Thursday, January 29, 2009


“Did you guys catch the Morse code in the flickering lights that featured prominently in the frame when the camera pulled back from Jack and Juliet smooching?  Three short, two short, one long, one short… S-I-N.”
What was the deal with Harper (the psychiatrist) telling Juliet, “you look just like her”?  My thought- is Annie.. The little girl that gave Ben the doll- that goes with my theory that he got her pregnant and she died….  Other people thought it might mean his mother.
I thought it was funny that Ben asked Lock if the rabbit he cooked for dinner had a number on it lol….
There was a sm door that looked like a power box.  It had a piece of tape above it that said BOX MAKER (this was in the power station) it made me think of the Ben line from a future episode: “Let me put it so you’ll understand.  Picture a box.  You know something about boxes, don’t you John?  What if I told you that, Somewhere on this island, there is a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box, there it would be?  What would you say about that?”  It’s a little far stretched- but that’s what I’m here for 
Fun tidbit- the screen that Dan was typing in to bypass the system- said  “feed ass… Overpressure alert”  hahaha
“As far as the Box Maker goes - has anyone ever heard of the book "The Boxmaker's Revenge" by Peter Lake? According to Amazon (as they say it better than I could describe it), " 
By narrating a protracted and frequently bizarre altercation between a London minister and a member of his flock, this book provides a vivid picture of Puritanism at the parish level in early Stuart England.
On February 11, 1627, Stephen Denison preached a sermon that violently denounced an erstwhile boxmaker, John Etherington, as a heretic, a sect master, and an Anabaptist. 
Click here to read the rest of the book description on Amazon...interesting that the Boxmaker is named John...”
Fun Fact:  The Power Station was called “Tempest”  in WikiPedia- the term Tempest is often used broadly for the entire field of Emission Security or Emanation Security.  The term Tempest was coined in the late 60’s and early 70’s as a codename for the NSA operation to secure electronic communications equipment from potential eavesdroppers
ALSO- The Tempest is a play written by Shakespeare, which tells the story of the sorcerer Prospero and his daughter Miranda, who are stranded on a mysterious desert island that has mystical properties.  Prospero raises a storm (or tempest ;)) which causes a passing ship containing his enemies to come to shore.  Using magic, spirits and a man-beast named Caliban, he separates and manipulates the survivors of the wreck for his own purposes.  The play ends with Prospero back in power……
Observation:  Even though all food and supplies in the huts and Dharma Stations have the Dharma logo (even the theater glue for Mr Friendly’s beard)- None of the products in the Dharma Medical Center- that Juliet was working in, had the Dharma brand or logo.
Hmmm… in the psychiatry office- Harper has some certificates on the wall.  One says Experimental Social Psychology Society.  The other is a Certificate of Recognition from the Hanso Foundation…. Hanso owned Dharma- Supposedly, when the other’s came in- they killed all of Dharma, but Ben- yet she has a certificate from them…. Could she have been a Dharma Employee before?
Her name= Harper Stanhope- if you play with it like and anagram- you can come up with “Perhaps An Other”…   Also- “Or Ethan Perhaps”
Also- (I like this one… )there was a book “Empty Cradle” by Karen Harper (hmmm Harper Stanhope), with that name.  In it, a woman wanting a baby heads to a fertility clinic in New Mexico run by a Dr. Stanhope (lookie lookie- it IS Harper Stanhope put together… hmmmm), a feminist embryologist who is stealing the eggs of her patients and using them in experiments with drugs that can cause birth defect
A thought about whispers…. Remember in the movie “The Others” with Nicole Kidman- they thought they were being haunted by ghost and always heard whispers- thinking the people were ghost… Come to find out- Nicole Kidman was the ghost and the whispers she heard were from the people who were alive in  another time….
The map Dan followed to the Tempest- I thought…- looked kind of like a map of middle earth.  From the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
12.) A new theory (I don’t agree with, but it’s fun ) is that Ben has a twin…  In Ben’s house there are a bunch of photos of a family with two boys.
Fun fun   Let me know if you have any ideas 

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