On the way to the Hatch, Sawyer stops to ask Faraday for his shirt. He’s being kind of a prick- but considering he thinks it’s his fault Kate is dead (which of course we know she’s not) and having no control over this situation- can’t blame him much. Sawyer wants an explanation of what’s going on and Faraday says it would be difficult to explain to a quantum physicist- let alone…… HAHAHA! Sawyer slaps him Λ but it proves to be an adequate debating technique- because Faraday explains… It’s like a record skipping. They’re traveling through time and the record was become dislodged. Faraday isn’t sure if they’re moving or the island is- but we’re pretty sure it’s them…. We see Locke- still on his own- when a plane buzzes over him and crashes into the Island. And- big kicker- it’s Eko’s drug smuggling plane- filled with the heroin Virgin Mary statues and Yemi’s dead body!!! Well- I guess we know about WHEN we are… Locke tries to investigate, but is shot in the leg while climbing the cliff. And who’s the shooter? No other than ETHAN ROM! I never did like him. Locke tries to explain that Ben Linus appointed him the leader of the Others, but Ethan isn’t buying it. The sky glows and suddenly day becomes night and there’s another time jump. Faraday tells everyone “we’re either in the past, or the future” Thanks for clearing that up ϑ
Back in present time- for us- Kate is being normal house mom- feeding Aaron breakfast and making a cup of coffee- when there’s a knock at the door. Two lawyers asking for blood samples to determine if Aaron is really her son. It’s on behalf of an unknown client…. Who could that be?? Kate tells them to come back with a sheriff- and does what she does best- runs. She’s got her stash of money and her gun and (this time) her ‘kid’. Meanwhile, Sun tries to board a plane to Los Angeles (which confuses me- didn’t she just tell her mother that she was coming home that day (on the phone after meeting widmore for the first time- she was wearing the same suit)). But she’s stopped and help by Charles Widmore’s people. He’s not too happy that she humiliated him in front of his associates and he demands respect. Sounds like her father. She agrees and they get down to business: Sun wants to work with him because they have common interest- such as killing Ben. Back in the hotel room- Ben and Jack see Hurley has escaped Santa Rosa and is suspected of murdering the guy Sayid killed in the car. Hurley and Sayid are partnered up, stopping for some fast food- Hurley thinks Sayid should eat some comfort food- maybe he wouldn’t kill people all the time then- HAHAHA! They are headed for a ‘safe house’. Wait- why is Ben surprised that Hurley’s not at Santa Rosa- isn’t Sayid working for Ben?? But Sayid warns him never to trust Ben?? Guess not anymore. They get to the ‘safe house’ and realize it’s been compromised. Sayid goes to town, flipping one guy over the balcony and stumbles into the hotel room with the second guy- when Sayid gets a dart in the neck. He still kicks butt, and pushed the ‘bad’ guy onto an open dishwasher full of knives (That would really hurt- side note- I don’t leave sharp knives sticking up in the dishwasher for just that reason…. ϑ) Outside- sweet, not always too bright, Hurley picks up the gun and some guy snaps a photo of Hurley holding a gun, shirt covered in ketchup, and the dead guy on the ground beneath him… oops.
Back on the Island- they see where the hatch is- rather was- to let us know where they are in time… ϑSawyer wants to go back to the beach and warn Jack, Kate, yada yada- about the freighter blowing up, but Faraday tell them that’s not the way it works. They can’t change anything, if they try, they will fail. Yime is a constant, and there’s no altering the history of events. Back to Locke- hobbling to the now fallen drug plain to get a belt to tie off his bleeding leg. Richard shows up (love him!) and starts to help with the bullet in Locke’s leg.. Locke wonders how he knew and Richard tries to explain- Locke told him, or rather will tell him… Richard goes over some rules and tells Locke that the next time they meet, he won’t recognize him, so Richard hands Locke a compass to give him. Finally, before the next jump, Richard tells John that the only way to save the Island is to get the Oceanic 6 back, and that to do that, “You’re gonna have to die, John.” Whoa- WHAT? ϑ There’s another time jump, and this time the drug smuggling plane is back on the cliff and the Hatch door is still buried. Rather than start from scratch, Sawyer rushes to the Hatch’s back door to knock and get some supplies. Telling Faraday- that Desmond is going to give him some supplies. Faraday tries to explain to Sawyer that if Desmond is even there- he wont recognize them. Sawyer calls himself “the Ghost of Christmas Future,” Juliet calms him down and they go back to the beach. Miles goes with them, thinking he has a shot with Juliet. Faraday notices Charlotte’s nose is bleeding (remember this) and he’s quite concerned about it. He sends her ahead and goes back to the back door with a plan. He knocks until Desmond comes out, pointing a gun and asking “Are you him?” Who? Oh yeah- the replacements that are supposed to come and never do… Which brought up another question I never had answered…. Remember The military guy- that’s linked to oh.. say… three people on the island. He said he was working for Dharma- believed it without a doubt. How did the others never know about the hatch?? Or did they- and just lie to the guy? Sigh… another time maybe. Anyways, Faraday isn’t, but he’s excited because Desmond is uniquely special and the rules of time travel don’t apply to him. Faraday tells him that if they make it back, everyone they left behind is in danger, and the only way to help is for Desmond to go back to Oxford where they met and find Faraday’s mother. “Her name is...” is all Faraday can get out before he time jumps. Three years in the future, Desmond wakes up, just remembering this chance encounter with Faraday. Penny is there with him, and he goes up to the topside of the boat he and Penny are living on, preparing to set sail for Oxford. End of “Because You Left”
Starting “The Lie”
The second hour begins shortly after the Oceanic 6 get picked up by Penny’s boat. They are debating what they should tell people when they get back. Jack is pushing the lie about there being no other survivors to protect them from Charles Widmore. Lapidus is willing to go along with whatever. Hurley doesn’t want to lie- asking Penny if she can call off her dad. Jack explains that everyone will think they’re crazy. Sayid sides with Jack. Hurley sticks with- they wont think we’ll crazy if we back each other up- and when Sayid says no- Hurley vows he’ll remember this and wont help him in the future.
Cut to future, where Hurley is helping Sayid and driving- with unconscious Sayid in the passenger seat. Hurley knocks down a newspaper stand, and gets pulled over. In my head- I’m thinking oh crap oh crap. But the cop is no other than (DEAD might I add) Ana Lucia!! Sigh… crazy Hurley. Ana Lucia tells him about he has to be safe and not get caught. After her little pep talk, she adds, “Libby says hi”. Now, although pretty messed up- still made me laugh in a “what the ??” way. Hurley get’s a nice shirt to replace the ‘blood’ ketchup one- the best part is that it says “I Heart My Shih-Tzu” The checkout girl notes that he looks like he wants to hurt Shih-Tzu’s… And recognizes him from the lotto and Oceanic 6- but not the new report playing behind him about being a triple homicide suspect. He leaves quickly, and as he’s pulling out of the parking lot, Kate pulls in. She considers calling Jack, but doesn’t, then gets a call from someone and sounds surprised and happy. She says she can meet and takes Aaron to a hotel to meet- du du duuuu- Sun (looks like she made her flight). Kate tells her about the lawyers and Sun theorizes the client is clearly less interested in exposing their lie than he is about getting Aaron and suggest Kate take care of them. Kate is offended by the implication that she’s capable of murder and Sun is incredibly passive aggressive about how Kate promised to find Jin, then left him behind to die on the freighter. Sun says she doesn’t blame Kate- and “So, How’s Jack?” Sun seems to really have some pent up anger….
Back on the Island, everyone is growing impatient about the lack of food, fire, and such. Juliet and Sawyer want to ride the Zodiac, but Faraday says he’d have to figure out where (rather when) they are. That night- they still haven’t jumped again- we think…. Bernard fails to make fire Λ poor guy- I like him. Frogurt (who- if you haven’t seen him before- is in the mini episodes on the dvd’s- he’s a butt head- that worked at a frozen yogurt stand- thus earning him the name frogurt) He goes off on an annoying piece- calling Sawyer and inbred, and other things. Then, much to my relief, a flaming arrow comes out of the sky and hits him in the chest. Then a ton of flaming arrows shoot from the forest and Sawyer tells everyone to split and meet at the creek. Some other people die too- all red shirts. Juliet and Sawyer get separated from the group and hear some people coming. They get captured by some kids in military looking uniforms with name tags- asking “What are you doing on our island?” hmmmm…. Doesn’t look like the others. The annoying British kid leader ask for information or else he’ll cut off Juliet’s other hand. “The first one’s not negotiable” he explains. Spooky cold hearted______. Just as her hand is about to be chopped, rocks start flying into heads and a knife flies through the air and hits one of the kids. That’s right- John Locke. He yanks his knife from the back of one body and “James, Juliet, nice to see you”
Present Time- Ben packs his thing- including a box hidden in the ventilation shaft. Huh. He has to go away for six hours to put Locke’s body somewhere safe. Jack ask if Locke is really dead, which Ben DOES NOT deny. Instead, Ben goes to a butcher shop to talk with Jill the Butcher. She knows Ben and when he asks her to watch what’s in the van, she asks if it’s what she thinks it is. Ben says yes and asks if Gabriel and Jeffrey have checked in. Is there any corner of the world that there isn’t someone working for Ben?? And if they’re part of the ‘Others’- why are they taking orders from Ben- I thought he wasn’t the leader? At Hurley’s mansion, his dad makes some food and sits down to watch EXPOSE! Remember that one? ϑ It’s just not the same without Nikki. Hurley shows up with unconscious Sayid, begging for a safe haven and asks his Cheech to lie to the cops. Hurley’s mom arrives and asks why there’s a dead Pakistani on her couch. HAHAHA! Sayids not dead, but close. Cheech takes Sayid to see Jack. Cheech tells Jack to stay away from his son. Jack immediately calls Ben to say he has Sayid. Meanwhile, Hurley’s mom asks Hurley to tell her the truth, so he explains everything, the smoke monster, the others, the hatch, the button, DHARMA, the freighter, and the disappearing Island. Jack was right- it does sound crazy. Carmen believes him tho. Later that night, Hurley’s heating up a Hot Pocket (and now I have the jingle stuck in my head) and Ben shows up behind him. Hurley is surprised and throws the Hot Pocket against the wall next to Ben. Ben’s look is priceless ϑ Ben offers to take Hurley back to the island so he doesn’t have to lie again. Sounds good, but Hurley doesn’t trust him, so he runs outside and begs the cops to arrest him and confesses to murdering four or three people, however many are dead…
Finally, we see a woman in a weird room writing mathematical formulas on a chalkboard while a pendulum makes etches on the floor. She types some numbers into an old-fashioned computer and it says “Event Window Determined.” The woman climbs the stairs into a church where Ben is waiting. She removes her hood and it’s...MS. HAWKING! If you have no idea who she is, you probably shouldn’t be watching Lost. She was the crazy time lady who told Desmond about his time traveling in “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” She tells Ben that he only has 70 hours. He argues that’s not enough time, but she doesn’t care. He asks what happens if he can’t get them all back, and she says, “God help us all.”
