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Lost Kassicast 06:06 'Sundown'‏

FYI- starting the week of the 15th- I will be working at a new job!! J So, my recaps won’t be able to be updated until Wednesday nights or Thursday- instead of during the day on Wednesdays. Also, it’s going to become a collaborate job between Rick and myself- So if you have any theories that you would like to throw into the mix- send them to Rick or I by Wednesday night. Thanks!!

Best lines of the night:
“Right… Claire. She just strolled in here a couple of hours ago acting all weird. Still hot, though”
After Sayid stabs LNM- LNM holds out the dagger “You want it back?”

Ok- where to begin. Last night’s episode was… interesting… a bit funny (the fight between Dogan and Sayid) and really creepy. Sayid was one of my favorite characters until last night- where I wasn’t a fan of him either on the island (CREEPY) or off. Now don’t get me wrong- I thought it was a great episode- just bloody… and again creepy- but that just means they did a really good job J

Oh- and if you watched ‘House of The Rising Sun’- which was the ‘sister episode’ from the first season- you will know that the producers are messing with us! J Every episode- till last night- matched the main character and some key principals to the story of the ‘sister episode’ from season one. Last night, however, did not have to do with Sun (even though it was called ‘Sundown’) and the only thing that really lined up was the fact that Jin was in handcuffs again- someone else was wearing the watch (see below). However- if you look at the fine lines of both ‘House of the Rising Sun’ (where the camp split in two over caves and the beach) and ‘Sundown’ you will see that the underlining principles and ending are similar- in that groups that have come together are now being split in two.

Beware- there weren’t a ton of Easter Eggs this week- but there were a few J

Ah Sayid- he hops out of a cab with flowers- seeing him mooning over Nadia’s photo- we assume that’s who he’s going to see. And, we’re right. Although we’re wrong that Sayid came to be with her- as he has pushed her into the arms of his brother, Omar. You remember Omar? We’ll the last we saw of him- little boy Sayid had to kill a chicken for him- because Omar couldn’t do it. Omar runs a dry cleaning business and has two kids with Nadia- but Sayid’s still hurting over her. Anyways- Omar borrowed money… from the bank like a smart individual? Nope- from loan shark/mobster/all around bad guy- KEAMY. Keamy- being the butt head he is- is still charging Omar- even though Omar paid him back and is broke. He asks Sayid for help to scare off Keamy- but Sayid says ‘Nope’. Then Omar get’s ‘mugged’? and get’s a punctured lung from Keamy’s men. Nadia begs Sayid to stay out of it- and he obeys… until Keamy’s goons pick up Sayid on his way to pick up Nadia’s kids and try to convince Sayid to pay for Omar. Sayid puts a bullet in Keamy and his men. Good thing too- if you’re ever in a situation with Keamy- ALWAYS kill him. Sayid finds Jin in the freezer of Keamy’s death kitchen… Now… how did he get there?

1.There were two ‘Omar’s’ in this Dimension X episode- the other Omar was the one who brought Sayid to Keamy. He was also one of the mercenaries that worked for Widmore with Keamy- on the freighter. This all leads me to believe that Keamy wasn’t the big bad in this situation- he wasn’t the one that Brother Omar borrowed money for. My thought is Keamy was still working for Widmore?
2.Also, Keamy was wearing the ‘WATCH’ the same watch that in ‘House of the Rising Sun’ Jin beat Michael up over. It’s Sun’s father’s watch- Jin is supposed to be delivering it to someone. Widmore? Keamy?
3.We glimpsed Jack in the hallway (in his scrubs) of the hospital when Sayid went rushing in with Nadia
4.The man driving the school bus looks JUST LIKE Anthony Cooper (Lock’s dad) but can’t tell for sure- he’s shadowed but look at and tell me what you think!
5.Guessing it’s a prop error- but it’s funny J Nadia’s license plate on the minivan is 2SAQ321- California. It matched Jack’s Bronco’s license plate.
6.My vote is that Nadia is evil… I mean- Sayid kills people for her- in both Dimensions. Yeah- not really... Just thought...

On The Island:
Sayid barges in and demands answers from Dogan. They have a kung fu battle- but once Dogan get’s the upper hand- he’s stopped by a baseball falling on the floor. Dogan tells Sayid that he’s evil and has to leave. Meanwhile- LNM and crazyClaire are standing outside the ring of ash where LNM is convincing crazyClaire to go in and deliver a message and she’ll get her boy back. Claire comes into the temple right before Sayid is all packed up and tells Dogan he has to go meet ‘You know who’- wink wink. Dogan sends Sayid instead- with a magical dagger to plunge into the chest of ‘someone you know and you know to be dead’- “If you let him speak it will be too late”. Back at the Temple- Kate is back and demands to know where ‘that crazy Australian chick’ has gone. Now back at Sayid plunging through the forest- I was waiting for Michael Jackson to jump out of the bushes, here comes LNM. Sayid Stabs. LNM doesn’t die or do anything but start a talkin’ and offers Sayid the dagger back. Sayid was set up by Dogan. LNM promises Nadia back to Sayid if he cooperates and delivers a message. “Leave the temple by sundown or die… Jacob is dead, you are free, I’m leaving the island and you can come with me.” Panic ensues. Kate and Claire reunite- but Claire (while seeming childlike happy) doesn’t seem happy that Kate rescued (sorry- took) Aaron. Sayid goes to ‘return’ the dagger to Dogan, who tells Sayid about his off island life- he was a businessman in Japan- got drunk- crashed his car and killed his little boy. Jacob came to visit him and promised to save his son, as long as Dogan becomes the new CEO of the Temple facility. Dogan hasn’t seen his son since. Made him seem human. But, it didn’t last long- because Sayid got super creepy and drowned him. Lennon runs in “He was the only thing keeping HIM out!” So, Sayid kills Lennon too- quick as a bolt- and leaves both bodies in the ‘pool of life’… ironic. LNM barges in- smoke form- and starts killing everyone. Kate goes for Claire and Miles runs for the Exit Sign. Ilana, Sun, Ben, and Lapidus come to the rescue- of Miles at least. Ben goes for Sayid and backs away after Sayid tells him ‘it’s too late for me’. Ilana finds the secret brick and they get the hell out of dodge- leaving Ben with Sayid, and Kate with Claire. LNM’s group is growing- as he waits outside the temple for creepy looking Claire, Sayid and scared looking Kate.

