Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost Kassicast- Episode 5:9 “Namaste” - Easter Eggs/Theories/and Questions

There’s really not much this week- but feel free to add- There weren’t many surprises or easter eggs for me- but others had some theories, so here you go.

* The First One is something huge (potentially) that I totally missed. In the scene with Sun – when Christian Shepard appears and this time in Othersville. The recreation room is eerily similar to Jacob's cabin and well after the wind blows open the door and the light shines behind Sun and Frank you can see a woman move her head slightly in the background!?

It seems like someone with red hair or blond hair like Claire. Is Claire hanging with Christian OR is this a huge production error!?

I don't know the more I look at the image and re-watch the scene it looks like a production member looking at a screen or something to that effect (plus it was cut off of the widescreen versions- and there’s was no attention drawn to it)- but whatever it is- it’s pretty interesting- people are arguing Claire or Charlotte.

* Okay... maybe I am seeing things, but in the scene with were Christian is showing Sun and Frank the picture, does the smoke monster open the door and come in?

* “If the Swan wasn't built yet, why does Chang have a Swan lab coat in the barracks video?”

* Hurley’s a Chef  LOL

* Notice the airlock in the blueprints- when Radzinsky was building the Swan Model? Most likely part of the sealed off wall: ;)

* “The whispers come from people that are in the same place/location on the island...but at different stages of time. Early in the series of the show, when time travel wasn't a theme, this would have been hard to figure out. But now that time travel is apparent...hearing the whispers but not seeing anybody could be plausible. Didn't some translations of the whispers (in previous years/episodes) sound like.."there they are"..."do you think they see us?"...and stuff like that? This is just my thought.”

* “I wonder if we'll get to see what's in the Swan room that's been sealed off. You're able to get in there in the video game (Lost: Via Domus) and look around, and that was cool - I wonder if we do see what inside in the show, if it'll be the same thing as the game! I have a feeling we're not quite done with Swan station hyjinx.

And I really don't mind spoiling that little tidbit about the game. The game itself is an "alternate universe" storyline separate from the show, and unless you're a fan of the show, the game really wasn't that great at all.”

* “Again, the room behind the sealed wall (also known as the Incident Room), can be found by accessing a secret area in the Lost: Via Domus video game. Although the game's storyline is considered non-canonical, the design of the Incident room is the intended layout made by the creators of the show! Mystery solved?

So, you can either wait to MAYBE see past the sealed door in an upcoming episode taking place back in 1977, or you can rent the game and find that secret area! It's near the end, but the game only takes about 4 or 5 hours to beat.

Or you can just go here:

What someone SHOULD do (I can't, because I sold my Via Domus on eBay), is play through the game and get to the Incident Room...because the game automatically makes maps of the places your character travels, including DHARMA station maps confirmed as faithful to the show. If someone would get to the Incident Room in the game and compare the game map to the blueprint Radzinksy was building his model on...then truly it could be mystery solved.”

* Where if Faraday?????

* If we see little Ben- that means that Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, and Jin see him all the time. They also see Ben’s little girl friend…

* We had thought that Caesar and Ilana had known each other before the flight, but based on Caesar saying, "Hey, lady," after the crash, it doesn't seem like they'd met previously.

* Jack's watch appears to have stopped working. This is presumably the same watch that his father gave to him on his wedding day.

* Jack was on the list, but Kate wasn't. Did Juliet do this on purpose to make her sweat?

* Why did Ben bring Sayid food? Why did they let a kid bring it and talk to Sayid alone?

* If the name Radzinsky (the guy running The Flame and building the scale model of The Swan, aka the hatch) sounds familiar, it's because Kelvin spent a lot of time telling Desmond about him during the flashbacks in the season two finale, "Live Together, Die Alone." He had been Kelvin's partner at The Swan before Desmond, and painted the map of all the Dharma stations on the blast doors. Assuming that one of The Others didn't assume Radzinsky's name after the purge, then The Swan was still technically under Dharma control in the 21st century, which might help explain why Dharma planes were still doing supply drops after the Oceanic 815 crash.

* I caught "The Muppet Show" on one of The Flame monitors. Were any of the others showing '70s TV?

* We don't get to spend much time with the other Ajira 316 passengers, or get more clues about whether Caesar knows more about the island than he's telling or is just this plane's equivalent of Sayid, but I did catch another familiar face in the crowd. When Caesar's arguing with Frank over going to investigate the nearby buildings, we see Brad Henke, late of "October Road".

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