Friday, May 1, 2009

Lost Kassicast: Episode 5:14 "The Variable"- thoughts and easter eggs‏

So here we are again- More theories than easter eggs. First I’ll put it my words what I think is going on ;) Then I’m going to post something from Rick- Then I’ll get into the smaller easter eggs, theories, and questions. Cool? Better be cuz that’s how it is :) not a whole lot this week tho- sorry :(

1. MY THEORY (also attributed to Rick- check out his input below) Is that Our Ms. Hawkings knew exactly what she was doing when she sent back Jack and Kate- She wasn’t wrong. She knew she would kill Faraday- and that Jack and Kate would… somehow ( I think possibly Jughead- but most likely something with the magnetism) would mess around with Daniels stuff- inadvertently sending themselves back to the present and causing the ‘incident’ which starts this whole chain of events to begin with---- the chain of events that Daniel was trying to prevent. If all of them hadn’t gone back- THAT would have changed the present, past, and future. But they are the ones who start it- if I’m not making sense- email me- and I’ll try to explain it better.

2. Rick’s email: (my responses are in italics) “Will they actually change the future or will these actions they are taking to change the future be necessary to make everything turn out the way it did? See my response above- they wont change the future- they will start the past

Things to consider. When Sun and Lapidus show up at the Others' camp
when they find Christian, it looked like the place was abandoned for
quite some time...even though it is just in the year 2007 and the Others
left camp in 2004. Also suspicious about that is the fact that there
were Dharma signs hanging up and pictures of the Dharma recruits all
over. Was this a different future caused by what the Losties are doing
now? Or were there always pictures of the Losties right there in Ben's
house?? That's confusing to me. Also the hanging signs with the Dharma
stuff doesn't look to much like New Otherton. Agreed- very confusing! Did they change something? Or will they? What are your thoughts on this?

Did Eloise recognize Daniel when she shot him? She did meet this guy 20 years earlier when he was telling her to bury Jughead, you'd think she'd remember. I don’t think she recognized him- but wouldn’t it be funny- if in her future, she has her son- can’t think of a name and then thinks “Oh yeah- Daniel, that’s what his name was” We’re looping :)

Originally I thought that the Losties, probably Hurley, would try to
blow up the hatch so it would never be built and their plane would never
crash. Then with the release of the electromagnetism (the incident)
they would be forced to build a Faraday cage (the hatch) to protect the
world from the release. This is still a possibility but with Daniel out
of the picture I don't know for sure. I think that’s what Jack and Kate will end up doing to start the chain of events

I do think the incident will be the release of the energy though.
Jughead won't come into play until possibly the series finale, blowing
up the island. I like this :)Agreed :)

3. Now for the Easter Eggs and Such… First things first:


5. We’re thinking Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve- I still want to see them tho :)

6. The Wired Magazine we see in Daniel’s house bears the cover line: “The Super Powers Issue—X-Ray Vision, Invisibility, and Time Travel—The Impossible Gets Real!!” :)

7. A big question people are asking is… Is Faraday Dead- I say yes. Sorry, but yes. We didn’t just see him get shot and ready for the next episode- we saw him fade out- dead is dead. The biggest reason for this question- brings us back to the comicon video- Many people think that it’s Faraday’s voice (the man who is recording Dr. Chang) I’m going to have to watch it again- but I still think he’s dead. Plus- the producers said that video is not canon (which means it was just an extra and is not meant to be tied in with the actual show)

8. Interesting point tho- How did Faraday walk into the Hostile camp without being detected?? Usually they see everyone coming a mile away?? Richard?

9. Is it just odd that there’s a gun cabinet right next to the motor pool and the janitor is the one with access?? I mean- if it were for the Dharma peops to get guns out of, in case of an attack- why didn’t Kate have a key to it- as she WORKS in the Motor Pool?

10. Why did Radzinsky already have his weapons drawn when he got out the van- Did he already think Faraday looked suspicious??

11. In case you missed it in the recap--- Little Charlotte said “I’m not supposed to have Chocolate before dinner” Which was exactly what she said right before she died

12. We didn’t see what happened after the hospital room with Desmond and Penny… I have a hunch that baby Charlie isn’t going to be there when Penny comes to get him from the waiting room- any takers?

13. Widmore said he sacrificed his relationship with Penny- which makes me think that he knew that when he turned down desmond as a son in law- what path he would take to eventually get him to the island- he knew it had to be done

14. We’ve had many references to Alice Wonderland in the show and white rabbits are everywhere. In the restaurant with Eloise and Faraday- you can clearly see there is a rabbit through Hawkings drinking glass :) Through the looking glass?? :)

15. Another Wired Mag thing- J.J. Abrams is the guest editor for this months issue :)


  1. 7- Faraday IS dead, however after watching the comicom video about 6 times, I know for CERTAIN that it is Faraday's voice. But like they already said, that scene is Cannon and not actually a part of the show, however it would be quite disappointing to me if that video doesn't actually exist. I am sad that Faraday went out like that... seems he had more to do with what was going to happen. Plus, they now have no real reason to explain Theresa any further, or any of Daniel's mysteries for that matter. :(

    2- I also think Locke, sun and co are already in an alternate future. There's no way those Dharma recruits photos would have remained up all those years otherwise.

    12- I suspect Charlie will be gone as well. If you look at episodes in IMDB and view the cast lists, any time from this season that says "Young Charlie", you can click the character's name and it takes you to Charlie Pace's character page. So either someone from IMDB knows something we don't, or someone there has made an inaccurate presumption.

    Also, I'm sticking with my theory about aging and healing on the island. (Comment left on previous episode easter egg Kassicast) I had hoped to get your thoughts on those comments Kassie and Rick!

  2. yeah- sorry- Lately I seem to only have time to get my updates out- and that's it. :( BTW- I'm glad we were right about Faraday being dead. I'll go back and check your aging comments :)