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Season 5 Episode 3: "Jughead"

So we're in the full swing of things. Last night we saw the third episode of season five "Jughead". First things first- I've started a new blog site- it's, It will have all of the new Kassicast each week- as well as other's ideas and such- and you can also leave your thoughts, theories, and comments! So, become a follower of that blog. There will also be all of the old emails sent- starting in 2007- with old theories- so we can laugh at me and such :). Also, become a fan of my random 'my-life' blog spot at
OK! So, we'll start with the recap- Make sure you read the recap- because I do point out some clues in it- that are not listed later
Lost: Episode Three, Season five "Jughead":
Begins with some Asian fishing village and Desmond is running around yelling for "Salonga" He finds the man, a doctor, and begs him to come back to his boat, where Penny is in labor. After a few quick pushes, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. About two years later, Desmond, Penny, and their kid are on the boat heading back to a very special island called 'Great Britain'. Penny's worrying about what will happen if her father finds out that they're back, but Des say's not to worry- and he has to help those on the island. On the island, Miles, Charlotte, Faraday, and a few red shirts make their way to the creek. Charlotte looks like she has one of my migraines. Hmmmm.... I have a feeling that traveling through time without a constant isn't doing her good- She didn't ever meet Alpert, did she? Miles notices a trip wire and tells everyone not to move, but it's too late for the red-shirts and they both go flying like they're in the circus. The people with the arrows arrive and (in the same 50's/60's army uniforms like what we saw on the British and mean kids that attacked juliet/sawyer) A young woman in charge, tells Faraday "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Now- are they talking about this group- thinking they are with some other group- or has she seen Faraday before- say.... while he's been traveling. Of the island- Desmonds boat is docked and we see Penny worrying about if Des will go back to the Island. He comforts her and tells her "why in god's name would I want to go back there?" He leaves the boat Back on the Island, Ellie interrogates the three scientist, asking where the rest of their group is and informing Miles that she didn't put the mines by the creek, his people did. On the way back to the base camp, Miles senses that they walked over fresh graves of four U.S. soldiers who died from shooting and radiation poisoning. Future, Des goes to Oxford and asks for Faraday's mother. A receptionist states she has no record of anyone named Faraday. Desmond goes to the physics lab. He sees that the lab i closed for 'fumigation'. He breaks down the door and find a picture of Faraday and a woman (maybe they just have odd style- but it looks to me like the photo's a little dated- maybe from the 80's) He then finds the rat maze. A man approaches and tells Des not to touch it. He asks Des if he's a professor. He tells Des about rumor that Daniel wanted to send rats back in time and scoffs at it- like Des isn't supposed to believe it. When he sees that Des isn't laughing, he says that the university wanted to erase records of Faraday and to tell anyone that all that's in the lab is a crazy scientist junk. No one would want to remember what Faraday did to a girl... Meanwhile, Locke, Sayer, and Juliet are debating what to do with their two hostages. The two speak Latin to one another, which Juliet translates to say the men are wondering why these people aren't in uniform. The reason Juliet says she can speak latin is the same reason the boys can: They're all Others... First thought for me- what's with the uniforms? Faraday and his people are brought back tot he Others camp (which does look like a piece of the island we've seen before... in the past/future... say with bunkers on it...) where they meet Richard Alpert, looking young in his smudge free guy-liner as always. Although- a little more of a butt head than I've seen him before. He wonders if Faraday has come back for his bomb. They sure seem to single out Faraday a lot- if they haven't seen him before. I think there's something to that. Faraday tells the other two that they're in the 50's when, before DHARMA arrived, the U.S. military came to the island to do some hydrogen bomb testing, only to run up against the Hostiles. Now- Faraday said that they "Tested Hydrogen Bombs on this Island" How does he know this when there is no record of the island in history??? I think he's been around the island