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OK- I know a lot of people didn’t have the chance to watch last night’s episode- thanks to the weather  So, you have to promise to read this AFTER you watch- otherwise the email will magically disappear…. Really….. not joking…. You promise?  OK. 
So, found out a few extra’s about last weeks episode- so that’s first, then the recap, then the easter eggs and theories for last night’s episode… Ready for a REALLY LONG email…  This is now my Friday lunch break activity, btw
Last Weeks Episode: The Shape of Things To Come:
-One theory that I’ve read, that I kind of like, is that ben’s time traveling is sort of like Quantum Leap, as he’s ‘jumping’ into other peoples consciences.  At the beginning of the last episode where he is in Halliwax’s jacket- maybe he’s in Halliwax’s body.  Later- when we see Halliwax- he doesn’t have a right arm- and here, ben’s arm is injured.  ?? Just a thought 
- The symbols on Ben’s Door- a bunch of people have tried translating the symbol’s and this is what they’ve come up with:
This week’s Recap: Something Nice Back Home:
Ok- so we start another episode- with the famous Jack eye opening when Juliet jumps into his tent and wakes him up.  He’s looking pretty bad.  He goes out and see’s Bernard and Daniel arguing (I’m really starting like Bernard )  Daniel’s saying there is no signal- Bernard says there was last night, yada yada- you’re lying, no we’re not.  Charlotte pops up with attitude and tries to defend her and Daniel. Rose joins the fight and tells her to ‘Watch your tone, Red.” (I’m really starting to like Rose too )  Jack jumps in- and states that he knows they’re lying and tries to calm everyone down with another brilliant speech.  Until he collapses.  Flash Forward:  Phone Rings- Jack in bed.  Olala.  Nurse reminds him of his with a patient.  He picks up some panties from the floor (um- whose are those?)  And in the kitchen steps on a toy (by this point I was REALLY confused)  Looks at a paper that reads, ‘Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in series sweep.’  Goes into the bathroom, opens the door to the shower and say “good morning” to who we find out is kate!  Now I get the panties and the toy…  Shocked.  Later Jack is reading to Aaron--- Guess what book… hmmm.  Alice in Wonderland.. that’s, what, the 13th reference to that book  Ah, I love the little things .  He walks out to the hallway, where Kate was watching him read and she tells him “you’re a natural”.  He notes that his ‘old man’ used to read him that… and I had thought Christian was an absent dad…  Kiss, Kiss, Smooch, Smooch.  Back on the island: Jack looks horrible.  He says he’s fine and gets up (well, kind of, more like stumbles to his feet) Kate runs over all worried “You fainted?” His excuse is that he’s dehydrated, although Kate notes that he’s burning up.  They watch him stumble towards his tent…  Other Part of the Island:  Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and Miles are walking through the jungle trying to get back to the island after escaping Ben and Lock last week.  Claires ‘woozy’ but at least not seeing things anymore.  Miles is curious and wonders what she saw.  (now I am too) Big Brother Sawyer jumps in, puffs his chest, and tells miles to back off. Miles stops- hearing screaming and crying and ask Sawyer “Who’s Danielle and Karl?”  (holy moly- he really is physic- of course I knew that all along- but happy to prove to the ones who thought he was a phony- why would abadon have hired him otherwise?)  He digs Rousseau’s face out of the ground “Is this your French woman?” (*sniff sniff- I was hoping she was still alive )  He digs out Karl’s face next.  Sawyer get’s suspicious.  Asked if his buddies did that.  Miles says he didn’t sign up for this.  He really looks upset- I think I’m starting to like him.  They hike off.  Back in Jack’s Tent:  He tells Juliet he has food poisoning and lists the symptoms.  Juliet disagrees and makes him open his shirt and pushes in on his side- causing him to wince and she confirms it’s his appendix.  She ask if it’s ruptured, he says not yet.  Time to operate…  Juliet makes a list and starts giving out orders- sending sun with the list of supplies to the Medical Station.  Sun says she doesn’t know what clamps and sutures look like (who does??) Well, Daniel does!  Juliet states the obvious, “I thought you were a physicist”.  Daniel says that he’s done animal autopsies (I didn’t know you used sutures in hamster autopsies??? Huh)  Sun says no- doesn’t trust him.  