Friday, April 17, 2009

Lost Kassiecast Episode 5:13 "Some Like It Hoth" Easter Eggs and Theories

Woo Hoo- easter eggs, thoughts, theories, funny observations, and more! And it’s Friday and I get to go to Chicago in 2 days!!!  What a good Friday! Anyways  Here We Go

1.The first eight numbers are from Rick- thank him later ;) First off- “Miles with the bad hair looked like Rufeo from Hook.” HAHAHAHA!!! So true!

2.“The apartment complex that Miles and his Mom moved in looked a lot like the one in Karate Kid.”

3.“I SO called it that he was writing Empire Strikes Back.” He did- which I had in the recap… only true geeks would be able to call that at ‘bounty hunter’

4.“Hurley is going to create the Dharma ranch dressing that he loves so well.” We discussed this- Hehehehe! The ranch we know today didn’t come out until the early 80’s- so that could work 

5.“Now we know why Miles wanted 3.2 Mil from Ben.” True.

6.“We learned that Jack can't clean a chalkboard.” And hehehehe- he really is bad at that. But it’s because he’s really a surgeon NOT a janitor…

7.I also forgot to add that at the very beginning of the episode 3:16 was shown on the microwave- Rick reminded me  Thanks

8.Rick also sent me a message saying “Ben Smith thinks that Jack probably was born on the island and that is why he had the power to save his ex-wife's life. We now know that Miles was born on the island and has the power to hear dead people. I agree it could be, especially since we think Jack's Dad and Grnadfather have been on the island before.” I don’t agree with this- I think Jack’s family has connections to the island- but Jack’s only original connection was through his family. He had never been there before. I think the ‘miracle’ of him saving his ex- was just that. To bring in a story of his character and “I don’t believe in miracles” and introduce us to the ‘fixing everything’ Jack we know.

9.One thought is Bram and his peeps are working for God- like the knights who protect the holy grain in Indian Jones… There is also an area called Bram – it’s a commune of France.

10.An odd note- Kate is usually such a good liar- I mean- she’s a con… woman. Why was she such a bad liar in this scene with Roger Linus??

11.One note--- Anyone who has had a MRI (they use super magnets- which is why you can’t wear jewelry) and has had a problem with their metal fillings??? Fillings do not get ripped out during a MRI- it’s usually a combination of gold, silver, or titanium. So, the magnetic effect on the island has possible different attraction properties of normal magnets?? A normal magnet would not attract a filling- maybe on the island- they do (or at least the magnetic properties in the ‘hatch’ do??)

12.The picture book that Dr. Chang is reading to baby miles is called “Me and My Polar Bear” 

13.Also- there was the polar bear reference from Chang when he threatened Hurley with “picking up the polar bear poop for their ridiculous experiements”

14.One thought is that the Bram/Ilana group work for a new version of Dharma. Remember the San Diego Comic Con video where Chang transmitted a message to the future, imploring the recipients to reconstitute the Dharma Initiative in an effort to save the original group from the Purge?? Maybe this is it??

15.Also- Bram kidnapped Miles in a Blue Van  hehehe- like the original DI

16.In the scene where they were punching the numbers into the hatch, The dialogue would just suggest that it's just a part number in case they need to make another hatch, but then it would be one heck of a coincidence that the electromagnetism would later need buffered every period of minutes equal to the sum of the individual numbers therein. Maybe the part number was chosen based on electromagnetic data as a failsafe reference?

17.Question- How did they get all of this serious equipment, building supplies, etc to the island??? They couldn’t fit it on the sub…. How did it get there?

18.A lot of people think the photo of the kid in the football uniform is Eddie (the cop from the commune) It looks like him and there is no body. I do have to disagree with this tho- for multiple reasons- Locke was on the commune in the early 90’s-Miles was speaking to the ‘dead’ much later. Even if the case is that the kid ‘died’ years ago- he would have had to fake his death…. To get away from his father??? Doesn’t make any sense- sorry.

19.Roger’s cleaning supplies had the swan logo on them- even though the swan doesn’t exist yet- and the building of it is in the ‘circle of trust’ doesn’t seem like drunk roger would be in that special circle

20.The left side of the chalkboard in the classroom Jack was cleaning- has some Egyptian symbols then “writing of the words of God” then more symbols Archaic Egyptian before 2600bc then long circles with three dots. Odd that they would be teaching that in a classroom…. I don’t know about you- but I didn’t learn Archaic Egyptian symbols when I was 10

21.There’s also a stand up board to the right of the classroom looks like a drawing of something falling out of the sky and The picture above the blackboard left side above the symbols when lightened looks like an alien in a red shirt...Just thought that was funny 

22.I've been wondering for a long time now how they talk on the walkie talkies with no worry about anyone else overhearing. Obviously no one else would be on there or they wouldn't do that, but didn't walkie talkies in 1977 all pick up the same signal?

23.Miles’ mother told him that his dad “threw us out” when Miles was 3 months old, right? So whatever caused that to happen is going to happen soon. I’m guessing that Pierre moved his wife and child off the island to protect them, but that doesn’t explain why she was so bitter about the past.

24.I read this somewhere- thought it was funny “They were talking on the news this morning about airlines requiring large people to purchase an extra seat, and they said “Say you have booked seat 23B and you overflow into seat 23A…””

25.I think Faraday is the ‘very clever fellow’ Hawkings was referring to when she said who built the off station place to find the island. It was built in the 70’s…

26.Also- I think that photo we saw of Faraday- when Desmond went to find Faraday’s mother, the photo of him and the girl (btw- I had told rick and mention this in my Kassicast- that the photo looked like it was taken in the 70’s) was taken on Faraday’s ‘vacation’ from the island in the 70’s. I think he was at Oxford at that time- and that’s when he messed up the experiment on the girl- and put her in the coma. He was trying to get back to his present time.

27.Mr. Gray’s son was killed by a drunk driver. Ironic given some cast members’ problems with drunk driving.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to send out something next week!  Have a good week- everyone!


  1. Some like it Hoth was the best episode in a while! Just wanted to state how much I love this show and that I was very pleased last week... can't wait for tonight!!!

  2. I also want to make a prediction that Richard Alpert is actually from the present, not the past. I believe the trick to him not aging is that he has went back in time and that once you're off your time line, you do not age again until time catches back up to when you left... Did Juliett or Sawyer age 3 years? It's hard to say. Also, I think the hatch was used to keep the island suspended in one point in time, a fountain of youth if you will. Every 108 mins, the button is pushed and time reset 108 mins. This would keep everyone on the island from aging while the hatch was operating if my other theory is correct.

    Also, if you travel back to a time when you didn't have an ailment (cancer, parapalegia, etc) then you cease to have it until you get back to a time when you did have it. If the hatch was keeping the isalnd in another time, say 1996, then Rose and Locke would no longer have said ailments.

    What do you guys think?

  3. Great points! :-D

    I like the idea of why RA doesn't age, hmm.

    Don't forget that the nubmers were a part of the Valenzetti Equation, altho it's totally unclear why they would use that for the serial number of a station, unless it was just a visual reminder of their ultimate purpose there, as per the Sri Lanka vid.

    I also really like the idea of Dan going back to create the station to find the island!