Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sorry- I was planning on sending this out this weekend- but then we had a car broken into and the death of a dear friend- so things got pushed back to a bit last minute. But it’s here 

Ok- So it’s been a while since I’ve posted- as we’ve been on a LOST break and I’ve been super busy. But, in the spirit of the 6th and FINAL season- here’s what’s been going on…
We’ll start with a short recap of season’s 1-5 and end with a detailed timeline to help all of you losties keep track of what’s been happening in real time (warning the timeline while the Losties are on the island- is rather long). 

Season 1:
Plane Crashes. Jack becomes leader. Flashbacks about their lives. Faith/Science struggle between Locke and Jack. Love Triangle between Kate, Jack, and Sawyer. We meet Smokie- who eats the pilot. Sayid finds Rousseau who has been sending a signal in French for 16 years. “I’m alone now, on the island alone. Please someone come. The others are dead. It killed them. It killed them all” Locke kills a boar and sees the eye of the island. There are Others on the island. Ethan kidnaps pregnant Claire. Charlie kills Ethan. Locke finds a hatch. Boone dies in a wrecked plane. Kate delivers Claire’s baby. Michael, Walt, Sawyer and Jin take off on a raft. They’re attacked by Others who kidnap Walt and shoot Sawyer. We see the Black Rock which has explosives. Teacher blows up. Locke blows up the hatch.

Season 2:
Hatch has Desmond living it up 1970’s style. Push a button every 108 minutes or the world will end. Desmond runs away. Swan Station. Shannon loves Sayid, but starts seeing visions of Walt. Sawyer, Michael, and Jin find the Tailies. 12 Tailies kidnapped. Ana Lucia kills Shannon. Rousseau finds Henry Gale who isn’t really Henry Gale- he’s Ben Linus- leader of the Others. Libby likes Hurley. Michael goes to save Walt. Comes back, shoots Ana Lucia and Libby and sets Ben free. Locke struggles with entering the numbers. But Eko enters them after seeing his brother’s body. Sun is pregnant. Jin doesn’t know. Tom (the Other) tells the Losties “This is our Island”. Claire finds Tom’s beard- revealing the Others aren’t shabby. Eko and Locke find the Pearl Station (the one with all the TV’s). Michael, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley go to get Walt. It’s a trap. They’re captured. Hurley gets released. Michael and Walt leave on a boat. Desmond comes back. Sayid, Sun and Jin take Desmond’s boat to find Jack. Locke doesn’t want to push the numbers. Desmond crawls beneath the Swan to turn a key. Everything turns bright purplish. Two men call Penny “we found it”.

Season 3:
Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are being held prisoner by The Others. Jack is in a fish tank. Kate and Sawyer have to work. Kate loves Sawyer. They get busy. Jack’s supposed to save Ben from a tumor but Juliet wants Jack to kill Ben. Jack barters the release of Kate and Sawyer. Sun kills Pickett’s wife. Juliet kills Pickett. Desmond lives it up in 1996. He meets Ms. Hawkings who tells him to go back. Desmond runs around naked. He can see the future. Locke and Charlie rescue Eko from a polar bear. Nikki and Paulo show up. Nikki and Paulo die. Eko dies. Kate, Sayid, and Locke meet Mikhail (aka. Patchy). We don’t like him. They try to rescue Jack. Kate is prisoner. Locke blows up the sub. Locke sees his dad. Locke has Sawyer kill his dad. Kate is handcuffed to Juliet. The Others have fled to the Ruins. Juliet joins the Losties. Desmond sees a parachute. Thinks it’s Penny. They find Naomi. She has a freighter. Ben shoots Locke. Locke sees Walt. The Losties fill their tents with Dynamite and head for the radio tower. Charlie goes underwater. The Others attack the losties tent. Tom captures Losties at the camp. Hurley saves them. Charlie clears the jamming signal but drowns after showing Desmond “Not Penny’s Boat”. Jack beats up Ben. Locke stabs Naomi. Flash forward- “We have to go back, Kate!”

Season 4:
On The Island:

Naomi’s dies. Losties split between Jack and Locke. We meet Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, and Lepidus. Locke goes to the Barracks. Desmond and Sayid go to the freighter. Desmond can’t stay in one time till he finds his constant, Penny. They see Michael- Ben’s spy. There’s a bomb linked to Keamy’s heart. Keamy leads mercenaries to find Ben. They kill Alex, Rousseau, Karl and red shirts. Jacob tells Locke to move the Island. Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, and Lepidus go to the freighter. Sawyer jumps off. Ben kills Keamy. Freighter blows up. Oceanic 6 and Desmond and Lepidus make it. Ben turns the donkey wheel. The island disappears. The helicopter group finds Penny’s real boat. Oceanic 6 rescued. Desmond and Penny go into hiding.

Off the Island:
Oceanic 6. Aaron is Kate’s. Kate’s in trial. She gets off. Jack, Kate and Aaron make a happy family. Jack starts drinking. Hurley sees dead people. Sun goes after revenge and has a baby. Sayid gets married. His wife dies. Ben finds Sayid. Gets Sayid to kill people for him. 2007- Locke gets off the island and starts seeing the Oceanic 6. Jeremy Bentham. Walt’s all grown up. Jack tries to commit suicide. Doesn’t work. Sayid kidnaps Hurley from Santa Rosa. Locke dies. Ben tells Jack they all have to go back.

Season 5:
On The Island:
Time Traveling junkies. Set back- nose bleeds. Locke is alone- no Others. Encounters Ethan who shoots him in the leg. Time travel some more. Richard gives him a compass. Faraday finds Desmond in a past time time-travel and tells him to find his mother. There’s a bomb in 1954 and Faraday’s mother- who is an Other. Charlotte dies. Locke moves the donkey wheel and goes to present day while the Losties are stuck in 1974.

Off the Island:
Widmore finds and helps Locke (along with Abaddon) Ben shoots Abaddon. Locke visits the 6- to no avail. He tries to hang himself. Ben interrupts him. Ben hangs Locke. Lawyer tries to take Aaron from Kate. Kate freaks and give Aaron to Claire’s mum. Desmond remembers Faraday and goes to find Ms. Hawking. Jack finds Ms. Hawking. Sun tries to kill Ben. Nope- wait- Jin is alive. Ben tries to kill Penny, shoots Desmond and Desmond beats the crap out of him. Ms. Hawking tells everyone to go back. They all board a plane- including Sayid (who was arrested by Ilana) and Locke’s body and Lepidus- the pilot. Plane crashes. Kate, Sayid, Jack, and Hurley are in 1977.

Back on the Island (70’s):
Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Miles, and Faraday are working for DHARMA. Sawyer and Juliet are playing house. Kate, Jack and Hurley join the group. Sayid is taken hostage by DHARMA. He escapes and shoots past- little boy Ben. Kate and Sawyer take Ben to the Others. Phil finds out. Sawyer punches Phil and puts him in the closet. Faraday wants to blow up the Swan. He goes to the others. Ms. Hawkings kills him. Jack still wants to blow up the station. Ms. Hawkings will help him. Kate, Sawyer, Juliet try to stop him. Sayid is shot. Jack and Sawyer fight. The whole group goes to blow up the Swan. They have a shootout with DHARMA. Magnetic pull starts. Juliet falls into the pit. She hits Jughead. Blows up??

Back on the Island (current time):
Locke is alive. Ben wants judged. Smokie tells him to follow Locke. Ilana and co have a box and are trying to get to the 4 toed statue. Locke wants Ben to kill Jacob. They go to the statue. They go in the statue- Ben kills Jacob. Ilana meets Richard and shows him the body of Locke- is in their box. So who’s in Locke’s body?? Jacob says “They’re coming.” Right before he dies.

Timeline (The Bold is during time travel):
Time Unknown: Statue of Taweret is built

Time Unknown: Losties have traveled to a time when the full statue of Taweret is still there.

Time Unknown: The Ruins are built

Time Unknown: The Temple and the underground complex are built

3/22/1845: The Black Rock (supposedly sent by Magnus Hanso’s New World Sea Traders Co) sets off from Portsmouth England on a trading mission to the Kingdom of Siam and is lost at sea

3/1845: Jacob talks with a man while the Black Rock sits offshore.

1852: The log of the first mate of the Black Rock is found on Ile Sainte-Marie, an island off the coast of Madagascar

1882: Magnus Hanso’s New World Sea Traders Co is bought out by the East Ocean Trade Group

1894: Alvar Hanso is born

1937: Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan disappear while flying across the Pacific.

1937: Eloise Hawking is born

1937: Charles Widmore is born

10/15/1940: Emily Annabeth Locke is born

1939-1945: Alvar Hanso makes his mark providing munitions to various resistance movements around Europe

1947/1948: Bernard is born

1954: American soldiers arrive on the island to test a hydrogen bomb. They are all killed by Richard and the Others.

1954: At night Bernard is still trying to get fire going. Miles returns with a dead boar. Neil goes on a huge rant and is shot by a flaming arrow. The survivors all run into the jungle and several of them are shot with arrows. Sawyer and Juliet are separated and attacked by three men in strange uniforms and threatened. Locke comes and saves them.

1954: Daniel, Miles and Charlotte are captured by a group of 1950s Others and brought to Richard. Daniel convinces Richard he can fix the hydrogen bomb that was left on the island. Locke lets the young Charles Widmore go and tracks him back to the Others' camp. He then confronts Richard and asks how he can get off the island. Daniel tries to fix the bomb but decides the best action is to bury it. Locke convinces Richard he is telling the truth but before he can learn anything they time shift again.

1954-1964: ‘Adam & Eve’ laid to rest in a cave

5/30/1956: John Locke is born three months premature- Richard Alpert is sitting in a suit outside of his hospital room

1960-1969: Ben Linus is born outside Portland, his mother dying during childbirth. Horace and Olivia Goodspeed find Roger and Ben on the side of the road.

1962: Richard Alpert visits Locke at age six and performs a test. John doesn’t answer how Richard wants him too and he leaves

1962: The Apollo Candy Company is founded in SF by David Benson

1962: The Cuban Missile Crisis begins, bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war.

1962: The United Nations begins investigating a mathematical formula predicting the end of the world (the Valenzetti Equation)

Alvar Hanso addresses the UN Security Council

1968: James Ford (Sawyer) is born

1969: Sayid Jarrah is born in Baghdad

1970: Karen and Gerald DeGroot founded the DHARMA Initiative with funding provided by The Hanso Foundation.

1970’s: The Apollo Candy Company falls to dire straits. It is saved by Alvar Hanso and becomes a private purveyor.

1970’s: Jack gets beat up by a school bully for trying to protect his friend.

1970-1979: Ben and Roger Linus arrive on the island

1972: Richard Alpert tries to get a sixteen year old Locke to go to a science camp in Portland. He refuses to go.

08/15/01973: DHARMA and The ‘Hostiles’ sign a truce

12/19/1973: Annie gives Ben the wooden figurines. Ben sees his mother in the jungle.

12/20/1973: Ben meets Richard

1974: The final time flash puts Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Daniel and Miles in the DHARMA Initiative

11/27/1974: Jin is born to a prostitute who leaves the baby with Mr. Kwon unsure if the baby is his.

1976: James Ford's father kills James's mother and himself in front of James. At their funeral- Jacob gives Sawyer a pen to write his ‘Mr. Sawyer’ letter

1976: 8 year old Sayid kills a chicken

1977: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is born.

1977: Kate Austen is conceived while Sam Austen is deployed overseas and she is born three months after he returns.

05/25/1977: Star Wars is released

Ethan is born to Amy and Horace Goodspeed

1977(back on the island- day 1): Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid arrive on the island after disappearing from Ajira Airways Flight 316. Jin arrives in a DHARMA van. Sawyer and Juliet live together. Sawyer is in charge of security and has the alias LaFleur. He prepares the three to become DHARMA Initiative recruits, while Jin goes to look for Sun. Sayid is captured by Radzinsky as a hostile. Jack is a janitor, Hurley a Chef and Kate a Mechanic. Little boy Ben Linus brings Sayid a sandwich.

1977 (day 2): Sayid is visited in his jail by young Ben, Roger Linus, Horace Goodspeed, and Sawyer at different times in the day. Kate finds out Juliet is living with Sawyer. Horace gives Sayid a truth serum and Sayid tells Horace he’s from the future and knows of the DHARMA and the Purge. Young Ben breaks Sayid out of jail, but Sayid shoots young Ben. Jin takes young Ben to Juliet.

1977 (day 3): Ben looses blood. Juliet asks Jack to help- but Jack refuses. Kate gives little Ben blood. Juliet tells Kate and Sawyer to take Ben to the others. Alpert takes Ben to the Temple. Charles Widmore tells young Ben that he is one of the Others now. Sawyer tells Miles to erase the security footage but Miles can’t as Horace asks him to deliver something to Radzinsky. Miles delivers a body bag in which Radzinsky puts Alvarez’s body. Mile discovers he died from a filling being dislodged from a tooth and blown through his brain. Horace then tells Miles to take the body to Chang at the Orchid. Hurley insists they carpool. Hurley sees the body and when Miles explains, Hurley realizes he can talk to dead people too. Meanwhile, Kate returns and so does Roger. Juliet tells him Ben left. Roger is mad and is suspicious of Kate. Chang threatens Hurley to keep quit and Miles tells Hurley that Chang is his father. Chang gets Miles to drive him back to Radzinsky which Hurley recognizes as the Swan. Hurley tries to convince Miles to get to know his father and Miles discovers Hurley is writing The Empire Strikes Back. Phil has the security tape and threatens Sawyer. Sawyer beats up Phil and puts him in the closet. Miles drives to the dock where scientists from Ann Arbor are arriving, including Faraday.