And Red with her attitude pops in “See Dan, I told you.  They’re convince we’re trying to kill them. Might as well keep playing the part”  I really don’t like her- she’s a brat.  Daniel gets mad at her and says something about her bad attitude .  They go, after Juliet gives Jin the gun and gives permission to shoot Dan or Red in the legs if they try to run.  Juliet starts giving task to everyone else- to create a sterile environment and tells Kate that if they move Jack, there’s a good chance his appendix will rupture and he’ll die (which brings the question to my mind- how in the world did she NOT know if his appendix had ruptured before and had to ask him…. He wasn’t dead, was he?)  Back to the hiking trip with Claire, Sawyer gives Miles a 20 foot restraining order from Claire.  Bernard and Rose are setting up a sterile area and Rose cant understand why Jack is sick… “People don’t get sick on this island, They get better”  (good point, except for Jack, Benjamin, any pregnant woman, And the people going crazy on the freighter)  Juliet’s shaving Jack’s tummy and informs him that she did a lot of appendectomies during her residency.  Jack is being a control freak and says he wants to be awake and have Kate use the mirror so he can walk Juliet through the surgery.  Hmmm…  1. OUCH- crazy much?  2.Juliet doesn’t seem too happy about Jack’s insistence on Kate.  Flash Forward:  Jack’s in the hospital talking with Mrs. Baronberg and saying he’ll see her tomorrow and don’t eat any solid food.  Then he see’s Christian Shephard walk by… freaky…. He gets interrupted by a call from a Dr. Stillman from Santa Rosa Hospital about a ‘friend’.  Later Jack’s at Santa Rosa getting told that ‘he’s not taking his meds or sleeping and therapy’s been rendered useless, because he doesn’t think I exist”  Jack goes into Hurley’s room- Hurley doesn’t look at him, but says “hey Jack.”  When asked why he’s not taking his meds- he says “Because we’re dead.  All of us.  All the Oceanic Six, we’re all dead.  We never got off the island” (interesting)  He ask what Jack did today and when Jack tells him, (including now we know it’s after the episode Eggtown) Hurley ask if that seems too perfect.  Then Hurley said he sees Charlie- they hang out on the bench outside “pretty cool, actually”  Hurley said that Charlie told him Jack was going to be coming by and he gave him a message for Jack “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack” (meaning aaron??) Tells Jack that “Charlie said someone was going to be visiting you too.  Soon” as jack shuts the door.  Back to Jin, Sun, Daniel, and Red, they make it to the med station.  Jin and Sun talk about Dan’s crush on Red.  Inside, Sun get’s quiet and notes to Jin that this is where she saw their baby.  Jin promises to get Sun off the island.  Claire, Miles, and Sawyer run into Lapidus, who tells them Keamy’s on his way and they need to hide or else Keamy will kill them (I was hoping he was dead.  They hide.  Keamy burst through the forest with 3 men- one injured and (rude man) ask Lapidus where the chopper is.  Aaron makes a noise- Keamy looks towards the noise and Lapidus distracts him, by telling him that they have to go to the chopper NOW, he wont fly in the dark.  Back on the Beach: Juliet avoids telling Kate that Jack requested her and ask if Kate just wants to help.  Jack comes out of the tent saying he can walk 50 feet.  Kate supports him to the tent.  Flash forward to Jack sitting, at night, outside of Santa Rosa.  He drives to Kate’s and wakes her up and ask her to marry him (awwww).  She says ‘Yes’ (of course) and they hug.  Daniel, Red, Sun and Jin come back with tools.  Jin pulls Red aside and talks to her in Korean- outing her for understanding what he’s saying.  He gets her to promise to get Sun on the helicopter.  Inside the tent, Juliet starts the sugery.  Bernard ask if he wouldn’t rather be dreaming about something nice back home?  Jack says no and they start, Jack’s in pain- duh.  Then can’t stay still, and Juliet has to kick a crying Kate out of the tent and Bernard knocks him out with Chloroform.  Flash forward:  Jack’s looking at the x-ray of a Ryan Lake and here’s a beeping (strangely similar to the beeping from the alarm in the hatch)  It’s a smoke detector and he pulls the battery out.  “Jack”  He sees Christian Sheppard sitting in a chair and starts walking towards him when he’s interrupted by another dr.  He asks her to write him a prescription for Marzipan- for trouble sleeping… (foreshadowing at all- to a hairy drunk jack)  The dr states “getting engaged is supposed to help reduce stress, not create it”.  