1.If Sayid killed Dogan and Lennon and left them in the spring that seems to bring people back from life- would it stand to reason that they are not permanently dead?
2.“Sun downing” is another term for Dementia… Claire…
3.there are 108 stitches in a baseball
4.When Claire is in the ‘hole’ she’s singin “Catch a Falling Star” by Perry Como- the same song she had insisted Aaron’s potential adoptive parents sing to him.
5.Christian Shepherd used to sing ‘Catch a Falling Star’ to Claire and to Jack
6.Kate sang ‘Catch a Falling Star’ to Aaron in one of the Season 5 Flash Forwards
7.They made a point of showing the baseball falling on the floor. I noticed it didn’t roll, just *plunk* and sat there- which is odd.
8.The hieroglyph on the wall Ilana (and Hurley) pushes to open the secret door is a Shen Ring. Among other things, this means “protection”.
9.Knowing that in this world- Dogan’s son died in a car crash (which seems to happen a lot to people- Nadia, Juliet’s Husband, Michael- didn’t die but busted up his leg, etc- and seems to be an action that get’s people to the island) and knowing that he did not in Dimension X- would lead to the conclusion that something else had caused the accident… So he would come to the island.
11.Actually- where are Rose and Bernard too?

1.From Bailey- a Lostie: “I just wanted to add on to the good vs evil or God vs the Devil. For a long time i thought lost might mean lost in a spiritual way. I mean people die and come back again as something a different body or different self. And the more and more they try and control their life or change the way things are on the island the worse it gets. And they are always talking about why they are here? Like what is their purpose? and they all think of the greater picture. And for instance in the last episode jack discovered that Jacob had been watching him all of his life (God). And then Hugo questions Jacob that if he knew jack would break the mirror and all then why didn’t he just tell Hugo to bring jack there. And Jacob says that some people can have someone jump in their cab and tell them what to do while others like jack need to find it on their own. So it could be the quest to accept Christ. And their slate is cleaned when they get to the island. Kate is no longer an outlaw, jack is no longer questioned with his medical skill, Hugo is no longer a curse, sawyer is no longer a con man and lock is no longer crippled and rose no longer has cancer and the list goes on. That’s my insight. –bailey”

2.Of course I still love the idea of Smokie being a Djin- but going off the religious angle- there could be another answer for him as well- thanks again to Islam insight: In Islam there are ‘major signs’ and ‘minor signs’ that the world is about to end and Day of Judgment is at hand. One of the major signs: the coming of a false messiah (LNM?) that will lead the faithful away from the remembrance of Allah or God. And then, there’s ‘The Smoke’. Seriously, I’m not making this up. From Wikipedia: “The Smoke will appear all over the earth that will cause believers to catch something similar to the common cold or even a nose bleed, whereas disbelievers will be hit harder by it. Finally, a cool wind will cause all of the believers to die. This leaves all the unbelievers left on earth to experience the last hour of the day of judgment”

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Lost Recap, Easter Eggs, and More! 06:03 "Lighthouse"

06:05 “Lighthouse”

“Nothing. I’m Just… you know… looking, cause I’m a big fan of temples, history, Indiana Jones stuff.”

This was the mirror image of the fifth episode of season one- for those of you who followed my instructions- good for you! You recently saw that “White Rabbit” was referenced multiple times in “Lighthouse”. In “White Rabbit” Jack chased his father and found the coffin and the caves. In a flash back Christian told young Jack, “You don’t have what it takes”.

Dimension X:
Jack questions himself in the mirror once again and notices a scar on his torso- funny as he had his appendix taken out on the island. His mom informs him that it was taken out when he was 7- by his father… interesting. Jack has to rush to his mom’s house to help her find Christian’s will, but before he can do so- he rushes to pick up his son, David, from school. That’s right he has a son. And David is the typical angry child of divorce. Jack takes off and helps find his father’s will, which causes Jack’s mom to question who Claire Littleton is… I Know!!!! Jack brings home pizza to find David missing- so he runs to his ex-wife’s house (who we wont find out who she is until the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother”) and learns that David has an audition. He’s a prodigy- much like another young dark headed boy we once knew… Faraday. We see Dogan, who’s son is also auditioning. Jack tells his son he will always love him.

