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Sorry this is so late in getting out, as I had Friday off last week and then our friends from Minnesota were in town all weekend. Anyways, Just a few things from past episodes:
-          Two weeks ago, in Cabin Fever, Right after Emily has John at the hospital, a Dr. Carlyle is paged. Some people think it might be Boone’s dad, as that was Boone’s last name.
-          The very first screen shot of the very first episode- Jack is laying on the ground all bloodied up after the crash and waking up in the jungle. Look at the picture below, to the left of jack’s head. There is a black object, which is now thought (among many- although I’m very skeptical) to be Ben’s ‘beating stick’ ϑ
Ok- here’s the really fun stuff… ϑ The recap from last week ‘There’s No Place Like Home’:
Well, first of all- the title- once again a Wizard of Oz reference…
-          Off the Island: So, here’s a couple of guys flying a plane, one rubbing a lucky rabbits foot and looking nervous. Oh look, it’s because the Oceanic 6 are sitting in the back of the plane. AH HA! They land, Jack talks about sticking to the story, if they ask too many questions ‘we’ll just tell them we’re in shock” to which Sun replies that they are in shock. Doors open and there’s Hurley’s Mom and Dad, Sun’s folks, and Jack’s Mom. Kate hugs Aaron and looks sad and lonely, Sayid gets hugged by Hugo’s family. Later- sitting in front of microphones and the press, the Oceanic Six don’t look too happy. Mrs. Decker (the woman who works for oceanic) tells the reporters that ‘based on the location of the wreckage, our best estimate of the crash site is ‘here’ from there, the survivors were carried by the oceans current to here, an uninhabited island in the lesser Sunda Island, known as Membata’ From there the survivors- Including Ms. Austin’s Baby (so, they DO think it’s kates kid) journed to Sumba and came to shore near a village called Manukangga, where a fisherman took a picture of them coming out of the water…. Uh… it’s a good thing all poor fisherman just happen to carry camera’s with them… (staged? I think so) One reporter ask Jack what it was like when the plane hit the ocean. Jack tells them it happened fast. And they made it to the emergency door and used the cushions to float for more than a day. By the time they made it to the island there were only six people left. Reporter ask Hugo how it feels to know he’s going to get all of his 150 million dollars back. He states he doesn’t want any of it back. We figure out that Jin ‘died’ in the crash (which we were pretty sure of- due to the date of death on his tombstone). The reporters noted that Kate must have been six months pregnant when she was apprehended in Australia. The six finish the conference and there is someone waiting for Sayid… Who Could it be…. Nadia! Hug hug kiss kiss. Later- In korea, Sun (fully pregnant) goes to Paik Industries and into her fathers office- as he’s arguing with some employees. Mr. Paik explains that it’s just some business and asks Sun how the pregnancy is going. Sun says, “Don’t pretend to be interested in my baby. We both know you hated my husband” Mr Paik gets mad- as Sun is ‘supposed’ to respect him. But, ah ha, Sun bought a controlling interest in her fathers company with the settlement from Oceanic “Now you will respect me” Sun blames her dad for being one of the people that was responcible for Jin’s death. Another time- in California- Hurley drives (in a beat up old car) to a mansion and carrying a Mr. Clucks bag. Door is open- he calls out and picks up a coconut that was on the floor. Hears whispering and grabs a Jesus statue and pushes a door open. “Surprise!” It’s a surprise birthday party. Kate and Aaron are there, Kate tells Hurley that Jack is running late. Sayid and Nadia are there- Sayid notes the ‘interesting’ choice of theme (desert island) Hurley’s dad comes and takes him outside for a surprise. He takes him to the garage and shows him the Camaro- all fixed up. David says that he worked on it as a memorial to Hurley, and wanted to give it to him now. He hands Hurley the keys (Look- another rabbits foot, just like the plane, just like the Dharma van…) Aww, all excited Hurley gets into the car, but then sees the odometer is at…. The numbers…. Remember? Say them with me… four, eight, fifteen, sixteen, twenty-three, forty-two. His dad notes it as a coincidence, but not Hurley, he gets out of the car and runs down the street. Another time, another place- Picture of Christian Shephard is at the front of a church while jack gives a eulogy. Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid, and Nadia are all there. After the service, everyone gone but Jack, Kate and some blonde woman. She comes up and talks to Jack-She explains that Christian had a daughter with her- turns out she was on the same plane- just a few seats away- but died when the plane crashed “Her name was Claire” Jack is shaken (of course) Claires mom tells Kate that her son is beautiful (little does the woman know, it’s her grandson)