Jack goes home and catches Kate on the phone “I can stay for an extra few minutes.  Jack’s never home before eight anyway.  I can stay for at least an hour.” She see Jack and hurries off the phone, telling jack it’s some friend he’s never heard of.  Back to the island: Claire wakes up in the jungle without Aaron next to her and sits up- seeing Christian Sheppard holding him (I really don’t see how- since he’s dead…. ) “dad?”  At the Beach: Bernard tells Kate- the surgery went well.  She goes into the tent where Jack is asleep and Juliet is stitching him up.  Juliet tells how Jack kissed her, but then tells Kate that he was just trying to prove he wasn’t in love with someone else (I wonder who… jk) Kate leaves and Juliet tells Jack she knows he’s awake… Sneaky man…  Flash Forward:  Jack’s drunk- it’s started.  Kate get’s home and notes he’s home early.  Jack starts questioning where she was- she doesn’t want to tell him- but finally admits to doing something for Sawyer- she had made a promise, but he wouldn’t want her to tell Jack.  Turns into Jack yelling and saying he’s here not Sawyer and Aaron’s not even related to Kate.  Aaron sees and Kate runs to him, holding him and crying.  Sawyer wakes up- Claires gone- Miles said she went off into the jungle with someone she called ‘dad’ and he didn’t follow because of his restraining order.  Sawyer runs into the jungle and finds Aaron but no Claire.  Uh Oh… Next week…
Easter Eggs and Theories:
1.)     That the manifestation of Christian Shephard in the hospital was actually Smokie- hence the smoke alarm beeping: a little far fetched- but I thought it was funny…
2.)    Jack’s newspaper- the Yankees beat Red Sox in Series Sweep- it actually happened August 2006.  It was considered a massacre.   Yet, there is a paragraph on the left of Jack’s paper, which was talking about Ching Ming Wang’s no hitter going into the   7th which took place August 30th, 2007.  Looking at other reviews, the majority is saying it was 2007- as that was a three game sweep and the paper is only talking about a three game sweep not a five game win- like in 2006.
3.)    It was the same woman that interrupted Jack both times- when he saw his dad… coincidence?
4.)    Also, I thought it was apparent that Jack knows he is Claire’s brother now, which is hard for him to be around Aaron, but when he told Kate “You’re not even related to him” I thought that was odd- as most people would say something like “your not his mother”  It was just an odd phrasing.
5.)     The passage Jack was reading from Alice in Wonderland, “Alice took up the fan and gloves, and as the hall was very hot, she kept fanning herself all the time she went on talking: “dear, dear!  How queer everything is today! And yesterday things went on just as usual.  I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night?  Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning?  I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.  But if I’m not the same, the next questions is, Who in the world am I?  Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”  A reference to jack perhaps? 
6.)    When Miles is hearing the voices and screams of Danielle and Karl dying- you can also hear Danielle saying “I agree, We should go”
7.)    The ‘artwork’ on Kate’s Fridge is the same that is in Santa Rosa when Abadon comes to visit hurley:
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8.)    In Kate and Jack’s house- there is a huge map of Australia- the same one that Jack has in his dirty apt from his way flash forward.   There’s also a very creepy picture in the upstairs of a sailboat on a stormy sea with an island in the background.  There is also a painting in the  living room, that is hanging over a light switch- odd, and in it there is a blond woman eating with a brown hair man- that looks very similar to desmond…
9.)    The mobile in Aarons room- next to his bed- is the same shape and has the same design as a Dharma Logo- interesting
10.) The writing on the x-rays jack is looking at before seeing his dad, says ‘Gardez Eve  N Son” Gardez is French for Keep.  Is it Keep Eve N Son?  Referencing the Adam and eve at the cave? Or kate and Aaron?
11.)  ALSO, the x-ray that Jack was looking at- had the exact same tumor that Ben had… hmmm
12.)  Jack’s got a new tattoo- everyone is trying to figure out what it means… I don’t know:
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OK- that’s all for this week 

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