1977 (Day 4):
Faraday discovers Jack, Kate, and Hurley have returned by plane according to Ms. Hawking’s instructions and tells Jack that they shouldn’t be there. Faraday drives to the Orchid where he awaits and follows Chang down the elevator. During construction of the Orchid, workers discover an underground chamber containing the frozen donkey when and Chang warns them not to open it because of the energy inside. Faraday tells Chang to evacuate the Island because of a greater amount of energy is about to release under the Swan in six hours. Faraday tells Chang that he’s from the future. Everyone meets at Sawyer’s house to discuss whether to hide in the jungle or take the sub. Jin and Hurley vote to remain on the island. Faraday enlists Jack and Kate’s help to find his mother while Juliet prepares to move the party to the beach. Radzinsky sees Faraday holding a gun and a fire fight breaks out resulting in Faraday being grazed by the neck and Radzinsky being shot in the arm. As the three get away in a DHARMA van, Radzinsky reports to Sawyer and finds Phil in the closet. Four hours before the Incident, Faraday reaches the Other’s camp and holds Richard Alpert at gunpoint. Hawkings shoots and kills Faraday. Widmore finds Jack and Kate and puts them in a tent where Eloise asks why Faraday needed the bomb. Jack explains he can change things by detonating it. Radzinsky, Phil, and Horace hold Sawyer and Juliet in the security station demanding to know where Kate is. Radzinsky beats Sawyer. Mitch discovers Jack, Kate, and Hurley were last minute entries to the sub’s manifest. Hurley, Miles, and Jin are trying to escape to the beach, but Dr. Chang follows them and discovers they really are from the future and evacuates the Island. Eloise, Richard, Jack and Kate go to Jughead. Sayid joins the group but Kate refuses and returns to DHARMA. When Chang evacuates, Sawyer demands to be put on the sub, then he will tell them what they want to know. Radzinsky gets Sawyer to draw a map of the Other’s camp. The evacuees board the sub including young Charlotte with her mother, Lara Chang and baby Miles, Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate boards too- after being captured. Kate convinces Juliet and Sawyer that they need to stop Jack from detonating the bomb. Meanwhile, Jack and Sayid dismantle the hydrogen bomb. Richard breaks a hole in the basement of one of the houses, then knocks Eloise out to prevent her traveling with them. Roger Linus recognizes Jack and Sayid sneaking across the compound and begins shooting at them before they can escape in a van driven by Hurley, Jin and Miles. Kate Juliet and Sawyer take a raft back to the Island and reunite with Rose and Bernard. Hurley drives to the construction site of the Swan station, but they are stopped by Juliet, Sawyer, and Kate. Jack and Sawyer get into a fight which is broken up by Juliet. Juliet breaks up with sawyer. Phil warns Radzinsky about the Losties coming. A massive gunfight ensues, wherein the survivors gain the upper hand, allowing Jack to drop the bomb at the same time that the drill hits the energy source. The strong magnetism draws all metallic objects towards the drilled hole. Phil is stabbed. Dr. Chang’s arm is crushed and Juliet is dragged in to the chasm by a metal chain. In the bottom of the pit severely injured Juliet hits the bomb with a rock 8 times until it detonates.

1977: The Swan station is built

1977: The ‘Incident’ occurs

1978: Daniel Faraday is born to Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore

7/2/1979: Charlotte Lewis is born on the island.

1980: Orientation films for stations "The Swan" and "The Pearl" created by DHARMA.

12/1979-2/1989: Mikhail (patchy) Bakunin is stationed in Afghanistan sometime during the Soviet invasion.

1980: Little Sun breaks a glass ballerina and blames It on her father’s maid

1981: Boone Carlyle is born.

10/27/1981: Claire Littleton is born.

1982: Kate's parents split up.

1983: Shannon Rutherford is born.

10/28/1984: "Suspected shutdown date" annotation on the Blast Door Map. Possibly the date of the gas attack on Dharma.

12/25/1984: Liam Pace receives a Voltron Transformer toy for Christmas. Charlie gets a piano

1987: James Ford assumes the name Frank Sawyer and becomes a con man because of a $6,000 debt.

1987: Hanso Foundation funding of the DHARMA Initiative ends

1987: David Reyes takes off and leaves his son Hugo behind along with his brother, Diego and mother, Carmen.

1987: Kate runs into Jacob when she tries to steal a lunch box

1988: Leonard Simms and Sam Toomey hear the numbers transmission during a navy mission in the South Pacific

1988: Sam Toomey uses the numbers to win $50,000 in a bean-guessing contest.

11/18/1988: Danielle Rousseau's team, lured by the numbers transmission, shipwrecks on the island. They meet Jin and are attacked by the monster. Two members are killed by the monster.

11/18/1988: After escaping the bullets through yet another flash, Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Miles, Daniel and Charlotte, find themselves paddling in the sea at night, in heavy rain. Eventually they are able to reach the Island beach again, where Juliet also gets a nosebleed. On the beach they find remnants of what appears to be a French ship. Meanwhile a group of French-speaking castaways finds an unconscious man floating on some debris, revealed to be Jin.

11/19/1988: The next morning, as Jin wakes up, the Frenchmen want to know who he is, and one of the women of the group introduces herself as Danielle Rousseau. They convince Jin to take them to the radio tower but on the way there they are attacked by the smoke monster which kills Nadine and sucks Montand into the ground minus one arm. Robert, Lacombe and Brennan go in after Montand when Jin flashes away

01/1989: Jin finds himself in the same place but Montand's arm is now partially decayed. He walks to the beach and finds some of Rousseau's stuff. Then he finds Brennan and Lacombe's bodies which have been there long enough to attract flies. He then sees Danielle and Robert arguing and Danielle shoots Robert and then sees Jin and starts shooting at him. Jin runs into the jungle and experiences another flash.

01/1989: Rousseau's team becomes sick after returning from the smoke monster's temple near the Black Rock. She kills them all.

01/1989: Rousseau changes the numbers transmission to a distress call.

01/1989:Rousseau gives birth to Alex

1989:Rousseau sees a pillar of black smoke, and Alex is taken by the Others

1989:Theresa, Boone’s nanny, falls and breaks her neck on the stairs. “Theresa falls down the stairs, Theresa falls up the stairs”

8/15/1989:Kate Austen and Tom Brennan bury a time capsule

1989: A case containing crackers, binoculars, and a mirror is hidden under some rocks on the island

1991:Sayid serves with the Republican Guard in the Gulf War. Kelvin Inman and Sam Austen serve with the US Army and all three meet at the end of the war.

10/5/1992:Emily Locke is admitted to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institution

1992:Boone’s mother and Shannon’s father marry.

1992: Ben participates in and facilitates the slaughter or "Purge" of Dharma initiative personnel from the island.

1991: Mikhail claims to have arrived at The Flame.

1993-1998: Eko tries to smuggle Heroin out of Nigeria by posing as priests. His brother Yemi is killed and Eko is left behind.

1993-1998: Eko assumes Yemi's position as a priest and soon leaves for a new assignment in London.

1993: Widmore is forced to leave the island

1993: Faraday graduates from Oxford- Hawking gives him his journal

1993: Widmore begins funding Faraday’s research

1994: Locke lives on a commune in California.

8/24/1994: Walt Lloyd is born

1994-1999: The plane carrying Eko's brother's body and his fellow heroin smugglers crashes on the island.

1994-1999: The island is first moved and the survivors start to try and figure out what is happening. On the beach they realize that the burning freighter and the camp itself have disappeared. Daniel returns to the island on the dinghy and explains that they've time traveled. They head towards the Swan to help Daniel figure out a reference frame. While they are walking they see the white flash and time shift. Locke discovers that Richard and the Others have disappeared and that it is suddenly raining. He then sees the Nigerian plane crash in the jungle and walks towards it. He starts to climb up the cliff towards it when he gets shot by Ethan. Ethan threatens to shoot him again when Locke time shifts again

1995: Desmond enters a monastery days before his scheduled wedding. He passes the vow of silence test and gets accepted as a novice. He drinks an entire bottle of the monastery's wine and gets thrown out of the monastery. Just as he is leaving he meets Penny Widmore and the two start dating.

1995: Susan Lloyd takes Walt to Amsterdam, leaving Michael.

1996: Michael is hit by a car.

1996: Charlie is playing on a London Street (watched by Hawking and Desmond) and it begins to rain. He hears a woman (Sayid’s future wife Nadia) calling for help. He scares off the mugger and calls Charlie a ‘hero’

1996: Penny moves in with Desmond. Desmond was going to ask Penny to marry him but instead broke up with her and joined the Royal Marines. Desmond relived these events eight years later (sometime in December or 2004) after he set-off the failsafe device in the Swan bunker.

1996: Penny moves out of Desmond's place and changes her phone number.

1997: Michael initiates legal action to try and get custody of Walt, but relents after Susan talks to him.

1997: While in basic training, Desmond begins to experience shifts between this year and December 24, 2004, when his future self travels from the Island to the freighter Kahana. Under advice from Daniel Faraday, he goes to visit Faraday's past self at Queens College, Oxford University.

1997: Charles Widmore wins the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock at Southfield's auction, after which he gives Desmond, Penelope Widmore's new address.

1997: Desmond goes to Penny's new house, asking for her phone number so that he can call her eight years later, on Christmas Eve, 2004. The concurrence of his meeting with Penny and his call in 2004 seem to end the shifts.

1995-2000: Locke is reunited with his parents.

1995-2000: Locke's father swindles a kidney out of Locke and cuts off his relationship with him.

1997: Sayid falls in love with Nadia, a prisoner he's supposed to be interrogating, and helps her escape.

1997: Sayid leaves Iraq.

1997-1999: Locke begins attending anger management meetings

1997-1999: Locke begins seeing a woman named Helen.

1999-2000: Locke and Helen break up over Locke's obsession with his father. Locke inspects Nadia, Sayid's love's house.

1999: Claire and her mother are in a car crash with leaves her mother in a coma

1999: Hurley's Grandpa Tito receives a pacemaker.

4/4/1999: Desmond completes his prison sentence and is dishonorably discharged from the Marines

2000: Locke suffering from depression is confined to a wheelchair after his father throws him out a window and starts working at a box company while receiving government disability payments.

2000: Jacob touches Locke right after he gets thrown from the window.

2000: Sam Toomey kills himself.

2000: Sun and Jin marry. Jacob gives them his blessing.

2000: Two months after Sun and Jin marry Jin buys a birth gift for the Chinese Ambassador to South Korea's son.

2000: Jack makes a mistake in a surgery and after tries to get an Apollo Candy Bar from a vending machine- Jacob gets it for him.

2000-2001: Libby's husband Dave dies.

2000-2001: Libby meets Desmond and gives him her late husband's boat.

2001: Sarah (Jack’s Ex- Wife) blows out a tire and flips into oncoming traffic, hitting and killing Adam Rutherford (Shannon’s Dad). Jack saves her.

2001: Kate blows up her father Wayne. Her mom turns her in and Marshal Mars starts pursuing her.

2001: Edmund Burke (Juliet's ex-husband) gets run over by a bus after Juliet tells the recruiter that is what it would take for her to accept the job.

2001: Martin Keamy leaves the Marine Corps and joins a mercenary company.

9/21/2001: Juliet agrees to 6 months work and arrives on the island by submarine.

9/28/2001: Juliet meets Harper for their first therapy session.

2001: Desmond wrecks on the island during a solo sailing race around the world and is taken to the "Swan" Bunker by Kelvin.

2001: Sawyer cons a woman named Cassidy.

2001: Kate meets Cassidy who helps her talk to her mother. Kate then convinces her to press charges on Sawyer. Must be less than 3 months after Sawyer and Cassidy split up as Cassidy is not visibly pregnant and not that long after Kate first went on the run.

2001-2002: Driveshaft breaks up. Liam moves to Australia to go into rehab.

2001: Juliet learns her sister's cancer has returned and agrees to stay on the island if Ben saves her life.

2001: Sawyer discovers that he has a daughter. He makes a deal to get out of prison.

2001: Kate visits her dying mother in an Iowa hospital.

2001-2004: After another time shift the group of Losties at the Swan find themselves at a time before it was destroyed. Sawyer bangs on the door to no avail and everyone but Daniel heads back towards the beach. Daniel retrieves his bag and then gets Desmond to open the door and instructs him to try and find Faraday's mother in Oxford. On the beach Rose and Bernard try to start a fire and argue with Neil about the futility of it. Sawyer and Juliet discuss the raft that is traveling with them. Daniel returns to the beach and starts calculating their location in time. Miles sets off in search of food.

2002: Kate and Tom dig up their time capsule.

2002-2004: Jin meets up with Sawyer and the other group of time travelers. They continue towards the Orchid station. While traveling they experience several time flashes and Charlotte starts to really breakdown mentally and physically. When Charlotte is too weak to continue Daniel stays with her and Locke and the others continue towards the Orchid. Charlotte tells them to look for the well if the Orchid isn't there. They arrive at the Orchid in the same state as it was in 2004

1800-2004: Right after they arrive at the Orchid they time shift again and the Orchid ruins disappear. They then find the well Charlotte talked about and Locke begins to climb down. When Locke is part way down they time shift again and the well completely disappears. Locke falls the rest of the way down and breaks his leg. Sawyer finds himself holding a rope that just goes into the ground. Locke meets Christian's ghost and he guides him to the frozen donkey wheel. Locke then turns the donkey wheel and experiences another flash.