The end ϑ
Easter Eggs and theories and other questions:
Ms. Hawking… If you don’t remember her- she was in the first episode where Desmond traveled. She was saying how you can’t change the past. She was also in a photo on the desk of the priest at the monastery. The good point is that- I remember when we first saw that photo- there was talk about the background looking just like the college where Desmond found Faraday in the constant. Hmmm…My thought is that Ms Hawking and Faraday’s mother are one in the same. Time traveling family…
Another point with Ms. Hawking- she’s in the present- why does she have such an old computer. Even if this is an off the island Dharma station- they don’t buy new technology? ϑ
one screenshot of the computer- someone claimed they say the DHARMA log next to the monitor- looking like the lighthouse Dharma logo from the Special Access video- but I couldn’t locate it. However- there are binders next to the computer that do have- what resembles a dharma logo on them.
But, now we do see that not everyone reports to Ben- as Ben reports to Ms. Hawking…
Multiple thoughts on Locke being dead… Ben wont confirm if he’s dead. He has to put him someplace safe. Remember past episodes- Paulo and Nikki- appearing dead? There might be something to that?? I found it a little funny- that right after Ben ignores Jack’s question about Locke being dead- we go to the scene of Cheech watching Expose.
Still sticking to the Claire’s “Don’t you dare bring him back” and Charley’s “your not supposed to raise him” comments- that they’re referring to “resurrecting” Locke or bringing Locke back to the Island- NOT Aaron.
Dr. Candle’s baby?? Possibly Miles?
Also- what happened to pregnant mothers couldn’t survive on the island?? Did they come after the birth of dr candle’s baby? Or was it not always an issue?
Remember back when Richard Alpert went to visit Locke as a kid and had him pick items that belonged to him. Locke picked the knife instead of the compass and Richard was disappointed? Well, the compass that Richard gave Locke in this episode looks the exact same!
Sun at the airport- 1.The photo of her passport was opened on the computer… in Photoshop… odd- I wasn’t aware that the airports used Photoshop right there at the gate… 2.I’m thinking- as all of the Oceanic Passengers were considered dead- wouldn’t sun have had to get a new passport? The issue date is still 31 May 01….
Good thing Faraday takes notes: HYPERLINK "" \o "" \t "_blank" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK "" \o "" \t "_blank" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET This is the page Faraday opens his book to – before running and banging on Desmonds Hatch Door
Speaking of constants… Don’t think Charlotte has one. Remember when Des started traveling- we knew there was real trouble when he started having nose bleeds… The other man on the freighter started traveling- and before he died- was having nose bleeds. The mad who died while trying to drill to the donkey wheel- at the beginning of last night- had a severe nose bleed. Charlotte is now having nose bleeds…. Something to that?
Right after Hurley saw Ana Lucia- he went into the convenience store. I don’t suppose anyone heard the song playing in there? ϑ Me neither. It was ‘The Dream Police, They Live Inside My Head’ LOL!
Daniels HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET l HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET ittle device “looks like a modified sextant. A sextant is a tool to compare 2 items and accurately calculate the angle. Trying to think like Daniel… So using the similar concept and applying it to the stars and the global wobble, we should be able to estimate the approximate year and month. There is no south polar star, but there are circumpolar constellations (and the magellenic clouds). So- I expect Daniel is using the Sextant based technology on stars to determine year (and month by Magellenic cloud location)” – I thought this was pretty cool- I had no idea what it was! ϑ
HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET Jack’s phone number has many references to the numbers. 323(3+2+3)=8, 555=15, 55501=16, 323555=23
BTW- the phone number doesn’t work ϑ just in case you try calling it…
The boys that captured Sawyer and Juliet- My thought is either Dharma or military from a different era (which of course, Dharma is possibly a scientific military base anyways) But, the British accent made me think of widmore.
A comment about Hawking’s computers” As you can see on the computer the island is now in the south pacific en route sydney - los angeles. And if you look at the map you can see that it's also almost level with equator.
I did some gamma adjusting to identify the islands nearby. The first thing I noticed was French P(Polynesia). I also found Society Island, Kiribati and Kiritimati(Christmas) Island. With this information I figured that the text which you can see under the chalk "X"(with some gamma adjusting) to be Jarvis Island.
So the Lost island is very, very close to Jarvis Island, in fact so close that you would be able to see it from the island”
In the airport- behind sun there is a man with a sign- Looking like he’s picking up someone. The sign says “John 316”- which, in the bible, John 3:16 is “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Just thought that was a bit odd- could be referenced for many points…
Dr. Candle’s clock going off at 8:15- ϑ There are many references to 815 in Lost- we’ll go back a bit. 1.Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 2.Claire’s appointment for the adoption signing was at 8:15 3.The safe deposit box Kate robbed was 815 4.Charlie was trying to sell the model C-815 copier. 4.Adam Rutherford’s time of death was 8:15 5.The real Henry Gale’s address was 815 Walnut Ridge Road 6.A delivery man was sending a package for 815 7.The Looking Glass Logo is a rabbit with a clock pointing to 8:15 8.Before shooting a man at Santa Rosa, Sayid asked for the time. It was 8:15. 9.Dr. Candle’s wake up time.
The Arrow Station- in which Dr. Candle is making the orientation film for- is Dharma station #2. It is an underground complex located somewhere east of the Barracks- It is the complex that was found by the tail section survivors. Harace (the mathematician and the man who brought Ben’s dad to the island) wore a Arrow Logo on his jumpsuit. The stations name and symbol were noted on the blast door map along with a notation indicating it’s primary purpose was for storage and restocking the Dharma initiative group. Goodwin suggested that it was for storage when the Tailies explored it. But, according the beginning of the orientation film- it’s for gathering intelligence and devising defensive strategies.
Reminder…. Which was brought up in the orientation film piece. Marvin Candle is really Pierre Chang.
What are these Rules that- Candle and then Faraday talk about? Are these rules of science- that it’s physically impossible to change certain things in the past or future? Could this be what Ben refers to in the season finally of last year- when he tells Widmore that he changed the rules by killing Ben’s daughter?? Not their own rules between the two of them? But it was something that really was not meant to happen?
I still am under the impression that when they say “We have to go back” (whether it’s time or place)—All of us. That’s everyone that left the island- which would include- Walt, Desmond, Lapidus, and now- sun’s baby…
Sticking with my theory of the Triad- Walt (mind), Locke (body). And Hurley (soul) so just hoping to see if that goes anywhere ϑ
That’s all I have for now. I’m sure I’m leaving something out- but I only have so many breaks through out the day ϑ Remember to send me your theories and thoughts!



Ok- so it's almost that time!  Which means I get to start wasting my lunch hours away again!! :)  We are down to two and a half short weeks until the TWO hour premier of Lost!  So, to get you all in the mood- I decided a special update Kassicast was in order- just a little (meaning long :)) recap of what's happened so far.... So we'll do this in normal Kassicast mode and start with the summaries of each season- followed up by a few theories and thoughts... So, read ahead, fellow Lost Addicts :)
Oh- and let me know if you have any other friends that are into lost- I'll add them on to my send list- I've forgotten who all I sent this stuff to last year :)
Season 1:
Wow- to remember this far back....  Now these are just short short summaries- if you want more detail- you'll have to ask :) 
1.Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, a commercial airliner flying from Sydney to Los Angeles, breaks apart in mid-air and is strewn across a seemingly deserted tropical island in the South Pacific, with forty-eight survivors of the initial crash. Mysterious roars are heard from the jungle and trees are found knocked over. Jack, Kate and Charlie set out into the jungle to find the cockpit of the airplane so they can send out a distress signal using the plane's transceiver. They also find the co-pilot, who survived the crash, but is soon killed by the mysterious "monster". Before he dies- he notes that they are over a thousand miles off course. A flashback shows Jack on the plane, drinking, big surprise...
2. A group (Boone, Shannon, Sawyer, Sayid, Kate, and Charlie) heads out to take the transceiver inland in an attempt to reach higher ground and get a better signal. Along the way, they are attacked by a charging polar bear, which Sawyer shoots and kills. They are unable to send a signal with the transceiver due to the presence of another signal, a distress call sent by a French woman that has been playing over and over for approximately sixteen years. Back at the beach, a federal marshal wakes up during his operation and asks Jack about Kate, who, in a flashback, is escorted by the marshal on the plane. In another flashback, Charlie is shown to have sneaked a small bag of heroin onto the plane. Locke ask Walt "Do you want to know a secret?"  And the famous closing line- Charlie "Guys, where are we?"
3. Jack learns about Kate's past as a fugitive. The signal party returns, but decides not to tell the others about the transmission. Sawyer shoots the marshal, thinking that it will relieve him of his misery. However, this only punctures his lung, so Jack euthanizes him. Flashbacks show Kate's life on an Australian farm, until she is captured by the marshal.  Claire and Charlie collect luggage in an unused wheelchair.  Jin and Sun argue- Jin's a butthead.  
4.The fuselage is burned after it is raided by boars. Locke successfully goes hunting for boars. Locke encounters the monster, but he does not tell anyone about this. In flashbacks, it is revealed that he had a sad life and was in a wheelchair before the plane crash- He had tried to go on a 'walkabout' in Sydney and they wouldn't let him go "Don't tell me what I can't do!"  But- we see that right after the crash- he's healed (looking down at his feet and wiggling his toes)
5. Boone steals the decreasing water supply in a misguided attempt to help everyone, but the survivors turn on him. A sleep-deprived Jack chases after what appears to be his deceased father in the forests and eventually discovers caves with fresh water. Jack comes to terms with his role as leader. In flashbacks, Jack goes to Australia to retrieve his deceased father. We also see Sawyer in the flashbacks- walking out of the bar with Christian Sheppard...  Jack finds the caves.
