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Lost Kassicast: SEASON FINALE "The Incident" Recap

Here’s the recap- just to start us out. Now, remember- most of the extras will be in the Theories email/post- BUT there are some things that are put into the recap that you need to remember… So, make sure to read it J This was a two hour long episode- so the recap may be a little read- but enjoy- it’s getting good J

Let's start at the beginning...

GOOD VS. EVIL, a long time ago

We open with a man in WHITE working at a loom in a dark cavern with Egyptian carvings on the wall. He wander’s out to the beach- cooks up a fish- and watches the Black Rock sail in. He’s joined by a man dressed all in BLACK- and they have, all things considered- a pleasant conversation… They’re really polite for Man #2 (as ABC calls him) wanting to kill… Jacob..

JACOB, everywhere and everywhen

Over the course of the two hours, we see how Jacob has met the Oceanic 6 and Locke before, so let's cover that now:
Jacob is there when cutie-pipsqueak Katie Austen and her friend (who get’s killed in an early episode- later in time) are attempting to shoplift a lunchbox from a general store in Iowa- The same lunch box- that kate and said friend dig up years later- right before he’s gunned down. Jacob covers for them when the shopkeeper catches them, and warns Katie not to steal anymore. AND TOUCHES HER NOSE

Jacob is in attendance at the funeral of little James Ford's parents. James is writing that famous letter to Tom Sawyer, the man who doomed his mom and dad. Jacob gives him a pen when his runs out and PATS HIM ON THE HEAD. A relative arrives and asks him to never finish that letter. "What's done is done," he says.

Jacob momentarily distracts Sayid (BY TOUCHING HIM ON THE SHOULDER to ask for directions) when he and Nadia are crossing a street in Los Angeles. She is, of course, struck in a hit-and-run and killed.

Jacob visits a bandaged Ilana in a Russian hospital and asks her to help him. She says yes.

Jacob is reading Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge outside the building from which Locke is pushed by his dastardly dad. Jacob SQUEZES HIS SHOULDER which appears to revive him and says, "Don't worry; everything's going to be all right. I'm sorry this happened to you."

Jacob crashed Sun and Jin's wedding, and wished them good tidings in Korean. Quite the linguist he is! HE TOUCHED THEM BOTH ON THEIR SHOULDERS

Jacob is wandering the halls of the hospital where Jack has just performed his first procedure, during which Christian embarrassed him by undermining Jack's authority. Jacob hands him an Apollo bar that got stuck in the vending machine and THEIR HANDS TOUCH BRIEFLY.

There's another flashback in which an emotional Juliet and her sister Rachel learn that their parents are getting a divorce, but unless Jacob was hiding under the sofa cushions, he appeared not to be present.

When Hurley is released from prison (thanks to Ben and his henchmen), Hurley shares a cab with Jacob. He encourages Hurley to return to the island on the Ajira flight by TOUCHING HIS SHOULDER and assures him that he is not cursed, but in fact blessed. Jacob leaves a guitar behind in the cab- the same guitar that Hurley takes on the flight


On board the sub, Kate fills Juliet and Sawyer in on Jack's plan to fulfill the salient points of Faraday's Operation Boom Boom. She convinces them that they have to go back to stop him. They subdue the crew and get them to turn around and drop them off. They meet up with Vincent! Rose! and Bernard! who are all safe and sound, but have no desire to rejoin their craziness. "ah, hell no, they found us!" Rose says hilariously. "We traveled back 30 years in time and you people are still trying to find ways to shoot each other," she also says, speaking for those of you in the audience who wonder if things just couldn't be a little simpler for these people.

Rose and Bernard are perfectly happy as unorthodox retirees who scavenge for food and have the occasional spot of tea together, each other's company being all they really need. So the renegade trio is like: Aw, nice, but see ya because we have to go shoot a bunch of people, including maybe Jack, so he doesn't blow us all to Kingdom Come. But it's a nice interlude anyway, and maybe goes a long way toward the theory that says that they are the Adam-and-Eve skeletons from the cave. At this point- Rose says all you need is each other- Juliet looks at Sawyer- who happens to look at Kate- who is looking off to space… Poor Juliet. L


The quartet successfully extracts Jughead's plutonium core, but before they can all escape through a tunnel that connects to a house in New Otherton, Richard knocks out Eloise and tells Jack and Sayid that they're on their own from this point on- and he’s protecting his leader.


