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OK- today’s email is going to be a little different than the past emails.  I’ll start with a recap of last night’s episode  and then go into the easter eggs and theories… I think I’ve been listening to too many pod cast.. this is way too much fun 
Ben teleports to the Sahara Desert. He is wearing a Dharma Initiative jacket and retches, so whatever the method of traveling through time and space, it has an effect on him. He had been wounded on the arm.

When locals find him, Ben seems confused and addresses them in English, then Arabic, then Turkish. It seems he is not 100% certain where he is yet. He clearly didn't know what sort of weather to dress for. Then, He overpowers them and rides off on their horse.

We next encounter Ben in Tunisia. He tells the hotel receptionist it isn't his first visit to Tunisia, but it has been a while. He asks the date, and when told it is October 24th, he has to ask whether it is 2005. Ben then gives his name as Dean Moriarty and says he is a "preferred guest". When the receptionist looks him up in her book, was it just me or did she seem nervous when she saw what was written about this "preferred guest"? At the hotel, Ben sees Sayid on TV.

Ben next goes to Tikrit, Iraq, and takes photographs of a man watching the funeral procession for Sayid's wife, Nadia. The man is Ishmael Bakir, and he works for Charles Widmore. Sayid spots Ben taking pictures, and tackles him. He asks him how he got off the island, and Ben lies, saying that he used Desmond's boat, "The Elizabeth", which he sailed on a course towards Fiji. Ben says that Widmore's man killed Nadia. Sayid kills Bakir, and Ben then tells him to "walk away" because "Once you let your grief become anger it will never go away. I speak from experience". He also tells him "This is my war", but Sayid replies that he had sought the woman he loves for 8 years, married her, only to have her killed. Sayid asks "Who's next", and Ben says he'll be in touch, and walks away with his conniving smirk- he has whenever he tricks someone.

Back in the "present" on the island, Ben tells Locke that he must survive because they need Jacob's help. Although Locke may not know where the cabin is, Ben knows that Hurley does. Ben's daughter Alex had been captured, and those seeking to apprehend Ben threaten her. Ben bluffs, saying she's just a pawn and means nothing to him, but when she is shot, he is astonished. He says in disbelief "He changed the rules". Ben runs into the secret room we had already seen, and then into another one behind a metal panel and an ancient-looking stone wall/door with carvings/inscriptions in it. Inside, Ben unleashes the smoke monster at the soldiers who had stormed the compound. He then cries over his daughter.

In London, Ben goes to a hotel in London and says he's there to see "Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick in 4E". The hour is late, but he says he's expected. In the elevator, Ben uses a key to take the elevator to the penthouse, where we find that he has come to see Charles Widmore. That's who "changed the rules", and Ben tells Charles that he will wish he hadn't done so. For some reason, Ben affirms that he can't kill Charles. So he promises to kill his daughter Penelope. Charles says Ben will never find her. Charles also says that everything Ben has he took from him (i.e. Charles), and that the island is rightfully his (Charles'). Of the explanations I've heard suggested so far as to why Ben can't kill Charles, the most interesting is that Charles is Ben's constant. This would make a lot of sense. Hate,  it seems, as well as love, can be used to bring stability, but with different effects on those around us.  Another theory I like, is that if the island needs you for some reason, you can not be killed- remember Michael trying to shoot himself??

What is the stick-device Ben carries, which he used against the Arabs who first found him in the desert, and was holding in the hotel lobby in London too? If Widmore's men found the island, why does Ben tell Widmore he'll never find it? Can the island, like Jacob's cabin, move about in space and time and be hidden in this way? What is the significance of Tunisia? Is the "wormhole" that allows travel through time fixed in space, in some sense? It would be odd if the island itself were not fixed in space and time, yet could only allow one to travel through time to a fixed point. But perhaps the island once was in Tunisia, and is a sort of Eden that has been displaced in time and space, but remains connected to that point in space.  Also, remember that the Darma Polar Bear was found in Tunisia.

Another interesting detail: the doctor, found washed up dead on the island (with his throat slit), is still just fine on the boat. Ah, the interesting effects of time-displacement.  The time on the freighter is different than the time on the island.  Could the dr be dead, but is going to be killed shortly?  

Now that we know that teleportation through both time and space is possible, the question becomes what we are to make of it. Did Ben simply gather information on the passengers on Oceanic flight 815, or did he intervene in events so as to bring about the presence of various passengers who suited his purposes?

Another question that must be asked: in the "flash forwards", are we witnessing what Ben does when he goes into his secret room and travels through time and space? Is there a sense in which what we witnessed in tonight's episode did not involve a "flash forward" about Ben, but things he experienced within the continuum of the flow of events in his experience depicted in tonight's episode?

