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Hey all, sorry for this being a little late.  I was planning on writing it in San Francisco- but I was too busy being lazy …   It was a lot of fun!  I wish I could just live on vacation … oh well, back at work and writing about Lost on my lunch hour 
Lost was awesome, although my favorite season finale is still Season Three.  I was still in shock and awe when I saw John Locke as ‘Jeremy Bentham’, but we’ll get to that…. It’s going to be a little long this week- with a two hour to recap- so it’s taking a few lunch hours to write, but here we go:
Flash Forwards:
Recap of previous episodes- but then the recap of crazy bearded jack continues… Kate slams on the brakes and comes back to Jack- she’s mad… talks about how Jack’s been stoned on his pills, and then comes to her with an obituary for Jeremy Bentham.  Hmmmmmm- so Jeremy Bentham is in the coffin…  Kate said that she knew Jeremy was Crazy, but Jack believed him.  Jack says he believed him because he said it was the only way to keep Kate and Aaron safe… That really made her mad.  She slaps him and tells him “Don’t you say his name.  I still have to explain to him why you aren’t there to read to him”  She drives away. 
We’re in Santa Rosa again, Hurley’s eating a fruit bar.  Michael’s mom  come’s up to him and asks if he’s dangerous.   She point’s out that Hurley knows her grandson… WALT.  He promises he wouldn’t do anything crazy.  Walt says that the Oceanic 6 never came to see him, but Jeremy Bentham did…  Hurley tells him that they’re lying to protect everyone who didn’t come back.  “like my dad” Walt says.
Outside Santa Rosa- at night: Sayid knocks on a car window, ask a man for the time, and then shoots the man.  Sayid sneaks into Hurley’s room.  “I think visiting hours are over dude”  Sayid wants Hurley to come with him ‘somewhere safe’.  He tells Hurley that Bentham’s dead and ‘they’ say it was suicide.  Hurley asks why Sayid is calling him Bentham. His names---- cut off by Sayid saying they’re being watched.  Hurley asks if they’re going back.  Sayid says no- just somewhere safe.  Hurley starts to follow him, then says, “Hold on a second” moves a chess piece and then says “Checkmate, Mr. Eko”
Sun walks down a street and pulls out her cell phone.  She says something to her daughter, Ji Yeon, then tells her mother that she’s in London, finishing up business.  She walks up to Charles Widmore and informs him she’s the managing director of Paik Industries.  He tries to make small talk, but she cuts in, telling him that he knows they’ve been lying about where they were and what happened to us there.  “You and I have common interests” she hands him a business card.  “as you know, we’re not the only ones who left the island
In Kate’s House:  She turns on the light and looks down the hall.  The phone rings and the person is talking backwards.  She hears a door squeak and runs to Aaron’s room with a gun.  She points it at the person with Aaron and says, “Don’t you touch my son!”  Claire turns around.  Claire says “Don’t you dare bring him back!”  Kate wakes up and runs into Aaron’s room, he’s alone.
Late at night, Jack goes back to the funeral home and breaks in.  He opens the casket and looks inside.  Ben walks up behind him, “Hello Jack.  Didn’t mean to scare you.  Did he tell you that I was off the island?”  Jack says yes.  Ben asks when he spoke to him.  “about a month ago”  Jack says that he saw Kate too, and Jeremy told him that after he left the island, some bad things happened and it was Jack’s fault for leaving.  Ben says that they all have to go back together.  “Sayid, I don’t even know where Sayid is.  Hurley is insane.  Sun blames me for—And then Kate, she wont even talk to me”  Ben says he can help with that, but they have to go together- all of them.  “We’re going to have to bring him too”  Inside the casket is Locke…. Oooooooo….. I knew it all along…. HA- jk
The Orchid Station:
Jack and Sawyer find the Orchid Station.  They hear a noise behind them- it’s Hurley peeing in a bush.  Hurley takes Jack and Sawyer to see Locke in the Orchid Station “Hello, Jack”.  He’s looking for the Dharma station below the ‘station’.  Locke asks to speak with Jack alone.  Jack starts to walk away saying that they just came back for Hurley.  Hurley says that it’s probably not the best idea to go back to the chopper “those Rambo guys are taking Ben to the helicopter.  He surrendered himself about an hour ago” 
Hurley and Sawyer watch Jack and Locke talking from a distance.  Hurley notes they’re talking about ‘leader stuff’.  He shares his crackers with Sawyer. 