Along the way to see Jacob, Locke and Richard agree that Jacob is the reason that Locke is alive again. Locke tells him that that's why he's going to see him — to thank him. (Um...) He also says they're going to have to "deal with" the rest of the Ajira passengers — and you know what that means. Doesn't seem like Locke to me.

Ben tells John about his run-in with Alex, and pledges his fidelity to John's leadership. Which is good, because, uh, Locke wants him to kill Jacob. Uh-oh.

At the site of the old Oceanic 815 camp, which is now in ruins, Locke asks Ben why he lied about seeing Jacob. Because he was embarrassed and he didn't want Locke to know he didn't have enough juice to get an audience with the big guy. Ben asks why he has to kill Jacob. "Because despite your loyalty, you got cancer, you had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you, and you were banished, and you did all this for a man you've never met. So the question is: Why wouldn't you want to kill Jacob?" Locke asks. Makes sense to me... funny how the tables have turned and Locke is now manipulating Ben

Also: Sun finds Aaron's old crib, with Charlie's DS ring tucked inside. Sniff. Which- I totally called as soon as we saw the camp :)

Soon enough, they arrive at the foot of the giant statue because, apparently, that's where Jacob lives. But when Locke explains that Ben is going to join them, Richard says that's not how it works; only the leader can request an audience. "I'm getting the feeling like you're just making up these rules as we go along," Locke says to him. "Ben is coming with us." He acquiesces, and Ben and Locke enter the statue's foot through a stone Richard has effortlessly pushed aside. Richard stays behind.


Ilana and Bram argue about bringing Lapidus with them, but perhaps he's "a candidate," whatever that means. They show him what's in the cargo container they've carted along. We don't see what's inside, but judging by Lapidus' reaction — "terrific" — it doesn't bode well.

The group arrives at Jacob's cabin, and there's a path cut through the BLACK ash that surrounds it. Ilana finds a swatch of fabric with a hieroglyphic on it, pinned to the wall with a knife. Jacob isn't there, and hasn't been for a while. Someone else has been using it, Ilana reports. So... what to do? "Burn it," she instructs.


Ilana & Co. show up at the statue and she asks Richard: What lies in the shadow of the statue? She finally gets her answer when he replies, in Latin, "That which we protect." She has something they need to see. It's Locke's body, which they found in a coffin in the cargo hold of the Ajira flight. Zoinks! So if Locke's still dead, then...

Meanwhile, inside the Foot, Fake Locke and Ben find Jacob, who is quite proud of the tapestry he wove by hand. "So I guess you found your loophole," Jacob says, and it becomes clear that Locke is actually Man No. 2! Ben is all: You dudes know each other? But clearly Ben is a man with a mission. Jacob tells him he has a choice: He can either kill him, or leave them alone to discuss their issues. "Now you've decided to stop ignoring me," Ben seethes. "I never questioned anything; I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you yourself, I was told to wait, to be patient. But when he asks to see, he gets marched up here as if he was Moses!" His jealousy is flaring. "So why him? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?"

"What about you?" Jacob asks. Probably not the best response... unless you want him to stab you... right rick? :) And with that final insult, Ben stabs him several times and just before he appears to die, Jacob whispers, "They're coming." Unmoved, Fake Locke rolls his body into the fire.


Jack and Sayid put on Dharma uniforms and attempt to "hide in plain sight" in the panicking Dharmaville. But Roger Linus recognizes them, and a gun battle ensues, in which Sayid takes a bullet to the gut courtesy Roger's shotgun. Jack goes kind of nuts and shoots, um, everyone. Just when it's starting to look like Jack is the crazy guy ready to go down in a hail of gunfire, Hurley, Jin and Miles arrive in a Dharma van, and they're off to the Swan site, Jughead core in tow.

Jack and a wounded Sayid explain the plan to their comrades, and Sayid explains that he needs to modify the core so it will detonate upon impact. But! They come upon Sawyer, Kate and Juliet, guns drawn. Sawyer wants five minutes to talk to Jack, and it doesn't sound like his demand is negotiable.

