Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lost Kassicast- Theories/Easter Eggs/ Thoughts- Episode 5:7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Easter Eggs/ Theories/ and Questions:

- ‘Jeremy Bentham’s’ passport is a Canadian Passport.

- Helen’s death date is April ’08… That would be 4/8

- The Real Jeremy Bentham was born February 15th, ’48 (same as Locke’s fake passport) the only difference is the Real Jeremy Bentham was born in 1748- not 1948

- How long have the 316 Survivor’s been on the Island before Locke arrived?? There is none of the chaos of the original Losties crash- and everyone has been patched up

- The paper bag containing the cord that Locke ‘hung himself’ with- was from Angel’s Hardware Store… Just thought that was funny.

- Ben killed Locke in the same way that Sawyer killed Locke’s father. (minus- the creepy set up to look like a suicide thing)

- I’m thinking Ms. Hawking wouldn’t have helped Ben if she knew he was exiled from the Island- that’s why Ben killed Locke after he heard the name

- There were multiple close shot’s of Locke’s foot. And in all of them- you only see four toes. Could that be some kind of connection to the four toed statue?

- If widmore knew the outpoint for the Island- why didn’t he capture Ben when he was there?

- Widmore says he was the ‘Others’ leader for 30 years. He was 17 when Locke last saw him; so he’d have to have been there till he was about 47… Where does Penny fit in?

- The Life Magazine from April 19, 1954 (found in the Dharma Station- by Caesar) is a real issue- not fake prop J Just happened to be about the hydrogen bombs

- Another Magazine found by Caesar had a picture of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and has him carrying actress Julie Adams. She was in Lost- episode “A Tale of Two Cites” and in the Missing Pieces webisode “The Envelope” Just thought that was funny J Remember her…. In A Tale of Two Cities she played “Amelia” who we’ve thought could have been Amelia Earhart….

- The papers that Caesar was looking through were Rousseau's map, the Tempest map and a photocopy from Daniel's journal. The original had blue ink.

- Rick and I both think Helen is alive- that this was a ploy to get John to keep moving. Another option tho- is that Helen is dead- but not by a brain aneurism

- But- do keep a note- Charlotte died of a brain aneurism and that’s what was causing the nose bleeds of the people on the island- odd how common brain aneurisms seem to be in this show…

- Rick thinks Ben is a good guy and Widmore is bad. “Widmore told John that if he didn’t make it back to the island, then “The wrong side would win”. He didn’t say the bad guys”. I don’t necessarily agree with this. I still think Ben’s a pretty bad guy. I have nightmares about him…

- We think Walt will still be in Lost- he still has a lot more story to tell- I was surprised he wasn’t on the plane. I thought we would see him lying in Ben’s spot at the end of the show

- Rick thinks Carlos and Ilana work for Widmore- I agree to the possibilities- I mean- I talk to people in airports- but he just seemed nosy

- Jack saw his Dad right AFTER speaking with Locke and that was what finally put him over the edge.. I concur J

- Remember back when Kate and Sawyer were having to help build the airstrip in Season 3- we think that’s what flight 316 landed on. Which brings up the question- who knew and how did they know about the future landing??

- Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid flashed to Dharma time- and joined up with the Losties… Sun (for some reason) did not- and went with Lapidus to look for Jin on the other Island (30 Years too early). That’s how one of the boats got there.

- One more boat must go over to the main island (Locke?? Ben??) who will be shooting at the Losties??

- From Rick “Yes, Ben appears to be evil but I think it’s just a selfish act at most so he can come back to the island. If he rounds everyone up then he thinks maybe he can get back. The second he found out about Hawking he killed John” “Widmore has more evil plans in mind then just selfish acts. He wants the power of the island. Ben just wants back on it.” I don’t know about that…. I think Ben’s one evil dude.

- Charlie convinced Hurley to get on the plane- and take the guitar- obvious- agreed

- Kate gave Aaron to Cassidy (Sawyer’s ex flame and the mother of his child) Kate knew nobody could find him there.

- Rick thinks Kate’s pregnant “It just seems like she is, but I don’t know if there’s enough room left in the overall story of Lost for another kid, especially if the next point is true” I don’t think she’s pregnant tho.

- From Rick “The overall story of Lost is really centered around the Shephard family. Jacks’ grandfather was once on the island and will return. Jack’s dad was on the island prior to the 815 crash and may have been resurrected like Locke, but I don’t think so. I think he is still dead but connected with the island because of the bloodline. That is also why Aaron is so special and Claire is acting weird with Jack’s dad now. She is either dead (we both think so) or just has a greater understanding of the island than anyone else so she is content where she is.”

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