6. Flashback- shows Sun and Jin meeting and falling in love.  Jack, Kate, Charlie and Locke go to the caves and find two bodies whom Locke names Adam and Eve.  They estimate they've been dead over 50 years- and find a pouch on them with a black stone and a white stone.  Jin attacks Michael- and Sawyer and Sayid handcuff Jin the the wreckage.  Flashback- Jin and Sun get married and Jim goes to work  for Sun's dad- returns covered in blood.  Jin thinks Michael stole Sun's dad's watch.  Locke recognizes Charlie from DriveShaft.  Jack, Locke, Charlie, Hurley, Jin and Sun move to the caves. Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Michael, Walt, Shannon and Boone stay on the beach.  We see Sun flashback to learning English and planning to leave Jin.  She cheats on Jin and the guy she cheats on him with dies...  She tells Michael about the watch and Michael gives it back saying it was just something he found in the wreckage.  Locke tells Charlie he knows about his addiction.  Tells Charlie that if he gives up drugs- the island will give him his guitar.  Charlie hands over the heroin.  
7. Charlie is suffering from withdrawal and asks Locke for his heroin, and Locke says that he will return the drugs the third time Charlie asks. Charlie later asks Locke for his heroin for the third time and Locke gives it back but Charlie destroys it. Flashbacks show Charlie and his brother Liam leading their band DriveSHAFT and, eventually, Liam gets Charlie hooked on heroin. Years later, Charlie visits Liam's house in Australia and wants him to rejoin DriveSHAFT for their comeback tour but a clean Liam refuses.
8. Sawyer is suspected of hoarding some asthma inhalers from the wreck. Sayid tortures Sawyer, who reveals to Kate that he does not have them. Sayid sets off to explore the island's shoreline in self-imposed isolation, needing time to come to terms with his actions in torturing Sawyer. Kate reads a letter that Sawyer always carries around, which reveals that "Sawyer" is an alias. When Sawyer was a child, a man known as Sawyer conned and slept with his mother, who was killed by young Sawyer's father in a murder-suicide. Young Sawyer vowed, in the letter, to give the letter to the original Sawyer. Later, Sawyer became a con-man and took the name of the original Sawyer. In flashbacks, Sawyer tries to con a husband and wife, but gives up when he discovers that they have a son. 
9. Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle. While following it, he is caught in a trap and captured by Rousseau, the woman who sent out the distress signal. Rousseau tells Sayid she was part of a science team, and that they crashed on the island sixteen years ago. She identifies a group of island inhabitants she calls the "Others" as the carriers of a sickness that her companions caught, and says that the Others whisper in the jungle. Sayid escapes and while trying to find his way back to camp, Sayid hears the whispering she told him about. In flashbacks, Sayid is tasked with torturing a prisoner named Nadia, who was a childhood friend. Sayid's superior tells him to execute Nadia, but instead he helps her escape. 
10. A badly wounded Sayid returns to camp and tells the others about Rousseau and that there are other people on the island. Claire wakes up screaming two nights in a row and insists that someone held her down and stabbed her stomach. This attack persuades Hurley to take a census of the survivors using the flight manifest, and he discovers that Ethan was not on the plane. In flashbacks, Claire finds out she is pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her. She goes to see a psychic, who says that great danger surrounds her baby. 
11. After Claire and Charlie are kidnapped by Ethan, two parties of Jack and Kate, and Locke and Boone go looking for them. Jack encounters Ethan, who warns that one of the hostages will be killed. Jack and Kate find Charlie, blindfolded and hanging by his neck from a tree branch. Jack furiously performs CPR and Charlie comes back to life. Meanwhile, Boone and Locke discover a piece of metal embedded in the forest's ground. In flashbacks, Jack confesses to his superiors that his father had been under the influence of alcohol while operating. 
12. While swimming, Kate finds the marshal's locked case. Jack agrees to help Kate open the case if she will show him what is inside it. There are guns inside and a toy airplane. Kate says the airplane belonged to the man she loved—and killed. In a flashback, Kate robs a bank so that she can recover the toy airplane. 
13. Shannon's relationship with Sayid gets more personal. Locke and Boone try to get into the hatch they found. Boone wants to tell Shannon about the hatch and Locke gives him a drug that causes him to hallucinate and let go of Shannon. In flashbacks, Boone tries to get rid of Shannon's abusive boyfriend by paying him off, only to find out that it was all a scam perpetrated by Shannon, who proceeds to sleep with Boone. 
14. An annoyed Michael confronts Walt, who has been studying knife skills under Locke, and enlists his help in scavenging parts from the wreck to build a raft, but Walt wanders off. Michael and Locke track Walt into the jungle and find that he has been trapped by a polar bear. Michael risks his life to save Walt and they reconcile. Later, Locke and Boone find Claire stumbling out of the jungle. Flashbacks show that when Walt was only a few months old, his mother accepted a job in Amsterdam and took her child with her. She married a co-worker named Brian when Walt was two and refuses to let Michael speak to Walt. Years later, Susan dies and Brian does not want custody of Walt because the boy is "different". (remember- the bird....)
15. Claire is back among the survivors, but the last thing she remembers is the flight. Ethan confronts Charlie, threatening to kill the other castaways one by one until he gets Claire back. Despite security measures, Scott is murdered. With the guns from the briefcase and Claire as bait, Jack, Kate, Locke, Sayid and Sawyer set a trap. The trap works, and Ethan is captured. Although the plan is to keep Ethan alive, a vengeful Charlie kills him. In flashbacks, Charlie tries to get drug money by stealing from a rich girl. 
16. In a dream or flashback, a small child (presumably Sawyer) is being talked to by his mother, who instructs him to hide under the bed and never come out no matter what. There is a man banging on the door and eventually breaks it down. The door closes, and the child's mother is heard yelling, "What the hell is wrong with you?!" in a worried, angered manner. Shots are heard and the fighting stops. The man comes into the child's room, sits on top of the bed the child is hiding under, and kills himself. Sawyer is awakened by a boar in his tent. Sawyer becomes obsessed with finding the boar that raided his tent and goes into the jungle with Kate to find it; however, he does not kill it when he finds it. He gives his gun to Jack, who now has all the firearms in the marshal's suitcase. Sawyer realizes that he met Jack's father in Australia. In flashbacks, Sawyer tracks down who he believes to be the Sawyer who ruined his life, in Australia. Sawyer kills the man, but finds out that that man was not the original Sawyer. 
17. Michael continues work on his raft, which only has one available spot left as Sawyer has bought a seat on the raft in exchange for building materials. The raft is set on fire and everyone blames Jin. Michael beats up Jin the next morning. Sun then tells him to stop because Jin did not burn the raft. Everyone is surprised that she speaks English, including Jin. Locke says that it was probably the Others. Michael concedes the raft is gone and decides to make a new one. Sun goes to see Jin, who tells her that it is too late to start over. Jin goes back to the beach and helps Michael rebuild the raft, on which he has gained a spot. Walt confesses to Locke that he burned the raft because he likes the island. In flashbacks, it is revealed that the reason Jin once showed up covered in blood was because he beat a man to save him, as Sun's father had requested his death. Jin plans to go to America with Sun to start a new life. 
18. Hurley finds that some of Rousseau's documents contain the repeated numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, the same numbers which Hurley had used to win a lottery jackpot. Hurley sets off on his own and finds Rousseau, who says that she does not know what the numbers mean: only that her party was drawn to the island by a radio transmission that was broadcasting the numbers. The numbers are revealed to be engraved on the side of the hatch. In flashbacks, Hurley wins the lottery, and over the coming weeks, everyone around him suffers increasingly bad luck. 
19. Locke discovers that he is losing sensation in his legs. Locke and Boone find a plane teetering on the edge of a cliff. Boone climbs up and, using the radio, sends out a distress call, "We are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815," to which a man responds "We're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815." The plane falls and Locke carries a critically injured Boone back to the camp. Locke arrives at the caves with Boone and lies about how Boone got hurt. Locke disappears into the jungle. Pounding on the hatch and screaming in anguish, the inside of the hatch suddenly becomes illuminated. In flashbacks, Locke meets his parents and his father cons him out of a kidney. 
20. Boone reveals to Jack that he and Locke have discovered the hatch, and Locke has told him not to tell anybody else. Despite Jack's extensive attempts to save him, Boone dies. Claire goes into labor and gives birth to a boy. Flashbacks show Jack's wedding to Sarah, a former patient whom he had "fixed" after she was injured in a car accident. 
21. Locke arrives at Boone's funeral and is attacked by Jack. Locke asks for Shannon's forgiveness, to no avail; instead, Shannon steals the key to the gun case from a sleeping Jack, and confronts Locke in the jungle. Sayid tackles Shannon just as she fires the gun and the bullet grazes Locke's head. Sayid later tells Locke to take him to the hatch. In flashbacks, Sayid becomes an informant for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and the CIA, which has asked him to infiltrate a terrorist cell of which his old friend Essam is a member. Sayid agrees to do it in return for Nadia's whereabouts and he betrays Essam, who kills himself. 
22. Sayid and Locke show the hatch to Jack, who believes that the hatch needs to be opened. Walt warns Locke not to open the hatch, despite not ever being told about it. Kate seeks a place on the raft, threatening to take Sawyer's spot. After Michael is poisoned, he kicks Sawyer off the raft. Sawyer reveals to everyone that Kate was the fugitive on the plane. Walt confesses to Michael that he was responsible for the fire that destroyed the first raft and, although Michael says they can stay on the island, Walt insists that they have to leave. In flashbacks, Kate returns to her home town to see her dying mother, and meets up with former boyfriend Tom Brennan. With Tom's help, Kate is able to be alone with her mother, who begins screaming for help upon seeing her. She and Tom try to escape, but Tom is killed and Kate runs. 
23. Rousseau arrives at the beach to warn the survivors that the Others are coming, and tells them more of her own story. She was pregnant when she came to the island sixteen years ago but the Others—their arrival heralded by a column of black smoke—came and kidnapped her baby, who she has not seen since. A column of black smoke is soon seen in the distance. Jack, Locke and Sayid tell Rousseau about the hatch, and their need to open it, perhaps with dynamite. Rousseau offers to take them to the Black Rock to get some dynamite. Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Arzt and Rousseau arrive at the Black Rock, a large slave ship stranded inland. Meanwhile, Charlie gathers messages to put in a bottle and the raft sets sail. In flashbacks, several of the survivors are shown in the final hours before the flight. 