Sawyer tells Jack the story of his parents' death, explaining that what's done is done, and Operation Boom Boom is not going to make things right. Jack appears to explain that he's doing all this for Kate, but Sawyer points out the obvious: If 815 lands in L.A., he and Kate will be strangers, and she'll be in handcuffs. Jack doesn't listen and the conversation turns to a fight, which is only broken up by Juliet, who announces that she has changed her mind: She thinks Jack is right.

"Why did you change your mind?" Sawyer asks. "I changed my mind when I saw you look at her," she replies. Juliet appears to back-track on their relationship, explaining that if she never meets him, then she never has to lose him.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate have snuggly time, remembering how they first met, when Kate stitched up his wounds. Jack convinces her that Operation Boom Boom is the right thing to do, since it will put Aaron back where he's meant to me, which is why Kate returned to the island in the first place. He is successful, and Kate is on board.

With everyone on board (including a dumbstruck Sawyer), Jack makes his approach to the Swan site, while his comrades hang back. While Jin attends to Sayid's wounds, Miles asks this noodle-baker: "Has it occurred to any of you that your friend is going to cause the thing he's trying to prevent? So maybe the best thing to do is nothing?" Now... Here's my initial thought- and you put a group of really smart people together and they don't even question it till now? and it's only miles who questions it? sigh...

But Phil has called ahead to Chang and Radzinksy, so they know Jack is coming, and they're packing heat. Just when Jack has another Butch-and-Sundance moment, his comrades appear, guns a-blazin', ready to cover his approach to the drilling pit that leads to the pocket of unique electromagnetic jazz.

[Insert bang-bang-bang here], as something goes wrong with the drill and they can't turn it off. Jack drops the bomb into the hole anyway, and... everyone kind of exchanges I-love-yous and meaningful glances and tears and... nothing happens. "This don't look like LAX," Sawyer cracks. hahahaha! But soon enough, a magnetic event begins, with everything metal being pulled into the pit, similar to what happened when Desmond forgot to punch in the numbers.

Phil is impaled on something metal and killed- which, I'm sorry, I would never actually wish something bad on a real person, but in this show- it's about time! Too bad it takes so many years for Radzinsky to die.... Jack is knocked out by an airborne toolbox. Miles saves his father, whose hand has been crushed under some falling debris. Juliet is pulled to the edge of the pit by some flying chains, and despite Kate and Sawyer's best, heartbreaking efforts, Juliet lets go of Sawyer's hand and falls into the pit.

Jack wakes up and sees Kate trying to get Sawyer away from the pit. "This is going to blow any second," she says. Cut to Juliet, who wakes up at the bottom of the pit, sees the bomb lying next to her, grabs a rock and bashes it until... the screen goes white. THUMP!

Awesome :)- Then we see the infamous LOST on the screen... only it's not White letters on a black background- it's black letters on a white background. It's inverted :) Sweet.

Keep your eyes open- I will try to send out the theories later today- It's been a hectic week- and we're headed to Iowa tonight for a wedding- so you might have to wait till Sunday.

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  1. I am so mad that Locke is dead! I'm watching season 1 again and just can't believe that this is the end of his legacy. All that stuff about the island talking to him and it being his destiny.... I did however notice that in the 3rd or 4th episode titled Walkabout, the smoke monster comes up to Locke, I then noticed him act a little different afterwards. Is it possible he's been "different" ever since that encounter. It couldn't be that he's always been this other guy or else he wouldn't have had that other body and whatnot, but it's hard to say.
    I just don't like getting wrapped up in a character that is supposed to be important and finding out he or she isn't, ya know?

    2nd, this was the 1st season finale that Walt didn't make an appearance (hard to believe, i know). Why show him last season talking to Hurley and Locke and then not bring him back this season??? He too seemed to be of more importance to the story than to just leave out. They even had the "3 years pass" which made it possible for him to come back... all for not I guess.

    Those 2 things aside, I thought the episode was great and is up there with finales of seasons past. I'm VERY anxious to see how the final season plays out and how various mysteries unravel. Let's hope we finally get a Richard or a Black Rock episode! Surely they will have to add more to the Jacob vs Man#2 story! (or does it make sense to do so after we already know he finds a way to kill Jacob?) I believe we will undoubtably also find out who Adam and Eve are. Claire, Christian, modern Widmore, Desmond and Penny will all also likely have more story to tell. Hard to believe there is only 17 episodes left (18 hours counting the grand finale)