Monday, May 11, 2009

Lost Kassicast Episode 5:15 "Follow The Leader" Easter Eggs and Theories‏

Ok- Ready for the little easter eggs? Sorry for the wait- I had it done on Friday, but wanted to wait and see if I came up with anything over the weekend as I don’t really have many theories- but the one’s I stated before- that they will start the chain of events by trying to prevent it. I do have some little fun things tho! So, here we go! 

1.The ship in a bottle that Alpert was making in 2007- is most likely the Black Rock … I know, I know, in your mind you’re thinking “but Kassie, how could you know?” I don’t- but the sails and the shape of the ship is the exact same as the Black Rock- so it is so… in my mind 

2.In Faraday’s journal- we can clearly make out “Time=Obama=____” can’t make out the last word- but that is just funny. Did he happen to travel forward in time to 2008/09?

3.If anyone was questioning Ms Hawkings being pregnant or not- in the 70’s when leaving with Jack and Kate towards Jughead… well, when Widmore talks to her, he actually says “… not in your condition” and touches her belly. I’m pretty sure that’s a dead giveaway… Otherwise, maybe she has worms…

4.Much like most movies have a ‘color’, so do some of the lost shows. When they first got BACK to the island- it was green- everything had a green tint. Very happy, comforting, yada, yada. However in this episode- the color was grey. The clothes, the sky, the lighting. I’m thinking it might be to give a foreboding/ominous feeling- to be ready for the finale…

5.Might be something deeper to the grey color for this episode- it was very “nothing is Black Or White- as in- it’s hard to tell who’s doing the right thing here.”

6.I think Locke is going to ‘kill’ Jacob because… (tell me your vote before the finale!- yes this is a multiple choice question.. theory) Personally- my vote is A.
a.That is how he can “HELP” Jacob, by ‘killing’ him, setting him free, yada,yada
b.He actually wants to kill him, because Locke is not Locke anymore, but he is the same thing/person that is working through Christian Shepard.
c.Is actually expecting Jacob not to be there and is trying to call a bluff and get some answers
d.Richard is Jacob
e.There is no Jacob- you only see what you want to see- remember the bullet hole that moved on Ben’s chest?
f.Locke is Jacob- in another time jump… doesn’t quite fit with the why to kill him- but it’s a theory
g.Other (if your answer is other- please explain)

7.Um- they didn’t incase the bomb in cement- and there are also flames right next to the leaking hydrogen bomb… is it just me or does this not work? I can’t think if a hydrogen bomb would be effected by flames??

8.I think the bomb’s a dud

9.btw- on that subject… HOW DID THEY GET THE BOMB DOWN THERE? It was always tunnels, right?

Rick’s thoughts:
1.We’ve always thought that Richard knows all when it comes to the island. He knew that Ben looking into the baby problem was not the right direction and he always seem to be calm and in control…but no more. We now know that he went to see Locke being born because Locke told him to. He found Locke in the middle of the woods after he was shot because Locke told him to. There have been plenty of things happen now that tell us he doesn’t really know all.

2.I think Richard is bad. He will trap Jack and Sayid…maybe more…down with the Hydrogen bomb. He then assumes they dies but they end up travelling through time before a major event happens…maybe a bomb going off?

3.I think the final shot we may see is the Hydrogen bomb going off and then fade to “Lost”.

4.I also think that Richard is holding Jacob hostage and running things the way he wants to.

5.Rose and Bernard WILL show up in the finale, I feel. And I bet you they are working for Dharma somewhere. I still feel that they are Adam and Eve though. Maybe we’ll see them enter the cave this episode and no longer see them. It won’t effect much of the story since we haven’t seen them at all pretty much. 

6.Claire will return. I think we’ll see her at the end of the finale.

7.Is Locke really himself? I keep going back and forth on this one. I really think he is different from Christian. Whatever happened to him is different. Whatever he shocked Ben so I think it’s something special.

8.The smoke monster and Jacob are NOT the same thing. We know now, almost sure, that the smoke monster can take on other forms. The smoke monster turned into Alex and told Ben he had to do whatever Locke said to do. And if Locke wants to kill Jacob, then that’s probably not the same thing as the smoke monster. I do feel that on Kassie’s question on her #6 is that he will be freeing Jacob from Richard.

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