for almost as long as Alpert- but by traveling. Faraday figures the casing for the bomb is leaking, so he convinces Alpert to let him fix it by promising not to explode it because he's in love with Charlotte. Another part of the Island, Locke stops to talk to the hostages. Juliet tries to convince them in Latin that they're friends and they want to see Richard Alpert. One of the boys starts to tell them where the camp is, but the other (whose name tag says Jones) snaps his 'friend's' neck and runs away. What an evil little *******. Locke refuses to shoot him because Jones is "one of my people". Back in the real world, Desmond goes to the house of Theresa Spencer and is greeted by her sister Abigail. Theresa is in some sort of catatonic state caused by Daniel's experiments, and we learn that after he was injured, Faraday fled to the US. Abigail states that Theresa wakes up every once in a while and tells how sometimes she'll think she's three or she was just speaking to her dad- sounds like a constant traveling to me- I wonder who her constant is... Faraday? Abigail is just happy that Mr. Widmore is taking care of them, RED FLAG. It turns out that Widmore is paying for all of Theresa's medical bills, and also funded Faraday's time research. Back at camp, Ellie (the blonde other) takes Faraday to deal with the H-bomb, but first Alpert explains that the US soldiers made camp and the others tried to get them to leave peacefully, but they wouldn't, so they had no choice by to kill them. It was orders from Alperts 'boss' hmmm... Jacob? My thought was- is this where they got the uniforms? Jones run's up explaining how he got away, but Alpert is wary that the people may have tracked him. Jones doubts that an old man knows this island better than him. LOL! Locke, of course, did track him, and is standing on a hill watching the base camp. He asks Juliet exactly how old Alpert is. Her response: "Old" Thanks for clarifying that Juliet :) Locke goes to finish his conversation with Alpert while Sawyer and Juliet run off to "save the geek". Faraday makes an observation that Ellie looks just like a woman he once knew (we're assuming the blonde that's stuck traveling through time). Faraday gets to the H-bomb with is called "Jughead" :) He notices the crack and tell Ellie they need to fill it with lead and bury it in cement (remember this for below) and everything will be fine. He explains that he knows it won't go off because 50 years later, the Island still exists. That just makes Ellie more agitated. Sawyer and Juliet show up with their own guns and get's Ellie to drop hers "are they from the future too" Sawyer looks annoyed "You told her?" Back in Britain, Desmond barges in to Widmore's office. He wants to know where Faraday's mother is. Widmore gives him an address for LA- hmmm... isn't that where Ben is? :) Widmore tells Des to deliver his message and take Penny back into hiding- it's not their war. On the Island, Locke barges into the camp calling out for Alpert, Jones pulls a gun on him, and Alpert arrives. Locke realizes Alpert doesn't recognize him, so he says "Jacob sent me." That get's Alpert's attention and he tells Jones to put down his gun.... only he calls him "Widmore"... Oh- what?! I always thought Widmore was on the island- only working for Dharma... Locke looks at him "Charles Widmore?" nice to meet you. Now why wasn't this left for the final scene of the episode- I don't know. But everything is starting to make sense now... This explains why Widmore could grow to hate Ben. On Desmonds boat, he tells Penny that Faraday's mother is dead. She catches him in his lie, and Des tells her that he wont leave her and Charlie :) hmmm blonde kid named charlie :). Penny tells Des that he will never forget and they're going together to LA. On the Island, Locke tries to convince Alpert that the time travel stuff is true, but he doesn't quite believe it. Locke finds out it's 1954, so he tells Alpert that on May 30, 1956, he will be born, so Alpert should come and visit him. Wow. Suddenly everything from "Cabin Fever' makes sense, since we already know that Alpert did visit Locke when he was a young boy and the process for selecting him as their new leader started- when he tried to get young Locke to pick out the items that already belonged to him (funny, because that's probably why he was so upset that Locke didn't pick the compass- as it did belong to him...) Before Locke can learn any more, there's another time jump. It's worth noting that the ropes used to bind Charlotte and Miles' also jumped with them. Charlotte says she's fine, but then she starts seizing, falling to the ground as blood pours out of her nose. Poor Faraday- just waiting on Des.

