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6:04- "The Substitute"

First things first: I LOVED LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE!! It was my favorite Dimension X and I just love Terry O’Quinn.

Now the Locke-Ness Monster won- so when you see that below- remember we are talking about Smokie “Locke” not the real Locke. We split up into an extra group this week (the four on the beach- Sun, Lapidus, Ben, and Ilana) which we will now call the “Outcast Group”. At least, until next week or so, when I’m sure they’ll merge with the “Jack Group” at the Temple. The Locke-Ness Monster group has now lessened significantly in members… But lets get to it, shall we? Same as always- small recap then on to what else we can find!

Dimension X:
Locke- driving a beat-up van that doesn’t work properly, can’t roll out into his yard. He falls, the sprinklers turn on, and it’s back to feeling sorry for Locke. But wait. HELEN! She never left him- in fact they’re getting married and she mentions his dad. Which brings up some questions… because Locke met Helen at an anger meeting after Locke’s dad stole his kidney (although in Dimension X they could have met under different circumstances). So either, his dad never stole his kidney and then pushed him out a window (in which case- Locke went paralyzed some other way) or Locke is REALLY forgiving and so is Helen. Hmmmm… I believe the former. Locke went to work. Randy’s still a douche. Locke is fired. Angry Locke beats up on a yellow hummer- that belongs to the owner of the box company- Hurley! Hurley sends Locke to a temp agency he also owns, which happens to be run by Rose. Yes, Rose still has cancer L. She hooked Locke up with a substitute teaching position, where he meets Benjamin Linus, a European History teacher. Locke comes clean to Helen about the walkabout and loosing his job and tells her she shouldn’t wait for a miracle. She loves him and tears up Jack’s business card.

1. In Dimension X- Randy didn’t know about the walkabout- he sent Locke to Australia for a conference, where in the original dimension, Randy knew and had teased him about it for a while.
2. The woman at the temp agency that asked Locke what kind of animal he would be- was the fake psychic that Hurley’s dad hired to try to get Hurley to no longer feel he was cursed by the numbers.
3. There’s a poster behind Rose’s head in the temp office- with a man and a woman- where the man looks eerily like Desmond the woman looks a lot like Kate.
4. HOW DID LOCKE GET INTO THE WHEELCHAIR? Did his dad do it? Doesn’t seem like it- there were photos all over there house with his dad in it. One was also up in his cubical two of them hunting.
5. In Dimension X- the sound of Locke’s alarm clock sounds the same as the sound the Hatch made when the countdown began to enter the numbers.
6. Hurley is driving the same Hummer that he bought in the original dimension with his lottery winnings- and the same one he crashed after returning from the island and seeing Charlie in a convenient store.
7. Randy (aka Douche boss) calls Locke “Colonel”, something he also did in the original dimension due to Locke’s obsession with the military game Axis and Allies.
8. In the original dimension, Locke got the idea of the walkabout from Abaddon. But, without the island existing and presumably without Charles Widmore, Locke and Abaddon never would’ve met

Outcast Group:
Ben lets Ilana believe that Locke-Ness Monster killed Jacob. She pick’s up Jacobs ASH and puts it in a baggie. She also insist that Smokie is stuck in Locke’s form. She informs them that Locke-Ness Monster is recruiting… The four buried Locke, in which Ben apologized for murdering him, and they took off to the temple

Sorry- No Easter Eggs, Etc for this section- it was just too short. Albeit funny “This is the weirdest funeral I’ve ever been to”

Locke-Ness Monster Group:
Locke-Ness Monster (LNM) releases Richard from a trap and asks him to join him. When he refuses, LNM turns to Sawyer- who is drinking in his undies. In his encounters with both men, LNM saw a blond boy- once with blood and the other time Sawyer saw him too. LNM chased the boy- tripped- and was told “You know the rules, you can’t kill him” by the boy. Huh?? Before LNM comes back to Sawyer- Richard tries to warn him away, telling him that LNM wanted him dead. “He won’t stop—“ But then ran away, chicken, when LNM came back. Me- well if I saw Richard that scared- I’d run. Sawyer wants answers. LNM and Sawyer climb down an unsafe ladder into a cave in the cliff. Where he throws a WHITE rock and shows Sawyer the walls which have hundreds of names and corresponding numbers. “Jacob had a thing for numbers”. Most where crossed out- but a few remain. And this was the list of ‘Candidates’ to replace Jacob as guardians of the island. LNM tells Sawyer they can leave the island “Together”. Sawyer get’s excited- ignoring the fact he knows this isn’t Locke and ignoring Richard’s Warning.

1. The numbers and names on the wall that weren’t crossed out:
4- Locke (John)
8- Reyes (Hurley)
15- Ford (Sawyer)
16- Jarrah (Sayid)
23- Shephard (Jack)
42- Kwon (Sun or Jin)
2. When LNM was told he ‘Can’t kill him’ HE yelled “Don’t tell me what I can’t do”- following a very much LOCKE sentiment. Is a piece of Locke carrying over into LNM?
3. Hurley is number 8. The number 8 on it’s side is the infinity symbol. Some are thinking this might mean that Hurley will be chosen.
4. Kate’s name wasn’t on the wall. Even though she was also ‘touched by Jacob’. Rick thinks she really is on the wall- we just didn’t see her- and she’s number 108.
5. Although- let’s say Littleton means Aaron (see below), Kwon means Jin, and Kate isn’t on the wall… That would mean that the names all belong to men… There could be something to that. Kate could have been brought to the island to HELP the candidates- not become one.
6. Littleton (Claire or Aaron?) is crossed off on the wall.
7. I spy… other names crossed off on the wall
a. There was also a number 286-Jenssen that was crossed out- Kate’s fathers name?
b. #195- Pace (Charlie)
c. #64- Goodspeed
d. #56- Chang
e. #175- Straume (Ethan?)
f. #222- O’Toole
g. #291- Domingo
h. #233- Jones (name on a stolen Army uniform Widmore wore)
i. #346- Grant
j. #10- Mattingley (name on a stolen Army uniform an Other wore)
k. #33- Martin (Karl??)
l. #90- Troup (Gary)- he was the ‘author’ of the Bad Twin- a fictional book by the creators of Lost
m. #142- Lewis (Charlotte?? Or by the ‘man’ theory- her father who worked on the island?)
n. #70- Faraday
o. #31- Rutherford (Shannon or her father??)
p. Almeida (Paulo?? We never knew his last name- but he was Brazilian and Almeida is a common Brazilian name
8. Who is the blonde island kid covered in blood?? Aaron? Kid Jacob? Peter Pan from Never Never Land?
9. The Blond kid appeared also acted in the movie 2:13- starring with Mark Pellegrino (who plays Jacob on Lost)
10. The blond kid saying “You can’t kill him” Could be referring to Sawyer- as Sawyer is a candidate or a reference to the fact that Jacob isn’t really dead?
11. LNM throws the White Rock off the scales, leaving a Black Rock sitting there- and comments “It’s an inside joke”. Black and White again. Black and White stones with Adam and Eve, Black Horse, White Polar Bear, Backgammon, White shoes black suit, Light and Dark- Jacob and MIB, etc etc.
12. While drinking alone in his house, Sawyer listens to Iggy Pop’s version of the song “Search and Destroy” about a “forgotten boy” who wants someone to “Save my soul”

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