24. Rousseau leaves the Black Rock, and Arzt explodes while handling the dynamite. They encounter the monster—a cloud of black smoke. Rousseau steals Claire's baby, whom she has named Aaron. Sayid surmises that Rousseau intends to attempt an exchange of Claire's baby, for her own child with the Others. Charlie and Sayid head toward the column of black smoke and along the way, they also encounter the drug smugglers' plane, which Sayid reveals is full of heroin; Charlie takes some. When Sayid and Charlie arrive on the beach with the black smoke, there are no other people, just a pyre and Rousseau and Aaron. She returns Aaron and tells them that she overheard the Others saying that they were going after "the boy". On the raft, the crew encounters a boat. The boat's crew turns out unfriendly and demands that they hand over Walt. Sawyer is shot and Walt is taken. An explosive is thrown onto the raft, destroying it. Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Locke, and Hurley blow open the hatch, revealing a very deep dark hole with a broken ladder. The survivors' time in the airport and boarding the plane continues to be shown through flashbacks. 
Season 2:
1. We open with Desmond (YAY!! Desmond! :)) waking up and his morning routine in (what seems like) a relatively normal place (Although a little dated- from.. the 70's).  Then an alarm goes off....  Here come Jack, Kate, and Locke... And the numbers- that have to be entered every 108 minutes... Shannon sees Walt in the jungle.  In flashbacks, Jack operates on his eventual wife- and meets Desmond in a stadium- where Jack is running to blow off steam- and Desmond is training for a race around the world.
2. Michael, Jin and Sawyer drift back to shore, but meet a group who they believe to be more of the Others. In the hatch, Desmond forces Locke to push Hurley's numbers into a computer. Flashbacks show Michael giving up custody of a two-year old Walt to Walt's mother. 
3. Jack and Locke discover that the hatch is a 1980's station built to control an electromagnetic anomaly on the island and learn that it was built by the Dharma Initative, a scientific research team. Michael, Sawyer, and Jin find out that they are being held captive by the passengers of Flight 815's tail section, who have apparently survived. Flashbacks show Locke struggling with father issues and his relationship with Helen, who helps him let go of the issues with his father. 
4. The tail section survivors take Michael, Sawyer, and Jin to an abandoned Dharma station. Hurley is tasked with dividing up the food in the hatch. In flashbacks, Hurley quits his job and his best friend turns against him after he wins the lottery. 
5. Michael goes looking for Walt, and Jin and Mr. Eko chase after him and see the Others. Fearing for her husband's life, Sun searches for and finds her lost wedding ring. Flashbacks show Sun and Jin's lives prior to their first meeting. 
6. Shannon believes that Walt is on the island and begins searching for him. With Sawyer near death, Ana Lucia and the tail section survivors travel to the camp of the fuselage survivors. Mistaking Shannon for one of the Others, Ana Lucia shoots and kills Shannon. In flashbacks, Shannon deals with her father's death. Poor Sayid takes it hard and looks at Ana Lucia with hatred.  He starts to torture her- before being stopped by other Losties.
7. The first 48 days after the plane crash are shown from the tail section survivors' point of view. Over the course of many nights, the Others infiltrate their camp and kidnap many of the survivors (including the children), forcing the remaining survivors to take refuge at a Dharma station. 
8. Mr. Eko brings Sawyer to the hatch for medical attention. The tail section survivors reunite with the fuselage survivors.  Rose get's her husband back! In flashbacks, Ana Lucia is a police officer and kills a man in cold blood after he killed her unborn child. 
9.Kate tends to a wounded Sawyer as Shannon's funeral takes place, which Ana Lucia refuses to attend. As Locke and Mr. Eko are warned not to use the hatch's computer for communication, Michael uses the computer to communicate with who he thinks is Walt. Flashbacks reveal Kate's original crime, which is killing her father (who she thought was her step father- and turned out to be her real father) to save her mother from his beatings.  
10. Charlie takes Mr. Eko to the drug smuggler's plane. Mr. Eko finds the body of his brother in the plane. Charlie takes some of the plane's statues, filled with heroin, and Claire loses trust in Charlie. In flashbacks, Mr. Eko is a drug warlord in Nigeria, and accidentally gets his brother killed and onto the plane. Mr. Eko takes his brothers place as a priest.
11. Michael steals a gun and leaves the survivors in search of Walt. Jack, Locke, and Sawyer pursue Michael but encounter the Others in the jungle. In flashbacks, Jack's wife leaves him for another man. 
12. Charlie has a dream that Aaron's life is in danger and feels a need for Claire's baby son Aaron to be baptized. Claire is disgusted by Charlie and Locke moves the heroin statues to the hatch. In flashbacks, Charlie's one-hit wonder band unsuccessfully tries to regain some of their past fame. 
13. When Sun is attacked, tension builds between Jack, Locke, Kate, and Ana Lucia regarding the guns. It is revealed that Sawyer and Charlie had conned them all for Sawyer to gain control of the guns and Charlie to get revenge on Locke. In flashbacks, Sawyer reluctantly cons a woman he develops feelings for. 
14. Rousseau leads Sayid to a man she believes is one of the Others. Sayid goes back to his ways as a torturer to get information from "Henry Gale," who Sayid believes to be one of the Others. 'Henry Gale' says that him and his wife were in hot air balloon that crashed and she died. In flashbacks, Sayid tortures a prisoner for the first time. 
15. When Aaron becomes sick, Claire, Kate and Rousseau travel to where Claire was held captive, an abandoned Dharma medical station, in the hope of finding a cure. Jack and Locke argue on how to deal with Henry. Claire's memories of Ethan holding her captive and her escape with the help of Rousseau and her daughter, who is one of the Others, return. 
16. Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie search for Henry's balloon and find the real Henry Gale is 1.Black 2.Dead. Sun discovers that she is pregnant. In flashbacks, Sun finds out that Jin is infertile. 
17. The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying and that he is one of the Others. In flashbacks, Locke's marriage proposal to Helen is rejected, because of his inability to let go of the pain his father caused him. 
18. Hurley chases after his old imaginary friend in the jungle, and his relationship with Libby develops. Locke questions his commitment to the hatch, after Henry claims to have never entered the numbers. Hurley remembers his time at a mental institution. It is revealed via flashback that Libby attended the mental institution, as well. 
19. Bernard attempts to create an S.O.S. signal, but stops when Rose tells him that she wants to stay on the island because she thinks it has cured her cancer. Romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate. Locke continues to lose faith in the island. In flashbacks, Rose and Bernard have their honeymoon in Australia- where he takes her to a 'witch' dr. to try and cure her cancer.
20. Michael returns with news that the Others are virtually defenseless. Ana Lucia tries to get Henry to tell the truth. Hurley takes Libby on a surprise date. In the hatch, Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby and releases Henry. In flashbacks, Ana Lucia works as a bodyguard for Jack's father in Australia. 
21. Mr. Eko and Locke find another Dharma station, which is monitoring the other stations via video surveillance. Meanwhile, Jack and the other survivors struggle with the shooting victims in the hatch. Including Michael- as he shot himself- stating that the others broke in and killed ana lucia and libby. In flashbacks, Eko investigates a miracle as a priest in Australia. 
22. Michael convinces Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to help him rescue Walt. At the double funeral for Ana Lucia and Libby, Sayid tells Jack his worry that Michael has been compromised by the Others. Flashbacks reveal Michael's time being held captive by the Others, during which he made a deal to release Henry and trade Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley for Walt. 
23. Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others. Henry, the apparent leader of the Others releases Hurley, takes Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as prisoners, and allows Michael and Walt to leave the island. Desmond returns and realizes that he crashed Flight 815 when he entered the numbers into the computer too late. Locke stops entering the numbers and traps himself, Mr. Eko and Desmond inside the hatch, which implodes. In flashbacks, Desmond is shipwrecked on the island (in his boat that was given to him by libby...) and lives in the hatch with a man named Kelvin, whom he accidentally kills. 
Season 3:
1. Jack is imprisoned in the Hydra, an underwater Dharma Initiative station, and interrogated by an Other named Juliet. Kate and Sawyer are kept in nearby cages. Sawyer tries to escape with a teenage Other named Karl, but they are caught. "Henry Gale," whose real name is Ben, is revealed to be the leader of the Others. In flashbacks, Jack obsessively tries to find out who his wife Sarah is having an affair with during his divorce settlement. Jack suspects his father and attacks him at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Jack is arrested and bailed out by his wife. 
2. Ben offers to take Jack off the island if he cooperates. Kate and Sawyer are let out to smash rocks and it is revealed that they are under video surveillance by Ben. On the sailboat, Sun, Jin and Sayid are ambushed by the Others. Sun shoots the Other Colleen and the boat is taken by the Others. Sun, Jin and Sayid make their way back to the survivors' camp. Flashbacks show Sun's father finding out about Sun's affair with Jae Lee. He orders Jin to kill Jae, but Jin threatens him instead and Jae subsequently commits suicide. 
3. Locke, Desmond, and Eko survive the implosion of the hatch. Locke sees a vision of Boone and goes with Charlie to save Eko from a polar bear. Hurley discovers that Desmond can see the future. In flashbacks, Locke accidentally brings in a cop to the marijuana planting community he was a part of. 
4. Colleen dies and her husband Pickett takes out his anger by beating Sawyer. Sawyer is deceived into thinking that a pacemaker has been implanted in him and that his heart will explode if his heart rate exceeds 140 bpm. Ben reveals to Sawyer that trying to escape is futile because they are on a separate island off the coast of the island where the survivors' camp is. In flashbacks, Sawyer cons his way out of prison and finds out that he has a daughter. After claiming that he doesn't care about her, he anonymously gives a large sum of money to his daughter. 
5. Eko follows what appears to be his brother into the jungle. It turns out to be the smoke monster, which proceeds to kill Eko. Jack finds out that the reason he was captured was to operate on Ben's spinal tumor. Juliet conspires with Jack against Ben, telling him to kill Ben during surgery but to make it look like an accident. In flashbacks, Eko becomes a priest after Yemi is killed and Eko kills a few men to protect his town. 
