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Sigh.....  Two Hour Long Episode- which was awesome!  But, again- have to get used to the fact that we have to wait a week between episodes and more answers :(  Oh well- such is life :)  To the new-comers to my Kassicast- this is just a weekly email that is sent- with 1.Recap (which is always a little in-depth- so I- as well as you- can remember what happened- to help with the theories and the Easter eggs) 2.Easter Eggs (little things with-in each episode that are hidden- little things that you might have missed) Last season was great for Easter Eggs- lets see how this season goes! 3.Theories about the episode- others and mine.  I watched the first season and stopped when the second season started up.  Then Rick and I decided to get back into it- caught up on the second season and started fresh with the Third Season.  We really got back into it- and started listening to Pod Cast and reading up on theories- and I started sending a little email to Rick weekly- which then grew to friends at work- family- and so on and so forth.  If you have any other friends that watch the show and might get a kick out of this- forward it on :) Also, if anyone has any theories or ideas- send them to me and I'll post them on the following weeks Kassicast :)
OK- lets get started!  Last night was "Because You Left" and “The Lie”  pretty apt names for the shows :) Now- pre warning…. As this was a two for one night- the recap will be twice as long- sorry ϑ but that’s what you get for opening this email….
A clock turns 8:15 (there’s something already but I’ll wait for after the recap ϑ) and an alarm goes off. We see an Asian woman tell her hubby to go get the baby. He gets up- goes about a somewhat normal morning routine- although everything looks a little dated- and… the whole scene is pretty identical to the opening of season 2- with Desmond in the Hatch- including the record playing. Willie Nelson. ϑ The Record Skips and the man turns it off- and heads out of his house- only to reveal that he’s living in the Barracks on the Island- figured that- but we still haven’t seen his face…. He goes into another house- and we see it’s no other that Dr. Marvin Candle- from all of the DHARMA videos. He starts filming another orientation video for the Arrow, saying it’s mission is to provide defensive strategies against the Hostiles… which eventually fails… Filming gets interrupted when a man comes in talking about a disturbance in the Orchid Station. The Drill melted because of their proximity to a strange power source- and one man is lying on the ground with blood coming out of his nose (remember that- we’ll hit it later) Dr. Candle tells them to stop drilling because they’re closing in on the Island’s mystical power that- when harnessed- can allow them to manipulate time ϑ The construction worker laughs “are you going to go back and kill Hitler” Dr. Candle looks at him like he’s an idiot- love it- and says there are rules (hmmm… rules huh?) and you can’t change the past and if the chamber is opened- “God help us all” The construction worker ask another worker “Time Travel- how stupid does that guy think we are”” and who is he talking to?? No other than Daniel Faraday!! Same age as now- only years before (BTW-Rick totally called that one ϑ)
Now into the future- Ben is trying to convince Jack they need to take Locke’s body and the Oceanic 6 back (but back to where? ;)) Ben says that he saw Locke at the Orchid Station and that was the last time… perhaps… Locke didn’t tell Jack what happened after the Island moved and Ben seems relieved.
Back to that moment. Ben pushed the wheel and the Island was enveloped in a glowing light. After the blinding- Locke looks around and the Others are gone. It’s raining. The people on the Zodiac can still see the Island- as Faraday says, “We must’ve been inside the radius” huh? Sawyer notices the smoke from the freighter is gone, as is Sawyer’s shirt. Bernard runs to the beach looking for Rose- Rose isn’t far behind- and they announce the entire camp is gone. Faraday arrives and takes charge- asking for the location of a man-made object that was there before the losties. I had forgotten that Faraday and Sawyer hadn’t met yet- and their reaction to each other made me laugh ϑ. Faraday informs Sawyer that the camp isn’t gone- it just hasn’t been built yet. On the way to the Hatch, Sawyer stops to ask Faraday for his shirt. He’s being kind of a prick- but considering he thinks it’s his fault Kate is dead (which of course we know she’s not) and having no control over this situation- can’t blame him much. Sawyer wants an explanation of what’s going on and Faraday says it would be difficult to explain to a quantum physicist- let alone…… HAHAHA! Sawyer slaps him Λ but it proves to be an adequate debating technique- because Faraday explains… It’s like a record skipping. They’re traveling through time and the record was become dislodged. Faraday isn’t sure if they’re moving or the island is- but we’re pretty sure it’s them…. We see Locke- still on his own- when a plane buzzes over him and crashes into the Island. And- big kicker- it’s Eko’s drug smuggling plane- filled with the heroin Virgin Mary statues and Yemi’s dead body!!! Well- I guess we know about WHEN we are… Locke tries to investigate, but is shot in the leg while climbing the cliff. And who’s the shooter? No other than ETHAN ROM! I never did like him. Locke tries to explain that Ben Linus appointed him the leader of the Others, but Ethan isn’t buying it. The sky glows and suddenly day becomes night and there’s another time jump. Faraday tells everyone “we’re either in the past, or the future” Thanks for clearing that up ϑ
