Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost Kassicast Episode 5:12 "Dead Is Dead" Easter Eggs and Thoughts‏

First off- sorry about the wait. I seem to keep getting busier and busier J - but, shall we?

-Funny thought- we have focused on Christian Sheppard’s shoes- his WHITE tennis shoes quite often. Now we have Locke- and in this past episode- we focused on his shoes- taking them off, putting them back on. The funny part is that they are Christian’s BLACK shoes- just a little easter egg going with the black/white theme that we’ve hit on so much

-Why did Locke take off the shoes on the beach? Was it to ‘keep them safe’? Does he know they belong to Christian- the man who Locke has spoken too and he’s going to ‘return’ them??

-“What Lies In The Shadow Of The Statue?” Different thoughts on this- That it’s a password- so Ilana knows if they’re on the same team- which then brings up the question of… Who is Ilana working for? Widmore? Dharma? Hawkings? Another Party? Or has been taken over by smokie itself? And how many of the random people on the plane were working for the same party?? As there doesn’t seem to be a ton of fighting between the crashies.

-What Is Buried Under The Statue??? The Bomb? Smokie? Jacob?

-Rick thinks that they possibly work for Dharma! They’re baaack! J I like that theory a lot! But…. I think they’re possessed- by something… I mean, why didn’t this all go down when they first got there?

-When Widmore met Locke, he asked him "Did Ben trick you into leaving the island, like he did to me?" So either Ben tricked him into some action that got Widmore banished, or Widmore was lying, or Widmore perceives his banishment as a result of Ben trickery (which wouldn't be too far off, really). – as we know now that Widmore was banished- he DID NOT leave the island because he moved it (which was a popular theory before)

-This scene made me wonder if Christian could be an Other who was banished for having Jack with an outsider.

-What is with Ben flushing a magic toilet? So if he pulls the drain plug in some ancient shitter he can summon Smokey? maybe the water was some special holy water or something and when flushed turned to smoke Was the releasing of the water what called it...or was it that he released the water to open the hole as a clear channel into the bowels of the island and then him saying "I'll be outside" actually called it. It's possible that none of the things he did actually calls it since it's very possible that he didn't even want it to come and judge him.

-Lostpedia give
13th of January 2008
Desmond talk to little Charlie about UK
14th of January 2008
Des tried to meet hawking in Oxford
15th of January
Desmond is in LA to meet Hawking in the church
17th of January
Ben called Jack from marina to care about the Locke's body to the airport

Desmond established a new record for crossing Atlantic in 2 days with his boat :)

-Anyone else notice that it wasn't Locke's voice when Ben was looking at the picture of Alex? I can't remember what was said but it was something to the effect of, "What are you looking at" and then Ben looked up startled at Locke who was just standing there. It DEFINITELY wasn't Locke's voice. Sounded kind of like Christian.

-Anyone else notice that Ben and Alex are looking in two different directions in the photograph? This is very similar to the picture of Ellie and the Monk in the monastery back in Scotland.

-I want to know how angry young Widmore in US Army cast off uniform, became this cool gypsy - Johnny Depp in 'Chocolat' - type, who went on to become an uber businessman and gazillionaire... Please fill in those blanks!

-Everyone is saying because of the hieroglyph of Anubis the statue has to be Anubis… But I say the back of the statue doesn’t match Anubis too well- so I’ll be pretty disappointed if that is who it is. It could be that they are just showing Hieroglyphs of Anubis to mess with us.

-Ok, I did a little research. Smokey is Ammit. http://www.touregypt.net/godsofegypt/ammit.htm

There are many ancient Egyptian depictions very similar to the glyph above the vent. The monster opposite Anubis in those is called Ammit AKA Eater of the Dead, the Devourer