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Lost Kassicast 5:11 "Whatever Happened, Happened" and 5:10 "He's Our You" Easter Eggs and Theories‏

Sorry- it’s taken me a little while to get these out- I’ve been super busy- both at work and out of work…

But- we’ll hit a few easter eggs and theories and such from 5:10 “He’s Our You” and then get into 5:11 “Whatever Happened, Happened” and go from there! Yay! Getting caught up!! 

1. When Cafeteria Hurley is bringing out breakfast to our new favorite Dharma Recruits- we see a Geronimo Jackson Poster- Now this is the latest in multiple references- we’ve seen to the band- the funny part- is that this time- we’re actually in the same time period as the band  Also- the theme of the poster is ‘Alice in Wonderland’- Yet another reference to the story 

2. In the famous- replayed scene of Ben, Jack, Kate, Sun, and Sayid all out on the dock- there is a boat behind them- name “Illusions”- just a fun little poke easter egg

3. After Sayid ran out of the building after killing the last ‘target’ the writing above the door is "олдхэм фармасьютикалс." Which translates to “Oldham Pharmaceuticals” Funny- as the man who gives Sayid the drugs in the future past is named Oldham.

4. At the same scene- the building in that scene where Sayid shot the guy- was #23

5. The guy who played Oldham was The Redneck Larry on Newhart back in the 80’s- just fyi  The series finale for Newhart was him waking up and it was all a dream too… just a funny little connection…

6. Just a thought- When Ben enters the plane- he sees Sayid in the clothes he’s wearing when he shoots young Ben…. Wonder how much- if anything Ben remembers about being shot as a kid- as it is his past.

7. Nobody seems to like Amy- aka: Ethan’s mom. I have to agree- she seems kind of sneaky and all too knowing about something. And she voted to kill Sayid- grrr.

8. One theory- is that The Other’s take Ethan as a kid- Two others were killed for amy- and the others got her ex hubby’s body- as retribution, but that only pays one debt- there’s still one more to be paid. I like that Amy becomes an other tho- and she takes Ethan with her.

9. The Book that young Ben gave Sayid is called “The Wheel Of Time” which actually is a series that contains eleven novels- with three more on the way. The series draws on European and Asian mythology- most notably the cyclical nature of time found in Hinduism and Buddhism and the concepts of balance, duality, and a respect for nature found in Daoism. The Series is notable for its detailed imaginary worlds, its well-developed magic system and a large cast of characters… Now we get to the interesting part- at the beginningof time, a deity known as the Creator forged the universe and the Wheel of Time, which spins the lives of men and women as its threads. The Wheel has seven spokes, each representing an age, and it is rotated by the One Power, which flows from the True Source. It get’s into more detail- but they’re long books- so if you want to dig deeper- I suggest reading them- but really, it’s just an easter egg 

10. And for the portion where we link the two episodes- let’s talk about how it seemed that when Sayid shot Ben at the end of 5:10- it was in Ben’s left side- where the heart is. But when Jin rolls over Ben- the bullet had entered the right side of his chest… Is it a fluke or is it just another thing showing- that people see what they (or the island) wants them to see.

11. What really freaks me is the things Richard said, about Ben never being the same again. It just reminds me to Pet Cemetery from King, where the old fallow warns the father of the dead boy. Is the Ben we know, Zombie Ben?

12. It's ironic that Kate and Sawyer and Sayid are the reason why Ben is the way he is.

13. The Other- mentions Ellie (aka- Eleanor Widmore, aka- Creepy Lady, aka- Faraday’s Mother) and Charles (aka- Charles Widmore, aka- Penny’s Dad, aka- trying to kill Ben) So are they in charge at this point?? I’m thinking so

14. Ben’s gun shot- got even lower on his side by the time Richard took him into the temple

15. Ben may technically have been born on a roadside near Portland, but he could also be said to have been born (again) when Richard takes him in to The Temple.

16. The woman that “took Aaron” looked like Claire from the back- coincidence- or in Kate’s mind?? As in- what she had to see to freak her out even more and get her to go back to the island to find Claire.

17. The numbers show up again- As the domino game Hurley and Miles are playing is called “42”

18. There is a guy laying in the hospital bed behind Kate while she’s giving blood. Some people think he looks like Jacob- but I don’t see it. The odd part is when they show the bed behind her again- the bed is empty. Mistake? There wasn’t anything special about this scene

19. The conversation about time travel between Hurley and Miles was hilarious- that is all I have to say about that!

20. can anyone tell me WHY Kate was not surprised when she saw Cassidy???
Cassidy saw Kate on TV when o6 returned, but Kate didn’t know Sawyer’s girlfriend was Cassidy.

21. When Walking up to Cassidy’s door- Kate was singing to Aaron- “Catch a Falling Star” Which is the song Claire wanted the adopted parents to sing to Aaron- because her dad had sung it to her.

Well- that’s all for now- send your theories- and other easter eggs to me. Can’t wait for Wednesday’s Episode!

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  1. #8... What do you mean you like that Amy becomes an other? I have found nothing that indicates she becomes an other or survives the purge. Ethan does of coarse, but Amy's fate is unknown. Also, what happened to Horrace's 1st wife... was that ever answered? When Ben and Roger arrive, I could have sworn he had a different wife.