6. Kate and Sawyer show their feelings for each other by having sex...typical (which Jack just happens to see...). Pickett almost kills Sawyer when Jack stops Ben's surgery and threatens to kill Ben unless Kate and Sawyer are given time to escape. In flashbacks, Kate tries to have an ordinary life and get married, but ends up running away after confessing to her husband about her past. 
7. The teenage "Other" Alex supplies Kate and Sawyer with a canoe to return to their island, but first she convinces them to help her rescue her boyfriend Karl from a room (room 23) where he is being brainwashed by being forced to watch a video. Juliet kills Pickett, who is in pursuit of Kate and Sawyer. Jack finishes Ben's surgery. Flashbacks reveal that over three years prior to the crash, Juliet is a fertility doctor, and is able to make her sister fertile. Juliet is interviewed by Mittelos Bioscience and offered a job- which she turns down "I couldn't leave my ex-husbands practice, unless he was ran over by a bus"- which he is within a day... what a coincidence...
8. Charlie and Hurley attempt to get Desmond drunk so he will explain to them how he is able to see the future. An extended flashback reveals what happened to Desmond after the implosion of the hatch. Desmond relives a day of his life with Penny before coming to the island. He finds himself on the island again with the ability to see flashes of the future, most notably Charlie's approaching death. 
9. Juliet is put on trial for killing Pickett. With Jack and Ben's help, Juliet does not receive the death penalty. The Others and Jack begin their journey to the Others' homes, which are located on a different island. Flashbacks show Jack getting his tattoos during a strange vacation in Thailand. 
10. Kate and Sawyer return to the beach. Hurley finds an old, abandoned van in the jungle and after fixing it up and drinking some old 'dharma' beer with a dead guy, drives it with Charlie, Sawyer and Jin. Kate, Sayid, and Locke venture off to rescue Jack. Flashbacks show Hurley's father returning home, after Hurley won the lottery- after being gone for years.
11. Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a Dharma communications station in the jungle and meet its inhabitant, Mikhail- better known as 'Patchy'. As they are leaving the station, Locke blows it up. Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition against Hurley to get back his belongings, but loses and has to go without calling people nicknames for a week. In flashbacks, Sayid meets one of his former torture victims in Paris and is tortured by her hubby.
12.Claire learns about Desmond's prophecy. She later ties a rescue message to a bird and releases it. Locke, Sayid and Kate approach a sonic barrier fence protecting the home of the Others during their mission to rescue Jack. Locke shoves Mikhail, an Other who they have captured as a hostage, into the fence and he dies... yeah... sure... Locke, Sayid, and Kate climb over the fence without any problem. It is revealed in flashbacks that Claire shares her father with Jack. Claire meets her father for the first time after her mother goes into a vegetative state, as the result of a car accident with Claire. 
13.Locke, Sayid, and Kate encounter the Others' homes for the first time and find Jack relatively happy. Jack and Juliet, whose relationship has advanced, have cut a deal with Ben to leave the island on the Others' submarine, but Locke blows it up. Ben reveals that he has Locke's father in captivity. In flashbacks, Locke's father pushes him out of a window, which paralyzes Locke. 
14. Charlie tells Sun that he and Sawyer were behind her kidnapping attempt in the jungle. The survivors investigate the apparent deaths of Nikki and Paulo. Flashbacks show that Nikki and Paulo arguing over diamonds that they conned from a millionaire television executive. On the island, Nikki release venomous spiders upon Paulo, but they are both bitten and stuck in an eight-hour paralysis. The survivors do not figure out what paralysed Nikki and Paulo and they accidentally bury them alive. Good ridance- as no one liked them and they were annoying anyways...
15. The Others and Locke leave the Others' homes. Hurley cons Sawyer into making amends with his fellow castaways. Flashbacks show the steps Kate took to ultimately reunite with her mother, who did not want her. 
16. Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Juliet return from the Others' camp and because of his insistence to trust Juliet, the rest of the survivors question the motives of Jack. A mysterious illness strikes Claire, activated by an implant from the Others inside her. Juliet cares for her. Flashbacks show Juliet's time on the island. Juliet is kept on the island against her will and unable to save women who get pregnant on the island from death. Flashbacks also show Juliet conspiring with Ben to be a mole in the survivors' camp. 
17. Led by flashes, Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle where they discover Naomi, a parachutist. Kate turns to Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet. Flashbacks show Desmond's time as a monk and his meeting Penny. 
18. After learning that the Others' pregnant women died before giving birth on the island, Sun allows Juliet to examine her in the Dharma medical station. Juliet reports back to Ben. Desmond meets a living Mikhail (patchy) in the jungle and allows him to help save the life of Naomi. Flashbacks show Sun being blackmailed by Jin's biological mother, whom Sun thought to be dead. 
19. Flashbacks show Locke living with the Others, who have his father in captivity. In the present, Locke persuades Sawyer to go with him to the Black Rock to see Locke's father. Sawyer kills Locke's father who happens to be the original Sawyer. 
20. Locke returns to the Others and Ben begrudgingly takes Locke to meet the Others' mysterious leader Jacob. Locke is unable to see Jacob, but can hear him, with Ben shooting him because of this. The survivors' mistrust of Jack peaks when Juliet is exposed as a mole, however Juliet in turn reveals that she has been working with Jack against the Others. Flashbacks show when Ben first came to the island as a boy as part of the Dharma Initiative. Ben conspires with the Others (at least one of whom, Richard Alpert, does not age in the next thirty years) and kills most of Dharma. 
21. Jack learns of the Others' plan to ambush the survivors and kidnap their pregnant women, and he comes up with a plan to kill the Others with dynamite. In order for Sayid to be able to send out a distress signal from Naomi's satellite phone, Charlie swims down to an underwater Dharma station that is jamming all transmissions. Charlie writes down the five greatest moments of his life. 
22. In this double-length episode, Jack's plan to kill the Others backfires, and Sayid, Jin, and Bernard are held hostage by the Others at the beach. Led by Rousseau, the castaways travel to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's transmission. Naomi makes contact with her boat, but is stabbed by Locke, who along with Ben, believes that the survivors are making a mistake. Charlie makes contact with Penny Widmore in the underwater Dharma station, but drowns when the station is flooded by Mikhail. "NOT PENNYS BOAT" Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley rescue the castaways at the beach. Instead of flashbacks, flashforwards feature Jack's miserable life after rescue from the island. "WE HAVE TO GO BACK KATE! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"  And who the ()#* @# is in the coffin?!?!?!?!  Best Season finaly ever!
Season 4:
1. Upon learning that Penny did not send the freighter, the survivors of 815 split into two groups led by Jack (who still want rescued) and Locke (who want to stay on the island). Meanwhile, Hurley and Claire struggle with the news of Charlie's death. In flashforwards, Hurley is revealed to be one of the "Oceanic Six"—a group of six survivors, including Jack and Kate, of the crash of 815 who have escaped the island. and he sees dead Charlie coming at him with a message on his hand- saying SAVE THEM.  He goes back into the mental hospital.
2. A science team from the freighter flown via helicopter by pilot Frank arrives on the island. A single flashback for each of the freighter crew members introduces their backstories. The episode's final flashback focuses on the late Naomi, who meets with Abaddon to discuss the science team and pilot. The team consists of Daniel, a physicist; Miles, a medium, and Charlotte, an anthropologist. 
3. Locke's group settles into the Barracks. Sayid makes a deal with Frank to leave the island, in exchange for freeing Charlotte. Sayid holds up his end of the deal; however, he obtains Charlotte by trading her for Miles. Frank, Sayid and Desmond leave the island for the freighter by helicopter. In flashforwards, Oceanic Six member Sayid works as an assassin for Ben. 
4. Kate goes on a quest to get information from Miles, which leads to her banishment from Locke's group. In flashforwards, Kate is raising Claire's son Aaron and goes on trial for her numerous past crimes. 
5. Upon arriving on the freighter, Desmond gains his 1996 consciousness and time travels between 2004 and 1996. In 1996, he finds Daniel, who explains to him that he needs to find something or someone familiar in both times to stop his life-threatening time traveling (A Constant). In 1996, he locates Penny; in 2004, he contacts Penny. And Daniel looks in his journal to find new writting stating that Desmond is his constant
6. Juliet and Jack pursue Daniel and Charlotte, after they leave without notice for the Dharma electrical station, where they render a deadly gas inert. Meanwhile, Ben, who is being held captive by Locke, tells Locke about Widmore. Flashbacks show Juliet's relationships with Ben, her lover Goodwin and his wife Harper. 
7. When Jin and Sun decide to join Locke's group, Juliet informs Jin of Sun's affair. On the freighter, Desmond and Sayid meet Gault, who offers more details on the fake wreckage of 815 previously mentioned by Naomi. Flashbacks show Jin on a maternal mission, while flashforwards show Sun—another member of the Oceanic Six—giving birth. 
8. Sayid and Desmond confront Ben's spy on the freighter: Michael (here also known as Kevin Johnson). Flashbacks show how Michael got from New York to the freighter, including his suicide attempts and deal with the Others. 
9. A team of mercenaries from the freighter attacks Locke's group at the barracks- killing many others- including the french lady :), Karl, and Ben's Daughter- and I'm thinking claire... but that's not in the recaps :). In flashforwards, Ben recruits Sayid as his assassin and confronts Widmore- with very interesting dialog... I suggest you go back to watch this piece...
10. Sawyer, Miles and Claire make their way back to the beach camp from the Barracks, but Claire disappears in the night with her deceased father. Meanwhile, Jack falls ill with appendicitis and the survivors work together to save him. In flashforwards, Jack's life begins to fall apart as he starts taking pills and his relationship with Kate becomes strained. 
11. Locke, Ben and Hurley journey to Jacob's cabin, where Locke is informed that they have to move the island. Oh- and Hurley just happens to SEE the cabin...After returning to the freighter, the mercenaries stage a mutiny. In flashbacks, Locke is shown to have always been destined to become the next leader of the island- including a meeting with one- richard alpert...
Season Finale of Season Five- to get you ready...