Back in present time- for us- Kate is being normal house mom- feeding Aaron breakfast and making a cup of coffee- when there’s a knock at the door. Two lawyers asking for blood samples to determine if Aaron is really her son. It’s on behalf of an unknown client…. Who could that be?? Kate tells them to come back with a sheriff- and does what she does best- runs. She’s got her stash of money and her gun and (this time) her ‘kid’. Meanwhile, Sun tries to board a plane to Los Angeles (which confuses me- didn’t she just tell her mother that she was coming home that day (on the phone after meeting widmore for the first time- she was wearing the same suit)). But she’s stopped and help by Charles Widmore’s people. He’s not too happy that she humiliated him in front of his associates and he demands respect. Sounds like her father. She agrees and they get down to business: Sun wants to work with him because they have common interest- such as killing Ben. Back in the hotel room- Ben and Jack see Hurley has escaped Santa Rosa and is suspected of murdering the guy Sayid killed in the car. Hurley and Sayid are partnered up, stopping for some fast food- Hurley thinks Sayid should eat some comfort food- maybe he wouldn’t kill people all the time then- HAHAHA! They are headed for a ‘safe house’. Wait- why is Ben surprised that Hurley’s not at Santa Rosa- isn’t Sayid working for Ben?? But Sayid warns him never to trust Ben?? Guess not anymore. They get to the ‘safe house’ and realize it’s been compromised. Sayid goes to town, flipping one guy over the balcony and stumbles into the hotel room with the second guy- when Sayid gets a dart in the neck. He still kicks butt, and pushed the ‘bad’ guy onto an open dishwasher full of knives (That would really hurt- side note- I don’t leave sharp knives sticking up in the dishwasher for just that reason…. ϑ) Outside- sweet, not always too bright, Hurley picks up the gun and some guy snaps a photo of Hurley holding a gun, shirt covered in ketchup, and the dead guy on the ground beneath him… oops.
Back on the Island- they see where the hatch is- rather was- to let us know where they are in time… ϑSawyer wants to go back to the beach and warn Jack, Kate, yada yada- about the freighter blowing up, but Faraday tell them that’s not the way it works. They can’t change anything, if they try, they will fail. Yime is a constant, and there’s no altering the history of events. Back to Locke- hobbling to the now fallen drug plain to get a belt to tie off his bleeding leg. Richard shows up (love him!) and starts to help with the bullet in Locke’s leg.. Locke wonders how he knew and Richard tries to explain- Locke told him, or rather will tell him… Richard goes over some rules and tells Locke that the next time they meet, he won’t recognize him, so Richard hands Locke a compass to give him. Finally, before the next jump, Richard tells John that the only way to save the Island is to get the Oceanic 6 back, and that to do that, “You’re gonna have to die, John.” Whoa- WHAT? ϑ There’s another time jump, and this time the drug smuggling plane is back on the cliff and the Hatch door is still buried. Rather than start from scratch, Sawyer rushes to the Hatch’s back door to knock and get some supplies. Telling Faraday- that Desmond is going to give him some supplies. Faraday tries to explain to Sawyer that if Desmond is even there- he wont recognize them. Sawyer calls himself “the Ghost of Christmas Future,” Juliet calms him down and they go back to the beach. Miles goes with them, thinking he has a shot with Juliet. Faraday notices Charlotte’s nose is bleeding (remember this) and he’s quite concerned about it. He sends her ahead and goes back to the back door with a plan. He knocks until Desmond comes out, pointing a gun and asking “Are you him?” Who? Oh yeah- the replacements that are supposed to come and never do… Which brought up another question I never had answered…. Remember The military guy- that’s linked to oh.. say… three people on the island. He said he was working for Dharma- believed it without a doubt. How did the others never know about the hatch?? Or did they- and just lie to the guy? Sigh… another time maybe. Anyways, Faraday isn’t, but he’s excited because Desmond is uniquely special and the rules of time travel don’t apply to him. Faraday tells him that if they make it back, everyone they left behind is in danger, and the only way to help is for Desmond to go back to Oxford where they met and find Faraday’s mother. “Her name is...” is all Faraday can get out before he time jumps. Three years in the future, Desmond wakes up, just remembering this chance encounter with Faraday. Penny is there with him, and he goes up to the topside of the boat he and Penny are living on, preparing to set sail for Oxford. End of “Because You Left”
Starting “The Lie”
The second hour begins shortly after the Oceanic 6 get picked up by Penny’s boat. They are debating what they should tell people when they get back. Jack is pushing the lie about there being no other survivors to protect them from Charles Widmore. Lapidus is willing to go along with whatever. Hurley doesn’t want to lie- asking Penny if she can call off her dad. Jack explains that everyone will think they’re crazy. Sayid sides with Jack. Hurley sticks with- they wont think we’ll crazy if we back each other up- and when Sayid says no- Hurley vows he’ll remember this and wont help him in the future.