2002: Tom is killed when police shoot at the car when Kate tries to make her escape.

2002: Walt and his family move to Australia.

2002-2003: Liam Pace's daughter is born. Charlie tries to become respectable and takes a job selling copiers, but his addiction gets the best of him and he steals from his girlfriend Lucy.

2003: Kate robs a New Mexico bank to get Tom's plane back.

2003: Jack marries Sarah.

2003: Hurley is released from SRMHI.

2003: Hurley wins the lottery using the numbers given to him by Leonard Simms.

2003: Jin visits the Korean Secretary of Environmental protection to deliver a message.

2003: Jin gives Sun a Sharpie puppy from the environmental secretary.

2004: Locke begins talking with Helen (fake Helen from the phone-sex line)

2004: Claire becomes pregnant.

2004: Claire visits a psychic who becomes frightened and refuses to give her a reading.

2004: Thomas leaves Claire

2004: Kate hides out at Ray Mullen's farm in Australia.

2004: Christian Sheppard stops talking to his son Jack.

2004: Locke books his "Walkabout" tour.

2004: Walt's mother, Susan Lloyd dies.

2004: Michael flies to Australia to take custody of Walt.

2004: Sawyer buys Jack's father a drink in a Sydney bar.

2004: Ana Lucia is paid protection for Christian Sheppard

2004: Christian Sheppard dies and Jack goes to get his body in Australia

2004: Sawyer shoots Frank Duckett, believing him to be the con man who stole his parents' money.

9/18/2004: Nikki and Paulo poison Mr. Zuckerman and steal his diamonds.

9/19/2004: Sawyer is arrested after a bar fight.

9/20/2004: Boone is in the police station reporting on Shannon's abusive boyfriend.

9/21/2004: Ben discovers that he has a malignant tumor on his spine.

9/21/2004: Charlie goes to see his brother Liam in Sydney.

9/21/2004: Sayid's friend Essam kills himself after Sayid reveals that he's working with the CIA to stop the terror cell Essam joined.

9/21/04: Sayid is given a ticket to Los Angeles by the CIA, but he requests a later flight so he could bury Essam properly.

9/22/2004 5:23AM: Michael and Walt have an argument in their hotel.

9/22/2004 11:50am: Jack meets Ana-Lucia Cortez in an airport bar.

9/22/2004 2:55PM: Oceanic Airlines flight 815 takes off from gate 23 of Sydney International Airport.

9/22/2004: Desmond kills Kelvin, and fails to press the button on time. Oceanic Flight 815 en route from Sydney to Los Angeles, breaks into three pieces and crashes onto a large island in the South Pacific. Elsewhere on the island, The Others are living in The Barracks. They feel an earthquake when Desmond fails to press the button on time. They rush outside and see the plane breaking apart in the sky. Ben sends Goodwin to where the tail-end of the plane crashed and Ethan to find the fuselage. Ben tells them both to pretend to be one of the survivors. There are 50 survivors from the middle and cockpit sections but one is quickly killed by the still active jet turbine. The tail section of Oceanic Flight 815 crashes in the ocean on the other side of the island. Soon after the crash, Goodwin rushes out of the jungle dressed as a crash-survivor. He asks to get help for Bernard, whose seat landed in a tree. Nikki meets and befriends Art. The monster uproots trees and makes noise near the fuselage crash site. Ben takes Juliet to the Flame cabin and has Mikhail show her sister and nephew. He also asks Mikhail to collect information on the flight passengers. They take 3 people from the tail section survivors and try to take Eko, too, but he kills two of them. Eko stops speaking.

9/23/2004 Jack, Kate and Charlie find the cockpit section in the jungle. The pilot survived. The pilot reveals that the plane was off course, and then promptly gets eaten by the monster. Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Charlie, Shannon and Boone go into the jungle to find a high spot to send a distress call from. Sawyer kills a polar bear. Sayid hears Rousseau's distress call and Sayid calculates it's been going on for 16 years and 5 months.

9/24/2004: Jack euthanizes the Marshal.

9/25/2004: Locke finds Vincent, and has Michael take him back to Walt. At night, boars investigate the bodies in the fuselage.

9/26/2004: Donald becomes the fifth (or fourth) tail section survivor to die of crash-related injuries. Locke encounters the monster while hunting boar. Memorial service for the dead, and burning of the fuselage.

9/27/2004: Barbara Joanna Miller drowns. Jack finds the caves and fresh water. Ethan introduces himself to Nikki and Paulo, who tell him they're looking for their luggage. Ethan suggests they look for it more inland, since the plane broke apart in the sky above the island and some of the stuff might have fallen out in the sky.

9/28/2004: Jack and Kate find two old corpses in the caves. Some of the survivors move from the beach to the caves.

9/29/2004: Jack is trapped when one of the caves collapses. Charlie helps him escape. Sayid is attacked when he is trying to triangulate the source of the distress call.

10/1/2004: Sawyer is tortured by Sayid, and is wounded in a scuffle. Sayid leaves the camp in shame.

10/3/2004: The Others attack the tail section's camp and drag off 9 more people. Ana-Lucia kills one and finds a U.S. Army knife and a list describing the nine who were taken.

10/4/2004: Sayid is captured by Danielle Rousseau.

10/5/2004: First Island Open Golf Tournament. Sayid escapes from Rousseau. Sayid hears whispers in the jungle.

10/6/2004: After 3 days of walking, the remaining tail-section survivors make a camp in the jungle.

10/7/2004: Claire becomes convinced that she was attacked in her sleep.

10/8/2004: Sayid returns to the caves, just as Hurley tells everyone at the caves that one of the survivors he talked to wasn't on the plane. Claire and Charlie are taken by Ethan. The tide starts coming further up the beach than normal, and starts washing the plane hull into the ocean. Charlie is left for dead by Ethan, but revived by Jack. Boone and Locke find the hatch in the jungle. Ana-Lucia starts work on the prison pit. She and Libby discuss their distrust of Nathan.

10/9-19/2004: Claire, drugged by Ethan and the Others is kept in the Medical Bunker. She agrees to give up her baby to the Others.

10/10/2004: Ana-Lucia thinks Nathan is one of The Others and puts him in the prison pit.

10/12/2004: Kate and Sawyer discover two dead bodies from the plane and a Halliburton case in a pool by a waterfall. The beach survivors start to move their camp further up the coast.

10/13/2004: Jack gives Kate the toy plane from the Marshal's case, and takes custody of the guns.

10/14/2004: Locke gives Boone a hallucinogenic experience. Goodwin releases Nathan from the prison pit, then breaks his neck and hides the body.

10/15/2004: Art shows Nikki his spider collection and draws her a map of the plane's path across the jungle. Nikki and Paulo to find the beach craft up in the trees. They also discover the Pearl station's entrance in the ground but don't go down.

10/19/2004: The tail section survivors find the entrance to the Arrow bunker. It wasn't concealed at that time. A radio is found inside. Ana-Lucia and Goodwin go off to try the radio. Ana-Lucia knows Goodwin is one of Them, and tries to get information from him. There is a struggle and Goodwin is impaled on a spear.

10/20/2004: Michael starts building a raft. Walt is menaced by a polar bear. A mysterious young girl in the Medical Hatch chloroforms Claire and leaves her in the jungle. Danielle Rousseau finds her, and Claire scratches her when Rousseau tries to keep Claire from calling the Others. Rousseau knocks Claire out and leaves her near the Oceanic survivor’s camp. Locke and Boone find Claire wandering in the jungle in the middle of the night.

10/21/2004: Charlie is threatened by Ethan in the jungle, who demands Claire.

10/22/2004: Scott is found murdered on the beach. Ethan is lured into an ambush and is captured. Charlie then shoots him four times, killing him. Sawyer's tent is raided by a boar. He hears whispers in the jungle.
10/23/2004: Charlie and Hurley bury Ethan. Kate offers to help Sawyer track down his boar in exchange for carte blanch to his stash.

10/24/2004: Sawyer returns the gun to Jack, inadvertently learning that he met Jack's father in a Sydney bar. Shannon and Art argue with Kate for keeping the guns a secret from the rest of the group. Nikki and Paulo go to the pool by the waterfall to look for their bag. Paulo dives in and finds the bag, but doesn't tell Nikki. Sun conceives a child.

10/25/2004: Walt burns the first raft down.

10/26/2004: Sawyer brings Jin to beach for a confrontation with Michael. To save her husband from an unwarranted beating, Sun speaks English in front of everyone. Jin leaves Sun and moves to the beach.

10/27/2004: Jin helps to start building a new raft.

10/29/2004: Hurley finds Rousseau to ask about the numbers. He gets a battery from her for the raft. Claire's birthday. Locke gives her a cradle he made for the baby.

10/30/2004: Locke and Boone try to break the hatch window with a crude trebuchet. Locke realizes that he's losing feeling in his legs.

11/1/2004: Sayid makes a pair of glasses for Sawyer, then takes Shannon out on a date. Locke and Boone find a Drug smugglers plane from Nigeria. Locke finds a gun on a smuggler. Boone is critically injured when the plane falls from its precarious position. Bernard tries the radio and picks up Boone's transmission. Ana-Lucia thinks it is Them trying to find the tail section survivors and turns the radio off. Eko finally starts speaking again, and Ana-Lucia cries.

11/2/2004: The hatch window lights up as Locke is sobbing over it. Boone Carlyle dies. Claire gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Locke re-appears at Boone's funeral. Jack accuses him of lying, then attacks him. Locke takes Sayid to the plane. Sayid interrogates Locke and confiscates the Nigerian smuggler's gun from him. Shannon steals a gun from the gun case and tries to kill Locke. Sayid stops her. Sayid demands that Locke take him to the hatch.

11/2/2004: Charlotte collapses as a result of the time shifts. Following Locke's suggestion the group decides to go to the Orchid to try and stop the flashes. After dark, they spot a beam of light, recognized by Locke as the light he saw the night Boone died. Sawyer sees Claire give birth to Aaron, before yet another flash appears.

11/3/2004: Sayid brings Jack to the hatch. Art warns Michael that it is nearly Monsoon season, and the raft has to be launched as soon as possible. Michael falls ill when working on the raft. Jack thinks someone poisoned him. Sawyer forces Kate to reveal that she was the fugitive so he can get his spot on the raft back.

11/4/2004: Rousseau wanders into the beach camp and warns the survivors that the Others are coming. Hurley and Rousseau are taken to the hatch. Locke suggests that they get dynamite to blow open the hatch. Jack organizes an expedition to the Black Rock to get the dynamite. Walt gives Shannon Vincent to take care of her. She promises to look after him until he gets back. The raft is launched. Art dies at the Black Rock. Rousseau kidnaps Claire's son. Charlie and Sayid set out to bring him back. Locke is nearly pulled underground by the monster.

11/5/2004: Locke, Jack, Kate and Hurley use the dynamite to blow open the hatch. The raft is attacked and destroyed by the Others. Walt is kidnapped. Locke, Kate and Jack separately enter the Hatch. Sawyer, Michael and Jin wash up on the far side of the island, and are promptly captured by the tail-section survivors. After accidentally damaging the Swan bunker's computer, Desmond runs off into the jungle. Ana-Lucia is dumped into the pit prison to find out who Sawyer, Michael and Jin are.

11/6/2004: Michael, Sawyer and Jin are let out by the tail survivors, and are taken to the Arrow Bunker. Hurley takes Rose to the Swan bunker. Hurley catalogues the food in the Swan Bunker with the help of Rose. The fuselage survivors feast on the Swan Bunker food. Sun buries the bottle of messages that went on the raft.

11/7/2004: Ana-Lucia decides to move the remaining tail-section survivors across the island to meet the fuselage survivors. Michael races off into the jungle looking for the people who took his son. Jin and Eko go after him. Jin and Eko go after him and see a group of people pass by their hiding spot. Jin and Eko convince Michael to come back with them. Sun searches for and finds her missing wedding ring. Shannon sees another vision of Walt, this time in her tent. Eko, Michael and Jin catch up with Ana-Lucia.

11/8/2004: Shannon sets out to look for Walt. Sayid follows her. Sawyer's infected bullet wound causes him to pass out. Michael and Eko build a stretcher. Cindy vanishes without a trace when the tail survivors struggle to get Sawyer up a steep hill. Shannon is accidentally shot by Ana-Lucia. The tail survivors meet Sayid. Eko carries Sawyer to the Swan bunker. Michael finds Sun and is taken to Jack in the bunker. Michael, Jin and the tail survivors arrive on the beach and reunite with the fuselage survivors. Jack and Ana-Lucia meet up in the jungle.