In flashfowards- the Oceanic Six- Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, and Aaron arrive in Honolulu where everyone is reunited with family (but Kate and Aaron).  A press conference is held- where they lie about everything that has happend, even saying they were the only living survivors of the crash.  Sometime later, Hurley's dad gives him a newly rebuilt 1970s Camaro at a surprise birthday party.  BUT... the numbers on the odometer are... sigh the bad numbers and Hurley runs away.  Sun visits her father and informs him that she used the money from her settlement  with Oceanic to buy a controlling interest in his company.  She blames him for Jin's death.  Jack eulogizes his 'dead' father.  After the ceremony, Claires mother, tells him that Claire is his half-sister... duh... ;)  Back in 2004- Jack and Kate follow the tracking signal on the phone given to them by Frank Lapidus- who dropped in onto the beach from the helicopter.  The come accross Sawyer, Aaron, and Miles.  Kate returns to the beach with Miles and Aaron.  Jack and Sawyer meet up with Lapidus (where he's handcuffed to the plane, by the missionaries) and decide to rescue Hurley.Sayid arrives at the beach on the freighter's Zodiac boat and informs the survivors that they must go to the freighter as soon as possible because the mercenaries are going to kill everyone on the island.  Sayid and Kate go after Jack and Sawyer but are captured by Richard Alpert and the others.  Daniel Farady trys to convince Charlotte Lewis (the red head from the boat :)) to leave the island, but she refuses- stating that she's looking for where she's from.  Daniel starts ferrying people to the freighter.  Sun, Jin, and Aaron arrive at the boat, and discover a bomb on board.  Ben, Locke and Hurley arrive at the Dharma Orchid Station.  Ben send Locke to the real part of the station and surrenders himself to Keamy (the leader of the mercenaries)- who had previously arrived.  On the island, Jack and Sawyer meet up with Hurley and Locke at the Orchid station. Jack and Locke argue about the nature of the island.  Locke implores him to lie about the island once he and the other survivors leave.  At the helicopter, Kate, Sayid, and the Others free Ben by ambushing and killing the  mercenaries, but Keamy, who feigns death.  In return, the Others allow Kate, Sayid and the other survivors to leave the island on the helicopter.  Ben returns to the Orchid where he gets in a hidden elevator with Locke.  Inside the Orchid station, Ben puts every metal item he can find into a small compartment at the back of the room, while Locke watches the orientation video for the Orchid (which says NOT to put metal items in that spot- hahaha!) On the tape- mr. chang begins to discuss time travel involving 'negatively charged exotic matter' when the vcr malfunctions and the tape rewinds itself.  Keamy arrives and tells Locke that if he (Keamy) dies, the C4 on the frieghter will detonate. due to a remote trigger linked to a heart rate monitor he is wearing.  Ben (of course) shows no sympathy for those on the boat and kills Keamy- to avenge Alex's death.  Ben then tells Locke that whoever moves the island is force to leave it and never come back.  Ben has to do it- because Locke is meant to stay and lead the Others.  Ben goes to the Others, who welcome him home.  Ben seals and activates power to the compartment he loaded with metal items, blowing a hole in the back of it.  Ben, now wearing a parka, climbs through the hole and into a frozen chamber, where he cuts his arm.  He then turns a very large metal wheel, to initiate the process of moving the island.  Meanwhile- Jake, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Hurley, and Frank Lapidus leave the island on the helicopter, but discover a fuel leak on board.  In order to lighten the helicopter, Sawyer jumps out after whispering something in Kate's ear and kissing her.  The helicopter makes it to the Kahana in the nick of time.  They refuel, fix the leack, pick up Desmon, Sun, and Aaron and leaves just before the c4 detonate- Michael dies in the room that housed the C4 and Jin (hopefully jumped) on the deck.  Ben- down by the metal wheel- completes a rotation and an eerie sound and white-yellow light envelope the entire island.  The helicopter tries to return to the island- but see it disappear.  The people on the small raft inbetween the island and boat also see a bright light.  With nowhere to land, the helicopter runs out of fuel and the survivors are force to drift in a rescue raft, where Hurley suggest that Locke succeeded in moving the island, but Jack disagrees.  At night, the survivors are rescued by Penny Widmore, Desmond's girlfriend.  Jack convinces the other survivors that they must lie about the experiences on the island, to protect those left behind.  The Oceanic Six are dropped off near the island of Sumba, where they are found by local villagers.  In flashforwards to 2008, Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Walt all recount stories of being approached by Jeremy Bentham, the dead man in the coffin.  Kate has a dream in which Claire tells her not to bring 'Him' back to the island.  Sun confronts Charles Widmore, saying they have common interests. After finding out that Bentham is dead, Sayid breaks into the mental hospital where Hurley is staying and convinces him to go 'somewhere safe'.  Jack returns to the funeral parlor, where he is confronted by Ben, who says that the island will not allow Jack to return without everyone else. This includes Jeremy Bentham, who is FINALLY revealed to be John Locke.
Ok- so my theories... some picked up and adopted from others (Mostly Rick :))... but here are just a few of them for now:
1. When Ben says that everyone must go back... I'm thinking he means EVERYONE- so that would be, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sun, Sayid, Hurley, Locke, Walt, Desmond... Possibly Frank Lapidus...
2. I'm sticking with my Trinity Theory... Where there are three main parts (people) that are important... The Body, Mind, and Soul...  Locke (Body), Walt (Mind), Hurley (Soul).  I think that these three still have a huge part to play.
3. In which case- I do not think Locke is really dead... or at least not the Locke we know... or at least only dead for now... There's a lot of theories here.  1.Remember the rabbits?? The cloning of rabbits??? hmmmmm... could this 'Jeremy Bentham' not be the real locke??  Or 2.Remember in the season finally the 'Time Traveling' video???  OR 3. How the island seems to heal Locke better than most- say paralized to non paralized... Many options here...
4. Claire is dead (I think she died when the building callopsed on her).  Christian Sheppard is dead.  Charlie is dead.  Yet- they seem to keep showing up and telling Jack and Kate not to bring 'HIM' back or not to raise 'HIM'... Now I now it seems obvious that they're talking about Aaron... right..... or could they possibly be talking about someone else... Someone else who is off the island.  Someone else that they might 'raise' (say from the dead) by bringing him back... someone else- like say Locke for example? hmmmm....  
5. Where did the island go?? Did it move???  I don't think so.  Rick's theory (which I agree with) is this... Remember how you had to be on very SPECIFIC headings to reach the freighter or the island?  If you missed it at all- you were lost?  Well- lets see if I can explain this...  Say- there's a 'worm hole' going to the island.  Because you are at the right entrance to this worm hole- you can see and (if followed) get to the island.  The island isn't actually there- this worm hole is just pointing to where it is.  Now- when they 'moved the island' they didn't actually move the island- just moved where that worm hole was pointing.  Instead of pointing at the island- it's pointing at some random spot in the ocean.  --My other theory that I like is Parallel Universe :) That the island didn't necessarily move locations- but moved to a Parallel Universe... Or parallel dimension even...  It's a far stretch but I still like it :)
6. Going back a little in time- here's a question never answered--- why was Libby in a mental institution??  Do you think it was because of the death of her husband- or a little deaper?
7. Who is Mrs. Hawking?  Remember the older woman from Desmond's- transfering back into time- when he was with Penny- Mrs. Hawking talked with Desmond- told him to leave Penny and tells him about the man with red shoes that would be crushed by a building (another wizard of oz reference)- but did not save him, because this would be 'course correcting'.  She was also appears in a photo on the desk of Brother Campell- who was the priest at the monastary where Desmond worked before meeting Penny.
8. How about Mathew Abaddon??  We've seen him three times so far.  First in the hospital with Locke- telling him about the walkabout.  Next- sending Naomi and the group to the island, and third- Visiting Hurley at Santa Rosa and asking him if 'they' were still alive.
9. Supposedly there are off-site dharma stations... Where Penny's people recieved a signal from the island- somewhere cold- is supposed to be one of them.  I'm thinking the 'healer' that Rose and Bernard went to... near where Charlotte found the remains of a Dharma Cow- is another..  Don't have anything to base it on- just thought it would be interesting :)
10. Remember the phsycic that told Claire not to let anyone else raise him- then gave her a plane ticket- well, it was also his daughter that had 'died' and come back to life as a miracle- that 'priest' Eko was sent to check out... I think there's more to that...
11. Jin's not dead :)  I'm sticking to this.
12. Jack is more related to Jacob than we know... There's something more to this- that Christian and Claire- both dead (in my mind) - Father and Daughter- both hanging out at Jacobs Cabin... hmmmm....  
Ok- well that's a lot of information.  Not too many theories for now- more to come as we get into season 5!  And watch for my Weekly kassicast filled with summaries, easter eggs, clues, theories, and more! :)  Also- send me your theories if you have them- I'd love to hear them!


Hey all, sorry for this being a little late.  I was planning on writing it in San Francisco- but I was too busy being lazy …   It was a lot of fun!  I wish I could just live on vacation … oh well, back at work and writing about Lost on my lunch hour 
Lost was awesome, although my favorite season finale is still Season Three.  I was still in shock and awe when I saw John Locke as ‘Jeremy Bentham’, but we’ll get to that…. It’s going to be a little long this week- with a two hour to recap- so it’s taking a few lunch hours to write, but here we go:
Flash Forwards:
Recap of previous episodes- but then the recap of crazy bearded jack continues… Kate slams on the brakes and comes back to Jack- she’s mad… talks about how Jack’s been stoned on his pills, and then comes to her with an obituary for Jeremy Bentham.  Hmmmmmm- so Jeremy Bentham is in the coffin…  Kate said that she knew Jeremy was Crazy, but Jack believed him.  Jack says he believed him because he said it was the only way to keep Kate and Aaron safe… That really made her mad.  She slaps him and tells him “Don’t you say his name.  I still have to explain to him why you aren’t there to read to him”  She drives away. 
We’re in Santa Rosa again, Hurley’s eating a fruit bar.  Michael’s mom  come’s up to him and asks if he’s dangerous.   She point’s out that Hurley knows her grandson… WALT.  He promises he wouldn’t do anything crazy.  Walt says that the Oceanic 6 never came to see him, but Jeremy Bentham did…  Hurley tells him that they’re lying to protect everyone who didn’t come back.  “like my dad” Walt says.