Theories, Easter Eggs, etc:
1.So Dogan’s appearance in Jack’s sideways story reveals he was not aboard the Black Rock.
2.The sign at the audition said “Welcome All Candidates” J Sound familiar?
3.This one goes in Dem X Easter Eggs and Jack’s Easter Eggs- Jack Shepherd is number #23. The 23rd Psalm was written by David, who is a shepherd and a musician- links up a bit… doesn’t it?
4.The key to Jack’s ex-wives house is under a stone “White Rabbit”
5.There was a key hidden under this rabbit before… When young miles found it to enter the apartment of a recently deceased man named Mr. Vonner
6.The last will and testament was mailed to Christian Shepherd at 233 Bastian Drive. 233 was the house number for David’s mother’s house (23)
7.Long shot- but there are 8 stamps with the Ram’s head on the will and test envelope. The prophecy of Daniel from the bible, chapter 8, 10th verse- the penultimate battle between angels Michael and Gabriel…, and in the end it all comes down to shadow and light… good and evil.. one’s true destiny as a component of free will.
8.Why was the will so hard to find- if it was just sitting on a bookshelf?
9.Book one that was on one side of the will: “Terminal" plot summary (via Wikipedia): "The novel centers around the investigation of a medical student named Sean into a mysterious cancer called medulloblastoma and the secret behind the hundred percent remission treatment offered by a medical institute called Forbes Cancer Centre. In his investigation, Sean learns that the institute is responsible for the creation of the cancer. The secret behind their offering of 100% remission of the disease is that the creators had also invented an antibody to the disease. The institute procured Social Security numbers and other identifying details of wealthy people and their dependents, and as opportunities arose from those people undergoing surgeries or being on IV therapy, they were infected with the transformed SLE virus. Because the virus was encephalographic, it manifested with early neural symptoms in the infected patients, in the form of seizures and convulsions. The infected people, once they were completely cured of the disease, were usually willing to donate large sums to the Forbes. This book heavily deals with the controversial issues of the time."
10.Book Two: “It's only too late if you don't start now" review (via Amazon): "As baby boomers hit their 40s and 50s in record numbers, they're beginning to realize that middle age isn't what it used to be--that the old assumptions about these difficult years just aren't true anymore. Barbara Sher, the author of such motivational bestsellers as Live the Life You Love, believes that midlife is the beginning of something better than mere youth, a time when "you start to live your life to suit who you really are." Instead of worrying about your slowing body or unrealized expectations, Sher says, why not focus on new opportunities to take risks and try new experiences, or to take another crack at personal goals you never had a chance to go for in the past? Sher's unique view of aging is a heartening one, and it is sure to bring encouragement to those who would like to see "the big 4-0" as a beginning rather than an end."
11.On Christians liquor table- there was a bottle of MacCutcheon whiskey. The same drink of choice for Charles Widmore and Anthony Cooper (Locke’s dad).. Very expensive taste.
12.On David’s desk, the sheet music to Frederic Chopin’s “Fantasies-Impromptu” was sitting. This is the same song young Daniel Faraday was practicing.
13.The Annotated Alice (Alice in Wonderland)- that David was reading “White Rabbit”, “Through the looking glass”)
14.Also- this is the same book that Jack read to Aaron and now we hear he read it to David when he was young.

Jack’s Group:
Hurley gets a visit from Jacob’s ghost. Hurley talks Jack into coming with him by saying Jack has “What it takes”. They sneak out of the temple and find Kate- who’s on her mission to find Claire. Jack and Hurley find the caves- oh yeah the same ones that they lived in after Jack found them in “White Rabbit”. Hurley theorizes that they jump back to dinosaur times and that the Adam and Eve skeletons are them. Hehehehe. Hurley and Jack arrive at a giant stone lighthouse. They go upstairs and find a giant wheel with mirrors all over. Hurley tries to dial the wheel to 108 degrees, but jack notices all the numbers have names. He orders Hurley to turn the wheel to number 23- Shepherd and the mirror reflect Jack’s childhood home. Jack freaks and breaks the mirrors- then sits and stares at the ocean for a while.

Theories, Easter Eggs, etc:
1.So if the numbers and names going around the lighthouse are listed in degrees- there would have been 360 ‘candidates’ at one time
2.#51- Austen (so possibly Kate is on there- even if she’s not one of the ‘special’ numbers)
3.#117- Linus (crossed out)
4.We saw a grouping of Korean buildings when the mirror was turning… It was where Sun and Jin were married
5.Another one of the images in the magic mirror looked identical to the church where the funeral for Sawyer’s parents was held
6.So- both Sun and Jin, and Sawyer’s flashes in the mirror would have been where Jacob met them- but Jack’s shows his childhood home not the hospital?? Could this mean that Jack really isn’t the Shepherd that the list is referring to?
7.#108 is Wallace?? Who is Wallace and why is he coming to the island? AND- if he is coming to the island- why is his name already crossed out?
8.Or was this just to get Jack to get where he needed and there really isn’t a Wallace coming
9.#104- Lewis
10.#20- Rousseau
11.#107- Thomson
12.#109- Friendly
13.#111- Klein
14.#112- Horton
15.#113- Worden
16.#114- Yamada
17.#115- Bargas
18.#116- Lambert
19.#118- Chauer
20.#120- Rodriguez
21.#121- Neilson
22.#122- Freed
23.#124- Dawson (Michael?)
24.#125- Owens
25.#126- Penti
26.#127- Mora
28.SHEPHERD is written in all caps and in a different handwriting than the rest. It also looks like there was something else written underneath it that was erased.
29.#129- Campbell (as in… Brother Campbell?)
30.#119- was spelled Almeida at the lighthouse and Almieda at the cave?
31.Possibly Kate’s number #51 is the mirror image of Sawyer’s number #15

Rousseau, sorry- I mean Claire is a total bad-ass. She brings Jin to her camp site along with the other I liked. She wants to know where they’re keeping her baby. She stitches up Jin. The Other tells Claire that they don’t have her baby. While, Claire states that she knows they do- because her dad and her ‘friend’ told her they do. Jin questions this- and Claire smiles ‘my friend’. Duh. Jin speaks up and says that Kate has Aaron and he’s three years old now. This seems to confuse Claire and after she kills the Other, Jin recants his story. Claire looks relieved “I would have to kill her”. Now why Claire? You left him in the jungle by himself- why are you now worried about him? Ah well- she’s a little off… The episode ends with the arrival of Claire’s ‘friend’ who is… du du duuuuuu… LNM. Jin looks shocked “John?” “That’s not John, THIS is my friend”

