Thursday, January 29, 2009

02/22/08- original kassicast

Few things:
1.)      I still think that Jack doesn’t want to see Aaron- because he knows it’s his nephew and they’re lying about what happened to Claire- and he can’t handle lying to Aaron.
2.)    When Charlotte and Dan were doing the card thing… I don’t think it was that he couldn’t remember the card- I think they were working on some psychic thing- predicting the cards???...  Which would be something they had in common--- Miles, Charlotte (who was teaching Dan), and Dan= Psychic?? Also, Remember when we met the new characters- ALL off them seemed completely shocked to see that the plane was found and dealt with it different ways- Like they didn’t believe it.  Miles rolled his eyes at the radio, Dan was upset for no reason, Charlotte kept reading papers looking for something, and the pilot called oceanic (after just seeing the hand of the pilot for a min)…..  That would also explain why THEY were chosen….. hmmmm… ;)
3.)    If Kate knew Jack and wanted him to come over- Why did she tell him that he could follow her??? She was taking a cab- Why wouldn’t she ask for a ride from Jack??  When she walked out- she smiled at the cab… At first I thought she was seeing someone she knew--- but it was just a cab.  Maybe I’m stretching it- but I thought that was odd…
4.)    The man outside the courthouse- that was yelling at Kate… we couldn’t understand in the show.  I guess someone figured to play what he said backwards…. It says “we hate you”.  Interesting…
5.)    There were a lot of cards in this episode- Sawyer and Lock were playing cards with Dharma (swan to be exact) printed cards.  Dan and Charlotte were playing cards.  There was a painting of a kid on a bike in Aaron’s bedroom and there’s a 7 of Spades stuck in the corner of it.  (the odd thing about that- I had to blow up the pic - was that even tho the card said 7- there were only 6 Spades on it- and it looked like a 6 card- not a 7)= In tarot reading (not my knowledge- but from another blogger ) the 7 of spades means “Ambiguous path, choosing between two different paths”
6.)    Ok- fun fact= the man who played the lawyer (Shawn Doyle) was in the movie ‘Frequency” about communication via short wave radio across a 30 year time continuum, he played the bad guy (the killer) who’s name was………  Wait for it……… Jack Shepard! 
7.)     The book that Sawyer is reading is ‘The Invention of Morel’ which is about a fugitive hiding on a deserted island somewhere in Polynesia.  The island is the focus of a strange disease – the symptoms are similar to radiation poisoning.   Tourists arrive, and his fear of being discovered becomes a mixed emotion when he falls in love with one of them.  He wants to tell her his feelings, but an anomalous phenomenon keeps them apart.  The tourists don’t acknowledge him at all (like they don’t see him.  And they vanish and reappear at different times.  They come out of nowhere and yet talk as if they have been there for a long time.  There are two suns and two moons in the sky.  Then he hears Morel (one of the ‘tourist’) telling the others that he has been recording their actions of the past week with a machine capable of reproducing reality.  He claims the recording will capture their souls and through looping the will relive that week forever.  The fugitive realizes that the two suns and moons are a consequence of what happens when the recording overlaps reality.. one is the real sun and the other one represents the sun’s position at recording time… hmmm… lol
8.)    Still think- that the public knows it’s not Kate’s baby--- BUT I saw something that did bring up a good point.  Kate’s mom wanted to see her ‘grandchild’- so that would sound like she thinks it’s really Kate’s baby…. Hmmm…. Maybe- just maybe- so much time passed in the real world- that they think Kate could’ve been on the island, gotten pregnant, and had the baby…. And that would be a good cover- and show how she’s changed- if the man who she ‘got pregnant’ with died on the island….
9.)    And- remember the psychic that told Clair that it was important that she raise the baby???  Now Kate is….  (Actually he said the baby must “NOT be raised by another”- maybe it was just a play on words- “raised by an other” ?) lol
10.) Why is Kate being tried in California- when her crimes were in Iowa??
11.)   There’s a white haired woman in the court room that looks just like the woman from Desmond’s blast to the past- and the woman from the pic in the monastery…. I’ll have to watch it again tho
12.)  Good thought- because the Oceanic 6 are ‘famous’- if the person in the coffin was part of them- wouldn’t there have been press and crowds at the funeral???
That’s all for now- 

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