Ok- so here's some easter eggs- theories of mine and others, and some questions and my answers (received by some others):
1. One a second thought from last week. We're assuming that Ms. Hawking is Faraday's mother. During last weeks episode- as soon as Faraday said, find my mother- my very first thought was Ms. Hawking.... But, then we see her and nothing. Then I see so many people assuming it's her... Now, it just seems almost too easy. And, one thing that Lost has been, it has not been easy. So, I'm on the fence with it now. It makes sense and Lost isn't supposed to make sense...
2. Rick's thought: Wouldn't it be cool if Desmond's baby charlie is our Charlie- I mean you must forget that time has any meaning... Whose to say that our charlie wasn't adopted. It was never stated one way or another, but here we have this blonde baby named Charlie (because Desmond named him after Charlie) with parents with the same accent as our Charlie and whose mother has a price on her head and in a world surrounded by people to whom time is not an object... One thought that I had- going off on this- is what if Penny is killed and Widmore would want to protect his grandson.. What better way than to send him back in time...
3. Remember back in a Boone centric episode where he kept repeating, "Theresa falls up the stars, Theresa falls down the stars" Now, we find a woman that Faraday was involved in named Theresa. Coincidence?
4. My thought with Theresa- she's obviously traveling, yet she's not dead... She's traveling like no one we've seen before without the consequences. Could it be that once Faraday realized she was going to die, he started traveling so that he could be her constant. That would explain why he disappeared.
5. My thought is Widmore becomes the leader of the Island at some point in the near future and when Ben became the leader- it kicked Widmore out- explaining why Widmore has so much trouble re-finding the Island and also why he seems to resent ben (sort of similar to the way ben resents Locke)
6. Funny thought- how Locke gives Alpert the compass and pretty much sends him to little boy Locke- where Alpert tries giving him the compass again...
7. One thought that I heard, but don't necessarily agree with, is that Faraday noting that Ellie looked liked someone he once knew- he was referring to his mother and not to his old love Theresa. There's a thought going around that Ellie is Faraday's Mother- possibly Ms. Hawking. Something that did catch my eye with this is that the girls name is Ellie and Ms. Hawking's first name is Eloise. Plus they also have same accent.... It a big coincidence- but I think that Ms. Hawking has a much bigger part than an other- she seems to know all in the future.... Age wise- she would fit as well. It's a good thought- I'm not convinced that I agree just yet.
8. one note- Thanks to Rich! I've seen more of- is remember- when Sayid was exploring the Swan station- he found the whole station was filled with concrete- behind the front door. Could this be where the Other's buried the H-bomb? It makes sense! But what doesn't make sense, is why DHARMA then build the Swan station there?
9. We know the bomb will not explode- for sure if they buried it in concrete, but could the radiation from it still leak out of the concrete? Hence, healing Rose's cancer? Or is that just the power of something else on the island?
10. A few small easter eggs... Eloise is the name of Ms. Hawking. The rat that Faraday was using to show Des in The Constant was named Eloise. Jeremy Davies (who plays Faraday) was in a movie called Million Dollar Hotel where his love interest was named Eloise.
11. Along with the Ellie/Ms. Hawking thing- someone noted that Faraday's father might be widmore... That Widmore and Ellie got it on while on the island and had Faraday- again far stretch but worth noting
12. Another far far stretch worth noting is that Theresa looks a bit like charlotte- and when Faraday says he loves her and all of his worry towards her is fatherly, not romantically. Again, far stretch but worth noting.
13. One note on the US military on the island as it relates to the bomb. Back in 1954, the US was experimenting with Hydrogen bombs in Bikini Atoll. In fact, the united states declared Bikini habitable again and started bringing a small group of Bikinians back to their homes in the early 70's as a test. In 1978, however, the islanders were removed again when strontium-90 in their bodies reached dangerous levels after a french team of scientist did additional tests on the island. It was not uncommon for women to experience faulty pregnancies, miscarriages, stillbirths and damage to their offspring as a result of the nuclear testing of Bikini.... hmmm... Why was Juliet brought to the island? ;)
14. People noted the painting in Widmores office- with the polar bear and says Namaste at the top of it. It's the same painting we've seen before that looks just like the painting that Aaron's father was painting when he was still with Claire.