Theories, Easter Eggs, etc:
1.“If there’s one thing that’ll kill you around here, it’s infection” Really Claire?? You would know J
2.Claire has really lost track of time- again, reminds me of Rousseau- who thought that Aaron was her baby at one time. Claire doesn’t realize it’s been three years.
3.Claire heard from her father and her ‘friend’ that Aaron was taken by the others. Are the ghost of Christian and LNM two separate entities or have they just spoken to her at different times
4.The other’s ‘tortured’ Claire the same they did Sayid- with the branding iron
5.Where did Sawyer run off to?? Why wasn’t he with LNM?
6.Does Claire not remember leaving Aaron in the Jungle? She seems to really think he was stolen- not rescued.

From Ben Smith (one of our Losties that works with Rick):
“Jacob and MIB represent Fate vs. Free Will. Jacob is all about leading people to where they need to be and MIB wants them to decide on their own. So maybe there is a higher power still on this island that is Good vs. Evil, Since Fate/Free Will is not really good or evil. And the 2 representing this Good vs. Evil could be Christian and the little boy with the bloody hands.”

Also he thinks Juliet could be Jack's wife in the x-line.
(Rick told me this last part- and then he recanted saying “I don't see how it could be Juliet as Jack's wife. She has to meet
Sawyer in the future x-world. "You wanna grab some coffee?" :)”)

-I think it’s a possibility that Juliet is Jack’s Ex-Wife. Not current- as it’s obvious he’s divorced… So she could be asking Sawyer for coffee- although my thought is I don't think Juliet was meeting Sawyer for coffee (I think she was talking to someone else)- because if we follow the timeline- as of when the world split in two- Sawyer was on the plane when Juliet was asking someone to grab coffee :)

From Rick (I love this theory!):
"I think we have already started to see the ending of Lost. I think these flash-sideways are not an alternate timeline but rather the future. I think that what ever big thing happens at the end of Lost on the island will transport them to Sept 22, 2004 and on a plane that safely lands in LAX. Their consciousness travels over to the parallel universe where the plane doesn't crash. This is why they are having déjà vu. This is why Jack seemed surprised when he saw the appendix incision. I think we may see Jack get cut on his neck at the end of the island timeline and that's why he's cut on the plane in the x-line and seemed confused about it. This is a little confusing but bear with me...

Picture Jack living his x-line life. At age 7 he has his appendix taken out. I'm sure he would remember this the rest of his life. He'd see the scar in the mirror every day and wouldn't forget. Then on Sept 22, 2004, a different version of his consciousness combines with his current consciousness. Now things start to become a little confusing as he has partial memories from both. He sees the scar and wonders did Juliet take out his appendix or did it come out when he was 7. He sees Kate and has déjà vu about her. Does he know her? In Kate's x-line she hears the name Aaron, that sounds familiar...even though in her x-line story up to then she didn't know an Aaron.

The typical drama would end with a big battle of some kind (physical or mental) and then there would be a scene like at the end of return of the Jedi that shows everyone and how they've come to a conclusion of where and who they are in this world. Having a short conclusion like this for Lost would not be good because there are too many characters that we need to know how it ends for them. Now picture the end of Lord of the Rings. This went on for 20-30 minutes and although I liked it and allowed this long an ending since it was over 9 hours long to tell the story, they can't get away with that on Lost either because people would complain about how slow the end was.

Lost has to end with a bang but we still need closure with these characters. So how is this done? Show us the ending throughout the entire final season. :) That's my thought."

Ok- that’s all folks! J Send me your thoughts, finds, and other info!

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6:04- "The Substitute"

First things first: I LOVED LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE!! It was my favorite Dimension X and I just love Terry O’Quinn.

Now the Locke-Ness Monster won- so when you see that below- remember we are talking about Smokie “Locke” not the real Locke. We split up into an extra group this week (the four on the beach- Sun, Lapidus, Ben, and Ilana) which we will now call the “Outcast Group”. At least, until next week or so, when I’m sure they’ll merge with the “Jack Group” at the Temple. The Locke-Ness Monster group has now lessened significantly in members… But lets get to it, shall we? Same as always- small recap then on to what else we can find!

Dimension X:
Locke- driving a beat-up van that doesn’t work properly, can’t roll out into his yard. He falls, the sprinklers turn on, and it’s back to feeling sorry for Locke. But wait. HELEN! She never left him- in fact they’re getting married and she mentions his dad. Which brings up some questions… because Locke met Helen at an anger meeting after Locke’s dad stole his kidney (although in Dimension X they could have met under different circumstances). So either, his dad never stole his kidney and then pushed him out a window (in which case- Locke went paralyzed some other way) or Locke is REALLY forgiving and so is Helen. Hmmmm… I believe the former. Locke went to work. Randy’s still a douche. Locke is fired. Angry Locke beats up on a yellow hummer- that belongs to the owner of the box company- Hurley! Hurley sends Locke to a temp agency he also owns, which happens to be run by Rose. Yes, Rose still has cancer L. She hooked Locke up with a substitute teaching position, where he meets Benjamin Linus, a European History teacher. Locke comes clean to Helen about the walkabout and loosing his job and tells her she shouldn’t wait for a miracle. She loves him and tears up Jack’s business card.