Outside Santa Rosa- at night: Sayid knocks on a car window, ask a man for the time, and then shoots the man.  Sayid sneaks into Hurley’s room.  “I think visiting hours are over dude”  Sayid wants Hurley to come with him ‘somewhere safe’.  He tells Hurley that Bentham’s dead and ‘they’ say it was suicide.  Hurley asks why Sayid is calling him Bentham. His names---- cut off by Sayid saying they’re being watched.  Hurley asks if they’re going back.  Sayid says no- just somewhere safe.  Hurley starts to follow him, then says, “Hold on a second” moves a chess piece and then says “Checkmate, Mr. Eko”
Sun walks down a street and pulls out her cell phone.  She says something to her daughter, Ji Yeon, then tells her mother that she’s in London, finishing up business.  She walks up to Charles Widmore and informs him she’s the managing director of Paik Industries.  He tries to make small talk, but she cuts in, telling him that he knows they’ve been lying about where they were and what happened to us there.  “You and I have common interests” she hands him a business card.  “as you know, we’re not the only ones who left the island
In Kate’s House:  She turns on the light and looks down the hall.  The phone rings and the person is talking backwards.  She hears a door squeak and runs to Aaron’s room with a gun.  She points it at the person with Aaron and says, “Don’t you touch my son!”  Claire turns around.  Claire says “Don’t you dare bring him back!”  Kate wakes up and runs into Aaron’s room, he’s alone.
Late at night, Jack goes back to the funeral home and breaks in.  He opens the casket and looks inside.  Ben walks up behind him, “Hello Jack.  Didn’t mean to scare you.  Did he tell you that I was off the island?”  Jack says yes.  Ben asks when he spoke to him.  “about a month ago”  Jack says that he saw Kate too, and Jeremy told him that after he left the island, some bad things happened and it was Jack’s fault for leaving.  Ben says that they all have to go back together.  “Sayid, I don’t even know where Sayid is.  Hurley is insane.  Sun blames me for—And then Kate, she wont even talk to me”  Ben says he can help with that, but they have to go together- all of them.  “We’re going to have to bring him too”  Inside the casket is Locke…. Oooooooo….. I knew it all along…. HA- jk
The Orchid Station:
Jack and Sawyer find the Orchid Station.  They hear a noise behind them- it’s Hurley peeing in a bush.  Hurley takes Jack and Sawyer to see Locke in the Orchid Station “Hello, Jack”.  He’s looking for the Dharma station below the ‘station’.  Locke asks to speak with Jack alone.  Jack starts to walk away saying that they just came back for Hurley.  Hurley says that it’s probably not the best idea to go back to the chopper “those Rambo guys are taking Ben to the helicopter.  He surrendered himself about an hour ago” 
Hurley and Sawyer watch Jack and Locke talking from a distance.  Hurley notes they’re talking about ‘leader stuff’.  He shares his crackers with Sawyer. 
Locke asks Jack to reconsider leaving the island.  Jack notes that Locke threw a knife into the back of an unarmed woman and led half the people across the island and got most of them killed.  Locke points out the Jack put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.  “I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones.  Locke says he’s not supposed to go home.  Jack says Goodbye.  Locke tells him that he’s going to have to lie about everything.  It’s the only way to protect the island and the miracles.  Jack says there no such thing as miracles.  Locke “Wait till you see what I’m about to do”  Ben walks into the clearing.  “couldn’t find the anthuriums could you?”  Locke states he doesn’t know what they look like.  Ben tells Jack to take Hugo and James and go to the helicopter.  Locke says, like to them Jack.  “If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they’ll believe you.”  Ben and Locke descend.   The station is deep.  Locke looks around, “Is this the magic box?”  Ben says no and says it’s for silly experiments.  He gives Locke a video to watch while he puts objects into the vault, including chairs, trash cans, and a bunny cage.  The video starts- Dr. Marvin Candle as Edgar Halliwax comes on the screen holding a bunny with the number 15 painted on it.  Station 6 video.  “the unique properties of the island have created a kind of casimir effect allowing the Dharma Initiative to create unique experiments in both time and space.”  Marvin says that great care must be taken to avoid leaving inorganic materials inside the vault and Metallic objects must NEVER be place in the vault.  Locke notices Ben putting everything metal into the vault.  Marvin puts the bunny in the vault and notes that the animal will seem to disappear, but in reality- the tape begins to rewind and Locke cant stop it.  Locke asks if he was talking about what he thinks.  Ben says “If you mean time traveling bunnies, then yes”  They hear the elevator start to move.  Locke asks if Ben’s expecting anyone and Ben asks for his weapon back. 
Keamy limps out of the elevator holding a knife.  Ben is hiding.  Keamy takes off his jacket to reveal the thing on his arm- stating it’s a heart monitor connected to a radio transmitter. If his heart stops beating, then the C-4 he has hardwired on the boat with blow.  Locke walks out and tries to get Keamy to put down the knife.  Ben jumps out of hiding and beats Keamy, then stabs him with his knife yelling “You killed my daughter”.  Locke watches the heart monitor slowing and tells Ben that he just killed everyone on that boat.  “So” Ben says
Keamy lies dying on the floor and Locke is trying to save him- tells Ben that if he dies, everybody on that boat dies”  Ben says it’s not his problem.  Keamy dies and the light on his arm band turns red. 
Ben’s moving more items into the vault.  He tells Locke he wasn’t thinking when he killed Keamy.  He tells Locke to duck and the vault explodes.  Ben puts on a parka (the same one we see him in- when he crash landed in Tunisia)  He tells Locke that he’s going by himself because the person who moves the island can never come back.  He tells Locke to go two miles east of the Orchid, where Richard and his people are waiting for him.  Lock walks through the jungle until he gets to Richard.  They all stop and look up at him.  “Hello John,” Richard says, “Welcome home.”
Ben goes through a hole that was blown into the vault wall.  He breaks a glass floor and goes through- slipping on the icy latter and hurting his arm.   Everything is covered in ice.  He using the crowbar to break some ice and turn a big winch.  A loud noise is heard (much like when desmond turned the key)  There is a bright light over the island.  Ben turns the winch.  When the light is gone… So is the island. 
The Helicopter and Keamy:
Keamy and his men take Ben through the jungle.  They make it to the helicopter and see Frank trying to get the handcuffs off.  “Who gave you he toolbox, frank?” Keamy yells.  Kate runs out of the jungle saying she’s one of the passengers of Flight 815 and she’s being chased by Ben’s men.   They hear whispers, and then Keamy’s men get attacked.  Kate grabs Ben and runs.  Keamy run after Ben and Kate.  Sayid jumps from a tree and tackles Keamy.  Sayid stabs him, and they fight until Keamy is shot in the back by Richard.  Ben thanks Richard for coming and Kate cuts him free (after a moment’s hesitation).  Ben tells Kate and Sayid they can go, per there arrangement with Richard. 
Hurley, Sawyer, and Jack make it back to the Helicopter.  Kate runs to Jack and looks at his wound.  She lets him know the baby is safe on the boat with Sun.  Sawyer helps ‘kenny rogers’ cut the handcuffs off.   They take off in the helicopter.
They notice the fuel gauge dropping fast.  A bullet must have pierced the tank.  They start throwing everything out of the helicopter to make the fuel last enough to get to the boat.  Sawyer whispers in Kate’s ear, then kisses her and jumps off of the helicopter and starts swimming back to shore.  Now they have enough fuel to make it…   Hurley sees the freighter
On the Freighter:
Desmond, Jin, and Michael look at the C-4.  They can’t find anyway to turn it off or deactivate it.   
Michael wheels a tank of liquid nitrogen across the deck.  Sun tells him she’s pregnant (odd timing I think)  Michael takes the tank to where the C-4 is and tells them that they will freeze the battery, and that should by them some time.  They only have one canister.   Michael starts spraying and Jin and Desmond work on the bomb.
Desmond cant figure out how to deactivate the bomb.  They’re down to a quarter tank on the nitrogen
The light on the bomb turns to red.  Desmond goes but Jin stays to help.  Desmond tries to stop the helicopter from landing, But they’re out of fuel and have to land.  Frank and Desmond tape the holes in the fuel gage.  Sun tries to run and get Jin.  Kate says she’ll get him.  Below deck- the nitrogen runs out.  Michael tells Jin to go- and jin starts to run to the deck.  Sun, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid, Frank, Desmond, Kate, and Jack make it on the helicopter before it takes off.  Jin comes up just in time to see them flying off. 
Inside, Michael hears whispers, then sees Christian Shephard.  Christian says “You can go now Michael… Freighter blows up. 
The Oceanic Six:
The survivors in the helicopter watch as the island disappears after Ben turns the winch.  There’s no place to land the helicopter.  It crashes into the ocean.  They start making to the raft.  Frank drags Desmond to the raft and Jack gives him CPR.  “we’re alive”
It’s nighttime in the raft.  Aaron’s ok- kate says it’s a miracle.  Hurley says he can’t believe Locke moved the island.  Jack says he didn’t.   Hurley “Oh really? Because one minute it was there and the next it was gone.  So, unless we, like, overlooked it, dude, then that’s exactly what he did”  Frank sees a boat.   The boat sees them and starts coming towards them.  Jack tells the others that they’re going to have to lie to protect the other people left on the island.  The boat comes closer and they hear people talking in a foreign language.  Desmond hears one of them say Mrs. Widmore.  Desmond yells “penny”  They kiss and Desmond introduces them all.  Jack says they need to talk. 
A week later- the Oceanic six are getting onto a life raft.  It’s going to take them 3000 miles to another island from Membata.  They say there goodbyes.  Later they reach an island with a village and get off the boat.  – the ‘rescue’ picture is taken. 
Daniel returns to the beach in the Zodiac.  Dan tells Miles and Charlotte that they need to be on the raft on the next trip.  Miles says he’s going to stay.  After Daniel goes to get water, Miles tells Charlotte he surprised she wants to leave after all the time she’s spent trying to get back here.  She looks confused, What do you mean, get back here?  Miles fakes confusion “What do I mean?”
Daniel goes to get Charlotte and she tells him that she’s staying for now because she’s still looking for where she was born… hmmmm…… they say goodbye.  Juliet stays too, until everyone else is off the island.  Daniel takes off.  When the island disappears, the group on the raft see it.
After the freighter blows, Juliet sits on the beach with a bottle of Dharma rum.  Sawyer swims to shore and walks up to her “what are you celebrating?” She says she’s not and points out the smoke on the water.  Sawyer figures out it was the freighter. 
-          If everyone has to go back, doesn’t that include Walt??  He was special…
-          There was an old show from the 60’s called “The Time Tunnel’.  Notice how the orchid symbol looks an awful lot like the time tunnel itself??
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-          The video for the Orchid station- started with ‘Video 6 of 6’  which would imply that there are only 6 research station?? Right??