-          On the Island- Jack group: Rose, Sun, Jack and a group are discussing the phone that fell from the helicopter in the last episode. Daniel turns it on and the here static then “Ok, gear up boys, as soon as we hit the ground we deploy to the Orchid” Juliet doesn’t know what the Orchid is and they don’t hear Desmond or Sayid. Jack ask Kate to get some water while he gets the guns. Juliet reminds him that he can’t go- he just had surgery. Jack says that he has to- because he promised to get people off the island. Daniel and Charlotte (by themselves) talk and Daniel shows a picture of the Orchid symbol in his Journal and tells her that they have to get off the island RIGHT NOW. Jack and Kate move through the jungle following the phone. There’s blood on Jack’s shirt- but he says that it’s just discharge. Yuck. Kate knows he’s lying. Miles, Sawyer and Aaron come through the forest. Sawyer tells how they lost Claire and Kate takes Aaron. Jack tells how they’re following the chopper- but Sawyer tells that Locke was right- the men on the chopper had blown up the town. Jack walks into the jungle with Sawyer following- leaving Kate and Miles to watch the baby. Sawyer notes Jack’s bleeding side and ask what else he’s missed. They hear the helicopter and Jack yells for Lapidus. Frank is handcuffed to the helicopter. He says that Desmond and Sayid are still on the freighter- because it’s the safest place to be. Sayid got the handcuffs off of Lapidus and Lapidus tells them that ‘his buddies’ went up to some greenhouse to catch Linus. Sawyer notes that Hurley is with Linus.
-          Sayid and the raft: Sayid get’s the raft to shore and tells the people on the beach that they have to get everyone back to the boat before the chopper gets back. Juliet notes that Jack and Kate went running after the chopper and Sayid decides to go into the jungle after them to tell them that the chopper peop want to kill everyone. Daniel get’s people on the raft for the first group. Sun gets on the raft- as she’s pregnant. Kate Miles, and Aaron come out of the jungle and kate hands the baby to Sun and runs back into the jungle with Sayid. Daniel waves at CSLewis and the first group head into the water. Kate and Sayid are running through the jungle- kate tracking, when she stops and says that the tracks aren’t Jack or Sawyer and they’re doubling back. Richard Alpert walks out of the jungle… and he has Sayid and Kate surrounded with people with guns.. Hmmmm Richard Alpert and his army….
-          The Freighter: The raft makes it out to the freighter, and Desmond helps people climb on board. Sun and Jin turn and see Michael (they didn’t know he was back yet). Michael tells Desmond the engine is fixed, and Desmond has Hendricks try it. It works- they start to head toward the island. Until, the start getting RF (radio frequencies???) interference and if it’s not found, Hendricks wont go any closer to the island. On Deck- Sun is giving Michael the third degree, and he get’s upset when she says that he’s now working for ben. Desmond calls for Michael and they all run down to the engine room where the room is full of C4 (hmmm… Hooked up to the thing on Kemy’s arm??
-          The Island- Locke, Ben, and Hugo: Ben tells the other two they are going to a greenhouse called the Orchid to move the island. Ben digs a box from the ground and takes a mirror out of it. He starts “communicating” with the Orchid by flashing the mirror and when they get flashes back, he states that they can go. Hurley says he still wants off the island, but Locke says it’s too late. Ben states that they’re at the Orchird but are waiting to see if Widmore’s people are there. When Locke said that Ben said he didn’t know why Widmore was here, Ben says “I wasn’t being entirely truthful”…. Duh. Ben says the other people have beat them here. Ben pulls out his ‘beating stick’ ϑ and hands it to John asking him to hold on to it and tells Locke to “listen to me very carefully, john, because I’m not going to have time to repeat this. You’re going to go into that greenhouse through that hole there. Once inside, you’re going to turn left. Go about twenty paces until you see a patch of anthuriums on your left. They’re in an alcove against the north wall. Face that wall, reach down with your left hand. You’ll find a switch that activates the elevator. The elevator takes you down to the actual Orchid station.” Then he says he’s going to take care of Keamy and the other guys. Ben walks toward the station. Keamy comes over as Ben says “My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you’re looking for me.” Keamy looks at Omar, then hits Ben with his Gun
-          On the freighter, Sun walks outside. She looks at Aaron in her arms, then back to room Jin is in. Sawyer and Jack leave the helicopter. Kate and Sayid follow Richard and a bunch of people follow them. Locke and Hurley watch the Orchid station. Two weeks to wait for the next part.