11/9/2004: Kate sees a black horse in the jungle. The survivors hold a funeral for Shannon, during which Sayid emotionally confesses his love for her. Sawyer wakes up and feels good enough to walk around with Kate's assistance. He and Kate see the black horse outside. Locke finds Paulo trying to bury the China doll on the beach. He tells Paulo that the tide will cause the beach to erode and his secret won't stay buried there for long. Paulo goes to the Pearl station and goes inside. He finds a toilet inside and hides the China doll in the basin of the toilet. While in the toilet, Ben and Juliet arrive and switch on a monitor. Ben shows Jack to Juliet on the monitor. Juliet asks what his plan is and Ben says that they'll use Michael to capture Jack, along with Kate and Sawyer. He will then convince Jack to do the surgery. At the Swan station, Locke splices a piece of the Orientation film that Eko had to the whole. Michael receives a text message on the computer from someone claiming to be Walt.

11/10/2004: Eko recognizes the Virgin Mary statue Charlie has and smashes it in front of Claire, revealing the heroin. He then forces Charlie on a hike through the jungle looking for the plane. Michael continues to secretly talk on the computer with the person claiming to be Walt. Eko has an experience with the monster that an astonished Charlie witnesses. Eko and Charlie find the plane that has Eko's brother's corpse in it. Eko turns the plane into a funeral pyre. Claire kicks Charlie out of her life.

11/11/2004: Michael locks Jack and Locke in the gun vault and takes off across the island, heading north, instead of where the tail section came from. Michael is following the directions given to him by whoever was sending messages to him on the computer. Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and secretly Kate pursue him. Michael runs into a group of Others and is captured. The Others surround the party tracking Michael, at night and "Mr. Friendly" warns them to turn back, using Kate as a hostage. Reluctantly they drop their guns, get Kate, and head back.

11/12/2004: Jack and the others arrive back on the beach. Jack asks Ana-Lucia how long she thinks it would take to train an army.

11/13/2004: Michael and the group of Others arrive at the Others tent village and bunker on a north beach of the island. He is handed over to "Miss Klugh", who asks him questions about Walt.

11/14/2004: Charlie wakes up from a nightmare. He asks with Claire to go back to the way things were before. Claire said that there was no before. Sawyer notes that Jack and Ana-Lucia have made at least three trips into the jungle. At night, Charlie has another nightmare and finds that he has sleepwalked and taken Aaron. Claire slaps him.

11/15/2004: Charlie tries to get Locke to put in a good word for him with Claire. Locke asks Charlie if he is using heroin. Charlie gets upset because other people have seen strange things, but people assume he's on drugs. Charlie lies to him about not having any more virgin mary statues. Eko and Charlie talk about his dreams, then Charlie thinks they mean that Aaron needs to be baptized. Eko has started work on building a church. Locke follows Charlie to his stash and confiscates the drugs. At night, Charlie sets a fire in the woods near the beach, and then attempts to steal Aaron so he can be baptized. Claire pleads with Charlie to give Aaron back. He does. Locke punches him repeatedly.

11/16/2004: Jack talks to Charlie. He admits that he started the fire. Jack already knew. He wants to know if Charlie will ever do anything like that again. Charlie tells Jack yes, and that he never used heroin. Claire goes to see Eko about baptizing her and Aaron. Locke puts the heroin into the gun vault. At night, Charlie sits alone by a fire.

11/17/2004: Jack puts the Marshall's guns into the gun vault. Jack and Locke make an agreement that neither of them will open the gun vault without consulting the other first. Charlie moves his tent farther from the others. Sun is attacked while working in her garden. Sawyer and Kate hear her cries for help and find her unconscious, and tied up in the jungle. Sawyer tells Kate that he thinks this was a plot to get people to join the army. Kate asks Sawyer to go tell Locke to move the guns. Sawyer warns Locke that Jack is coming for the guns. Locke moves the guns. When Jack shows up, he is ticked off that the guns are gone, and at night confronts Locke on the beach. Locke and Jack are both surprised however, when an armed Sawyer shows up and announces that he has the guns now. In the jungle, Sawyer meets Charlie. He was the one who attacked Sun and followed Locke to where he hid the guns. Charlie did it just to make Locke look like a fool.

11/18/2004: Rousseau finds Sayid and leads him to a man who got caught in one of her traps. He tries to escape and Rousseau shoots him with a home-made crossbow. Sayid takes him back to the Swan bunker. Sayid locks himself in the armory with the man and starts interrogating him. The man claims to be Henry Gale from Minnesota, who crashed on the island in a hot air balloon with his wife. Sayid becomes convinced that he's lying and starts beating him. Jack demands that Locke open the armory door, but Locke refuses until the one-minute alarm for the button starts sounding. Locke opens the door and Jack pulls Sayid away. Locke is late entering the code and the timer hits zero. The sound of a large machine powering up starts and the timer flips to show Egyptian hieroglyphics. Locke quickly finishes entering the code before the last hieroglyphic flips into place. Later, Sayid is on the beach, and he tells Charlie about Henry Gale.

11/19/2004: Early at night, Claire's baby Aaron is suffering from a fever and rash. Locke goes to get Jack. Rousseau shows up and warns Claire that Aaron may be sick with the same thing that infected the rest of her team. In the morning, Claire, convinced that Aaron is sick, and the cure lies in the place she was kept for over a week. Claire and Kate set out to look for it. Rousseau finds them and leads them to the place where Claire scratched her. From there, Claire finds the Medical Bunker, but it is abandoned. Kate discovers disguises worn by the Others. Claire tells Rousseau about the mysterious young girl who helped save her life. Henry Gale has been in the bunker for two days. Eko asks Henry Gale for forgiveness for his killing of two Others.

11/20/2004: Locke recruits Ana-Lucia to try and get information from Henry Gale, who has been in the bunker for three days. Ana-Lucia gets Gale to draw a map to the location of his balloon crash site. She gets Sayid and Charlie to accompany her on the day-or-so walk. Sun discovers she is pregnant. Bernard forgets Rose's birthday. Sayid forgives Ana-Lucia for shooting Shannon. He blames the atmosphere of paranoia created by the Others for Shannon's death. He says that if Henry Gale is an Other, he will have to be killed.
11/21/2004: Ana-Lucia, Sayid and Charlie arrive at a likely spot for Gale's balloon crash, and split up to search. After three hours of searching, Charlie finds a grave and the wreckage of a hot-air balloon in the clearing. Wanting to be sure, Sayid digs up the grave. Locke and Henry Gale become trapped in the bunker after the blast doors suddenly close, and they have to work together. Locke's leg becomes injured when it gets pinned by a blast door. After something happens with the timer, blue lights come on in the lounge and a map with notes on it appears on the blast door pinning Locke's leg. Then the lockdown ends and the blast doors retract. At night, Jack and Kate find a palette of Dharma Initiative food in the jungle, seemingly dropped from the air. Charlie, Sayid and Ana-Lucia emerge from the jungle. They all go to the hatch where Sayid reveals that the body in the balloon grave was that of a man, Henry Gale from Minnesota. In the Others village, a tired Michael demands to see his son. Miss Klugh agrees to give him three minutes. Walt tells Michael that they make him do tests, and that they're pretending. Miss Klugh then makes Michael a deal. He must free Henry Gale, and bring Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley back to this camp, and then they'll let him and Walt go free. Michael agrees.

11/22/2004: The DHARMA supply drop is salvaged by the survivors, and the lockdown in the Swan bunker and the existence of Henry Gale is made public to the survivors. Jack says that Locke's leg should heal in two weeks if care is taken. Henry Gale tells Locke that he didn't press the button, hieroglyphics appeared and then it reset on its own. Hurley nearly commits suicide, but Libby stops him.

11/23/2004: Henry Gale hasn't talked or eaten in two days. Jack decides to try and make a trade of Henry for Walt. Bernard starts to make a large S.O.S. sign on the beach, but Rose is not very supportive of his idea. At night, in the clearing where Jack and Mr. Friendly met, an exhausted Michael stumbles out of the jungle and collapses, to the shock of Jack and Kate. They start to take him back to the bunker. Ana-Lucia is attacked by Henry Gale when she brings him food, but Locke saves her.

11/24/2004: Henry Gale tells Locke that his mission was to bring Locke back with him, and that since he has failed, his life is forfeit. Jack and Kate arrive at the Swan bunker with Michael. Ana-Lucia seduces Sawyer to steal the gun he carries with him. Michael wakes up and tells Jack, Kate, Locke and Ana-Lucia that he found the Others camp and can lead a party back there. He tells them that the Others are not well off, but they have a bunker of their own. Jack, Locke and Kate agree to get the guns from Sawyer to go on a rescue mission. Hurley tries to take Libby on a picnic, but forget drinks and blankets. Libby goes to the hatch to get them. Ana-Lucia wants to kill Henry Gale, but can't bring herself to pull the trigger. Michael offers to do it, so Ana-Lucia gives him the gun and combination. Michael then shoots Ana-Lucia, killing her instantly, then shoots Libby twice when she surprises him. He then releases Henry Gale from the armory and shoots himself in the arm. Eko has a strange dream telling him to help Locke find the "question mark". Jack, Locke, Kate and Sawyer arrive at the Swan bunker to find a wounded Michael claiming that Henry Gale did this before escaping. Libby isn't dead, but Jack says she won't live long. He tells Sawyer and Kate to get the heroin from Sawyer's stash. Eko arrives at the bunker and recruits Locke to track Henry Gale down. They go into the jungle and Eko gets Locke to show him the map he transcribed from the blast door. They camp at the crash of Yemi's plane.

11/25/2004: Locke has a dream in which he is Eko and climbs up to where the plane was perched. Eko climbs up and sees what appears to be a piece of bare earth in the clearing. Locke and Eko find a new bunker, Station 5, The Pearl and a video suggesting that the Swan's button-pushing exercise is just a meaningless psychological experiment. Locke puts his map in the Pearl's pneumatic tube. Kate and Sawyer arrive at the beach and retrieve the heroin from Sawyer's stash under his tent. Outside Hurley finds them, and they take him to the Swan. Jack injects Libby with the heroin, and she regains consciousness long enough to say "Michael!" before dying. Michael insists that only he, Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer can go to rescue Walt. Eko tells Charlie that he's stopping work on the church, and is staying in the Swan bunker now. Charlie gives Claire a box of vaccine he found on the supply drop, and he throws all the remaining heroin-filled statues into the ocean. Michael tells Sayid that he can't come with them. Sayid gets suspicious and tells Jack that he thinks Michael has been compromised and is the one who let Henry Gale go. At the sunset funeral for Ana-Lucia and Libby, Sun sees a small sailboat. Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swim out to the boat, the Elizabeth and they find a drunken Desmond. They bring him back to the beach using the small dinghy on the sailboat. Locke demands that Eko stop pushing the button. Eko throws him out of the Swan bunker.

11/26/2004: Jack, Michael, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley set out to find the Others camp. Sayid, Sun, and Jin borrow Desmond's boat to sail to the other side of the island. Charlie tells Locke that Desmond is back. At night, Locke tells Desmond that he saw a video that said the button in the Swan was a fake, and enlists his help to get Eko to stop pushing it, so they can really find out what happens.

11/27/2004: Sayid, Sin and Jin see the remnant of a strange statue: a sandaled foot with only four toes. Locke and Desmond create a lockdown and seal Eko out of the button room. Eko races to the beach and enlists Charlie to help him get back into the bunker. Charlie leads Eko to the dynamite left over from the attempt to blow up the hatch. Kate notices that they're being followed, and she and Sawyer open fire on a pair of Others. Sawyer kills one, but the other one gets away. Jack reveals that it doesn't matter because Michael was already working with them. Michael confesses his involvement, including the murders of Ana-Lucia and Libby. Hurley wants to go back, but Jack tells him that if they do they might all get killed. Jack says that he has a plan. Jin sees the rock Michael described. Sayid goes ashore and investigates the Others village. It's a fake, nothing is there, and the bunker is fake as well. Eko detonates the dynamite against Charlie's cautions. The blast door is undamaged, but a fireball sweeps through the hallway. Michael leads Jack and everyone to a large clearing that has the exit from the Pearl's vacuum tube. Hundreds, if not thousands of unopened message tubes litter the ground. Sawyer finds and gives Locke's map to Jack. Sawyer sees the black smoke of Sayid's signal, but its miles away. The group is attacked by blow darts and captured by the Others. Desmond goes through the printout and discovers the system error message from September 22, 2004. He tries to convince Locke that the button is real. Jack, Michael, et al are taken to the Pala Ferry dock, where Henry Gale shows up in a boat with Walt. Charlie finds Eko, he is alive. Desmond releases the lockdown and the timer hits zero. The room starts to shake, and metal objects start flying towards the electromagnetic anomaly. Desmond gets the shutdown key. The bunker starts tearing itself apart. Eko tells Charlie to get out, and he goes to find Locke. The power can be seen and heard all across the island, from the beach camp to Pala Ferry dock. Desmond turns the System Termination key, and the light and noise fade. Miss Klugh releases Hurley and tells him that his message to the Oceanic survivors is that they are never to come here. Henry Gale gives Michael instructions for how to get away from the island, and Michael and Walt drive away on the boat. Charlie emerges at the beach. At night, he and Claire kiss.

11/28/2004: Jack, Kate and Sawyer begin their first day as captives of the Others. Jack is in an underwater part of The Hydra - another DHARMA station. Juliet talks to him through a glass window. Sawyer is held in a cage, and later escapes with the help of Karl. Both Sawyer and Karl are recaptured and Karl is taken away. Kate is given a dress to wear and Tom takes her to have breakfast on the beach with Ben. Kate is later put in a cage opposite Sawyer's. Juliet stuns Jack when she opens a file revealing a great deal about his life.