Locke asks Jack to reconsider leaving the island.  Jack notes that Locke threw a knife into the back of an unarmed woman and led half the people across the island and got most of them killed.  Locke points out the Jack put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.  “I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones.  Locke says he’s not supposed to go home.  Jack says Goodbye.  Locke tells him that he’s going to have to lie about everything.  It’s the only way to protect the island and the miracles.  Jack says there no such thing as miracles.  Locke “Wait till you see what I’m about to do”  Ben walks into the clearing.  “couldn’t find the anthuriums could you?”  Locke states he doesn’t know what they look like.  Ben tells Jack to take Hugo and James and go to the helicopter.  Locke says, like to them Jack.  “If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they’ll believe you.”  Ben and Locke descend.   The station is deep.  Locke looks around, “Is this the magic box?”  Ben says no and says it’s for silly experiments.  He gives Locke a video to watch while he puts objects into the vault, including chairs, trash cans, and a bunny cage.  The video starts- Dr. Marvin Candle as Edgar Halliwax comes on the screen holding a bunny with the number 15 painted on it.  Station 6 video.  “the unique properties of the island have created a kind of casimir effect allowing the Dharma Initiative to create unique experiments in both time and space.”  Marvin says that great care must be taken to avoid leaving inorganic materials inside the vault and Metallic objects must NEVER be place in the vault.  Locke notices Ben putting everything metal into the vault.  Marvin puts the bunny in the vault and notes that the animal will seem to disappear, but in reality- the tape begins to rewind and Locke cant stop it.  Locke asks if he was talking about what he thinks.  Ben says “If you mean time traveling bunnies, then yes”  They hear the elevator start to move.  Locke asks if Ben’s expecting anyone and Ben asks for his weapon back. 
Keamy limps out of the elevator holding a knife.  Ben is hiding.  Keamy takes off his jacket to reveal the thing on his arm- stating it’s a heart monitor connected to a radio transmitter. If his heart stops beating, then the C-4 he has hardwired on the boat with blow.  Locke walks out and tries to get Keamy to put down the knife.  Ben jumps out of hiding and beats Keamy, then stabs him with his knife yelling “You killed my daughter”.  Locke watches the heart monitor slowing and tells Ben that he just killed everyone on that boat.  “So” Ben says
Keamy lies dying on the floor and Locke is trying to save him- tells Ben that if he dies, everybody on that boat dies”  Ben says it’s not his problem.  Keamy dies and the light on his arm band turns red. 
Ben’s moving more items into the vault.  He tells Locke he wasn’t thinking when he killed Keamy.  He tells Locke to duck and the vault explodes.  Ben puts on a parka (the same one we see him in- when he crash landed in Tunisia)  He tells Locke that he’s going by himself because the person who moves the island can never come back.  He tells Locke to go two miles east of the Orchid, where Richard and his people are waiting for him.  Lock walks through the jungle until he gets to Richard.  They all stop and look up at him.  “Hello John,” Richard says, “Welcome home.”
Ben goes through a hole that was blown into the vault wall.  He breaks a glass floor and goes through- slipping on the icy latter and hurting his arm.   Everything is covered in ice.  He using the crowbar to break some ice and turn a big winch.  A loud noise is heard (much like when desmond turned the key)  There is a bright light over the island.  Ben turns the winch.  When the light is gone… So is the island. 
The Helicopter and Keamy:
Keamy and his men take Ben through the jungle.  They make it to the helicopter and see Frank trying to get the handcuffs off.  “Who gave you he toolbox, frank?” Keamy yells.  Kate runs out of the jungle saying she’s one of the passengers of Flight 815 and she’s being chased by Ben’s men.   They hear whispers, and then Keamy’s men get attacked.  Kate grabs Ben and runs.  Keamy run after Ben and Kate.  Sayid jumps from a tree and tackles Keamy.  Sayid stabs him, and they fight until Keamy is shot in the back by Richard.  Ben thanks Richard for coming and Kate cuts him free (after a moment’s hesitation).  Ben tells Kate and Sayid they can go, per there arrangement with Richard. 
Hurley, Sawyer, and Jack make it back to the Helicopter.  Kate runs to Jack and looks at his wound.  She lets him know the baby is safe on the boat with Sun.  Sawyer helps ‘kenny rogers’ cut the handcuffs off.   They take off in the helicopter.
They notice the fuel gauge dropping fast.  A bullet must have pierced the tank.  They start throwing everything out of the helicopter to make the fuel last enough to get to the boat.  Sawyer whispers in Kate’s ear, then kisses her and jumps off of the helicopter and starts swimming back to shore.  Now they have enough fuel to make it…   Hurley sees the freighter
On the Freighter:
Desmond, Jin, and Michael look at the C-4.  They can’t find anyway to turn it off or deactivate it.   
