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*sniff sniff* I’m so sad that Jin is dead….  Of course- that might not be 100 percent accurate- I have a theory… OH NO- not again…  It’s below somewhere.  Anyways- here we go…
One update from last week.  When Ben had his flashback in his house as a child before- a painting of a woman was noticed- people speculated about who it was… Ben’s Mom, Annie, Juliet, Etc Etc.  When Lock was sitting watching the film with Ben last week- we saw the painting again…. It’s a different woman in the painting…  Looks younger, etc.  The new thought is that the original painting is Ben’s Mom and the newer painting is Annie- it only brings the question on How big is his fixation with his mother…  Below are the pics:  (HINT:  Look at the hair- the color is different- how it lays- etc)
When Sun was going into labor in her room at the beginning, the show ‘Expose’ was on in the background…. Guess who was in the episode she was watching?  Nikki!
What’s the deal with Michael???  He’s going by the name of a Phoenix Suns Point Guard from the 90’s, Is working for Ben???, and where is Walt???
There is also a famous ventriloquist…. I don’t think there’s anything there- but some have said they think it’s a sign of Michael being Ben’s Puppet
Jin dead….OK- so first… MY THEORY….  Is that Jin’s not dead.  He’s still on the island.  It was never actually said in the episode by Sun or Hurley or anyone that Jin is actually dead.  I know, I know- it’s far fetched and overly hopeful, but unless I actually see him die- I’m not going to believe it. Hehe. I think he’s still alive- on the island- and that there’s a video camera in the tombstone- that jin can see (Ben’s little spy’s) and Sun is actually talking to him.  Besides- whoever is setting up the plane crash ‘scam’ would, of course, make tombstones and have graves for everyone besides the oceanic 6.  The captain had said that everyone had funerals, etc.  Which would also explain why there were two birth dates (one jin’s and one sun’s) on the tomb stone- and the date of death was the day the plane crashed….. AND, of course Sun would be crying- If she thinks she will never see Jin again-because he’s stuck on the island
Hmmm… Regina (the woman who we saw jump over board) was she suffering from the same ‘sickness’ that Rousseau’s crew was?? 
The book Regina was reading (pre suicide) was ‘The Survivors of the Chancellor: Diary of J.R.Kazallon, Passenger) by Jules Verne about the final voyage of a British sailing vessel, the Chancellor, told from the perspective of one of its passengers (in the form of a diary).  At the beginning of it’s voyage, the Chancellor carried 8 passengers and twenty crew members.  By the end, only eleven people (five passengers and six crew) remained alive.  Most had passed via suicide from having extreme cabin fever.  Also, in the middle of the story- there is a mutiny against the captain, and the leader of the mutiny is killed with an axe to the chest……  Another fact to go with that- In a shot of the outside of the ship- when the dr was saying not to make the captain mad… there’s a red ax attached to the wall
update from last week (or the week before- oi, I’m getting confused)  I found a pic of the name on the boat…. You can tell it used to say something else- so maybe, just maybe there IS a meaning to the name?? huh.
The nurse in the hospital Flash Back- talking to Jin is the same nurse as the one who helps Sun deliver the baby in the Flash Forward
Oh-  I wish I had more…. Hopefully next week

Oh- so sad… No more Lost until April 24th ….  Last night was pretty good- answered a few questions, and brought up a few more.  So, here we go on the easter eggs and theories:
The map to the Temple (that Ben had given Rousau and Alex) was drawn the same as the map that Daniel and CSLewis had to get to the Tempest… Makes me wonder where Dan and Charlotte had gotten the map…
The Korean writing on the back of Jin’s Watch said, “Congratulations.  Mutual cooperation business development Mr Paik
Micheal (or Kevin Johnson’s) passport number is HNSO12153 (HNSO- hmmmm? Hanso)- The odd part is the hnso- as US passports don’t have letters in the #- only numerals.  AND it’s the same number as Ben’s passport from an earlier episode…  AND- it was issued July 00, 1999… weird.  I didn’t know there was a July 00 date
ok- so tons of problems and issues when it comes to the Widmore ‘paper trail’ proving they bought the plane and staged the whole thing:
IF Widmore had bought this plane- why would they sign this Purchase Order???  Why wouldn’t they use a cover company?  We know they have enough money to have a few.  If they were going through all of that trouble to make this HUGE conspiracy- why would they leave such an easy trail to follow?
Was this plane purchase After 815 went missing or before???  There wasn’t a date on the purchase order (also very odd, Purchase orders almost always have a date- so you CAN track them- mostly for billing, filing, etc)
Also- According to Tom (or Mr. Friendly ) Widmore bought the plane through a shadow company- So he said that- yet there is Widmore on the slip.
This was stated to be a purchase order, yet a purchase order is a document that is initiated by the buyer to the seller.  This document had a customer number, not a supplier number, so it looks more like a document that was initiated by the seller.  Also, a purchase order is not valid unless it is printed on company letterhead.  This looks like a generic sales invoice- there is a HUGE difference between a PO and a sales invoice.  It really looks like a phony document
Tom also mentioned how much money it would cost for someone to buy a plane to stage a scene like that, but on the order form- it says the plane cost only $450,000?!?!  That’s a small amount for someone like Widmore.
Really- how deep would this have to be for them to NOT be able to recover it??  They’re bringing up even pieces of sunken wrechage and ships all of the time. 
The bodies…. Hmmmm- First, if this such a conspiracy- and Widmore is trying to keep it hidden--- don’t you think it would have been ALL over the news that a whole cemetery was dug up and the bodies were missing?? Don’t you think SOMEBODY would have made a connection (any at all).  Why wouldn’t they have at least put dirt back in the graves and no one would have notice a thing wrong- wouldn’t that make more sense???
Also, A few big questions when it comes to the decomposition on the bodies… Wouldn’t you think 1) that the bodies would be decomposed differently if they had been in a grave for 5 years- vs being under water for 2 months??
Also- wouldn’t each body be at a different point of decomposition?  Unless every 325 body that had been dug up had died the same time
Also, wouldn’t the bodies have all been asian??
It also seemed like a nice coincidence that Tom happened to have that file folder just sitting there waiting for Michael- they always know what the person is going to ask before they do.  They knew Michael was going to need proof
Last week- I had noticed that the name on the boat- looked like it had been changed.  This week- when Michael is boarding the boat- The name is in the process of being painted…
The gentleman in the hospital bed next to Michael (after his ‘car crash’) looked an awful like Alvar Hanso (who- has been missing since 2002… hmmm.) See pics (the first is a picture of Alvar Hanso: INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET
Interesting tidbit- when Michael sees Libby in the hospital- she’s carrying blankets- just like she was when Michael shot her
When Michael detonated the ‘bomb’ and he unraveled the note that said- not yet- there was only half of the scroll that was unraveled- could the rest of the paper said anything?
The biggest thing--- Tom told Michael, “The Island wont let you die”  Ok, now what is that all about??  Is the Island a sentient being?? Is it capable of exerting some sort of supernatural will upon thos who have inhabited the island?  Or does it really just have to do with Michael inability to kill himself??
Also, we have noticed- a patern among the people the have left the island and been on mainland… (along with them going crazy ) They all loose someone either thru death, leaving them on the island, or loosing them when they get home… Even- to go so far as to say, that the people off the island that do not have a child with them- are completely alone and lost.  But, Jack lost Juliet; Kate lost Sawyer; Aaron lost Clair; Sun lost Jin; Hurley lost Libby; Sayid lost Shannon; Michael lost Walt; Walt lost Michael; yada yada….. Far stretched I know- but anyways  ha
That’s all I have for now 

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