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LOST 6:01 LA X

MY LOST T-Shirt (I wore it all day yesterday and got some funny looks- but I was ready for LOST!)

Ok. So we’re doing it a bit different today (and I’m guessing most of the season) as there are three different story lines going on. We’ll call one the ‘Jack Group’ (meaning the well… Jack group that is on the island) one the ‘Flocke Group’ (meaning the Fake Locke Group that is on the Island) and one ‘Dimension X’ (to be explained in the next paragraph. First of all, last night might have confused a lot of people- so we’ll start by diving into the science aspect of multiple dimensions J and then we’ll do each section with a mini recap and the theories and easter eggs from that section. Good? OK!

Ok- first things first: We need to explain why there are the THREE different time lines. First, The title of the show was LA X, rather than LAX like the airport. Now there were multiple theories on to why there was a space between LA and X- but now it seems to be obvious that it was in reference to the two different dimensions or realities. I will attempt to explain this in laymen’s terms- but if you have a better explanation- please email it to me! While there are many names for it (MWI, the relative state formulation, theory of the universal wave function, parallel universes, many-universes interpretation, and even closely related to Sting-Theory), The ‘Many Worlds’ theory was originally thought up by Hugh Everett and his relative state formula. What it means is that every action we make creates a new dimension or reality that is not known or seen to us. It’s almost like it creates another world- in which you did not make the decision that you did- it creates a different reality that is different due to that change. It views reality as a many-branched tree where every possible quantum outcome is realized. Many-worlds claims to resolve all of the correlation paradoxes of quantum theory, such as the EPR paradox and Schrodinger’s cat, since every possible outcome of every event defines or exists in its own "history" or "world". In layman's terms, there is a very large—perhaps infinite—number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but didn't, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes. An easy way for you to see this- is if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ with Gwyneth Paltrow (although that only shows two dimension and it comes together at the end- you get the just of MWI). I’ve always favored the theory and in it- that it explains ‘Déjà vu’. I like to think there is a minor connection between the realities- and when you meet someone you feel like you’ve known forever or have been someplace that just feels like home (even though you’ve never been there) it may be contributed by MWI. Fun thoughts. Anyways- back to LOST. Explaining what happened after the bomb went off. We see people on the plane- we see the island under water. What this seems to explain is that when the bomb went off- it created this new dimension starting with the explosion (which sank the island) and has followed to change the future in small ways (we’ll explain what ways in the ‘Dimension X’ section) It has changed everything from 1977- on. Anything that was or would have been affected by the island and magnetic forces still being intact. Make sense?? If not- email me and I’ll try to explain it better J

OK- Now on to the recap!!

Section 1: Jack’s Group:

Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Jin, Miles, and half-dead Sayid are back to the present. Jack is shocked that it didn’t work. Sawyer’s mad. They hear something. What? Juliet’s alive? Impossible. Sawyer makes it to her, but she dies in his arms. Hurley sees Jacob. What? He’s Alive? No- it’s the whole ‘Hurley sees dead people’ thing. Jacob tells Hurley to go to the temple. The group meets the other Others- who live at the temple and seem to be directed by a man resembling Jet Li in ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’- who understands English but doesn’t want to speak it. ‘Jet Li’ wants them killed but stops when Hurley yells out that Jacob sent them and that Hurley has a guitar case given to him by Jacob. What’s in the guitar case? A guitar? Nope- an Ankh (much like the ones held by many Egyptian Gods, including the statue) ‘Jet Li’ breaks it open to find a piece of paper (I’m guessing a list) and request the names of the Losties standing in front of him. They answer right and bring Sayid into a body of water (the fountain of youth??) which seems to not be working- as it’s murky, doesn’t heal ‘Jet Li’ and seems to kill Sayid. Hurley lets ‘Jet Li’ know that Jacob is dead and the other Other’s freak. They surround the temple with the black powder (to keep ‘him’ out.) and shoot red sparks into the air (to be seen by the Flocke group). Then… Sayid wakes up.

