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Lost Recap, Easter Eggs, and More! 06:03 "Lighthouse"

06:05 “Lighthouse”

“Nothing. I’m Just… you know… looking, cause I’m a big fan of temples, history, Indiana Jones stuff.”

This was the mirror image of the fifth episode of season one- for those of you who followed my instructions- good for you! You recently saw that “White Rabbit” was referenced multiple times in “Lighthouse”. In “White Rabbit” Jack chased his father and found the coffin and the caves. In a flash back Christian told young Jack, “You don’t have what it takes”.

Dimension X:
Jack questions himself in the mirror once again and notices a scar on his torso- funny as he had his appendix taken out on the island. His mom informs him that it was taken out when he was 7- by his father… interesting. Jack has to rush to his mom’s house to help her find Christian’s will, but before he can do so- he rushes to pick up his son, David, from school. That’s right he has a son. And David is the typical angry child of divorce. Jack takes off and helps find his father’s will, which causes Jack’s mom to question who Claire Littleton is… I Know!!!! Jack brings home pizza to find David missing- so he runs to his ex-wife’s house (who we wont find out who she is until the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother”) and learns that David has an audition. He’s a prodigy- much like another young dark headed boy we once knew… Faraday. We see Dogan, who’s son is also auditioning. Jack tells his son he will always love him.

Theories, Easter Eggs, etc:
1.So Dogan’s appearance in Jack’s sideways story reveals he was not aboard the Black Rock.
2.The sign at the audition said “Welcome All Candidates” J Sound familiar?
3.This one goes in Dem X Easter Eggs and Jack’s Easter Eggs- Jack Shepherd is number #23. The 23rd Psalm was written by David, who is a shepherd and a musician- links up a bit… doesn’t it?
4.The key to Jack’s ex-wives house is under a stone “White Rabbit”
5.There was a key hidden under this rabbit before… When young miles found it to enter the apartment of a recently deceased man named Mr. Vonner
6.The last will and testament was mailed to Christian Shepherd at 233 Bastian Drive. 233 was the house number for David’s mother’s house (23)
7.Long shot- but there are 8 stamps with the Ram’s head on the will and test envelope. The prophecy of Daniel from the bible, chapter 8, 10th verse- the penultimate battle between angels Michael and Gabriel…, and in the end it all comes down to shadow and light… good and evil.. one’s true destiny as a component of free will.
8.Why was the will so hard to find- if it was just sitting on a bookshelf?
9.Book one that was on one side of the will: “Terminal" plot summary (via Wikipedia): "The novel centers around the investigation of a medical student named Sean into a mysterious cancer called medulloblastoma and the secret behind the hundred percent remission treatment offered by a medical institute called Forbes Cancer Centre. In his investigation, Sean learns that the institute is responsible for the creation of the cancer. The secret behind their offering of 100% remission of the disease is that the creators had also invented an antibody to the disease. The institute procured Social Security numbers and other identifying details of wealthy people and their dependents, and as opportunities arose from those people undergoing surgeries or being on IV therapy, they were infected with the transformed SLE virus. Because the virus was encephalographic, it manifested with early neural symptoms in the infected patients, in the form of seizures and convulsions. The infected people, once they were completely cured of the disease, were usually willing to donate large sums to the Forbes. This book heavily deals with the controversial issues of the time."
10.Book Two: “It's only too late if you don't start now" review (via Amazon): "As baby boomers hit their 40s and 50s in record numbers, they're beginning to realize that middle age isn't what it used to be--that the old assumptions about these difficult years just aren't true anymore. Barbara Sher, the author of such motivational bestsellers as Live the Life You Love, believes that midlife is the beginning of something better than mere youth, a time when "you start to live your life to suit who you really are." Instead of worrying about your slowing body or unrealized expectations, Sher says, why not focus on new opportunities to take risks and try new experiences, or to take another crack at personal goals you never had a chance to go for in the past? Sher's unique view of aging is a heartening one, and it is sure to bring encouragement to those who would like to see "the big 4-0" as a beginning rather than an end."
11.On Christians liquor table- there was a bottle of MacCutcheon whiskey. The same drink of choice for Charles Widmore and Anthony Cooper (Locke’s dad).. Very expensive taste.
12.On David’s desk, the sheet music to Frederic Chopin’s “Fantasies-Impromptu” was sitting. This is the same song young Daniel Faraday was practicing.
13.The Annotated Alice (Alice in Wonderland)- that David was reading “White Rabbit”, “Through the looking glass”)
14.Also- this is the same book that Jack read to Aaron and now we hear he read it to David when he was young.

Jack’s Group:
Hurley gets a visit from Jacob’s ghost. Hurley talks Jack into coming with him by saying Jack has “What it takes”. They sneak out of the temple and find Kate- who’s on her mission to find Claire. Jack and Hurley find the caves- oh yeah the same ones that they lived in after Jack found them in “White Rabbit”. Hurley theorizes that they jump back to dinosaur times and that the Adam and Eve skeletons are them. Hehehehe. Hurley and Jack arrive at a giant stone lighthouse. They go upstairs and find a giant wheel with mirrors all over. Hurley tries to dial the wheel to 108 degrees, but jack notices all the numbers have names. He orders Hurley to turn the wheel to number 23- Shepherd and the mirror reflect Jack’s childhood home. Jack freaks and breaks the mirrors- then sits and stares at the ocean for a while.

