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Lost Kassicast: Episode 5:14 "The Variable"- RECAP‏

Dan is a man with a plan. After weeks of questioning what exactly Daniel Faraday knows or doesn't know, and whether or not we should trust him, Wednesday's episode of Lost, the show's 100th, gives us a peek into that complicated brainiac's melon, and what we find out is… well… interesting. And I’m even more scared of Ms. Hawkings. First off- just want to say… DUH- we knew she was his mom and Rick and I have been saying since the beginning- Widmore is Faraday’s dad- look back if you’re a non-believer  Let’s get to it!

Danny Boy
Young Daniel likes playing piano, and counting the ticking of the metronome. His mom, however, can't just enjoy his prodigious skills and be all: My boy is so talented. Instead, she asks him: "Do you know what destiny is?" She explains that he has a gift that he needs to nurture, with something other than piano-playing. "I could make time" [to play the piano], Daniel argues. "If only you could," a young Mrs. Hawking replies ominously. Burning question: Why do Daniel's parents (Hawking and Widmore) both have British accents, but he doesn't?

At his Oxford graduation, Daniel is the youngest doctor ever. But instead of an "atta boy," Mrs. Hawking insults Daniel's girlfriend, Teresa the doomed research assistant, and gives him a journal — the journal, in fact, which will later play a key role in future events.

Daniel also reports that he received a 1.5 million-pound grant from Charles Widmore, but is apparently unaware that he's his father. "Daniel, no matter what, remember, I will always love you. Mother" reads the journal's inscription.- after she stocks off in anger.

Back to "Confirmed Dead"
We now revisit the scene from Season 4's freighter-folk flashback episode. Daniel is watching the news report that says that Oceanic 815 has been located on the ocean floor, and that everyone on board is presumed dead. He's really upset, but he doesn't understand why. (Oh, we know why, Dan.) Charles Widmore shows up, and pointedly explains that they've never met- as Daniel doesn’t know one way or another- as he explains his memory is all wacky. He offers him a job on the freighter, and explains that he can finish his work on the island, where the passengers of Oceanic 815 are, in fact, still alive.

Further, his recent memory lapses — presumably the result of his questionable Oxford experiments that fried poor Teresa — will be fixed by the island. Widmore is sounding a lot like Daniel's mother, but that's because, Widmore explains, they're old friends. I heard some people still wondering on who Caroline is- I took it as being his nurse- as he has mental health issues.

A short time later, Faraday is forlornly playing the piano again and messing up a little. Mama Faraday shows up, and her un-surprising mission is to encourage Daniel to travel to the island with Widmore's crew. She repeats Widmore's claim that he'll be healed by the island. "You really want me to go? Will it make you proud of me?" Daniel asks pitifully. Yes, Daniel, it will, so off he goes. It's interesting that with all the daddy issues floating around, and with the confirmation that Daniel's daddy is Charles Widmore, it's Daniel's mother about which he could log some hard time on the couch discussing.

Penny and Charlie are rushing through the halls of the hospital where Desmond is coding on a stretcher. Now- I really thought that Ben missed him with the bullet and got the milk instead. I was wrong. He’s taken into the ER and Mrs. Hawking shows up (I still think it’s possible that she Penny’s mom too?? Maybe?). She attempts polite chit-chat, but Penny is all: Who are you, dignified old lady? "I believe it's my fault that Desmond has been shot," Eloise announces. She came to apologize for making Desmond a casualty in something much larger than him. But wait, casualty? What is she getting at? "For the first time in a long time, I don't know what's going to happen next," Eloise reports. Eek! So little Faraday DID change the future??? That’s what I’m getting- Desmond wasn’t supposed to be there!

Except for now, what happens next is that Desmond appears to be OK, and he repeats his promise to his wife: "I promised you, Penny, I promised you. I'd never leave you again," he whispers. Aw. While my masochistic mind screams- they’re too happy for this show- I can’t help but feel relieved for the time being.

Outside the hospital, Mrs. Faraday meets with Charles Widmore. Widmore explains he can't go inside because his relationship with Penelope is one of the things he has had to sacrifice. "Don't you talk to me about sacrifice. I sent my son back to the island, knowing full well..." Eloise replies, but she doesn't finish because Widmore reminds her that Daniel is his son too. We all knew that already though, right? Yes. Eloise slaps him and leaves. Let's backtrack a second. Knowing full well what, Eloise? You don't mean? (Gasp.) Read on.

Faraday is disembarking from the sub. Miles exposits that everyone apparently knew that Dan returned to Ann Arbor, but that they didn't think they'd see him again. Dan produces a copy of the Oceanic 6 Dharma portrait and reports that they're why he's back. He has to see Jack... immediately!

"How did you get back here?" Daniel asks, and Jack reports that they were on a plane, just as Mrs. Hawking told them all to. "Did she tell you it was your destiny?" Daniel asks.

"I've got some bad news, Jack. You don't belong here at all. She was wrong." Huh? Really? We will hit this in theories… A frantic Faraday has to get to the Orchid.
Meanwhile, the Oceanic 3 (Jack, Kate, and Hurley — hey, where is Sayid?) and the Dharma 3 (Sawyer, Jin and Juliet) meet with each other to get some Intel on what to do next. Phil is still locked in the closet and I’m sure listened in quietly.