Theories and Easter Eggs and Basic Observations:
1. Juliet mumbles, “Would you like to have coffee sometime? We could go Dutch.” Before she sees Sawyer in front of her. That coupled with her “It worked” makes Rick and I agree on this one. As, she’s the one who blew up the bomb. And, she was in and out of consciousness, we are certain that she knows it worked because her consciousness was slipping back and forth to Dimension X and our original dimension. This explains how she knew it worked and her ‘coffee’ remark.
2. The black powder to keep ‘him’ out- goes with our theory from last season. That Jacob was never in the cabin. Flock, Smokie, Esau, whatever you want to call him was the inhabitant of the cabin- and was trapped inside by the black powder. And was freed- once the connection was broken.
3. How did Kate wake up in a tree?
4. When we went through the time travel phase- where all of the planes survivors (plus Juliet) were time traveling, why did the Tailies that were with the other Others (such as Cindy) not time travel?
5. One theory on Sayid being alive- is that Jacob has entered Sayid’s body. Not sure how I feel about this- but it’s a valid theory.
6. They made a note of the water not being clear. Just thought this was odd…
7. One theory is that ‘Jet Li’ was the captain of the Black Rock
8. Another theory is that he’s Alvar Hanso. Now, I’m going to shoot this one down right now. If you read the timeline at all- Alvar Hanso was born AFTER the Black Rock disappeared- He was not a 40 year old man.

Section 2: Flockes Group:

Flocke tells Ben to bring back Richard. Richard refuses and shows Ben Locke’s body. Ben takes Bram and co into the statue. Flocke tells them that Jacob is dead and Bram and Co, load up. Flocke disappears and only leaves a dented bullet on the ground… huh? He’s like evil superman. Out comes Smokie- killing everyone even Bram who tried to protect himself with the ring of black dust. Ben emerges and Flocke is back saying “I’m sorry you had to see me like that” Oh. Ok- we now know Flocke (MIB, Esau, etc) is Smokie. Crap. Outside- Richard sees the red lights shot by the other Others. Flocke and Ben come out of the temple where Flocke tells Richard he’s happy to see him out of the chains. Flocke knocks Richard out, tells the Others that he’s disappointed in them, and takes off with Richards body.

Theories and Easter Eggs and Basic Observations:
1. Richard was a slave on the Black Rock- hence “I’m happy to see you out of those chains” or was it to mean that Flocke thought Jacob kept Richard in ‘Chains’- as in more a figure of speech? I think he was a slave.
2. We know Flocke is Smokie now. But Who is Flocke??? Why can he posses the dead?
3. Where is Smokie’s Home?
4. Doesn’t it take much hotter temp to turn a body into ash that fast? Did Jacob turn to ash right after he died?
5. Richard saw Flocke before he headed into the foot- but he didn’t recognize him for what he was until after he came out.

Section 3: Dimension X:

Jack Shepherd is on Oceanic 815. He looks confused. He and Cindy (in original Dimension- Cindy is an other Other) repeat a familiar conversation about a weak drink. There’s turbulence, but everything is ok. Bernard returns from the bathroom. Jack has a cut on his neck. He returns to his seat and sees… Desmond! Jack thinks he knows him. But, alas they’ve never met, at least not in this lifetime (see theory below) Camera goes down. Island is under water. Kate steals Jack’s pen. She’s in handcuffs... again. Sawyer gives Kate the once over. Arzt is begging Hurley to do the Australian accent. And Hurley tells Arzt he won the lottery. Sawyer warns Hurley that someone may try to take advantage of him, but Hurley goes ‘no dude, I’m the luckiest man alive.’ Whaaaaat? Jin is same ole Jin and tells Sun to button up her shirt. Locke and Boone chat it up- but there’s no Shannon- she didn’t come back with him. Locke fibs about his awesome walkabout- but Locke is still in the wheelchair. Jack has to go save a passed out Charlie, who happened to stick a whole bag of heroin down his throat- now I don’t know from personal experience, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’re supposed to do heroin… “You should have let that happen, man” says Charlie “I was supposed to die.” Yes, Charlie- you’re right on that one. Desmond disappears. They all get off the plane at LAX. Customs lost Christian Shepherd’s Coffin (seems suspicious, huh). Kate asks Edward if she can use the bathroom and she manages to beat him up and escaped. Kate is helped by Sawyer and then manages to escape into a cab already inhabited by a totally still pregnant Claire. Jin is held up in customs by having a wallet full of $100s that he didn’t declare. Jack and Locke have a conversation, as Locke lost a bag of knives. Jack tells Locke nothing is irreversible and gives Locke a business card with an offer for a free consult.

