Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost 6:03 What Kate Does

Brought up some questions- answered a few. I was wrong on my guess that Kate would deliver Aaron- but I was still better than Rick- who thought Claire wasn’t even pregnant!! J That made me happy enough to dance a little jig. We only have two sections from last night as we didn’t see Flocke’s group- makes me sad- but we’ll see them again next week!

Now first off- all of these episodes seem to following a pattern of sorts… lined up with Season One. The first episode matched up to the premier in that Jack had a flash back (or a flash ‘sideways’) to the plane- where he conversed with Rose, got free liquor, etc. And dealing with the lost body his father on the island (which he also dealt with in his flash sideways) The third episode of Season 1 and Season 6 cover Kate’s flashback and flash sideways (both times she’s running from the detective). And, if we follow that trend- next weeks episode should follow Locke’s flashback of “Walkabout” with the real Locke in Dimension X and Flocke throughout the episode.

Also- Rick would like for me to tell everyone his new favorite nickname for Flocke- “the Locke-Ness Monster” he found it on-line and loves it- so we’re taking a vote. Send me your vote on if we should call the fake Locke- Flocke or Locke-Ness from here on out.

Dimension X:
Kate steals a cab with Pregnant Claire in the back. The cabby is scared of little ole’ Katie’s gun and flees. Kate kicks a crying Claire out of the cab, but feels bad once she finds Claire’s baby bag in the back. After getting freed from her handcuffs by a flirty old mechanic, she goes back and gives Claire a ride to the adopted parent’s house. Future non-mom is crying- her husband left her. Suspicious? Claire goes into labor. Kate takes her to the hospital where Dr. Goodspeed (Ethan) gives her drugs to not go into labor- but Claire freaks when there’s no heartbeat. Aaron! Nope- he’s ok. Claire gives Kate her credit card and she’s off.

1. Ethan didn’t want to give Claire drugs because he “doesn’t want to poke anyone with a needle unless he has to”. I just thought this was funny coming from the man who was the master of drugging pregnant women on the island

2. We’re assuming that Horace Goodspeed got his wife and his baby, Ethan off the island in the last sub trip (much like miles and charlotte), but it’s odd that either off the island or on- he became a baby doctor. And he’s still a bit creepy.

3. BIG ONE- was flight 815 a month later in Dimension X?? The ultrasound picture in Claire’s hand is dated 10/22/04 (instead of 9/22/04- which is the date the plane should have landed in the original dimension)- which would put it only a few weeks before she had Aaron the first time around. And would be the same date that Charlie killed Ethan on the island. But here’s Ethan that same day in Dimension X- giving Claire drugs…

4. Ben Smith (one of my ‘viewers’) thinks that Charlie will still kill Ethan- that Charlie will have to go to the hospital before going to jail (probably will- as he almost suffocated on drugs...)

5. Kate is experiencing some serious Déjà vu- when Claire yelled out Aaron’s name- Kate looked like she recognized it- then confused. She definitely recognized it from ‘another time’.

6. Also- when she saw Jack standing outside of the airport- they both seemed to recognize each other.

7. The stuffed whale that Kate found in Claire’s bag is identical to the same one young Aaron was seen holding during the flash forward in the season 4 episode “Something Nice Back Home”

8. Tania Kahale played the nurse outside at the hospital in Dimension X when Kate and Claire arrived. She also was the nanny Kate hired to watch Aaron, in original dimension in season 4’s “Eggtown”

9. Kate used the alias Joan Hart in the hospital- the same alias she used in the original dimension to get a letter- informing her of her dying mother in a hotel in season 2

10. “I’m Walking Here” Arzt used the same line- after getting run over by Kate’s cab- that Sawyer used after almost getting run over by Ana Lucia, when she was driving for Christian Shephard.

Jack’s Group:
Sayid’s alive- and Dogan (aka ‘Jet Li’) seems a bit upset about the news. The other Other’s take Sayid to perform a test (aka ‘torture’) on him, which he doesn’t pass. Sawyer escapes. Kate, Jin, A grumpy other Other Aldo, and another other Other go after him. Hurley thinks Sayid is a Zombie, but like all zombies- Sayid says ‘No’. Jack is told to give him a pill- turns out its poison. Sayid is ‘infected’ with something dark and evil- the same as Claire. Kate beats up the other Others and runs to Sawyer- who is crying over Juliet and throws an engagement ring into the ocean. Kate wants to find Claire. Jin, on his way to find Sun, is captured again by Aldo and quiet other Other. Aldo wants to shoot him (even with a warning by the other Other- that he’s on THE LIST) but is shot instead by a wild looking Claire.

1. “it’s a baseball” duh! We see a lot of baseballs in Lost- there was one in the ‘time capsule’ that Kate and Tom buried, there was one sitting on the shelf in the locker John Locke the teenager was stuffed into, Ben showed Jack the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004...

2. It was odd that Sawyer hid the engagement ring in a box UNDER the floorboards. That seems like a lot of work and a bit of construction to go through to hide a ring. Was there something else in the box?

3. Aldo- was originally guarding Room 23 when Kate knocked him out 49 episodes ago

4. Ben Smith thinks that Jack did save Sayid because Jack has special powers. What do you think?

5. We’re thinking that Sayid’s ‘infection’ is the same ‘sickness’ that Rousseau’s crew had- where she had to shoot them all.

6. I’m seeing a lot on-line –all assumptions that whatever ‘infects’ Claire, Sayid, possibly Christian, Rousseau’s team- is Smokie. I don’t agree with this. I think they could be related- but I don’t think they could possibly be the same thing. Smokie didn’t go into Locke’s body- he created a copy. Whatever is infecting them is taking over dead or close to dead bodies. Also- Bram shot Flocke- but the bullet ended up on the floor, while Rousseau shot her crew and killed them.

7. Dogan’s description of the darkness reaching the heart brings back memories of ‘The Heart Of Darkness’- I don’t know if this was required reading for all of you- but it was for me in high school- I don’t know why I thought of this- but it’s about men who work on a steamship in Africa. The steamship was sunk- but repaired and they set off with a crew of cannibals up the river. There’s a dense jungle on both sides of the river. At one point they come across a hut with stacked firewood and a note saying the wood is for them- no idea where it came from. The steamer is surrounded by a dense fog- and when it clears the ship is attacked by unseen natives- who shoot arrows from the forest. There’s a lot more to it- and I’m sure it’s not related- I just thought it was fun

8. Dogan confirmed our suspicions that the Island or some being on the Island brought everyone here- in the form of boats, planes, hot-air balloons, etc for a reason.

9. The test- Ash, Electric Shock, and a Fire Poker?? To me, it seemed like Sayid reacted the way any normal human being with a pain threshold would have done- so how does this prove he’s infected??

10. I think when Kate, Jin, and the other Other’s saw that trap that looked like one set by Rousseau- it was set by Claire… Along with having the fashion and artillery as Rousseau… So, that brings up another question- Was Rousseau infected??

11. The other Other’s know a lot about our Losties- they know Sawyer’s real name, that Claire is Jack’s sister, where the Ajira flight landed.

Also- last week we missed- that Desmond (in Dimension X) has a wedding ring on! So, he’s already married. Just interesting…

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