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Thank you Mike McGee- for a link to an awesome website with peoples theories and thoughts. Here's the link: but, I'm going to cover what I found to be interesting below- so don't feel the need to visit if, if you don't want to.

Also- thanks Rick, for this awesome article. You have to read this- it has some great LOST thoughts! (and it's really funny :)) :,,20313460_20341211,00.html it's long- so I'm not going to go into it here- but make sure you have some time to read it- because it's good!

Ok- so back to the original usa today/pop candy article- here are some other Lostie's thoughts, theories, questions, etc that I found interesting- and thought you all might too! (my thoughts are in black)

1. xeoomni: "I found it interesting that Jack was now in seat 24 on the plane. In the pilot, he was in 23. It seems the destruction of the island had a profound impact on the numbers and their meaning."
I love this thought!! I almost mentioned that he was in a different seat- but I couldn't remember for sure. Love it though!

2. Biggar: "At first I didn't want to believe it, but I do think Jacob has taken Sayid's body. If you look at the 'Lost Last Supper' pic, Sayid is in the Judas position, while Locke (MIB) is in the Jesus position. That's a pretty clear cut connection. Sayid seems like an odd choice seeing how the two really don't have a previous conflict. I would think Jack or Ben would be the better vessel. Does Jacob have special elemental abilities like Jacob being able to turn into the Smoke Monster? Could Jacob be the white flashing light?"
I didn't notice that Sayid was in the Judas position in the photo- makes you wonder though. If Flocke (aka Smokie) is in the Jesus position and Sayid (if he's Jacob) is Judas... Makes you wonder who the bad guy really is

3. Sister Carrie: "If the book in the cave turns out to be Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling (as I said, I saw the word "Soren" on the book), there might be some interesting connections:
- It was published in 1843, two years before the Black Rock set sail from England.
- It was published under a fake name, John the Silent (and our John really is silent now).
- And most compelling, the book feature ALTERNATE RETELLINGS of the same story. Perhaps that's a clue."

Good call on the Alternate retellings!

4. H.R.H. PetalKid: "So far no one had mentioned specifically the state of people's lives on the plane. It can't be a 'what if it hadn't crashed' because:

drastic changes for some:
Jack- Christian's missing corpse and a lack of patented 'Jackangst'
Hurley- luckiest man on Earth and Mr. Cluck CEO
Sawyer- A happy, polite dude.
Boone- He didn't 'save' Shannon from the bad choice, freeing himself from her.

not so much for:
Jin/Sun- he is a back to being a jerk/she trying to escape
Charlie- heroin addict/arrested
Kate- still being marshalled, still violent

and i've not clue what to make of:
Claire, Desmond, Bernard/Rose"

I don't necessarily agree with this- because it's not a 'Its what happened if the Plane didn't crash' scenario- it's more of a 'what happened if the island no longer exist' scenario- it's more along the lines of everything that changed since the 70's- not just on the plane. But thought it was a good thought.

5. j:
phanboy wrote:
What do you supose is the hidden meaning of the episode's title. It was NOT called LAX, the abbreviation for the airport. It was LA X. The space must mean something...
"My first guess was that the X is the roman numeral for ten. At the end, when they were doing slow-mo shots of various cast members, ten were shown. But reading on other sites suggests that the X symbolizes an alternate reality. Stolen from Lostpedia: Earth X: The 'X' in 'LA X' stands for an alternate reality. It's common use in comic books, Marvel Comics have an alternate history/timeline called 'Earth X.'

I stick with my theory of the alternate reality- but I like the idea of X for roman numeral ten.

6.Patriccio: "The season premiere title 'LA X' may imply this is the 10th iterration or version of the Los Angeles landing. Might it be possible that Oceanic 815 has actually flown and landed this flight several times before? Conversely, if the plane has multiple landings ... why should it not have multiple crashes on the island as well?"
I really like this thought as well! Hadn't heard this one before!

7.CarolinaGirl: "Quick question.... Just playing devil's advocate here (and going way out in left field), but why is everyone assuming Jacob is the 'good guy'? He's the one that is in league with the island, which had supposedly chosen Ben as a leader/protector... who even Darlton has admitted was evil. Ben was responsible for killing the Dharma initiative... Ben killed Locke and presumably Nadia. He let Alex die. He's been nothing but coniving and ruthless.

"When we met the MIB he was lamenting that Jacob brought people and there was always destruciton... that doesn't necessarily sound like a bad thing (wanting a lack of destruction). Again, playing devil's advocate, and stripping things down to the very basics, but what if MIB is on the side of angels? (since someone brought up the whole fallen angel theme?)

TRUE! I've been going back and forth with this in my head. We don't know Jacob is good- it's just made 'obvious' by the show that he is.

8.Cletus1974: "What if Jacob and the MIB are aliens? The island is their ship. The pocket of energy was their ship's power source. UFO lore is steeped in Egyptian and Mayan iconography which seems to be abundant on the island. And really?! The MIB? Maybe the 'they' in 'They're coming' is Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones."
I just thought this was funny :)

9. Desmond disappeared AFTER Jack saved Charlie. He disappeared because Jack saving Charlie changed something on Desmonds timeline.
Interesting! Remember it was Des 'job' to save Charlie on the island.

10. lola121 wrote:
OK- Have like 3 minutes before a meeting...but has anyone mentioned Djinn yet? Well, I think MIB/Jacob might be Djinn. Djinn are from an Islamic belief that there are angels, humans and djinns. They are made of smoke and rooted in the idea of genies. They are similiar to the Christian belief of fallen angels. I appologize to any of our Losties who are Muslim, please correct any of this if incorrect. I got most of my info from wiki.

Interesting... I hadn't heard that before- I'm going to do some checking on that!

Ok- that's all the time I have today- let me know your thoughts- and check out the blog @ (even if it is a repeat of what I send;))

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