Early in the episode, Hurley says (while playing Risk) that Australia is the key to the whole game. Is this a hint that there can be a relatively isolated island, and yet it can still hold the key to world dominion?  Also, that IS where the plane took off from- remember? 
Easter Eggs/Theories/ Etc:
1.) Here’s a few hieroglyphs links  for the… hmmmm…. ‘wardrobe’ ;) (that’s for rick…)
HYPERLINK "" \o ""
HYPERLINK "" \o ""
HYPERLINK "" \o ""

-A few things about the symbol’s on the door:
            - The fish symbol (a lot of people on line were commenting about the ‘Jesus fish’ which it does look like- but the ‘Jesus fish symbol actually predates Jesus.  “The pre Christian history of the fish symbol has been used for millennia worldwide as a religious symbol associated with the Pagan Great Mother Goddess.  The fish symbol “was so revered through out the Roman empire that Christian authorities insisted on taking it over, with extensive revision of myths to deny it’s earlier female-genital meaning…”  just thought that was interesting .  There is one symbol that means ‘To Summon’.  
2.) Widmore’s man who ‘killed’ Nadia??? One theory is that Ben actually killed Nadia to get Sayid to work for him.  Ben never said anything to Widmore’s man about killing nadia, he just said he wanted a message to Widmore…
3.) the name that Ben gave at the hotel “Dean Moriarty”.  Dean Moriarty is one of the protagonists in Jack Kerouac’s novel, On the Road.  Dean Moriarty is also the subject of the Aztec Two-Step song, “the persecution and restoration of Dean Moriarty (On the Road)”  In Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Moriarty appears in a Sal Paradyse story, which suggests that Dean is the great-grandson of Sherlock Holmes’ arch-nemesis.  The story has Sal and Dean teaming up with Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain against Kerouac’s Doctor Sachs.  Just thought all of those were fun 
4.) The Dead Doc:  ok. So, first off- he has stitches in his face, his throat is slit,  WHO DID HE MAKE MAD???  Although, I do love that Jack noted “his throat was slit…” He really is a great doctor! Thank you Dr. Obvious…. ;)  Also, he just happens to die and then float up on the lostie’s beach before becoming bloated or chewed up by sea creatures or anything?  If he’s still alive on the boat (what with time fluxuations and all) does this mean, he’s going to be killed soon? That we’re seeing the future (even as a present…)?  Someone noted that the dr. has the stitches in his cheek cut that are new, and when he was on the boat it was a healed up scar in the same spot.  I can’t find a screen shot tho- so I can’t confirm right now.. but…. Du Du Duuuummmm….
5.) The pills that Jack was taking:  They were penicillin- when looking at a screen shot, but the issue here is:  If someone has a stomach bug, do they really take penicillin?? I didn’t think so?  I think he knows that there is something more serious with him.
6.) Poor Nadia  So sad about that  He just finds her and now she’s run over by a car… yet, something odd…  The name on the coffin that Nadia is in is translated to Noor Shamar, Now, her characters real name is Noor, but it is Noor Abed Jazeem, and Sayid’s last name isn’t Shamar- so where did that come from?? 
7.) here smokie, smokie, smokie….  Ok, so here come’s the smoke monster… On Ben’s Command??? Hmmm.. I’m not sure.  I think he can’t control it, but he CAN summon it.  Kind of like an angry guard dog- will protect it’s home from predators but doesn’t always know who is the predator- Jacob’s guard dog?  Odd notice- why didn’t the smoke monster make the same chain clicking noise as it did in previous episodes, I’m really curious how that noise is related to the smoke- but didn’t hear it this time.
8.) when Benjamin broke into Widmore’s penthouse loft (lucky rich butt head ) There was a painting behind him.  Looks like the island, the hills, the houses. Here’s a screen shot- not a great one, but you can kind of see it:
9.) I think that Ben and Widmore are playing some sort of ‘game’.  Ben saying that he (widmore) changed the ‘rules’ and hurley saying that Australia is the key to the game when playing risk…
10.) Ben’s coat:  Hmmm… The logo on it is the Orchid Station?  Yay!! A new logo!!   Ben’s arm was hurt- and he seemed stunned at the desert and seemed not to know where he is… But, then again, ben’s a good actor… Also, a huge theory is that when Ben went into the closet, after Alex was killed, he time traveled and that’s when he ended up in the desert… my question:  what’s with the winter coat to go from a tropical island to a desert?
11.) also, on ben’s jacket- there is the name Halliwax…. Ben’s arm being hurt….  There was a guy in the orientation video’s named Halliwax… Who had a prosthetic arm… and worked at the orchid station… odd…. 
Well, that’s all for this week.  Enjoy   There weren’t a whole lot of easter eggs- but I’ll see if there are any new ideas before next weeks episode…

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