Cut to future, where Hurley is helping Sayid and driving- with unconscious Sayid in the passenger seat. Hurley knocks down a newspaper stand, and gets pulled over. In my head- I’m thinking oh crap oh crap. But the cop is no other than (DEAD might I add) Ana Lucia!! Sigh… crazy Hurley. Ana Lucia tells him about he has to be safe and not get caught. After her little pep talk, she adds, “Libby says hi”. Now, although pretty messed up- still made me laugh in a “what the ??” way. Hurley get’s a nice shirt to replace the ‘blood’ ketchup one- the best part is that it says “I Heart My Shih-Tzu” The checkout girl notes that he looks like he wants to hurt Shih-Tzu’s… And recognizes him from the lotto and Oceanic 6- but not the new report playing behind him about being a triple homicide suspect. He leaves quickly, and as he’s pulling out of the parking lot, Kate pulls in. She considers calling Jack, but doesn’t, then gets a call from someone and sounds surprised and happy. She says she can meet and takes Aaron to a hotel to meet- du du duuuu- Sun (looks like she made her flight). Kate tells her about the lawyers and Sun theorizes the client is clearly less interested in exposing their lie than he is about getting Aaron and suggest Kate take care of them. Kate is offended by the implication that she’s capable of murder and Sun is incredibly passive aggressive about how Kate promised to find Jin, then left him behind to die on the freighter. Sun says she doesn’t blame Kate- and “So, How’s Jack?” Sun seems to really have some pent up anger….
Back on the Island, everyone is growing impatient about the lack of food, fire, and such. Juliet and Sawyer want to ride the Zodiac, but Faraday says he’d have to figure out where (rather when) they are. That night- they still haven’t jumped again- we think…. Bernard fails to make fire Λ poor guy- I like him. Frogurt (who- if you haven’t seen him before- is in the mini episodes on the dvd’s- he’s a butt head- that worked at a frozen yogurt stand- thus earning him the name frogurt) He goes off on an annoying piece- calling Sawyer and inbred, and other things. Then, much to my relief, a flaming arrow comes out of the sky and hits him in the chest. Then a ton of flaming arrows shoot from the forest and Sawyer tells everyone to split and meet at the creek. Some other people die too- all red shirts. Juliet and Sawyer get separated from the group and hear some people coming. They get captured by some kids in military looking uniforms with name tags- asking “What are you doing on our island?” hmmmm…. Doesn’t look like the others. The annoying British kid leader ask for information or else he’ll cut off Juliet’s other hand. “The first one’s not negotiable” he explains. Spooky cold hearted______. Just as her hand is about to be chopped, rocks start flying into heads and a knife flies through the air and hits one of the kids. That’s right- John Locke. He yanks his knife from the back of one body and “James, Juliet, nice to see you”
Present Time- Ben packs his thing- including a box hidden in the ventilation shaft. Huh. He has to go away for six hours to put Locke’s body somewhere safe. Jack ask if Locke is really dead, which Ben DOES NOT deny. Instead, Ben goes to a butcher shop to talk with Jill the Butcher. She knows Ben and when he asks her to watch what’s in the van, she asks if it’s what she thinks it is. Ben says yes and asks if Gabriel and Jeffrey have checked in. Is there any corner of the world that there isn’t someone working for Ben?? And if they’re part of the ‘Others’- why are they taking orders from Ben- I thought he wasn’t the leader? At Hurley’s mansion, his dad makes some food and sits down to watch EXPOSE! Remember that one? ϑ It’s just not the same without Nikki. Hurley shows up with unconscious Sayid, begging for a safe haven and asks his Cheech to lie to the cops. Hurley’s mom arrives and asks why there’s a dead Pakistani on her couch. HAHAHA! Sayids not dead, but close. Cheech