11/29/2004: Colleen informs Ben and Juliet that they have spotted Sayid, Sun and Jin. Sayid, Sun and Jin set up a trap for the Others. Juliet continues to try and get Jack to trust her. The Others, with Pickett in charge, make Kate and Sawyer break rocks all day. At night the Others sneak on board to take the sailboat and Sun shoots Colleen. Tom succeeds in stealing the boat, leaving Sayid, Sun and Jin behind on the beach. Henry Gale reveals his real name to Jack and informs him how much time has gone by since the plane crashed and that they have contact with the outside world. Meanwhile, on the other side of the island Locke wakes up in the middle of the jungle, and then he and Charlie search for Mr. Eko. The returning Hurley finds Desmond on the way back to the beach camp. Desmond displays strange precognitive abilities. Charlie and Locke bring Eko back to camp, after finding him in the lair of a polar bear. As Sawyer and Kate contemplate a plan to escape, Ben watches them on monitors and listens in on every word.

11/30/2004: Tom and the rest of their group arrive back with Colleen critically injured. They rush her past Kate and Sawyer's cages on a stretcher. Sawyer plans a trap for the Others when they come back. When Ben comes out Sawyer decides to take his chance, but Ben has already turned the machine's power off and beats Sawyer up. Sawyer wakes up on an operating table and the Others tell him they've implanted a pacemaker in him to prevent him from trying to escape. Juliet asks Jack to scrub up to help save Colleen, but after trying for a few minutes, Colleen dies. Pickett goes outside and beats Sawyer to a pulp while asking Kate if she loves Sawyer. He continues to beat Sawyer until Kate confesses that she loves him. In the operating room, Jack sees the x-rays of a man with a tumor on his spine. Desmond builds a lightning rod just in time for it to save Charlie's, Claire's and Aaron's lives.

12/2/2004: Ben wakes Sawyer up before sunrise and takes him to the edge of the small island the Hydra is on. Ben informs him that they didn't really implant a pacemaker in his heart. At night, Ben takes Jack to join them at Colleen's funeral. Jack knows that Ben is the one with the tumor, and he tells Ben that he doesn't have long to live. Sayid, Sun and Jin arrive back at the beach camp. Eko has nightmares about Yemi and his tent catches fire. After being saved by Sayid, Charlie and Hurley, Eko disappears.

12/3/2004: Locke realizes that Eko has gone to the beachcraft where Yemi's body is. Locke tells Sayid and Desmond that he wants to use the computers in the Pearl Station to communicate with the Others. Nikki and Paulo join them on a trek through the jungle. At the Pearl Station, Eko stays outside. Juliet gives Jack a secret message in a home-made video tape. Eko sees Yemi in the jungle and follows him. Eko is killed by the monster in the jungle. Locke decides to bury him there, and goes to get shovels and Eko's "Jesus stick". Jack refuses to operate on Ben. After burying Eko, a ray of sunlight falls on a piece of scripture on Eko's stick. Kate slips out of her cage and bashes open the lock on Sawyer's cage. Sawyer tells her they're on a small island and there's nowhere to run. Kate and Sawyer have sex. Someone lets Jack out of his cell and he sees Kate and Sawyer on the monitor. He tells Ben that he'll do the surgery first thing in the morning.

12/4/2004: As soon as Ben is under anesthesia and Jack begins the operation, Picket drags Sawyer out of his cage and prepares to execute him. Jack deliberately sabotages Ben's operation. He tells Kate to tell him the story he told her from their first meeting once she's safe. Kate and Sawyer overpower Pickett and Jason, lock them in Sawyer's cage and run away. Juliet sends Ivan to go and help Pickett and then get Kate and Sawyer back. Kate and Sawyer run through the jungle and make it to the beach, but Pickett, Jason and Ivan catch up to them. Alex helps them by hiding them in an underground burrow. Alex offers to give them a boat to get off the island if they help her rescue her boyfriend, Karl. Ben wakes up from surgery and overhears Jack and Tom talking about Juliet wanting Ben to die. Ben asks to speak with Juliet alone. Juliet takes off and tells Jack that she is going to help his friends. Kate, Sawyer and Alex arrive at another part of The Hydra and rescue Karl. Pickett and Juliet arrive and she tells them that they are letting Kate and Sawyer go because Jack won't finish Ben's surgery unless he knows his friends are safe. Jack continues with Ben's surgery in the operating room. Alex takes Sawyer and Kate to a beach where a small raft is. As they put Karl in the boat, Pickett shows up to stop them. Juliet shoots him dead. She then convinces Alex that she can't go with them. She gives Kate her radio to contact Jack. Kate tells Jack that Juliet helped them and that they are safe. Jack finishes up Ben's surgery. Kate and Sawyer row off into the ocean with Karl in the boat with them. At the survivors' beach camp, Charlie and Hurley are going through Sawyer's stash. Desmond arrives and asks them both to come with him. He takes them to Locke and Sayid in the jungle where Locke informs them of Eko's death. Desmond suddenly takes off and runs to the beach. He dives in the ocean and swims in. Charlie runs into the water but Desmond already has Claire out. He performs CPR and she wakes up. When Juliet arrives back at the operating room, Jack wants to know what Ben told her. She tells Jack about her deal with Ben and that she has been on the island for 3 years, 2 months and 28 days. After rowing for some distance, Kate tells Sawyer that they need to go back for Jack. Sawyer refuses and Karl wakes up saying that Ben will kill them if they go back. Tom tells Jack that they are moving him somewhere else. On their way out, they pass another woman and Juliet, who is now handcuffed. Tom takes Jack outside and locks him in Sawyer's cage. Kate and Sawyer arrive at the main island. They make a fire as it starts getting dark. Jack is sitting in his cage when Isabel comes along. She reads the Chinese words in Jack’s tattoos. She takes him to a room where Tom and Juliet are and asks Jack about Juliet's request for him to kill Ben. At the main beach camp, Charlie takes a bottle of whiskey from Sawyer's stash and takes it to Desmond as a peace offering. Desmond, Charlie and Hurley are all drunk from the whiskey and sing songs around a fire. Charlie eventually gets Desmond to reveal he gets flashes of the future and in those flashes, Charlie always dies.

12/5/2004: Jack wakes up in his cage and finds a large group of people standing around watching him and then Cindy walks up. Cindy tells Jack that they are there to watch. Jack loses his temper and shouts at Cindy to leave. Kate and Sawyer wake up and find that Karl is gone. They start looking for him and hear him crying in the jungle. Sawyer goes to talk to him and tells him that if he really loves Alex he should go back and get her. Alex goes to talk to Jack in his cage. She informs Jack that Juliet is on trial for killing Pickett and that she will be executed. Jack tells Alex to let him out of the cage and take him to Ben. Jack says that he will treat Ben and be his doctor if Ben sees to it that Juliet doesn't get executed. On the main island, Kate is furious with Sawyer for letting Karl go. Sawyer says that Karl had a target on his back and the Others would have come looking for him. They start making their way back to camp. Alex takes Jack to the room where Juliet is on trial. They give Tom and Isabel a letter from Ben ordering Juliet's execution to be stopped. Jack is back in his cage when Juliet comes to bring him a sandwich. Jack is taken to the beach where all the others are gathered. They are taken on small boats to a bigger boat that is waiting for them just offshore.

12/6/2004: Charlie tells Hurley about Desmond's premonition of his death when Vincent comes out of the bushes carrying a decomposed human arm in his mouth. The arm has a key attached to the fingers. Hurley follows Vincent back into the jungle and discovers a junked minivan in the bushes. Hurley rushes into camp and tells everyone about the wrecked car. He asks for help to get the car started. No-one is interested but Jin stays behind to help. Kate and Sawyer arrive back at camp and are greeted by everyone. Later, Sawyer finds that his stash is missing and confronts Charlie and Desmond. They apologize for drinking the whiskey and tell him that they drank it with Hurley. Hurley shows Jin the car and they discover a body of a man wearing a DHARMA suit inside. Sawyer shows up to interrogate Hurley about the whiskey, but Hurley grabs Sawyer and hugs him. Hurley tells Sawyer that he will help them fix the car, because there is beer in the back of the van. After realizing that the car can't be fixed, Hurley gets an idea, but goes to get Charlie first. He tells Charlie that what he has planned may result in Charlie's death, but if it doesn't, they will win and break the curse. Sawyer and Jin drink the DHARMA beer and Sawyer teaches Jin some English sentences. Kate talks with Locke and Sayid and tells them about what Karl said about the Others living on this island. She takes off and says that she is going to find help. Charlie and Hurley get the van going by rolling it down a hill. Sawyer and Jin get in the van with Vincent and they drive around the valley celebrating. At night, Kate treks through the jungle alone when Locke and Sayid join her. They ask why she didn't ask for their help and she replies that they don't know where to look and they aren't motivated enough. Danielle comes out of the bushes and asks what Kate is doing. Kate says that she wants Danielle's help to find the Others' camp. She tells Danielle that she is pretty sure she met her daughter.

12/7/2004: On the beach, Sawyer finds Sun, Jin, Nikki and Charlie carrying a ping-pong table that used to be in the hatch. Sawyer confronts everyone about his stash and makes a deal. They will have a ping-pong competition and if he wins they have to give all his stuff back. Sun tells Sawyer that if he loses he can't use nicknames for anyone for a whole week. Hurley is chosen to play and beats Sawyer. Kate, Locke, Sayid and Danielle continue on their trek through the jungle. They stop to get some fruit to eat and Sayid discovers a farm house in the jungle. Sayid approaches the house unarmed, but is shot in the arm by Mikhail. Kate and Locke manage to apprehend and disarm him. Locke goes inside the building while Kate and Sayid talk to the man. He introduces himself and says that he is the last remaining member of the DHARMA initiative. Locke plays a chess game on a computer while Mikhail gets iced tea for Sayid and Kate. Sayid tells Kate that Mikhail is lying and that he is not DHARMA, but one of the Others. Sayid is also certain that Mikhail is not alone in the building. Mikhail catches on to Sayid's suspicion and attacks him and Kate. They manage to tie Mikhail up. While Sayid and Kate search for someone else in the basement, Locke gains access to another DHARMA video. Dr. Marvin Candle explains how to communicate with the outside world, but the satellite is inoperable. In the basement, Kate is attacked by Bea, but Sayid pulls a gun on her. Just as Locke is about to enter 77, the code for a hostile intrusion, Mikhail holds a knife to his throat and tells him to stop. Sayid and Kate make their way up with Bea and find Locke and Mikhail outside. Bea orders Mikhail to shoot her, which he does. Locke prevents him from shooting himself. Back at the beach, Hurley consoles Sawyer about Kate. As night falls, Sayid takes a tied up Mikhail out and calls for Danielle. Sayid says he found a map leading from The Flame to a place called the Barracks. Suddenly the entire Flame Station explodes. Locke tells them that he entered 77 into the computer. They set off to find the Barracks.

12/8/2004: Locke, Kate, Sayid and Danielle continue their trek through the jungle with Mikhail as their prisoner. Charlie prepares a picnic for himself and Claire, but Desmond tells Charlie to instead spend the day hunting with him. Claire sees some electronically tagged sea birds flying over and gets an idea to catch one of the birds and attach a message to the tag. Charlie knows that Desmond has had another premonition of his death, and refuses to support Claire's idea. Claire gets help from Jin and Sun and they set up a trap for the birds. Just as a bird steps into their trap, Desmond chases it away with gunfire, claiming that he was after a boar. Claire has a big falling out with Charlie and tells him to leave. Meanwhile, the search party for Jack arrive at the security fence. Locke pushes Mikhail between two of the pylons and Mikhail appears to die. They chop down a tree, balance it on one of the pylons and climb over it to the other side. At the beach, Claire follows Desmond to some rocks and sees that he has found a bird trapped on a rock. Desmond tells Claire about all his premonitions of Charlie's death and that he had another one today. Claire makes peace with Charlie and they attach a message to the captured bird and release it. Locke, Kate, Sayid and Danielle arrive at the Barracks. Kate sees Jack running towards them and sees him catch a football and throw it back to Tom. They decide to wait until dark to approach Jack. At night, Locke and Sayid keep watch while Kate enters Jack's house. Several Others burst in, with Sayid already captured. Meanwhile, Locke breaks into Ben's house and finds him in his room. He demands to know where the submarine is. Tom gives Jack a chance to speak with Kate. Locke keeps Alex hostage and has her take him to the submarine. From the bushes, Danielle watches and sees her daughter. Jack and Juliet go over to Ben's place and Jack asks for one last favor.

12/9/2004: In the early morning hours, Jack and Juliet arrive at the pier to leave the island on the submarine. They find Locke and ask what he is doing there and then there is a massive explosion where the submarine was. After being tied up for a while, Locke is untied by Ben and Richard, who tell him to come with them. Richard opens a door and when Locke looks inside he sees his father gagged and tied to a chair inside. Locke agrees to go with them and Ben says that he can say goodbye to Kate. That night Ben and Juliet plan out her con on Kate and the rest of the survivors. At night, Kate is still locked in the billiard room at the Others' village. She sees Juliet walk past the window. Kate grabs a pool stick and hides behind the door. When Juliet enters, Kate hits, but misses Juliet, who then throws Kate on her back. Juliet was only bringing Kate some food that now lies on the floor.