Michael wheels a tank of liquid nitrogen across the deck.  Sun tells him she’s pregnant (odd timing I think)  Michael takes the tank to where the C-4 is and tells them that they will freeze the battery, and that should by them some time.  They only have one canister.   Michael starts spraying and Jin and Desmond work on the bomb.
Desmond cant figure out how to deactivate the bomb.  They’re down to a quarter tank on the nitrogen
The light on the bomb turns to red.  Desmond goes but Jin stays to help.  Desmond tries to stop the helicopter from landing, But they’re out of fuel and have to land.  Frank and Desmond tape the holes in the fuel gage.  Sun tries to run and get Jin.  Kate says she’ll get him.  Below deck- the nitrogen runs out.  Michael tells Jin to go- and jin starts to run to the deck.  Sun, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid, Frank, Desmond, Kate, and Jack make it on the helicopter before it takes off.  Jin comes up just in time to see them flying off. 
Inside, Michael hears whispers, then sees Christian Shephard.  Christian says “You can go now Michael… Freighter blows up. 
The Oceanic Six:
The survivors in the helicopter watch as the island disappears after Ben turns the winch.  There’s no place to land the helicopter.  It crashes into the ocean.  They start making to the raft.  Frank drags Desmond to the raft and Jack gives him CPR.  “we’re alive”
It’s nighttime in the raft.  Aaron’s ok- kate says it’s a miracle.  Hurley says he can’t believe Locke moved the island.  Jack says he didn’t.   Hurley “Oh really? Because one minute it was there and the next it was gone.  So, unless we, like, overlooked it, dude, then that’s exactly what he did”  Frank sees a boat.   The boat sees them and starts coming towards them.  Jack tells the others that they’re going to have to lie to protect the other people left on the island.  The boat comes closer and they hear people talking in a foreign language.  Desmond hears one of them say Mrs. Widmore.  Desmond yells “penny”  They kiss and Desmond introduces them all.  Jack says they need to talk. 
A week later- the Oceanic six are getting onto a life raft.  It’s going to take them 3000 miles to another island from Membata.  They say there goodbyes.  Later they reach an island with a village and get off the boat.  – the ‘rescue’ picture is taken. 
Daniel returns to the beach in the Zodiac.  Dan tells Miles and Charlotte that they need to be on the raft on the next trip.  Miles says he’s going to stay.  After Daniel goes to get water, Miles tells Charlotte he surprised she wants to leave after all the time she’s spent trying to get back here.  She looks confused, What do you mean, get back here?  Miles fakes confusion “What do I mean?”
Daniel goes to get Charlotte and she tells him that she’s staying for now because she’s still looking for where she was born… hmmmm…… they say goodbye.  Juliet stays too, until everyone else is off the island.  Daniel takes off.  When the island disappears, the group on the raft see it.
After the freighter blows, Juliet sits on the beach with a bottle of Dharma rum.  Sawyer swims to shore and walks up to her “what are you celebrating?” She says she’s not and points out the smoke on the water.  Sawyer figures out it was the freighter. 
-          If everyone has to go back, doesn’t that include Walt??  He was special…
-          There was an old show from the 60’s called “The Time Tunnel’.  Notice how the orchid symbol looks an awful lot like the time tunnel itself??
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-          The video for the Orchid station- started with ‘Video 6 of 6’  which would imply that there are only 6 research station?? Right??
-          Jeremy Bentham, Jeremy Bentham… Remember- I’m putting down different theories and such as I find them, so he may be a little scattered through out (as I’m sure I’ll find a lot on him) Jeremy Bentham was an English philosopher who was known, amongst other things, for the notion of a taxidermied person  (or- also to be understood as a ‘doll’)…. So could this have something to do with Locke in the coffin?? As a Locke ‘doll’??? Maybe…. Here’s something interesting… While we were in San Fran, we went to see Ripley’s believe it or not museum, where we ran into no other than… Jeremy Bentham   Our pictures are attached
-          An anagram for Bentham is Ban Them
-          In case you missed it, there was a commercial during the show for Octagon Global Recruiting.  They are recruiting volunteers in your area.. to work for the Dharma Initiative.  HYPERLINK "" \o ""
-          The philosopher John Locke emphasized the rights of the individual while the philosopher Jeremy Bentham emphasized actions that benefit the group- at the expense of the indidual
-          Hume, Locke and Hobbes were all influences for Bentham.  We already have a John Locke…. Tom (aka Mr. Friendly)- his full name was Thomas Hobbes- just like the philosopher that also influenced Bentham.