takes Sayid to see Jack. Cheech tells Jack to stay away from his son. Jack immediately calls Ben to say he has Sayid. Meanwhile, Hurley’s mom asks Hurley to tell her the truth, so he explains everything, the smoke monster, the others, the hatch, the button, DHARMA, the freighter, and the disappearing Island. Jack was right- it does sound crazy. Carmen believes him tho. Later that night, Hurley’s heating up a Hot Pocket (and now I have the jingle stuck in my head) and Ben shows up behind him. Hurley is surprised and throws the Hot Pocket against the wall next to Ben. Ben’s look is priceless ϑ Ben offers to take Hurley back to the island so he doesn’t have to lie again. Sounds good, but Hurley doesn’t trust him, so he runs outside and begs the cops to arrest him and confesses to murdering four or three people, however many are dead…
Finally, we see a woman in a weird room writing mathematical formulas on a chalkboard while a pendulum makes etches on the floor. She types some numbers into an old-fashioned computer and it says “Event Window Determined.” The woman climbs the stairs into a church where Ben is waiting. She removes her hood and it’s...MS. HAWKING! If you have no idea who she is, you probably shouldn’t be watching Lost. She was the crazy time lady who told Desmond about his time traveling in “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” She tells Ben that he only has 70 hours. He argues that’s not enough time, but she doesn’t care. He asks what happens if he can’t get them all back, and she says, “God help us all.”
The end ϑ
Easter Eggs and theories and other questions:
Ms. Hawking… If you don’t remember her- she was in the first episode where Desmond traveled. She was saying how you can’t change the past. She was also in a photo on the desk of the priest at the monastery. The good point is that- I remember when we first saw that photo- there was talk about the background looking just like the college where Desmond found Faraday in the constant. Hmmm…My thought is that Ms Hawking and Faraday’s mother are one in the same. Time traveling family…
Another point with Ms. Hawking- she’s in the present- why does she have such an old computer. Even if this is an off the island Dharma station- they don’t buy new technology? ϑ
one screenshot of the computer- someone claimed they say the DHARMA log next to the monitor- looking like the lighthouse Dharma logo from the Special Access video- but I couldn’t locate it. However- there are binders next to the computer that do have- what resembles a dharma logo on them.
But, now we do see that not everyone reports to Ben- as Ben reports to Ms. Hawking…
Multiple thoughts on Locke being dead… Ben wont confirm if he’s dead. He has to put him someplace safe. Remember past episodes- Paulo and Nikki- appearing dead? There might be something to that?? I found it a little funny- that right after Ben ignores Jack’s question about Locke being dead- we go to the scene of Cheech watching Expose.
Still sticking to the Claire’s “Don’t you dare bring him back” and Charley’s “your not supposed to raise him” comments- that they’re referring to “resurrecting” Locke or bringing Locke back to the Island- NOT Aaron.
Dr. Candle’s baby?? Possibly Miles?
Also- what happened to pregnant mothers couldn’t survive on the island?? Did they come after the birth of dr candle’s baby? Or was it not always an issue?
Remember back when Richard Alpert went to visit Locke as a kid and had him pick items that belonged to him. Locke picked the knife instead of the compass and Richard was disappointed? Well, the compass that Richard gave Locke in this episode looks the exact same!
Sun at the airport- 1.The photo of her passport was opened on the computer… in Photoshop… odd- I wasn’t aware that the airports used Photoshop right there at the gate… 2.I’m thinking- as all of the Oceanic Passengers were considered dead- wouldn’t sun have had to get a new passport? The issue date is still 31 May 01….