12/10/2004: Locke says goodbye to Kate in the billiard room and then Kate sees the Others putting on gas masks. Then a gas container is thrown in the room and the gas renders her unconscious. At the main beach camp, Paulo finds Nikki on the beach and she is upset over missing Thanksgiving two weeks ago. Nikki spots his nicotine gum and realizing that he must have found their missing bag she goes to Sawyer and asks for a gun. Sawyer says no. Later, Nikki takes Paulo to the jungle. She demands that he give the diamonds to her. Paulo refuses and Nikki throws Art’s Medusa spider on him. It bites Paulo in the neck and he squashes it. Nikki finds the diamonds in Paulo's pants, but suddenly a male spider bites Nikki on her ankle. Nikki rushes through the bushes and buries the bag in some loose earth. She stumbles from the bushes onto the beach where Sawyer and Hurley are playing ping-pong. She suddenly becomes paralyzed and Hurley tells Sawyer that she's dead. Jin, Sawyer and Hurley find a paralyzed Paulo in the jungle and also think he's dead. While Sawyer and Hurley search for answers, Charlie confesses to Sun that it was him who kidnapped her. Desmond tells Hurley that he saw Nikki arguing with Sawyer earlier. Sawyer returns and when Hurley confronts him about the argument, Sawyer denies having done anything to them and reveals the small black bag that he found. Sun opens it and finds that it is filled with diamonds. Sun later returns the diamonds to Sawyer, and tells him that she knows he was behind her attack. She punches him in the face and leaves. Hurley gives a speech at Nikki and Paulo's funeral, as they both lay paralyzed at the bottom of a double grave. Sawyer, Charlie and Hurley start filling up the grave. Suddenly, Nikki opens her eyes, but earth is shoveled over her face and it's too late. Nikki and Paulo are both buried alive. On the beach, Hurley tells Sawyer that there is going to be a vote to decide whether Sawyer should be banished. Sawyer catches a fish after a big struggle and then tries to gut it but fails. He finds Hurley and tells him that he'll make amends. Juliet drags Kate out into the jungle and handcuffs them together. When Kate wakes up Juliet claims she doesn't know what's going on. On their way back, it starts raining and they get into a fight. Kate accidentally dislocates Juliet's shoulder. She starts to apologize when they suddenly hear the sounds of the monster approaching. They run through the jungle and hide inside a tree. The monster approaches and bright white flashes appear before Kate and Juliet and suddenly, it disappears again. Juliet claims not to know what it is. At the beach, Hurley tells Sawyer to do something nice for Claire. Sawyer gives Claire a blanket and compliments Aaron. Juliet tells Kate that she broke Jack's heart. Kate helps Juliet to pop her shoulder back in.

12/11/2004: Early in the morning, Sawyer joins Desmond on a hunt. Desmond manages to shoot a boar. Kate and Juliet wake up in the tree and continue on their trek back to the Barracks. The monster returns and they run through the bushes. They reach the border of pylons and Kate wants to turn around to find another way. Juliet tells het that they're switched off but Kate doesn't believe her. Juliet takes a key from her back pocket and uncuffs herself from Kate. She runs through the pylons and opens a switch box on the other side and enters a code. After Kate runs through, she activates and turns on the pylons just as the monster appears. It freezes in front of the barrier and eventually retreats into the jungle. Juliet tells Kate that they don't know what it is, but they know it doesn't like their fences. Kate is furious that Juliet had the key to the handcuffs all along. Juliet lies to Kate and tells her that the people, who she has spent the past 3 years of her life with, left her behind too. She says she handcuffed herself to Kate to convince Kate that they were in it together, so she wouldn't get left behind again. Sawyer prepares a feast for everyone at the beach. After speaking to Charlie, he realizes that there is no vote and that Hurley has tricked him into being nice. He confronts Hurley, who tells Sawyer that he has to be their temporary leader since Jack, Locke, Kate and Sayid are all gone. Kate and Juliet arrive back at the Barracks. Juliet goes to get Sayid in one of the backyards while Kate goes to find Jack. She finds him unconscious on the floor but he quickly wakes up. She tells him that the Others have left and that Juliet is still there. They go outside and find Sayid. Jack says that they should start making their way back to the beach before it gets dark. Sayid doesn't want Juliet to go with them, but Jack says that she is coming with them. They make camp by a river and Sayid tries to interrogate Juliet but Jack stops him.

12/12/2004: Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet continue their trek back to the beach. Charlie wakes Claire up because she's ignoring Aaron and she reveals that she hasn't been feeling well. Later she asks Sawyer for some aspirin. Walking to get it he notices Jack and the others walking down the beach. As they are welcomed back Sawyer notices Juliet and gets angry. The survivors debate what to do about Juliet into the night. Just as the conversation switches to Jack and his motivations Claire suddenly collapses and spits blood. While Jack is treating Claire Juliet tells Kate she knows what's wrong. Juliet lies to Jack and says that a disease that affects pregnant woman is killing her and she needs a serum that Juliet invented to live. Juliet goes into the jungle to find a kit she said Ethan had buried before he died but was really left by Ryan just a few days earlier.

12/13/2004: As day breaks, Juliet retrieves the injection kit and is confronted by Sayid and Sawyer. She eventually convinces them that she is trying to help Claire and goes back to the beach. She injects Claire with some serum. Several hours later Claire wakes up without any problems. Desmond has a flash of the future involving Penny, an on island crash and Charlie's death. He finds Hurley and asks for help finding the cable in the sand that he saw in the flash. They then recruit Charlie and Jin to come along. He also borrows Jack's medical kit and they set out down the beach. Sawyer enters Kate's tent and catches her changing. She tells him that Jack knows they had sex and he asks her for some "afternoon delight" but gets turned down. Desmond's party reaches the cable in the sand and makes camp for the night. Kate is eating dinner in the kitchen area when Jack comes up. Jack borrows a spoon from her and goes to eat dinner with Juliet. Kate watches them and gets upset and after washing dishes in the ocean she goes to Sawyer's tent and jumps him. Sawyer realizes she is crying but she tells him to shut up and they have sex. The four camping out by the wire hear the sound of a helicopter and soon see it crashing into the ocean. They also see someone parachute into the jungle. Charlie convinces them to wait for light before heading out to find the pilot.

12/14/2004: Once the sun is up the four enter the jungle and find a pack containing Desmond's picture. Desmond reveals that he thinks the person they're looking for is his lost love Penny. At the main beach camp Sawyer gets Jack to play table tennis with him. The four in the jungle continue on arguing about silly things until Charlie sets off one of Rousseau's traps. Desmond saves Charlie from the trap. On the beach, Sawyer finds Kate and gives her a "mix tape" and confronts her about her motivations the night before. Desmond's group finds a parachutist hanging from a tree and cut her down. Desmond removes her helmet revealing it's not Penny but she recognizes him and says his name. Jack questions Sun about her pregnancy. Desmond and Charlie argue about what to do with the woman, Naomi. Hurley accidentally fires off a flare gun that he found among the women's possessions. Sun asks Kate why Jack would want to know about her pregnancy. Sun confronts Juliet about what happens to pregnant woman on the island. Mikhail runs up to Desmond's group and then quickly runs away. Jin catches him before he escapes. Mikhail agrees to treat Naomi. Juliet wakes Sun up and says she can help her at The Staff. Mikhail tends to Naomi well into the night and Desmond allows him to leave. Sun and Juliet arrive at The Staff and Juliet reveals a secret room with a lot of equipment. They determine the date of conception as being 53 days ago and learn that Jin is indeed the father of Sun's baby.

12/15/2004: Sun and Juliet leave the hatch and the sun is already up. Juliet goes back inside and leaves a message for Ben, telling him about Sun's pregnancy and Jin's infertility before he came to the island. The Others set up camp in an open field and Locke helps Cindy with her tent. Locke finds Ben listening to Juliet's message. Ben tells Locke that he must kill his father before he can tell him any of the island's secrets. The group with Desmond is preparing a stretcher to carry Naomi back to camp when she wakes up. Juliet tells Jack all about Ben's plan and her supposed mission to determine which of the women are pregnant. At the Others' camp, Ben wakes John up and unsuccessfully tries to get him to kill Anthony.
12/16/2004: At the Others' camp, Richard tells Locke that he wants him to find his way, but his father has to go in order for that to happen. He gives Locke a file on Sawyer, and says it might help him get rid of Anthony.

12/17/2004: The Others pack up their camp and Ben informs Locke that he can't come with. He leaves him behind with Anthony still tied up. Kate tries to sneak out of Sawyer's tent but wakes him so he goes to take a peek. Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley return to camp in the early morning hours, along with Naomi. Locke confronts Sawyer while he is peeing. He tells Sawyer that he kidnapped Ben and wants Sawyer to kill him. Hurley and Charlie bring Sayid in to meet Naomi and he interrogates her and doesn't believe her story until she gives him the satellite phone. While Sayid is working on the phone Kate catches him and learns the truth about where it came from. Locke takes Sawyer to the Black Rock, where he actually has Anthony Cooper locked up. Charlie lies to Jack about what they did on their trip. Danielle shows up at the Black Rock and takes some dynamite. Sawyer learns that Locke's father is the man who conned his parents and caused their death. He strangles and kills Anthony with a chain. Locke informs Sawyer that Juliet is a mole. He gives Sawyer the tape recorder with the message that Juliet left for Ben about Sun's pregnancy. Locke picks up Anthony's body, wrapped in blankets, and makes his way back to Ben's camp. Kate tells Jack and Juliet about Naomi and that Jack's friends don't trust him anymore because he spends too much time with Juliet.

12/18/2004: Ben's birthday. Ben and Richard try to figure out what happened to Juliet's tape when Locke arrives at The Others' camp with his father's body and demands answers. Mikhail also arrives at the camp with news of Naomi and demands action. Locke beats Mikhail until Ben agrees to take him to Jacob. Sawyer returns to the survivor’s camp and talks to Sayid. He informs him of what he learned about Juliet and they go to confront her. When they get to her tent Kate tells them Juliet and Jack went off together after She told them about Naomi. Sayid storms off telling Sawyer to play the tape for Kate. While Ben and Locke are filling canteens for their trip to see Jacob, Alex comes up and gives Locke a pistol saying he will need it when he meets Jacob. At night the survivors on the beach gather to hear what Naomi has to say and Sayid and Sawyer inform them all about Juliet. Jack and Juliet arrive and Juliet has them flip the tape over and they here a recording Ben left saying he's going to attack the camp in two nights. Locke and Ben cross over a line of sand and come to a cabin in the woods. They enter the cabin and Ben says Jacob is in an apparently empty chair. Locke thinks he's crazy and goes to leave when he hears someone say "Help Me". Things then begin to fly all over the cabin on their own and Locke catches a brief glimpse of a shadowy man in the chair. Locke quickly exits the cabin and Ben follows him out shortly.

12/19/2004: In the morning Ben and Locke are heading back towards The Others' camp when Locke realizes they are going in a different direction and Ben says he wants to show Locke something else. He shows Locke a pit filled with Dharma skeletons. He shoots Locke. He leaves him in the pit to die. Jack takes a group of survivors out to an open field. Danielle shows up. Danielle sets off an explosion that collapses an entire tree and Jack reveals that they are going to booby-trap the tents of the women. Ben arrives back at his camp and gives Alex her gun back. He tells Ryan that instead of going the next night they have to go tonight. Alex runs off and meets Karl in the jungle. She sends him off with her gun to warn the survivors. Desmond has another vision of Charlie dying. Desmond tells Charlie about the vision and Charlie compiles a list of the five greatest moments in his life. Sayid realizes that they can't transmit from Naomi's phone because the signal is blocked. Juliet reveals that Ben is blocking all transmissions off the island. Sayid finds the station in the maps he took from the flame. Sayid realizes that the wire on the beach leading into the ocean must be connected to The Looking Glass. Charlie realizes it is his destiny to swim down there and switch off the jamming devise. Karl shows up at the beach and tells everyone that the attack is happening tonight. Danielle says that they'll never get the dynamite rigged in time. Sayid says that they can use guns to set off the dynamite. Bernard and Jin volunteer to stay behind as shooters with Sayid. Charlie and Desmond leave for The Looking Glass. Jack leads everyone else towards the radio tower. On their way Naomi shows Jack how to use her phone to contact her ship. Desmond and Charlie arrive at the wire on the beach and follow it into the ocean. Charlie gives Desmond his list of greatest moments to give to Claire. Desmond offers to go down instead, but Charlie knocks him out and swims down to the station. He reaches the entrance to the moon pool of the station and gets out of the pool and screams for joy that he is alive. Suddenly two women, Greta and Bonnie, show up and point their guns at Charlie. They tie him up and start torturing him. Charlie reveals that Juliet told them about the station. Bonnie contacts Ben, who is furious and sends Mikhail to go and help. At the beach camp, Ryan, Tom and the rest of the Others' team arrive to take the women. As they approach the tents, Sayid and Bernard fire their guns and set off the dynamite of two tents, killing five Others. Jin misses his dynamite but shoots two Others. Tom, Ryan and Jason survive and manage to overtake Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Jack and the rest of the group hear the explosions and Rose wonders why only two explosions went off instead of three. Rose and Sun want to wait for their husbands, but Jack convinces them to carry on.