-          Jeremy Bentham, Jeremy Bentham… Remember- I’m putting down different theories and such as I find them, so he may be a little scattered through out (as I’m sure I’ll find a lot on him) Jeremy Bentham was an English philosopher who was known, amongst other things, for the notion of a taxidermied person  (or- also to be understood as a ‘doll’)…. So could this have something to do with Locke in the coffin?? As a Locke ‘doll’??? Maybe…. Here’s something interesting… While we were in San Fran, we went to see Ripley’s believe it or not museum, where we ran into no other than… Jeremy Bentham   Our pictures are attached
-          An anagram for Bentham is Ban Them
-          In case you missed it, there was a commercial during the show for Octagon Global Recruiting.  They are recruiting volunteers in your area.. to work for the Dharma Initiative.  HYPERLINK "" \o ""
-          The philosopher John Locke emphasized the rights of the individual while the philosopher Jeremy Bentham emphasized actions that benefit the group- at the expense of the indidual
-          Hume, Locke and Hobbes were all influences for Bentham.  We already have a John Locke…. Tom (aka Mr. Friendly)- his full name was Thomas Hobbes- just like the philosopher that also influenced Bentham.
-          If you remember right--- Last season- the article with the obituary was a huge hit.  People cleared it up as much as possible- and had come to find out that the man who committed suicide was survived by a teenage son…. Remember?? So, Jeremy Bentham, Locke, whomever, had a teenage son??????  Who could that be????  Adopted son- Walt?  Or is it a fabricated son to go along with the fake name??
-          Right before Sawyer jumped from the plane, the last thing he whispered to kate was “Tell her I’m sorry”.  So, I’m assuming this has to do with the errand she ran a few episodes back.  Something to do with his daughter.
-          The list of unpaid positions for  Octagon Global Recruiting: Astrophysicists, Ex-Military, Electricians, Vets, IVF Consultants, Teachers, Architects, Ichthyologists, Transport Mechanics, Immunologists, Nurses, Illustrators, Auditors,  Minibus Drivers, Recycling Coordinators, Aeronautical Engineers, Horticulturalists, Dentists, Psychologists, Parapsychologists, Zoologists, Physicists, Mathematicians, Botanical Researchers, Engineers, Builders, Drivers, Health Care Workers, Communication Specialists, Neuroscientists, Janitors, Engineers, Biologists, Astrophysicists.
-          If you start at Dentist and work your way up the list- the first letter of each position spells Dharma Initiative. 
-          Right before the freighter exploded- there was no one on the deck…. Error?
-          What ever happened to Desmond’s vision of Claire getting on the helicopter??  Desmond took it, not Claire??? Because he sees everything in flashes, could he have actually seen kate or sun- and not Claire?
-          Did anyone else notice, when Jack pulled up in from of the funeral home, the water that dripped off the roof of his car? It dripped in front of the window right before he opened his car door.  I seem to remember a theory floating around about water being present when someone jumps in time, like Widmore leaving the faucet running in the constant or the water running in the kitchen sink when Michael is in NY
-          “Locke will take over as the avatar for the island, the “Jacob”, replacing Christian Shepherd. After all, hell be returning to the island in the same fashion as Christian did- the coffin”
-          Just because they say Locke (Jeremy) visited them off the island- doesn’t necessarily mean he did… We’ve seen Charlie visit, Christian visit, Claire visit….
-          Did Daniels raft move with the island?  How about the freighter debris? 
-          So, I’m thinking…. Ben turned the wheel and ended up being sucked into Tunisia… right…. So, is that what happened to the polar bear?  did it turn the wheel too? ;)
    - This is from my friend Rich: built in urban legend, but possibly something that’s remained hidden by the government for years, just like Roswell, area 51. etc) they say Einstein worked with the government designing a way to move things with electromagnetism supposedly he moved a whole battleship from one port to another, 300 miles down the shore, and then back but with really weird side effects! the so-called side effects were bad!!! supposedly when the ship reappeared, people weren't in the exact same spot some were fused to the metal some were chopped in half.  it didn’t seem to work to move the people with the ship obviously the government denies all of this, but there have been eye-witnesses from the navy and shipyard step forward with their accounts but any who... the point I’m making is that electro-magnetism has strange properties that when harnessed are capable of a lot of things teleportation, healing effects, various other weird effects, possible manipulation of space/time the Bermuda Triangle has the crazy output of electro-magnetism and we know how weird things get there and how planes and ships have disappeared throughout history
-          There were more glyphs in the room under the island… so glyphs in the room, glyphs on the door, four toed statue, etc
-          The sound right before the island disappeared was the same sound heard before the violet light, when the hatch blew up.
-          The Charlotte thing… My personal theory is that she is Ben’s real daughter.  I thought before that He had gotten Annie pregnant and lost both her and his daughter and that’s why he stole Alex… Now I’m thinking Annie might have left- so she wouldn’t die during pregnancy.  She died after- Charlotte was adopted, yada yada…  
-          On a serious note about the polar bear… could it have been transported in an accidental dharma experiment??  It’s too big to fit in that bunny transport…  Or does it stick with the original theory that it was left behind when the island moved dimensions… 
-          Past find:  The doctor’s names that founded the Dharma Initiative are the same as the cabin boy’s who brought the ships/captain’s log of the Black Rock back from the island that Widmore bought at the auction.
-           is that the island is actually the lost island of Atlantis.  Lots of similarities- abnormally long lives, Egyptian influences, an unknown power source (electromagnetism), the land masses of both are mountainous/ volcanic, utopian societies, defensive mechanisms (Atlantis had circular moats protecting the interior of the island and the lost killer fence, both disappear into water, the location of Atlantis is disputed being placed in the Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, polar regions, south pacific (wormhole traveling??).  Another interesting find was that twin siblings were a part of the Atlantis mythology.  One set of twins was Atlas and Gadirus.  Atlas was king and given the mountain region (locke?) and the brother was given the beaches (jack?).  While there aren’t any twins on the island, I find it interesting that there are many characters that are the direct opposite of each other, escentially making them the same.  Jack (and Bernard) and Locke (rose) are both set in their ways (science and faith respectively) the striking similarities between Locke and Ben (even tho not siblings.. both had mom’s named Emily who left them as babies… etc) it is also thought that Atlantis wasn’t just one island but rather a grouping of a few… Just like lost…
-          Has anyone thought that Widmore, may have had to move the island as well?? That’s why he cant get back to it and why he’s still looking for it…
-          Which brings me to a thought- there’s always references to other things- including Lord of The Rings- remember Gollum.. And the Ring.  The ring didn’t belong to anyone but itself- it allowed itself to be in others position for short periods of time, where the ‘owner’ became obsessed with owning and protecting it- to the extent that they would kill and harm others, neglect themselves, etc.  That makes me think of the island and the ‘owners’ obsessions with it… Ben- killing Dharma, letting his daughter die, acting vindictive towards Locke, etc.  Widmore- if it was his at one time- using all of his power and recourses to find the island… etc
-          There were two stones that looked like tombstones under the station- when Ben was climbing down the ladder… One white, one grey
-          MAYBE the swan was a station that was focused on replicating the Orchid’s natural.  Natural properties and “the incident” that Halliwax/Candle alluded to in the Swan’s orientation reel was a successful island shift.  So after this happened the DI had to find the island and enacted the 108 minute policy so they wouldn’t lose the island again.  And what  if the person who first moved the island successfully via The Swan was… Widmore?
-          One thought (I think it moved dimensions, not time- but this is a theory) is that the island moved forward in time.  The DI video explains that it would look like the bunny would disappear, but it really is jumping forward in time.  Also, Ben pushes the donkey wheel in a clockwise motion, like pushing ahead the hands of a clock.
-          It definitely couldn’t have traveled back in time… Grandfather paradox… If it did warp into the past- it would have looped and caught up with the present and the island would have never disappeared.
-          Here’s why I’m having a hard time with time traveling island- if the island was just moving in time (i.e. it’s invisible for a few years) why would Widmore be all crazy searching for it (as he now knows where it is) shouldn’t’ it just be reappearing where it last was??  Why wouldn’t he just build a drilling platform and hang out and wait for it to come back…
-          The same guy from the artic station--- From the ending of the 2nd season- when they got a dot on the radar and called penny- was on penny’s boat  lol
-          So- the deleted scene from a few weeks ago- noted that Charlie, Libby, and Boone were the three that were killed after the crash and before the rescue…..  Why these three??? Is it in case the other losties get rescued- we know these three can’t, they’re really dead?? Why even say that there were three others????  They said there’s no way there are other survivors--- what happens if Bernard comes rolling up in a boat????  This is just all confusing to me!  Charlie made an outside transmission- so that could make since on him…
-          In Kate’s dream- Claire didn’t have an Australian accent…
-          Remember all of the Alice in Wonderland references??? There ‘s a characture of the White Rabbit on Aaron’s bedroom wall 
-          The island (aka Claire this time) didn’t want kate and Aaron to go back??? So there seems to be two sides again, this time- Ben and the Island
-          Is Ben using Jack to get the others back on the island- so he can ‘hitch’ a ride back??  Because he’s obsessed 
-          MAYBE- Claire isn’t talking about Aaron when she says ‘Don’t you DARE bring him back!”  MAYBE she’s talking about Ben
-          I really found Sun’s conversation with Michael weird.  Was it just me- or was there some serious sexual tension between the two?? I still think there’s a possibilities of Ji Yeon being Michaels…. But, of course, sun did look happy when she ‘found out’ it was Jin’s??
-          Check this out: HYPERLINK "" \o ""
-          In a drawing in Santa Rosa- there is a large picture of and Island drawn under a body of water and a raft on the watrer
-          The island and the boat were in different time zones, correct?? The dr washing up on shore- and THEN getting killed, etc.  Yet, right after Keamy died, the signal was switched on the bomb on the freighter?? Odd??
-          Of all the places on this huge island, Sawyer happens to wash up right next to where Juliet is drinking? And he lost his shirt? Huh….  The Dharma Shark must have really liked him…
-          The reverse audio of the voice on Kate’s phone in her dream- “The island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late”  in a creepy man’s voice…  Everyone’s arguing whose voice it is… so far, it’s Christians, Jack’s, Richard’s, Ben’s, Sawyer’s, Locke’s.
That’s all for now…. I’m sure I’ll send something soon 