1. In Dimension X- Randy didn’t know about the walkabout- he sent Locke to Australia for a conference, where in the original dimension, Randy knew and had teased him about it for a while.
2. The woman at the temp agency that asked Locke what kind of animal he would be- was the fake psychic that Hurley’s dad hired to try to get Hurley to no longer feel he was cursed by the numbers.
3. There’s a poster behind Rose’s head in the temp office- with a man and a woman- where the man looks eerily like Desmond the woman looks a lot like Kate.
4. HOW DID LOCKE GET INTO THE WHEELCHAIR? Did his dad do it? Doesn’t seem like it- there were photos all over there house with his dad in it. One was also up in his cubical two of them hunting.
5. In Dimension X- the sound of Locke’s alarm clock sounds the same as the sound the Hatch made when the countdown began to enter the numbers.
6. Hurley is driving the same Hummer that he bought in the original dimension with his lottery winnings- and the same one he crashed after returning from the island and seeing Charlie in a convenient store.
7. Randy (aka Douche boss) calls Locke “Colonel”, something he also did in the original dimension due to Locke’s obsession with the military game Axis and Allies.
8. In the original dimension, Locke got the idea of the walkabout from Abaddon. But, without the island existing and presumably without Charles Widmore, Locke and Abaddon never would’ve met

Outcast Group:
Ben lets Ilana believe that Locke-Ness Monster killed Jacob. She pick’s up Jacobs ASH and puts it in a baggie. She also insist that Smokie is stuck in Locke’s form. She informs them that Locke-Ness Monster is recruiting… The four buried Locke, in which Ben apologized for murdering him, and they took off to the temple

Sorry- No Easter Eggs, Etc for this section- it was just too short. Albeit funny “This is the weirdest funeral I’ve ever been to”

Locke-Ness Monster Group:
Locke-Ness Monster (LNM) releases Richard from a trap and asks him to join him. When he refuses, LNM turns to Sawyer- who is drinking in his undies. In his encounters with both men, LNM saw a blond boy- once with blood and the other time Sawyer saw him too. LNM chased the boy- tripped- and was told “You know the rules, you can’t kill him” by the boy. Huh?? Before LNM comes back to Sawyer- Richard tries to warn him away, telling him that LNM wanted him dead. “He won’t stop—“ But then ran away, chicken, when LNM came back. Me- well if I saw Richard that scared- I’d run. Sawyer wants answers. LNM and Sawyer climb down an unsafe ladder into a cave in the cliff. Where he throws a WHITE rock and shows Sawyer the walls which have hundreds of names and corresponding numbers. “Jacob had a thing for numbers”. Most where crossed out- but a few remain. And this was the list of ‘Candidates’ to replace Jacob as guardians of the island. LNM tells Sawyer they can leave the island “Together”. Sawyer get’s excited- ignoring the fact he knows this isn’t Locke and ignoring Richard’s Warning.

1. The numbers and names on the wall that weren’t crossed out:
4- Locke (John)
8- Reyes (Hurley)
15- Ford (Sawyer)
16- Jarrah (Sayid)
23- Shephard (Jack)
42- Kwon (Sun or Jin)
2. When LNM was told he ‘Can’t kill him’ HE yelled “Don’t tell me what I can’t do”- following a very much LOCKE sentiment. Is a piece of Locke carrying over into LNM?
3. Hurley is number 8. The number 8 on it’s side is the infinity symbol. Some are thinking this might mean that Hurley will be chosen.
4. Kate’s name wasn’t on the wall. Even though she was also ‘touched by Jacob’. Rick thinks she really is on the wall- we just didn’t see her- and she’s number 108.
5. Although- let’s say Littleton means Aaron (see below), Kwon means Jin, and Kate isn’t on the wall… That would mean that the names all belong to men… There could be something to that. Kate could have been brought to the island to HELP the candidates- not become one.
6. Littleton (Claire or Aaron?) is crossed off on the wall.
7. I spy… other names crossed off on the wall
a. There was also a number 286-Jenssen that was crossed out- Kate’s fathers name?
b. #195- Pace (Charlie)
c. #64- Goodspeed
d. #56- Chang
e. #175- Straume (Ethan?)
f. #222- O’Toole
g. #291- Domingo
h. #233- Jones (name on a stolen Army uniform Widmore wore)
i. #346- Grant
j. #10- Mattingley (name on a stolen Army uniform an Other wore)
k. #33- Martin (Karl??)
l. #90- Troup (Gary)- he was the ‘author’ of the Bad Twin- a fictional book by the creators of Lost
m. #142- Lewis (Charlotte?? Or by the ‘man’ theory- her father who worked on the island?)
n. #70- Faraday
o. #31- Rutherford (Shannon or her father??)
p. Almeida (Paulo?? We never knew his last name- but he was Brazilian and Almeida is a common Brazilian name
8. Who is the blonde island kid covered in blood?? Aaron? Kid Jacob? Peter Pan from Never Never Land?
9. The Blond kid appeared also acted in the movie 2:13- starring with Mark Pellegrino (who plays Jacob on Lost)
10. The blond kid saying “You can’t kill him” Could be referring to Sawyer- as Sawyer is a candidate or a reference to the fact that Jacob isn’t really dead?
11. LNM throws the White Rock off the scales, leaving a Black Rock sitting there- and comments “It’s an inside joke”. Black and White again. Black and White stones with Adam and Eve, Black Horse, White Polar Bear, Backgammon, White shoes black suit, Light and Dark- Jacob and MIB, etc etc.
12. While drinking alone in his house, Sawyer listens to Iggy Pop’s version of the song “Search and Destroy” about a “forgotten boy” who wants someone to “Save my soul”

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Lost 6:03 What Kate Does

Brought up some questions- answered a few. I was wrong on my guess that Kate would deliver Aaron- but I was still better than Rick- who thought Claire wasn’t even pregnant!! J That made me happy enough to dance a little jig. We only have two sections from last night as we didn’t see Flocke’s group- makes me sad- but we’ll see them again next week!

