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05/24/07- Lost discussions

I agree with Juanita on that the boat people are good and that Ben is bad (i had doubts that he really was bad until we saw him kill all the darma people- he's really bad) I also agree with you though- that there had to be something on the island, besides just control, that had Jack so desperate to go back. Remember when Lock said that this isn't what he's supposed to do- I think maybe jack realizes why. We need to know what Lock means and his whole connection. I don't think Sayid died- Kate might've shown more emotion then- she wasn't indifferent to sayid- he was her friend. Kate might be on the run again- She could have taken the identity of someone else who died on the island that no one really knew- and everyone thinks she's dead. Charlie's dead.

Then again- there could be no future yet- it could all be a 'possible future that maybe lock is looking at- which would explain his statement. Or Jack got knocked on the head by 'bad' guys on the boat???

Or- NOBODY could be right about anything and it does all start with some really weird twist next season- we're they're all just little people under a magnifying glass. Or like the Truman Show- only to see how certain people would react in different situations- the people never really die- it's all for show.....

Oh- well we might know in 3 years :)

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Read from the bottom up

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I agree that Jack may turn out that way. It makes since following in dad's footsteps but I think there is more to the feeling that he needs to get back to the island than just a control issue. He could get that at the hospital if he pulled himself together. There is something more to the island and I think he realizes it after he left and that is why he turned into a drunk. Like being in heaven and then being pulled back to reality.

The people in the boat must be bad though. I wonder what they will do with the the last 3 seasons though. One thought Kassi had was that the first 3 seasons delt with them on the island with flashbacks to their past and maybe the last 3 seasons will be them off the island after some huge events occur and we see them all in flashbacks now. I don't know.

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Ok, I wrote my thoughts by your questions..I'll have to look at the newspaper article tonight and see what it said. I recorded for Jim to watch..I'll let you know what I see. Glad someone else is into this. I have a friend that was forwarding me everything that was going to happen before the show came on...

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> Do you think that ending we saw will turn out that way or is it just a

> "possible" future?
> (Maybe I've been watching too much Heroes) Your
watching too much Heroes...I think that's the way Jack's life turns out, everyone realizes what a drunk he turned out to be like his dad. He probably finds out that he has a half sister and she was on the island with him.
> Who do you think died in the future where Jack went to the viewing?
> Sawyer? And if so, why is he sad about it? I think
it was Sayid. He has no family that we know of.
> Did Charlie really die? No, I think he swam out of
the prove to Desmond that his visions were wrong >
> Why do you think Jack wants to go back? Is it because of what is
> about to happen to them with this "rescue" from the bad guys? No, it's

> because he has no control of
anything/anyone..When he was on the island, he was "In charge".
> Why is Kate happy in the future and looking down at Jack? Because she
> turned her life around. Her
conviction was probably dropped.
> Who do you think Kate is married to if Sawyer is dead? Sawyer?
> Hm...maybe. But he's a playboy.
There's no settling him down.
> Who are these people out in the boat since Penny isn't connected with
> them? I think it's a rescue boat that Walt and
Michael called to save them. They didn't elaborate why Walt was there.
But remember they invision people according to the creators.
> How is Locke connected with the island and what does he know that
> keeps him trying to keep people on it? I haven't given
this one much thought, let me think about this.
> Do you believe Ben when he says he is the good guy and the people
> coming to get them are the bad guys? No he's a total bad
person! He killed all those people that were on the island the first time around. He also loves being in control, just like a man! LOL!

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