-          If you remember right--- Last season- the article with the obituary was a huge hit.  People cleared it up as much as possible- and had come to find out that the man who committed suicide was survived by a teenage son…. Remember?? So, Jeremy Bentham, Locke, whomever, had a teenage son??????  Who could that be????  Adopted son- Walt?  Or is it a fabricated son to go along with the fake name??
-          Right before Sawyer jumped from the plane, the last thing he whispered to kate was “Tell her I’m sorry”.  So, I’m assuming this has to do with the errand she ran a few episodes back.  Something to do with his daughter.
-          The list of unpaid positions for  Octagon Global Recruiting: Astrophysicists, Ex-Military, Electricians, Vets, IVF Consultants, Teachers, Architects, Ichthyologists, Transport Mechanics, Immunologists, Nurses, Illustrators, Auditors,  Minibus Drivers, Recycling Coordinators, Aeronautical Engineers, Horticulturalists, Dentists, Psychologists, Parapsychologists, Zoologists, Physicists, Mathematicians, Botanical Researchers, Engineers, Builders, Drivers, Health Care Workers, Communication Specialists, Neuroscientists, Janitors, Engineers, Biologists, Astrophysicists.
-          If you start at Dentist and work your way up the list- the first letter of each position spells Dharma Initiative. 
-          Right before the freighter exploded- there was no one on the deck…. Error?
-          What ever happened to Desmond’s vision of Claire getting on the helicopter??  Desmond took it, not Claire??? Because he sees everything in flashes, could he have actually seen kate or sun- and not Claire?
-          Did anyone else notice, when Jack pulled up in from of the funeral home, the water that dripped off the roof of his car? It dripped in front of the window right before he opened his car door.  I seem to remember a theory floating around about water being present when someone jumps in time, like Widmore leaving the faucet running in the constant or the water running in the kitchen sink when Michael is in NY
-          “Locke will take over as the avatar for the island, the “Jacob”, replacing Christian Shepherd. After all, hell be returning to the island in the same fashion as Christian did- the coffin”
-          Just because they say Locke (Jeremy) visited them off the island- doesn’t necessarily mean he did… We’ve seen Charlie visit, Christian visit, Claire visit….
-          Did Daniels raft move with the island?  How about the freighter debris? 
-          So, I’m thinking…. Ben turned the wheel and ended up being sucked into Tunisia… right…. So, is that what happened to the polar bear?  did it turn the wheel too? ;)
    - This is from my friend Rich: built in urban legend, but possibly something that’s remained hidden by the government for years, just like Roswell, area 51. etc) they say Einstein worked with the government designing a way to move things with electromagnetism supposedly he moved a whole battleship from one port to another, 300 miles down the shore, and then back but with really weird side effects! the so-called side effects were bad!!! supposedly when the ship reappeared, people weren't in the exact same spot some were fused to the metal some were chopped in half.  it didn’t seem to work to move the people with the ship obviously the government denies all of this, but there have been eye-witnesses from the navy and shipyard step forward with their accounts but any who... the point I’m making is that electro-magnetism has strange properties that when harnessed are capable of a lot of things teleportation, healing effects, various other weird effects, possible manipulation of space/time the Bermuda Triangle has the crazy output of electro-magnetism and we know how weird things get there and how planes and ships have disappeared throughout history
-          There were more glyphs in the room under the island… so glyphs in the room, glyphs on the door, four toed statue, etc
-          The sound right before the island disappeared was the same sound heard before the violet light, when the hatch blew up.
-          The Charlotte thing… My personal theory is that she is Ben’s real daughter.  I thought before that He had gotten Annie pregnant and lost both her and his daughter and that’s why he stole Alex… Now I’m thinking Annie might have left- so she wouldn’t die during pregnancy.  She died after- Charlotte was adopted, yada yada…  
-          On a serious note about the polar bear… could it have been transported in an accidental dharma experiment??  It’s too big to fit in that bunny transport…  Or does it stick with the original theory that it was left behind when the island moved dimensions… 
-          Past find:  The doctor’s names that founded the Dharma Initiative are the same as the cabin boy’s who brought the ships/captain’s log of the Black Rock back from the island that Widmore bought at the auction.