12/20/2004: At daybreak Sawyer and Juliet decide to go back to the beach to check on Sayid, Jin and Bernard. The rest of the group continues on to towards the radio tower but runs into Ben and Alex. Ben tells Jack that Naomi is not who she says she is. Ben informs Jack that Tom has his friend’s captive and orders Tom to kill them. Jack thinking that Tom killed his friends beats Ben and has him tied up. Sawyer and Juliet arrive at the beach just as Hurley runs over Ryan with the Dharma van. Sayid kills one of the Others and then Tom tries to surrender but Sawyer executes him. Hurley then contacts Jack and tells him everyone is alive. Meanwhile in the Looking Glass Mikhail arrives and forces Desmond down into the station. He follows him down and then on Ben's orders kills Greta and shoots Bonnie. Desmond then shoots him with a spear gun. Bonnie tells Charlie the musical code to shut the jammer off and he uses it. Penelope then comes on the communication monitor and tells him it's not her boat. Mikhail swims to the outside window and sets off a grenade appearing to blow himself up and flooding the station. Charlie seals himself in the room to save Desmond but before giving him the message that it's not Penelope's boat. Elsewhere in the mass Dharma grave Locke wakes up and can't move his legs and is about to kill himself when Walt appears and convinces him it's all in his head and to get up. As the group reaches the radio tower Naomi discovers that she now can get a signal on her phone but Rousseau's message is over powering it. They go inside the tower to turn it off. Outside the phone receives a signal and as Ben pleads for Jack not to make the call. Naomi establishes a connection but is struck in the head with a knife thrown by Locke. Locke threatens to shoot Jack if he doesn't give him the phone but Jack calls his bluff and answers the phone.

12/21/2004: Desmond returned to the beach camp and informed the few survivors there about Naomi not being who she claimed to be, and of Charlie's death. The group decided to warn Jack in person instead of over the walkie talkie as Sayid believed the people on the freighter would be monitoring their communications. Hurley got lost along the way in the night, and found Jacob's cabin. He became frightened and ran away, running into Locke. At the radio transmitter, Jack and Kate discovered that Naomi wasn't dead but had crawled away. Kate tracked her down but was ambushed by her. Naomi contacted her freighter and covered for the survivors, claiming her injuries were sustained when she parachuted onto the island. She died from her wound. All the survivors met up at the nose section of Oceanic 815. Jack took Locke's gun and tried to shoot him, but the gun was empty. Charlie's warning was delivered and the survivors split up into two groups: those who believed Charlie went with Locke to safety while the rest stayed with Jack and the hope of rescue. After Locke's group left, a helicopter appeared overhead but a man parachuted out of it and was met by Jack and Kate.

12/22/2004: Jack and Kate meet Daniel Faraday, the parachutist, and a second man from the helicopter, Miles Straume. Miles demands to be taken to Naomi's body as she gave out a code phrase informing the freighter she was under duress. Alone with Naomi's body, Miles confirms Kate's story that they were not the ones who killed her. Sayid and Juliet catch up with the group and they all find the helicopter pilot, Frank Lepidus, who safely landed the helicopter. Locke's group comes across the fourth freighter person, Charlotte Lewis, and takes her with them to the barracks. He attaches her GPS transponder to Vincent's collar and Jack's group track down the transponder, realizing Locke is holding Charlotte. Both groups discover the freighter's purpose is to find Ben. Ben knows this and has detailed information of the freighter as he has a man on it. Sayid, Kate and Miles go to the barracks to get Charlotte. There they are ambushed and disarmed. Sayid exchanges Miles for Charlotte and leaves; Kate decides to stay. Frank leaves for the freighter in the helicopter, taking Sayid, Desmond and Naomi's body. Daniel performs an experiment revealing a time difference of 31 minutes and 18 seconds when an object was sent to the island.

12/23/2004: Jack and Juliet return to the beach camp. They attempt to contact the freighter, but get no response. Eventually they turn to Charlotte who contacts an emergency channel and they learn the helicopter never arrived at the freighter despite it leaving the day before. At the barracks, Kate frees Miles so he can talk to Ben in exchange for everything Miles knows about Kate. Miles demands $3.2 million in exchange for telling his employers that Ben is dead. Kate learns the people on the freighter know she's a fugitive. Her actions result in Locke banishing her from their group.

12/24/2004: At the barracks, Sawyer and Kate have an argument. Kate believes she isn't pregnant, but isn't as enthusiastic about the news as Sawyer is. She leaves for the beach camp. Sayid, Desmond and Frank arrive at the freighter, but Desmond's consciousness jumps between the present and his past in 1996, causing him to be very confused. Sayid gets a phone from Frank to call Jack on the beach, letting him know what's going on. In the freighter's sickbay, Desmond meets George Minkowski, who is also experiencing the same thing Desmond is going through. Sayid gets Daniel on the phone, who manages to help Desmond find a way to get better. Desmond realizes he needs to make contact with Penny. George takes them to the communications room, where all the equipment has been sabotaged. Sayid manages to connect a phone to a battery so Desmond can call Penny. He tells her about the boat and the island and she informs him that she has been looking for him for the past 3 years. She knows about the island and promises Desmond that she'll keep looking until she finds him. Under the cover of darkness, Daniel and Charlotte slip out of camp without telling anyone. Juliet and Jack head after them and Juliet runs into an old acquaintance, Harper, who tells her Daniel and Charlotte are heading to the Tempest to kill everyone on the island

12/25/2004: Daniel and Charlotte run into Kate, who's returning from the barracks, and Charlotte knocks her unconscious. Juliet and Jack find Kate, but Juliet continues on without them. At the Tempest, Juliet learns the two are trying to render the toxic gases inert to prevent Ben from using it against them. Daniel succeeds in securing the station. At the barracks, Ben is freed in exchange for his knowledge of which the freighter belongs to and the identity of his spy. Locke learns the freighter belongs to Charles Widmore who wants to exploit the island. On the freighter Frank meets with Sayid and Desmond in the sickbay. At night on the beach Sun and Jin discuss the name of their baby.

12/26/2004: Kate and Jack return to the beach. Sun confronts Daniel and then decides to go to Locke's camp. Juliet confronts Sun about leaving and in frustration tells Jin about Sun's affair. Bernard and Jin go fishing and have a heart to heart. At night they return and Jin reconciles with Sun. Sun says she now wants to stay on the beach and confirms the baby is his. On the freighter Sayid and Desmond are slipped a not warning them to not trust the captain. They hear someone banging pipes together. The doctor frees them from the sickbay and takes them up on the deck to see the captain. When they get up on deck they see Regina wrapped in chain jump overboard. The captain orders everyone to ignore her and introduces himself. He explains who he's working for and shows them the flight recorder for Oceanic Flight 815. He claims Ben is the one who faked the wreckage. The doctor escorts the two to their cabin below. There is a blood splatter in the cabin so the doctor orders Kevin Johnson to clean it up. When Johnson gets close Sayid realizes he's actually Michael. Late at night Sayid and Desmond are woken by an alarm and rush up to the deck where they witness the captain beating two men for attempting to desert. Sayid asks Michael what he's doing there and he says he's there to die. At the barracks Locke has a meeting and brings Miles. He has Ben and Miles share what he'd already learned from them. Including that Ben's spy on the boat is Michael. As Locke is bringing Miles back to the boat house Sawyer confronts him. Ben convinces Alex, Karl and Rousseau to go to the temple.

12/27/2004: Early in the morning on the freighter Sayid learns that Kevin/Michael is down in the engine room. Sayid and Desmond head down there and get Michael alone. They demand to know how Michael got on the boat and he tells them. Sayid drags Michael to the captain’s cabin and reveals who he really is and that he's the saboteur. Alex, Danielle and Karl are traveling through the woods when Karl is suddenly shot. Danielle pulls Alex behind a tree and says they're going to try to make a run for it. They attempt to run away but Danielle is shot. Alex then surrenders and reveals she is Ben's daughter. The mercenaries from the freighter reveal themselves and take her captive. They take her to the sonic fence and make her enter the deactivation code. On the beach Jack starts to be visibly sick. The body of the freighter's doctor washes up on shore. They come up with a plan to send a message to the freighter. At night Daniel sends out a Morse code message asking what happened to the doctor. Daniel lies about the response and Bernard calls him out. Jack confronts him and he admits they don't plan on saving them. At the barracks Hurley, Sawyer and Locke are playing Risk when the phone rings. Locke answers it and hears a cryptic repeating code. He and Sawyer go to Ben to find out what the code means. Ben tells them they have to fortify themselves in his old house as the code means someone pushed the panic button on the perimeter fence. Sawyer goes to help Claire. Locke and Ben start to barricade themselves in the house. Hurley is already there with Aaron. While Sawyer is trying to find Claire three other survivors are killed and Claire's house is blown up with a rocket. Sawyer finds Claire in the rubble of her house and carries her to Ben's house and through a window Hurley broke open for them. Sawyer lets Miles in after he rings the doorbell. Miles gives Ben a radio but he refuses to use it until Miles tells him they have his daughter. Ben talks to Keamy and tells him how much he knows. Alex is brought out and when Ben reveals that she isn't really his daughter and refuses to cooperate so Keamy shoots her in the head. The mercenaries disappear into the jungle but Locke realizes they're just waiting for nightfall. Ben heads to a hidden room in the house and reveals a stone doorway with strange inscriptions on it. He opens that door and heads further inside. Ben eventually comes out of the room and goes upstairs. The building begins to shake and they see the smoke monster shoot by. Ben orders them outside and they see the monster attack the mercenaries. Ben tells them to go and says goodbye to Alex's body. In the jungle Ben takes Locke and Hurley to find Jacob while Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles head back to the beach.

12/28/2004: Juliet wakes Jack up while other people on the beach are arguing with Daniel and Charlotte. He tries to mediate but collapses which leads Juliet to diagnose him with appendicitis. Sun, Jin, Daniel and Charlotte head to the Staff for supplies to help Jack. The others on the beach start to build a sterile area for the surgery. At night the group from the Staff returns and the surgery begins. Jack tries to stay awake but the pain becomes too much and Juliet insists he be chloroformed. After the surgery Bernard tells Kate she can go back in and see Jack. Juliet reveals Jack kissed her a few days ago. Kate leaves and then Juliet tells Jack she knows he's awake. In the jungle Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek back to the beach. Miles senses Danielle and Karl's deaths and finds their bodies. Sawyer later gives Miles a "restraining order" to stay away from Claire. They continue on and run into Lepidus who tells them to hide. The mercenaries come along and Lepidus hurries them onto the chopper to protect the four in hiding. The four set-up camp and fall asleep. Claire wakes up and finds Aaron missing and then sees her father holding him. Claire walks off into the jungle. Locke, Ben and Hurley realize no one knows where they're going and set up camp for the night.

12/29/2004: Locke has a dream where he sees Horace chopping down trees. He wakes up and tells Ben and Hurley he knows where they have to go now. They head to the pit of Dharma corpses where Locke searches for Horace's body. He retrieves a map to the cabin Horace was building and they set off to find it. They reach the cabin at night and Locke heads inside alone. He sees Claire and Christian who tells him to move the island. Outside Hurley shares a candy bar with Ben. Locke exits and tells them what Christian told him. On the freighter the helicopter returns and the wounded are unloaded. Keamy attacks the captain who tells him Michael is who he really wants. He goes down to Michael's cabin and interrogates him then tries to shoot him but the gun doesn't work. Keamy retrieves the secondary protocol from a safe. The captain goes up on deck and tells Sayid and Desmond to hide. Sayid refuses and instead asks to take the dinghy back towards the island to ferry survivors. As the sun is setting Lepidus goes below and frees Michael and takes him to the engine room. Sayid prepares to leave but Desmond refuses to go so Sayid heads back alone. With the sun down the mercenaries load the helicopter up with more weapons. Lepidus refuses to take them back so Keamy slits the doctor's throat and throws his body overboard and threatens to kill more if he doesn't take them. The captain then confronts Keamy with his now fixed gun but Keamy shoots him while his head his turned. Lepidus agrees to pilot the helicopter but secretly activates his satellite phone before taking off. On the beach at night Juliet warns Jack that if he isn't careful he'll tear his stitches. The helicopter flies overhead and drops a backpack. Inside Jack finds a satellite phone that is actively tracking the helicopter. They argue over what to do with it. Daniel makes a call but only hears Keamy order Lepidus to land the helicopter. Jack decides to head to the helicopter with Kate. Daniel tells Charlotte that they need to get off the island immediately.