Theories and Easter Eggs and Basic Observations:
1. The head wound Kate inflicts on Edward in the bathroom is the same spot he receives the deadly blow to the head when Oceanic 815 crashes in original reality.
2. I think Claire is going to freak out- go into early labor- and Kate will have to deliver the baby… again.
3. The address on Jack’s Business Card that he gave to Locke- is to the “Delight Medical & Wellness Center- Independent Group” and the building is an Octagon. Dharmaish?
4. Charlie asked Jack “Am I Alive?” After Jack brought him back. The same thing that Charlie wrote on his knuckles in the original reality after the plane crashed.
5. The book Desmond is reading on the plane is “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” by Salman Rushdie. It was Rushdie’s first novel after The Satanic Verses. It is a phantasmagorical story set in a city so old and ruinous that it has forgotten it’s name. In the book (children’s book btw) Haroun has to protect the Ocean, which is being destroyed by machines powered by electromagnetic induction.
6. The Shark we saw swimming around the underwater 4 toed statue was a DHARMA shark- had the symbol on his tail.
7. Boone is in a different seat on the airplane this time around.
8. Sayid is from Iraq- in original reality, yet in Dimension X- his passport says he’s from Iran.
9. Rose isn’t wearing Bernard’s wedding ring around her neck.
10. When the plane crashed on the Island- they were ‘way off course’ yet in Dimension X, they’re on course and fly over the island underwater.
11. There is turbulence on the flight when they fly over the island- hinting that there is still a small magnetic pull
12. Sayid’s Photo of Nadia is different- in the fact the one for original dimension was horizontal and the Dimension X photo is vertical.
13. In the original Dimension, Cindy gives Jack two bottles of extra alcohol, not one (and he uses the second bottle for his wound after the plane crash)
14. There’s a cut on Jack’s neck
15. The back of Rose’s Magazine says “The Truth Is Out There”
16. Frogurt is annoying in any reality
17. Jack seemed to be aware that something is off. He recognized Desmond and I don’t think they met in this reality. See #18 for my Des Theory:
18. When Dimension X was created by Jughead, it appears that the explosion sunk the island and killed everyone on it. That would mean that Charles Widmore was killed, and Penny very possibly never existed. This opens up the opportunity for Desmond and Penny to never meet, but also destroys the chance for a ‘Round the World Sailing Race’, as it was hosted by Widmore, which makes it so Des doesn’t enter the race, which means he doesn’t train for it, which means he isn’t running up and down stadium stairs when Jack hurts his ankle. Which means that they haven’t met in this lifetime. Which means that when Jack recognizes him- it’s a ‘déjà vu’ moment- see my MWI theory at the top of the page.
19. Rick’s Theory- He thinks Desmond was in Jack’s mind and not really on the plane at all- as we never saw him get off the plane, and Rose never saw Desmond. It could be that Desmond is hopping from the original Dimension to Dimension X. I really like this so I’m torn between this and him being there because we’re in Dimension X.
20. Christian Shepherds body wasn’t boarded onto the plane in Dimension X- where it was in the original reality- we know this because the coffin was on the island.
21. But, they never did find Christians body on the island... Maybe it crossed over to Dimension X? Same as Desmond hopping over a bit on Flight 815? Goes along with Rick's theory #19
22. Where are Michael and Walt?? They weren’t in the tail section of the plane and they should be on there- unless they’re lives were changed in a way that Walt wasn’t living in Sydney with the detonation of the Island.
23. I don’t think Rose has cancer in Dimension X

That’s it for now. Send me your Theories and Thoughts!

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