-           is that the island is actually the lost island of Atlantis.  Lots of similarities- abnormally long lives, Egyptian influences, an unknown power source (electromagnetism), the land masses of both are mountainous/ volcanic, utopian societies, defensive mechanisms (Atlantis had circular moats protecting the interior of the island and the lost killer fence, both disappear into water, the location of Atlantis is disputed being placed in the Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, polar regions, south pacific (wormhole traveling??).  Another interesting find was that twin siblings were a part of the Atlantis mythology.  One set of twins was Atlas and Gadirus.  Atlas was king and given the mountain region (locke?) and the brother was given the beaches (jack?).  While there aren’t any twins on the island, I find it interesting that there are many characters that are the direct opposite of each other, escentially making them the same.  Jack (and Bernard) and Locke (rose) are both set in their ways (science and faith respectively) the striking similarities between Locke and Ben (even tho not siblings.. both had mom’s named Emily who left them as babies… etc) it is also thought that Atlantis wasn’t just one island but rather a grouping of a few… Just like lost…
-          Has anyone thought that Widmore, may have had to move the island as well?? That’s why he cant get back to it and why he’s still looking for it…
-          Which brings me to a thought- there’s always references to other things- including Lord of The Rings- remember Gollum.. And the Ring.  The ring didn’t belong to anyone but itself- it allowed itself to be in others position for short periods of time, where the ‘owner’ became obsessed with owning and protecting it- to the extent that they would kill and harm others, neglect themselves, etc.  That makes me think of the island and the ‘owners’ obsessions with it… Ben- killing Dharma, letting his daughter die, acting vindictive towards Locke, etc.  Widmore- if it was his at one time- using all of his power and recourses to find the island… etc
-          There were two stones that looked like tombstones under the station- when Ben was climbing down the ladder… One white, one grey
-          MAYBE the swan was a station that was focused on replicating the Orchid’s natural.  Natural properties and “the incident” that Halliwax/Candle alluded to in the Swan’s orientation reel was a successful island shift.  So after this happened the DI had to find the island and enacted the 108 minute policy so they wouldn’t lose the island again.  And what  if the person who first moved the island successfully via The Swan was… Widmore?
-          One thought (I think it moved dimensions, not time- but this is a theory) is that the island moved forward in time.  The DI video explains that it would look like the bunny would disappear, but it really is jumping forward in time.  Also, Ben pushes the donkey wheel in a clockwise motion, like pushing ahead the hands of a clock.
-          It definitely couldn’t have traveled back in time… Grandfather paradox… If it did warp into the past- it would have looped and caught up with the present and the island would have never disappeared.
-          Here’s why I’m having a hard time with time traveling island- if the island was just moving in time (i.e. it’s invisible for a few years) why would Widmore be all crazy searching for it (as he now knows where it is) shouldn’t’ it just be reappearing where it last was??  Why wouldn’t he just build a drilling platform and hang out and wait for it to come back…
-          The same guy from the artic station--- From the ending of the 2nd season- when they got a dot on the radar and called penny- was on penny’s boat  lol
-          So- the deleted scene from a few weeks ago- noted that Charlie, Libby, and Boone were the three that were killed after the crash and before the rescue…..  Why these three??? Is it in case the other losties get rescued- we know these three can’t, they’re really dead?? Why even say that there were three others????  They said there’s no way there are other survivors--- what happens if Bernard comes rolling up in a boat????  This is just all confusing to me!  Charlie made an outside transmission- so that could make since on him…
-          In Kate’s dream- Claire didn’t have an Australian accent…
-          Remember all of the Alice in Wonderland references??? There ‘s a characture of the White Rabbit on Aaron’s bedroom wall 
-          The island (aka Claire this time) didn’t want kate and Aaron to go back??? So there seems to be two sides again, this time- Ben and the Island
-          Is Ben using Jack to get the others back on the island- so he can ‘hitch’ a ride back??  Because he’s obsessed 
-          MAYBE- Claire isn’t talking about Aaron when she says ‘Don’t you DARE bring him back!”  MAYBE she’s talking about Ben
-          I really found Sun’s conversation with Michael weird.  Was it just me- or was there some serious sexual tension between the two?? I still think there’s a possibilities of Ji Yeon being Michaels…. But, of course, sun did look happy when she ‘found out’ it was Jin’s??
-          Check this out: HYPERLINK "" \o ""
-          In a drawing in Santa Rosa- there is a large picture of and Island drawn under a body of water and a raft on the watrer
-          The island and the boat were in different time zones, correct?? The dr washing up on shore- and THEN getting killed, etc.  Yet, right after Keamy died, the signal was switched on the bomb on the freighter?? Odd??
-          Of all the places on this huge island, Sawyer happens to wash up right next to where Juliet is drinking? And he lost his shirt? Huh….  The Dharma Shark must have really liked him…
-          The reverse audio of the voice on Kate’s phone in her dream- “The island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late”  in a creepy man’s voice…  Everyone’s arguing whose voice it is… so far, it’s Christians, Jack’s, Richard’s, Ben’s, Sawyer’s, Locke’s.
That’s all for now…. I’m sure I’ll send something soon 

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