12/30/2004: Jack and Kate are continuing their trek to the helicopter when they run into Miles and Sawyer. Sawyer tells them they lost Claire. After exchanging stories Jack and Sawyer head onto the helicopter while Kate, Miles and Aaron go back towards the beach. They eventually make it to the helicopter and meet Lepidus. They realize that the mercenaries will kill Hurley if they don't try to save him so Jack and Sawyer head for the Orchid. Sayid arrives on the beach and prepares to go after Jack and Kate when Kate returns with Aaron and Miles. Kate and Sayid go after Jack. Daniel takes a group of six survivors including Sun, Jin and Aaron in the dinghy back towards the freighter. Kate attempts to track Jack and Sawyer but eventually realizes the person they're tracking doubled back on them. Kate and Sayid order whoever it is to show themselves and Richard comes out of the trees followed by a large group of gun toting Others. Faraday and his group arrive at the freighter off-load the survivors and Faraday returns to the island. Michael fixes the engine and Desmond has Hendricks take the freighter in towards the island. Sun and Michael have a conversation about how Michael got off the island. Desmond runs up on deck and then shows them all a massive pile of rigged to explode C-4. In the jungle Ben, Locke and Hurley continue towards the Orchid. Ben stops and signals an Other with a mirror. Hurley questions Ben about moving the island. The three arrive at the Orchid but Keamy and his team beat them there. Ben surrenders himself to Keamy. Jack and Sawyer meet Hurley and Locke at the Orchid. Keamy and his men bring Ben back towards the helicopter where Kate, Sayid and the Others ambush them. Keamy and his team are all disabled or killed and Kate and Sayid head to the helicopter while Ben goes back to the Orchid. Ben and Lock enter the Orchid while Jack, Sawyer and Hurley head to the helicopter. Frank, Sayid, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer take off towards the freighter. The helicopter is leaking fuel so Sawyer jumps out so the others can make it to the freighter. On the beach Miles, Charlotte and Juliet refuse to leave and Daniel heads out with a second group of survivors on the dinghy. Ben loads the Orchid's vault with metal in order to enter the inner chamber when Keamy arrives and taunts him into attacking and killing him which triggers the bomb on the freighter to activate. On the freighter they manage to temporarily stop the bomb from going off by freezing it. The helicopter lands and they fix the leak and Desmond, Sun and Aaron board. Jin leaves the bomb and runs to the helicopter. Michael runs out of liquid nitrogen and the bomb explodes before Jin makes it to the helicopter. The helicopter takes off and the freighter explodes. Sawyer swims back to the island and Sawyer and Juliet watch the freighter explode. Ben and Locke split up. Locke joins the others outside and Ben enters the inner chamber of the Orchid. Ben turns the wheel to move the island and is transported to Tunisia in the future

12/31/2004: In the early morning the life raft is found by Penny's boat.

Sometime 2005-2008: Miles starts getting a nosebleed. Reaching the camp, Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Miles, Daniel and Charlotte, find it abandoned. A couple of canoes are stranded on the beach, and a bottle marked Ajira Airlines is found discarded at the camp. After the group leaves the beach in one of the canoes, attempting to reach the Orchid quicker, an unknown party, using the second canoe, approaches and starts firing at them.

1/1/2005: The Oceanic 6 discuss with Frank, Desmond and Penelope about whether to lie about what happened to them after the crash.

1/7/2005: The Oceanic 6 leave Penny's boat on the raft. Eight to nine hours later the six arrive on the island of Sumba.

1/2005: The Oceanic 6 arrive in Hawaii and are reunited with their families and hold a press conference.

Early 2005: Sayid and Nadia marry.

May 2005: Sun confronts her father over Jin's death and reveals that she bought a controlling interest in his company.

June 2005: The Reyes throw a surprise party for Hurley and his dad reveals that he fixed up the Camaro as a memorial to his supposed death.

July 2005: Christian's funeral is held.

July 2005: Ji Yeon is born.

Late 2005: Charlie Hume is born.

10/20/2005: Nadia is shot and killed in LA.

10/24/2005: Ben appears in the Tunisian desert having time traveled from 12/30/2004.

10/25/2005: Sayid has Nadia's funeral and sees Ben photographing him.

10/26/2005: Ben convinces Sayid to kill for him and then recruits him as an assassin.

Late 2005: Sayid kills a man in the Seychelles.

Early 2006: Sayid spends sometime in Berlin trying to find "The Economist" by seducing Elsa. Elsa is playing him and ends up shooting him and Sayid kills her.

Early 2006: Ben confronts Charles Widmore in London.

2006: Kate's trial.

Late 2006: Jack moves in with Kate.

Mid 2007: Jack visits Hurley at Santa Rosa and then proposes to Kate.

Mid 2007: Jack's pill and alcohol addiction worsens as he gets suspicious of Kate's phone calls.

Mid 2007: Jack drunkenly confronts Kate and then leaves her and Aaron.

December 2007: Locke arrives in Tunisia and is rescued by Charles Widmore. Widmore gives him a new identity as Jeremy Bentham and helps him visit Sayid, Walt, Hurley and Kate. He tells all of them but Walt that they have to go back to the island. Ben then attacks his driver and Locke ends up in Jack's hospital where he also tells Jack he has to go back.

December 2007: Jack starts flying all over the world hoping to crash on the island again.

2008: Walt visits Hurley at Santa Rosa.

2008: Ben kills Locke.

2008: Jack almost commits suicide but instead saves some car crash victims. His ex-wife visits him at the hospital.

2008: Jack attends Jeremy Bentham's viewing and has a series of confrontations over his prescription pill addiction.

2008: Jack meets with Kate at the airport.

2008: Sun confronts Charles Widmore in London.

2008: Sayid kills a man watching Hurley and breaks him out of the mental institute.

2008: Jack breaks into Jeremy Bentham's funeral home and Ben finds him there.

2008: In the really early morning Jack and Ben sneak Locke's body out of the funeral home. Hurley and Sayid sneak out of Santa Rosa. Jack shaves his beard off and discusses the fate of the island with Ben. Kate is visited by some lawyers looking to take a maternity test of Aaron and decides to run away with Aaron. Sun meets with Charles Widmore in Heathrow Airport. Jack and Ben see a news report about Hurley. Hurley and Sayid stop for some fast food and then head to Sayid's safe house. Sayid realizes that people are waiting for them and manages to kill both of them but gets tranqed in the process. Hurley brings Sayid back to the car. Desmond wakes up on a sailboat in bed with Penny and remembers meeting Faraday when he was still living in the Swan. They set off for Oxford to find Faraday's mother

2008: Hurley is driving an unconscious Sayid when he thinks he is pulled over by Ana Lucia who gives him advice. Hurley goes to a gas station and buys a new shirt. He then quickly leaves the gas station to avoid getting caught. Kate pulls into the same gas station just as Hurley leaves and contemplates calling Jack when Sun calls her. Kate and Aaron meet Sun at her hotel. In a hotel room Ben tells Jack to go home and pack and he will pick him up in six hours. He goes to a butcher shop and leaves Locke's body. Hurley goes to his house and meets his dad. He tells David what's going on and then a LAPD detective shows up. Hurley's mom comes home and then his dad sneaks Sayid out in his car. He brings Sayid to Jack who takes him to the hospital he used to work at. Jack calls Ben and tells him where Hurley is. Ben goes to Hurley's mansion and tries to convince Hurley to go back to the island. Hurley instead runs out and surrenders to the cops. Ben goes to a church where Ms. Hawking appears to be trying to find the island's location. She tells him he only has 70 hours to get everyone back together. Desmond and Penny approach England on their sailboat.

2008: Desmond goes to Oxford to search for Faraday's mother. He discovers the identity of a woman Faraday supposedly experimented on. When he visits her he finds that Charles Widmore financed Faraday's research. He then travels to London and meets with Widmore who gives him Faraday's mothers address in LA but implores him to stay out of it and protect Penny instead. Desmond goes back to the sail boat and tries to follow Charles' advice but Penny won't let him and insists on going to LA with him.

2008: Kate leaves Aaron at the hotel with Sun. Sun receives a package containing a gun and surveillance information on Ben. Kate meets Tom Norton and discusses Aaron's maternity case. At the hospital Jack wakes Sayid up who wants to leave but Jack says he needs to rest has he was drugged out for 42 hours. Jack gets yelled at for coming back to the hospital. A nurse attempts to shoot Sayid with another tranquilizer but he gets out of the way and disables the shooter. Sayid demands to know who sent him and gets an address from the man. Hurley calls Jack from prison. Ben arrives and Sayid shows him and Jack the address which turns out to be Kate's. Jack calls her and gets her location and goes to meet her. Jack meets Kate outside Norton's office. They follow Norton to a motel where he meets with Carole Littleton. Jack meets with Carole to convince her not to pursue the custody case and learns she has no idea who Aaron is. Ben and Sayid meet Norton in the police garage and Norton informs them that the charges will be dropped and Hurley will be out in the morning. Jack, Kate, Ben and Sayid meet up at a dock yard. Ben admits it's him trying to take Aaron. Sun is hiding in a car with Aaron watching them. She talks on the phone with her mom and daughter in Korea. She gets her gun and steps out of the car. She threatens Ben and accuses him of killing Jin. Ben tells her Jin is alive and he can prove it. Ben says he can take her to someone in LA who has proof that Jin is alive. Kate and Jack argue over his true intentions and then she leaves with Aaron in her car. Sayid also leaves. Then Ben, Sun and Jack head to the church where Ms. Hawking is. When they arrive at the church Ben gives Sun Jin's wedding ring. Sun agrees to go back to the island. As they climb out of the car Desmond arrives and asks if they are also looking for Faraday's mother.

2008: Sayid is arrested by Ilana. Ms. Hawking shows Jack, Ben, Sun and Desmond the Lamp Post Station and tells them to fly out on Ajira Airways Flight 316. Hurley gets into a cab with... Jacob. Jacob leaves a guitar in the cab. Kate gives Aaron to Carole Littleton. Jack goes to see his grandfather. Jack and Kate spend the night together

2008: Ben calls Charles Widmore. He shoots at Desmond and almost kills Penny. Desmond attacks Ben and throws him in the water. Desmond is taken to the Marina Medical Center in Long Beach. Jack takes Locke’s body to LAX. At the airport, Jack is offered condolences by Caesar. Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Ben, Sayid, Lapidus (flying the plane) and Locke’s body- all get on the plane. Hawking visits Desmond at the hospital

2008: Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sayid vanish from the plane to 1977 (see 1977) while the remainder of the passengers and the plane crash on the Island

2008 (back on the Island Day 1):Ajira Airways Flight 316 is maneuvered by Frank Lapidus to land on Hydra Island’s runway. Lapidus and Sun follow Ben into the jungle. When Ben gives directions to the larger island, Sun knocks him out and she and Lapidus leave in one of the outrigger canoes carrying the 316 passenger list. Frank and Sun arrive at the dock at night, near the Processing Center, they find the place disheveled and apparently deserted. They meet Christian and he shows them a picture from 1977- in which there is Jack, Kate, and Hurley. On the small island- Ceaser searches Ben’s office at the Hydra station and finds some of Faraday’s maps and charts as well as a gun. Ilana tells him about a mysterious man who introduces himself as John Locke.

2008 (Day 2): Locke tells Ceaser what he remembers since leaving the Island and about the DHARMA Initiative. Locke asks about the survivors but Caesar says the pilot too the passenger list. He explains seeing certain passengers vanish from the plane. Caesar shows Locke Ben’s body very injured among the victims. Ben wakes up to Locke watching over him. Ben tells Locke he needs to be judged by Smokie. Ben and Lock try to take a boat to go to the main island. Caesar forbids them and Ben shoots him. Ben and Lock go to the main island and return to Ben’s abandoned house, where Sun and Lapidus have been waiting for Locke. Sun shows Ben the photo of the 1977 DHARMA recruits, but Ben claim s not to know that their friends were there. Frank decides to go back to the plane to fix the radio to get off the Island, but Sun stays to find her husband. Ben attempts to summon Smokie from a hidden room under his house but the Monster never shows.

2008 (Day 3): Locke leads Ben and Sun to Smokies hole at the Temple walls. Ben enters and falls through the floor to an underground hall with hieroglyphs and an Egyptian picture of Smokie before Anubis. Smokie surrounds Ben showing him memories of Alex and Widmore and then appears in the form of Alex. Ben tries to apologize to her, but she informs Ben that she is aware of his plan to kill Locke again. She makes Ben promise to follow Locke’s leadership or she will ‘destroy’ him. Meanwhile, at the Hydra Island beach, Ilana and Bram have acquired guns and a large metal box, and asks Lapidus what lies in the shadow of the statue, before knocking him out. Locke, Ben and Sun go to the Other’s beach camp. Locke tells Richard Alpert they have an errand to run. Ben tells Sun that Richard has been their advisor for a very, very long time. Sun asks if Richard knew Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Jin in 1977. Richard says he watched them all die. Locke says they didn’t go through this for nothing. Lock, Richard, and Ben travel to the drug smugglers’ plane to meet the past Locke during the second time shift. Upon returning to the camp, Locke gives a speech to the Others. He tells them he’s going to find Jacob and wants everyone to join him.

2008: It is suddenly night after the time shift and when the survivors reach the Swan they find it destroyed. Locke finds himself next to the plane after it has already fallen off the cliff. Richard comes and treats his gunshot wound.

2008 (Day 4): Lock and Richard lead the Others to Jacob. Locke reveals to Ben that he’s going to kill Jacob. When Locke hears Ben will do anything he says, Locke assigns him the task of killing Jacob. Ilana, Bram, and three others take Lapidus to the main Island in the outrigger canoes. They take the crate to Jacob’s cabin but find the surrounding ash has been disturbed, the cabin destroyed, and no one is there. Ilana takes a piece of tapestry with a picture of the Statue of Taweret on it. They burn the cabin and head toward the statue. The Others take a rest stop at the Oceanic survivor’s camp. Locke convinces Ben to murder Jacob. Sun sees the crib that Locke made for Aaron and finds Charlie’s Drive Shaft ring. At the statue, Locke and Ben enter to find Jacob. Meanwhile, Ilana, Bram, and Lapidus show Richard what was in the crate: Locke’s body. Inside the chamber, Jacob correctly deduces what Locke is really his nemesis and that he has tricked Ben into coming here. Ben kills him. Jacob’s dying words are “They’re coming.”

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