Good thing Faraday takes notes: HYPERLINK "" \o "" \t "_blank" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK "" \o "" \t "_blank" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET This is the page Faraday opens his book to – before running and banging on Desmonds Hatch Door
Speaking of constants… Don’t think Charlotte has one. Remember when Des started traveling- we knew there was real trouble when he started having nose bleeds… The other man on the freighter started traveling- and before he died- was having nose bleeds. The mad who died while trying to drill to the donkey wheel- at the beginning of last night- had a severe nose bleed. Charlotte is now having nose bleeds…. Something to that?
Right after Hurley saw Ana Lucia- he went into the convenience store. I don’t suppose anyone heard the song playing in there? ϑ Me neither. It was ‘The Dream Police, They Live Inside My Head’ LOL!
Daniels HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET l HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET ittle device “looks like a modified sextant. A sextant is a tool to compare 2 items and accurately calculate the angle. Trying to think like Daniel… So using the similar concept and applying it to the stars and the global wobble, we should be able to estimate the approximate year and month. There is no south polar star, but there are circumpolar constellations (and the magellenic clouds). So- I expect Daniel is using the Sextant based technology on stars to determine year (and month by Magellenic cloud location)” – I thought this was pretty cool- I had no idea what it was! ϑ
HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK "" \o "" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET Jack’s phone number has many references to the numbers. 323(3+2+3)=8, 555=15, 55501=16, 323555=23
BTW- the phone number doesn’t work ϑ just in case you try calling it…
The boys that captured Sawyer and Juliet- My thought is either Dharma or military from a different era (which of course, Dharma is possibly a scientific military base anyways) But, the British accent made me think of widmore.
A comment about Hawking’s computers” As you can see on the computer the island is now in the south pacific en route sydney - los angeles. And if you look at the map you can see that it's also almost level with equator.
I did some gamma adjusting to identify the islands nearby. The first thing I noticed was French P(Polynesia). I also found Society Island, Kiribati and Kiritimati(Christmas) Island. With this information I figured that the text which you can see under the chalk "X"(with some gamma adjusting) to be Jarvis Island.
So the Lost island is very, very close to Jarvis Island, in fact so close that you would be able to see it from the island”
In the airport- behind sun there is a man with a sign- Looking like he’s picking up someone. The sign says “John 316”- which, in the bible, John 3:16 is “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Just thought that was a bit odd- could be referenced for many points…
Dr. Candle’s clock going off at 8:15- ϑ There are many references to 815 in Lost- we’ll go back a bit. 1.Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 2.Claire’s appointment for the adoption signing was at 8:15 3.The safe deposit box Kate robbed was 815 4.Charlie was trying to sell the model C-815 copier. 4.Adam Rutherford’s time of death was 8:15 5.The real Henry Gale’s address was 815 Walnut Ridge Road 6.A delivery man was sending a package for 815 7.The Looking Glass Logo is a rabbit with a clock pointing to 8:15 8.Before shooting a man at Santa Rosa, Sayid asked for the time. It was 8:15. 9.Dr. Candle’s wake up time.
The Arrow Station- in which Dr. Candle is making the orientation film for- is Dharma station #2. It is an underground complex located somewhere east of the Barracks- It is the complex that was found by the tail section survivors. Harace (the mathematician and the man who brought Ben’s dad to the island) wore a Arrow Logo on his jumpsuit. The stations name and symbol were noted on the blast door map along with a notation indicating it’s primary purpose was for storage and restocking the Dharma initiative group. Goodwin suggested that it was for storage when the Tailies explored it. But, according the beginning of the orientation film- it’s for gathering intelligence and devising defensive strategies.
Reminder…. Which was brought up in the orientation film piece. Marvin Candle is really Pierre Chang.
What are these Rules that- Candle and then Faraday talk about? Are these rules of science- that it’s physically impossible to change certain things in the past or future? Could this be what Ben refers to in the season finally of last year- when he tells Widmore that he changed the rules by killing Ben’s daughter?? Not their own rules between the two of them? But it was something that really was not meant to happen?
I still am under the impression that when they say “We have to go back” (whether it’s time or place)—All of us. That’s everyone that left the island- which would include- Walt, Desmond, Lapidus, and now- sun’s baby…
Sticking with my theory of the Triad- Walt (mind), Locke (body). And Hurley (soul) so just hoping to see if that goes anywhere ϑ
That’s all I have for now. I’m sure I’m leaving something out- but I only have so many breaks through out the day ϑ Remember to send me your theories and thoughts!


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