Now first off- all of these episodes seem to following a pattern of sorts… lined up with Season One. The first episode matched up to the premier in that Jack had a flash back (or a flash ‘sideways’) to the plane- where he conversed with Rose, got free liquor, etc. And dealing with the lost body his father on the island (which he also dealt with in his flash sideways) The third episode of Season 1 and Season 6 cover Kate’s flashback and flash sideways (both times she’s running from the detective). And, if we follow that trend- next weeks episode should follow Locke’s flashback of “Walkabout” with the real Locke in Dimension X and Flocke throughout the episode.

Also- Rick would like for me to tell everyone his new favorite nickname for Flocke- “the Locke-Ness Monster” he found it on-line and loves it- so we’re taking a vote. Send me your vote on if we should call the fake Locke- Flocke or Locke-Ness from here on out.

Dimension X:
Kate steals a cab with Pregnant Claire in the back. The cabby is scared of little ole’ Katie’s gun and flees. Kate kicks a crying Claire out of the cab, but feels bad once she finds Claire’s baby bag in the back. After getting freed from her handcuffs by a flirty old mechanic, she goes back and gives Claire a ride to the adopted parent’s house. Future non-mom is crying- her husband left her. Suspicious? Claire goes into labor. Kate takes her to the hospital where Dr. Goodspeed (Ethan) gives her drugs to not go into labor- but Claire freaks when there’s no heartbeat. Aaron! Nope- he’s ok. Claire gives Kate her credit card and she’s off.

1. Ethan didn’t want to give Claire drugs because he “doesn’t want to poke anyone with a needle unless he has to”. I just thought this was funny coming from the man who was the master of drugging pregnant women on the island

2. We’re assuming that Horace Goodspeed got his wife and his baby, Ethan off the island in the last sub trip (much like miles and charlotte), but it’s odd that either off the island or on- he became a baby doctor. And he’s still a bit creepy.

3. BIG ONE- was flight 815 a month later in Dimension X?? The ultrasound picture in Claire’s hand is dated 10/22/04 (instead of 9/22/04- which is the date the plane should have landed in the original dimension)- which would put it only a few weeks before she had Aaron the first time around. And would be the same date that Charlie killed Ethan on the island. But here’s Ethan that same day in Dimension X- giving Claire drugs…

4. Ben Smith (one of my ‘viewers’) thinks that Charlie will still kill Ethan- that Charlie will have to go to the hospital before going to jail (probably will- as he almost suffocated on drugs...)

5. Kate is experiencing some serious Déjà vu- when Claire yelled out Aaron’s name- Kate looked like she recognized it- then confused. She definitely recognized it from ‘another time’.

6. Also- when she saw Jack standing outside of the airport- they both seemed to recognize each other.

7. The stuffed whale that Kate found in Claire’s bag is identical to the same one young Aaron was seen holding during the flash forward in the season 4 episode “Something Nice Back Home”

8. Tania Kahale played the nurse outside at the hospital in Dimension X when Kate and Claire arrived. She also was the nanny Kate hired to watch Aaron, in original dimension in season 4’s “Eggtown”

9. Kate used the alias Joan Hart in the hospital- the same alias she used in the original dimension to get a letter- informing her of her dying mother in a hotel in season 2

10. “I’m Walking Here” Arzt used the same line- after getting run over by Kate’s cab- that Sawyer used after almost getting run over by Ana Lucia, when she was driving for Christian Shephard.

Jack’s Group:
Sayid’s alive- and Dogan (aka ‘Jet Li’) seems a bit upset about the news. The other Other’s take Sayid to perform a test (aka ‘torture’) on him, which he doesn’t pass. Sawyer escapes. Kate, Jin, A grumpy other Other Aldo, and another other Other go after him. Hurley thinks Sayid is a Zombie, but like all zombies- Sayid says ‘No’. Jack is told to give him a pill- turns out its poison. Sayid is ‘infected’ with something dark and evil- the same as Claire. Kate beats up the other Others and runs to Sawyer- who is crying over Juliet and throws an engagement ring into the ocean. Kate wants to find Claire. Jin, on his way to find Sun, is captured again by Aldo and quiet other Other. Aldo wants to shoot him (even with a warning by the other Other- that he’s on THE LIST) but is shot instead by a wild looking Claire.

1. “it’s a baseball” duh! We see a lot of baseballs in Lost- there was one in the ‘time capsule’ that Kate and Tom buried, there was one sitting on the shelf in the locker John Locke the teenager was stuffed into, Ben showed Jack the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004...

2. It was odd that Sawyer hid the engagement ring in a box UNDER the floorboards. That seems like a lot of work and a bit of construction to go through to hide a ring. Was there something else in the box?

3. Aldo- was originally guarding Room 23 when Kate knocked him out 49 episodes ago

4. Ben Smith thinks that Jack did save Sayid because Jack has special powers. What do you think?

5. We’re thinking that Sayid’s ‘infection’ is the same ‘sickness’ that Rousseau’s crew had- where she had to shoot them all.

6. I’m seeing a lot on-line –all assumptions that whatever ‘infects’ Claire, Sayid, possibly Christian, Rousseau’s team- is Smokie. I don’t agree with this. I think they could be related- but I don’t think they could possibly be the same thing. Smokie didn’t go into Locke’s body- he created a copy. Whatever is infecting them is taking over dead or close to dead bodies. Also- Bram shot Flocke- but the bullet ended up on the floor, while Rousseau shot her crew and killed them.