Theories, Easter Eggs, etc:
1.So if the numbers and names going around the lighthouse are listed in degrees- there would have been 360 ‘candidates’ at one time
2.#51- Austen (so possibly Kate is on there- even if she’s not one of the ‘special’ numbers)
3.#117- Linus (crossed out)
4.We saw a grouping of Korean buildings when the mirror was turning… It was where Sun and Jin were married
5.Another one of the images in the magic mirror looked identical to the church where the funeral for Sawyer’s parents was held
6.So- both Sun and Jin, and Sawyer’s flashes in the mirror would have been where Jacob met them- but Jack’s shows his childhood home not the hospital?? Could this mean that Jack really isn’t the Shepherd that the list is referring to?
7.#108 is Wallace?? Who is Wallace and why is he coming to the island? AND- if he is coming to the island- why is his name already crossed out?
8.Or was this just to get Jack to get where he needed and there really isn’t a Wallace coming
9.#104- Lewis
10.#20- Rousseau
11.#107- Thomson
12.#109- Friendly
13.#111- Klein
14.#112- Horton
15.#113- Worden
16.#114- Yamada
17.#115- Bargas
18.#116- Lambert
19.#118- Chauer
20.#120- Rodriguez
21.#121- Neilson
22.#122- Freed
23.#124- Dawson (Michael?)
24.#125- Owens
25.#126- Penti
26.#127- Mora
28.SHEPHERD is written in all caps and in a different handwriting than the rest. It also looks like there was something else written underneath it that was erased.
29.#129- Campbell (as in… Brother Campbell?)
30.#119- was spelled Almeida at the lighthouse and Almieda at the cave?
31.Possibly Kate’s number #51 is the mirror image of Sawyer’s number #15

Rousseau, sorry- I mean Claire is a total bad-ass. She brings Jin to her camp site along with the other I liked. She wants to know where they’re keeping her baby. She stitches up Jin. The Other tells Claire that they don’t have her baby. While, Claire states that she knows they do- because her dad and her ‘friend’ told her they do. Jin questions this- and Claire smiles ‘my friend’. Duh. Jin speaks up and says that Kate has Aaron and he’s three years old now. This seems to confuse Claire and after she kills the Other, Jin recants his story. Claire looks relieved “I would have to kill her”. Now why Claire? You left him in the jungle by himself- why are you now worried about him? Ah well- she’s a little off… The episode ends with the arrival of Claire’s ‘friend’ who is… du du duuuuuu… LNM. Jin looks shocked “John?” “That’s not John, THIS is my friend”

Theories, Easter Eggs, etc:
1.“If there’s one thing that’ll kill you around here, it’s infection” Really Claire?? You would know J
2.Claire has really lost track of time- again, reminds me of Rousseau- who thought that Aaron was her baby at one time. Claire doesn’t realize it’s been three years.
3.Claire heard from her father and her ‘friend’ that Aaron was taken by the others. Are the ghost of Christian and LNM two separate entities or have they just spoken to her at different times
4.The other’s ‘tortured’ Claire the same they did Sayid- with the branding iron
5.Where did Sawyer run off to?? Why wasn’t he with LNM?
6.Does Claire not remember leaving Aaron in the Jungle? She seems to really think he was stolen- not rescued.

From Ben Smith (one of our Losties that works with Rick):
“Jacob and MIB represent Fate vs. Free Will. Jacob is all about leading people to where they need to be and MIB wants them to decide on their own. So maybe there is a higher power still on this island that is Good vs. Evil, Since Fate/Free Will is not really good or evil. And the 2 representing this Good vs. Evil could be Christian and the little boy with the bloody hands.”

Also he thinks Juliet could be Jack's wife in the x-line.
(Rick told me this last part- and then he recanted saying “I don't see how it could be Juliet as Jack's wife. She has to meet
Sawyer in the future x-world. "You wanna grab some coffee?" :)”)

-I think it’s a possibility that Juliet is Jack’s Ex-Wife. Not current- as it’s obvious he’s divorced… So she could be asking Sawyer for coffee- although my thought is I don't think Juliet was meeting Sawyer for coffee (I think she was talking to someone else)- because if we follow the timeline- as of when the world split in two- Sawyer was on the plane when Juliet was asking someone to grab coffee :)

From Rick (I love this theory!):
"I think we have already started to see the ending of Lost. I think these flash-sideways are not an alternate timeline but rather the future. I think that what ever big thing happens at the end of Lost on the island will transport them to Sept 22, 2004 and on a plane that safely lands in LAX. Their consciousness travels over to the parallel universe where the plane doesn't crash. This is why they are having déjà vu. This is why Jack seemed surprised when he saw the appendix incision. I think we may see Jack get cut on his neck at the end of the island timeline and that's why he's cut on the plane in the x-line and seemed confused about it. This is a little confusing but bear with me...

Picture Jack living his x-line life. At age 7 he has his appendix taken out. I'm sure he would remember this the rest of his life. He'd see the scar in the mirror every day and wouldn't forget. Then on Sept 22, 2004, a different version of his consciousness combines with his current consciousness. Now things start to become a little confusing as he has partial memories from both. He sees the scar and wonders did Juliet take out his appendix or did it come out when he was 7. He sees Kate and has déjà vu about her. Does he know her? In Kate's x-line she hears the name Aaron, that sounds familiar...even though in her x-line story up to then she didn't know an Aaron.

The typical drama would end with a big battle of some kind (physical or mental) and then there would be a scene like at the end of return of the Jedi that shows everyone and how they've come to a conclusion of where and who they are in this world. Having a short conclusion like this for Lost would not be good because there are too many characters that we need to know how it ends for them. Now picture the end of Lord of the Rings. This went on for 20-30 minutes and although I liked it and allowed this long an ending since it was over 9 hours long to tell the story, they can't get away with that on Lost either because people would complain about how slow the end was.

Lost has to end with a bang but we still need closure with these characters. So how is this done? Show us the ending throughout the entire final season. :) That's my thought."

Ok- that’s all folks! J Send me your thoughts, finds, and other info!

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