Daniel has Miles take him to the Dharma caves to waiting for Dr. Chang, and we're seeing the first scene from the season premiere again, this time from Daniel's perspective- Rick and I called this as soon as we saw Faraday back on the island- btw . Daniel tells Chang he needs to order the evacuation of everyone from the island because in six hours, a catastrophic release of electromagnetic energy will take place at the site of the construction of the Swan station. To punctuate his crazy talk, Daniel tells Dr. Chang that he's from the future and that Miles is Chang's son. Chang ask Miles if it’s true- and Miles responds- nope- no way- what?  Chang storms off.

Naturally, Miles is mad because he kind of always is. What about "whatever happened, happened"? he asks. Daniel reports that he needs to make sure that Chang is going to do what he's supposed to. "What's that?" Miles asks. "You'll see," Daniel replies.
Daniel shows up just as the Oceanic/Dharma people debate their escape options: commandeer the sub or head back in the jungle and start from square one. Of course, Rick and I, being the always rational thinkers we are … said “Why don’t they just kill Phil and make it look like the Others did it?? I mean- c’mon- Two of them have killed in cold blood, one (Hurley) without meaning too- killed lots of people, and one’s a raging alcoholic and they’re all huge liars- like one more is really going to hurt anyone’s karma”. "Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy," Sawyer says to Dan, and then, under his breath to Miles, "Is he still crazy?" Miles is like: Dude, please. Interestingly, both Jin and Hurley say they want to stay on the island.

"Does anyone know where I can find the Hostiles?" Daniel asks. He tells the group that Eloise Hawking, his mother, is an Other. Daniel reports that they already met "Ellie" back in 1954, or "Fonzie times," as Hurley calls it. Hehe.

Sawyer goes full LaFleur and decides to take the floor, demanding that Dan tell them everything he knows. He repeats that they don't belong there, and that he needs to find the Hostiles. Sawyer thinks it’s a bad idea- “This is our home” and asks “freckles’ to come with them. Jack asks Kate to bring Faraday to the others. But before Kate can agree or disagree, Juliet gives up the fence code — 141717 -- and tells Kate that she should take Daniel. "It's over here for us anyway," she says (and secretly is hoping that Kate doesn’t return), and Sawyer mentally throws his hands up.

Kate, Jack and Daniel head over to the motor pool to scare up some firepower on their way to Hostileburg. Sawyer says the rest of them will pack and head toward the beach.

But first! Daniel sees Charlotte on the Swing set of Emotional Significance, and decides to tell her all that stuff that Charlotte remembered him telling her. "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner," the adorable young Charlotte says to a clearly emotional Dan. Sound familiar? That's what Charlotte said just before she kicked it.

That Good-Time Charlie Radzinsky shows up, and he's on to them. Guns are drawn, and the gunfight ensues Radzinsky and Daniel both appear to be shot, although Daniel's injury is superficial. Jack has had enough of this, though, so he shoots a handy, 55-gallon drum of fuel and the whole place goes boom and they beat feet out of there. "Sound the alarm!" says Radzinsky. Uh oh.

They make it through the fences, and Jack is like: What ever happened to "whatever happened, happened."? Daniel explains "This is our present," he says. "When we met, did I have a scar on my neck?" (No.) "Any one of us could die." If you need this explained in further detail- email me… 

Hurley and Jin were making their way across the yard, bags in tow and see Radzinsky walking along carrying firearms and the alarms blaring “This can’t be good”
Juliet and Sawyer have a nice moment where they reaffirm their support for each other, but before they can make a clean get-away with Hurley and Jin, Radzinsky & Co. show up, find Phil and take them captive.

It's time for Daniel to do some explaining. Why do they need guns to go talk to Daniel's mother? "You don't know my mother," Daniel foreshadows. He lays out his plan: Once Dharma discovers the energy that is being released, they're going to cement it all in like Chernobyl in what will become the Hatch. In order to maintain safe levels of the energy, they're going to push the button every 108 minutes for the next 20 years. One day, Desmond is going to screw up and forget and Oceanic 815 is going to crash. The freighter will be sent, and ABC will have a nice cash cow for its prime-time lineup on its hands. But we can't let that happen, Daniel emphasizes.
They can change all that. They still can't change the past though. "I've been spending so much time on the constants, I forgot about the variables," he says. As Charlton Heston might put it, the variables are made of people who have free will. "We can change our destiny," he claims.

How is he going to destroy the energy that launches this series of unfortunate events? "I'm going to detonate a hydrogen bomb," he says and Jughead laughs heartily. Oh. I was afraid he might say that.

Of course this plan sounds insane. But Jack is getting used to insane.
Daniel enters Hostileburg with a gun and asks to speak to Eloise. Richard lies and says she's not there. "Do we know each other?" Richard asks. In reply, Daniel asks where Jughead is, the bomb "I told you to bury." As nonplussed as ever, Richard attempts to get him to put down the gun. But it's too late. Daniel is shot in the back and collapses. The shooter: his own mother, who, Daniel figures out, always knew this was going to happen, and sent him there anyway. "I'm your son," Daniel tells her, just before the thump! I hope she's proud now. Wow.<

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