7. Dogan’s description of the darkness reaching the heart brings back memories of ‘The Heart Of Darkness’- I don’t know if this was required reading for all of you- but it was for me in high school- I don’t know why I thought of this- but it’s about men who work on a steamship in Africa. The steamship was sunk- but repaired and they set off with a crew of cannibals up the river. There’s a dense jungle on both sides of the river. At one point they come across a hut with stacked firewood and a note saying the wood is for them- no idea where it came from. The steamer is surrounded by a dense fog- and when it clears the ship is attacked by unseen natives- who shoot arrows from the forest. There’s a lot more to it- and I’m sure it’s not related- I just thought it was fun

8. Dogan confirmed our suspicions that the Island or some being on the Island brought everyone here- in the form of boats, planes, hot-air balloons, etc for a reason.

9. The test- Ash, Electric Shock, and a Fire Poker?? To me, it seemed like Sayid reacted the way any normal human being with a pain threshold would have done- so how does this prove he’s infected??

10. I think when Kate, Jin, and the other Other’s saw that trap that looked like one set by Rousseau- it was set by Claire… Along with having the fashion and artillery as Rousseau… So, that brings up another question- Was Rousseau infected??

11. The other Other’s know a lot about our Losties- they know Sawyer’s real name, that Claire is Jack’s sister, where the Ajira flight landed.

Also- last week we missed- that Desmond (in Dimension X) has a wedding ring on! So, he’s already married. Just interesting…

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Smokie is a Djinn?? Does MIB actually exist at all??

Ok- So we now know- thanks to Damian and Carlton- that the Man in Black is NOT the Smoke monster. So now that puts us at block one- thinking... well who is the Man and Black and who is Jacob and what the.. is the Smoke Monster??

First off- I'm told that I have to tell everyone that I think Jacob could be in Sayid's body (I'm at 50/50) while Rick thinks that there is NO possibility for that :)

Here's some theories:

(this is probably way off- but I wanted to get it out there :)) MY new theory is that there is NO man in black. He doesn't exist. So, therefore- when Damian and Carlton say "Smokie is not the Man In Black" and when they say that Smokie is not Locke- it's saying the same thing. While Smokie can portray certain people and look like whatever he wants- he is NOT actually these people. Man In Black might have existed way back when- but he did not at that time. He couldn't kill Jacob- Smokie can't kill Jacob. Again- I repeat- while Smokie is NOT Man In Black- he did portray him on the beach that morning way back in the 1800's.

Now- on to what smokie is. My favorite new theory is that he's a Djinn (possibly Jacob is too- but we've only assumed there's one... but I'm only about 20% on that one). It’s also a possibility that Jacob is a fallen angel… Who knows!! Anyways- read before and see if you see the connections between Smokie and the Djinn (or some form of). I don’t know how we didn’t see this before!

You may have heard of a Djinn before- only when you saw him, he was blue, sang songs, and sounded eerily like Robin Williams. That’s right Djinn is also known as a jinn, jinni, or genie in Arabia. It is a supernatural creature which occupies a parallel world and together with human’s (ex. Locke, Ben, Jack, Kate) and angels (ex. Possibly Jacob- fallen angel?) . A Djinn can be either good or evil and possesses free will. Jinn is the plural for jinni which is derived from the Arabic root JaNaA which means to always hide or be hidden (hmmmm…. Like the jungle at all Smokie?) Genie is derived from Latin genius, which meant a sort of tutelary or guardian spirit. Arabic lexicons provide the rendered meaning of jinn not only for spirits, but also for anything concealed through time, status, choosing another form, and even physical darkness. Pre-Islam times- The Djinn has also been known in Latin beliefs as The Guardian Spirits and The Evil Spirit. The Jinn is made from smokeless fire (literal translation is “subtle fire”… ) by Allah in the same way humans were made of earth. Djinn (having free will) refused to bow to Adam when Allah told him to- and then we was thrown from Paradise to earth (hmmm enter “Paradise Lost” a poem about Fallen Angels) and called “Shaitan”. Djinn are invisible to humans unless they want to be seen and Djinn often harass and even possess humans (we’re not talking possession like you may be used to- we’re talking possession as in getting humans to do what the Djinn wants the human to do). Djinns live in remote areas such as mountains, seas, islands, trees, and in the air. Muslims believe that the Djinn account for much of the ‘magic’ perceived by humans such as lifting people and objects into the air, mind reading, and mimicking the voices of deceased humans (Whispers?). In Muslim legend, a Djinn is capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people. In Arabic folklore, a Marid is a Djinn associated with the oceans where it finds sanctuary. Marids are often described as the most powerful type of Djinn, having especially great powers. They are arrogant and proud. Like every Djinn, they have free will yet could be compelled to perform chores. They also have the ability to grant wishes, but that usually requires battle, and according to some sources imprisonment and rituals. The Djinn is capable of appearing in human and animal forms and influencing humankind for either good or evil. Djinn’s are also supposed to live much longer than humans. Furthermore- some believe that Djinn can be trapped (this is where the legend of Genie’s come from)or confined to an area or bound and summoned by humans. Also- an Ifrit (which is a class of Djinn) is an enormous winged creature of smoke, either male or female, who lives underground and frequents ruins. While ordinary weapons and forces have no power over them, they are susceptible to magic, which humans can use to kill them, capture them, or enslave them. As with the Djinn, an Ifrit may be either a believer or an unbeliever, good or evil, but he is most often depicted as a wicked and ruthless being and one that tempts man on behalf of god so god can judge them.

Just a thought… 

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Thank you Mike McGee- for a link to an awesome website with peoples theories and thoughts. Here's the link: but, I'm going to cover what I found to be interesting below- so don't feel the need to visit if, if you don't want to.