Theories and easter eggs for “There’s no place like home”:
-         ok- so when the oceanic six are on the plane, getting ready to land, there is another man in the back of the plane with them. No one can make it out- he’s just sitting to the side- not talking. Some people think it’s just a crew member, but other people think that it’s odd that after the Oceanic woman leaves, the man stays and the O6 are still ok talking about the conspiracy with the guy right there?
-         Fun note- I had forgotten about the church Eko was building, but there it was, right next to where Sayid was pulling in the raft ϑ
-         Why Did Daniel know about the secondary protocol (from Widmore) and the captain and Charlotte don’t????
-         The Black Rock Manifest (which we don’t know how accurate it is- as it’s not backed up from the producers) but it was Daniel Faraday’s name on there as well as Richard Alpert: HYPERLINK "" \o ""
-         Here’s my theory… A few episodes back, we see Faraday had marked in his notebook Desmond Hume is my Constant. So- he’s been bouncing around in time too. A few episodes before that- faraday is crying when he sees the news of Oceanic 815, but has no idea why. I think he’s obviously on the island now and naturally learns all this island lore, or will eventually (orchid logo, recognizing the sunken airplane, knowing secondary protocol, having maps, knowing Desmond Hume, yada yada) He’ll learn all this stuff naturally, experiencing it first hand. But because he is unstuck in time like Desmond, he falls bak into the past, bring knowledge and clues with him.
-         In Daniel’s notebook- there is a picture of a fly- reminding some people of ‘The Fly’ where Jeff Goldblum creates a devise that would teleport him from tube to tube?
-         The Rabbit’s feet… So, there was first one in the Dharma van that Hurley found on the island, now the pilot had one, and Hurley had one on his keychain for the red car. Is this a small reference to Alice in Wonderland again? White Rabbit?
-         Why did they wait so long to have a funeral for Christian Shephard??? I found that a bit odd. I mean, the plane when down, they had thought Jack and the rest were dead for so long, and they knew Christian was dead before then. To me, it seems odd.
-         Geronimo Jackson is back, once again… ϑ At Hurley’s party- the DJ is holding a Geronimo Jackson record
-         When ben dug up the box with the mirror and crackers… The comment he made to Hurley about the crackers made me laugh, but then I started thinking- what happened fifteen years ago that someone would have planted that box (with crackers) there?
-         The P in the Paik Logo looks an awful lot like a the Orchid station logo
-         The picture of the Losties that was taken by the fishermen (who luckily were carrying a camera to work that day)- I guess Jack is wearing Sawyers shirt… I’m not sure why this is a huge topic of discussion on the boards today- but it is ϑ
-         Also, the boat they arrived on is different from the one from the freighter. Where did this boat come from??
-         I found it odd, that Claires mom was in her coma for at least 7 months, Christian thought they should pull the plug, and then (after Claire leaves – which she wouldn’t have done if her mom was awake) she miraculously wakes up! Very fishy to me.
-         Something that has been noticed… the numbers are- 4,8,15, 16, 23, and 42. Six numbers, Six ‘survivors’. Jack told rose in the first episode- that he was the guy in seat 23A… Kate was in seat 8A….. could there be something to this?
-         The Oceanic six were on Membata (supposedly of course) whish means Ambivalent in Indonesian. Ambivalent means the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings towards the same person, object, or action, simultaneously drawing him or her in opposite directions…
Sorry, but that’s all I have this week Λ Not much- but enjoy your week and the next time I write you- It will be from SanFransisco ϑ… Yes, we are going to be in the hotel room watching Lost on Thursday night ϑ.

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