15. Just an easter egg- but the woman who spoke to Desmond at Oxford is the same woman who worked for Oceanic in season 1 that let Hurley on the plane. I'm pretty sure it's a coincidence- as they did recast a lot of the same locals in different parts tho. :)
16. In response to a question by Rich- So, is Richard the only one that doesn't age? Or do none of his original group? -I think it's only Richard. Ben ages, widmore ages. I'm pretty sure that only Alpert doesn't age- as Juliet put it "He's always been here"
17. Another question by Rich- "What's your prediction as to how Faraday ended up with that hard hat with the Dharma people when Dr. Candle was explaining the energy there and how it could manipulate time? Do you think it was just on one of their jumps later on? (he did look remarkably the same, but at the same time, I wouldn't think it would be that easy to infiltrate Dharma. Who knows?)" - I do think it's from a time jump. It seems to make more sense to me that he's jumping through time and trying to 'save' the future- rather present- or at least figure it out. I think he could easily infiltrate Dharma is he appears in the background- due to a time jump.
18. This is also from Rich "From what I've read we get to find out about Rousseau's past and what happened to her team this season (probably when Daniel, Locke & Co. jump to that time), as well as what happened to the real Henry Gale. (Remember his balloon cart had Widmore Industries or something to that effect on it)   Can't wait for those answers!
 And they better elaborate on Jacob, as well as what happened to Christian Shepard. (Not sure if you saw the mobisodes from the season 4 DVD, but one shows Christian walking in his suit and coming across Vincent.  He tells Vincent he has to find his son and that's when Vincent appears to Jack to begin the very 1st episode)  I also want to know about Claire, why people can't have babies if they become pregnant on the island and if it's always been that way or not, what the hell the smoke monster is, what the incident in the hatch was (yes I'm still curious), why Walt was so special, what happened exactly when Desmond turned the fail-safe key and what would have happened otherwise, why Miles can speak to dead people, why Desmond could see the future for a bit, why certain people heal on the island, why Richard doesn't age, if his other people do, how Ben somehow took over leading the others, how the fighting between Dharma and the others began, why the hell Dharma food and supplies are still dropped at the village and hatch if Dharma was wiped out years ago, and how Ben and Widmore become enemies. (I'm sure many of these will be discussed, but I'm dying to know some answers!)
 Man time travel is fun!  I loved seeing Ethan shoot John... lol!  And I LOVE how it covered why Richard went to see John with the compass.  It hasn't however explained why Matthew Abudon wanted John to go on the walk-about...  Since Abudon works for Widmore, did he somehow plan the plane crash. (I thought it crashed when Desmond didn't push the button that time he was killing that other guy who was stealing his boat... the time matched perfectly)  Oh wait... Widmore would have already known John was on that plane and found the island... it may have been his only way to find it again"
19. Margie asked if I thought Charlie and Claire are dead- I think they're both dead. Charlie died the season finale of Season 3- and I'm pretty sure the island is using him to protect it. And, I think Claire died when the building fell on her and Jacob is using her. I'm thinking they're both being used by different sources for different outcomes...

Ok- that's all for today :) Make sure to check out my blog, leave comments, and check it continuously - as I will put updated theories and such on it- nonstop instead of just the weekly kassicast :)


  1. A few things... #8 from your "Jughead" cast... I wasn't talking about the hatch (Swan), I was talking about the abandoned village near the 4 toed statue where Sayid was searching for Michael and Walt. There was a Dharma station there that was completely filled with concrete behind the doors. There was also a station that appeared to be scratched out of the map Locke saw from inside the Hatch during the lock down. Could this be the station housing the bomb? Perhaps the Dharma people found it when digging a new station or adding to one that was already there...

  2. I'm also still not sure about Richard... you used Ben and Widmore as examples as to why Richard must be the only one not aging, but let's take just the people in Richard's original crew (or at least his crew from the 1950's) We know Widmore is no longer on the island, and thus may have only started aging again when he left. Aside from that there is only Ellie, which if she is Ms. Hawking is also off the island aging. The other "others" we know like Juliet and Ben were both born off the island and maybe that has something to do with it... Just a little to think about