Also- thanks Rick, for this awesome article. You have to read this- it has some great LOST thoughts! (and it's really funny :)) :,,20313460_20341211,00.html it's long- so I'm not going to go into it here- but make sure you have some time to read it- because it's good!

Ok- so back to the original usa today/pop candy article- here are some other Lostie's thoughts, theories, questions, etc that I found interesting- and thought you all might too! (my thoughts are in black)

1. xeoomni: "I found it interesting that Jack was now in seat 24 on the plane. In the pilot, he was in 23. It seems the destruction of the island had a profound impact on the numbers and their meaning."
I love this thought!! I almost mentioned that he was in a different seat- but I couldn't remember for sure. Love it though!

2. Biggar: "At first I didn't want to believe it, but I do think Jacob has taken Sayid's body. If you look at the 'Lost Last Supper' pic, Sayid is in the Judas position, while Locke (MIB) is in the Jesus position. That's a pretty clear cut connection. Sayid seems like an odd choice seeing how the two really don't have a previous conflict. I would think Jack or Ben would be the better vessel. Does Jacob have special elemental abilities like Jacob being able to turn into the Smoke Monster? Could Jacob be the white flashing light?"
I didn't notice that Sayid was in the Judas position in the photo- makes you wonder though. If Flocke (aka Smokie) is in the Jesus position and Sayid (if he's Jacob) is Judas... Makes you wonder who the bad guy really is

3. Sister Carrie: "If the book in the cave turns out to be Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling (as I said, I saw the word "Soren" on the book), there might be some interesting connections:
- It was published in 1843, two years before the Black Rock set sail from England.
- It was published under a fake name, John the Silent (and our John really is silent now).
- And most compelling, the book feature ALTERNATE RETELLINGS of the same story. Perhaps that's a clue."

Good call on the Alternate retellings!

4. H.R.H. PetalKid: "So far no one had mentioned specifically the state of people's lives on the plane. It can't be a 'what if it hadn't crashed' because:

drastic changes for some:
Jack- Christian's missing corpse and a lack of patented 'Jackangst'
Hurley- luckiest man on Earth and Mr. Cluck CEO
Sawyer- A happy, polite dude.
Boone- He didn't 'save' Shannon from the bad choice, freeing himself from her.

not so much for:
Jin/Sun- he is a back to being a jerk/she trying to escape
Charlie- heroin addict/arrested
Kate- still being marshalled, still violent

and i've not clue what to make of:
Claire, Desmond, Bernard/Rose"

I don't necessarily agree with this- because it's not a 'Its what happened if the Plane didn't crash' scenario- it's more of a 'what happened if the island no longer exist' scenario- it's more along the lines of everything that changed since the 70's- not just on the plane. But thought it was a good thought.

5. j:
phanboy wrote:
What do you supose is the hidden meaning of the episode's title. It was NOT called LAX, the abbreviation for the airport. It was LA X. The space must mean something...
"My first guess was that the X is the roman numeral for ten. At the end, when they were doing slow-mo shots of various cast members, ten were shown. But reading on other sites suggests that the X symbolizes an alternate reality. Stolen from Lostpedia: Earth X: The 'X' in 'LA X' stands for an alternate reality. It's common use in comic books, Marvel Comics have an alternate history/timeline called 'Earth X.'

I stick with my theory of the alternate reality- but I like the idea of X for roman numeral ten.

6.Patriccio: "The season premiere title 'LA X' may imply this is the 10th iterration or version of the Los Angeles landing. Might it be possible that Oceanic 815 has actually flown and landed this flight several times before? Conversely, if the plane has multiple landings ... why should it not have multiple crashes on the island as well?"
I really like this thought as well! Hadn't heard this one before!

7.CarolinaGirl: "Quick question.... Just playing devil's advocate here (and going way out in left field), but why is everyone assuming Jacob is the 'good guy'? He's the one that is in league with the island, which had supposedly chosen Ben as a leader/protector... who even Darlton has admitted was evil. Ben was responsible for killing the Dharma initiative... Ben killed Locke and presumably Nadia. He let Alex die. He's been nothing but coniving and ruthless.

"When we met the MIB he was lamenting that Jacob brought people and there was always destruciton... that doesn't necessarily sound like a bad thing (wanting a lack of destruction). Again, playing devil's advocate, and stripping things down to the very basics, but what if MIB is on the side of angels? (since someone brought up the whole fallen angel theme?)

TRUE! I've been going back and forth with this in my head. We don't know Jacob is good- it's just made 'obvious' by the show that he is.

8.Cletus1974: "What if Jacob and the MIB are aliens? The island is their ship. The pocket of energy was their ship's power source. UFO lore is steeped in Egyptian and Mayan iconography which seems to be abundant on the island. And really?! The MIB? Maybe the 'they' in 'They're coming' is Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones."
I just thought this was funny :)

9. Desmond disappeared AFTER Jack saved Charlie. He disappeared because Jack saving Charlie changed something on Desmonds timeline.
Interesting! Remember it was Des 'job' to save Charlie on the island.

10. lola121 wrote:
OK- Have like 3 minutes before a meeting...but has anyone mentioned Djinn yet? Well, I think MIB/Jacob might be Djinn. Djinn are from an Islamic belief that there are angels, humans and djinns. They are made of smoke and rooted in the idea of genies. They are similiar to the Christian belief of fallen angels. I appologize to any of our Losties who are Muslim, please correct any of this if incorrect. I got most of my info from wiki.

Interesting... I hadn't heard that before- I'm going to do some checking on that!

Ok- that's all the time I have today- let me know your thoughts- and check out the blog @ (even if it is a repeat of what I send;))

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Check out Jimmy Kimmel- from last night!

Flocke is not the Man in Black: