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LOST Season 5: Episode 6 “316”- Lost Kassicast Recap

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” - John 3:16

Well here we go again. Last night’s episode was completely awesome! It might just be my favorite so far this season! We did learn a lot- and still have oh so many new questions- but we’ll get to those. In this recap- I’m not only covering the recap and things you might have missed but also some little thoughts here and there. Hold on and read ahead J BTW- the easter eggs and theories will be posted/emailed later today.

Déjà vu:
We start with an eyeball. Jack’s in fact. And we’re taken back to the very first scene of the very first episode that started our 6 year long addiction. Rick and I kept looking back and forth between the screen and each other- with confusion and awe. (sorry, I’m falling back into creative writing-this episode brings it out- I’ll try to stop tho J) Jack in, what looks like to be the same suit he crashed in before. Then it changes and we notice that he’s not confused, he looks somewhat happy, and he’s not rubbing his ears to get the hearing back just to hear the sounds of the wreckage and people of flight 815. He has a ripped piece of notebook paper in his hand, which has, "I wish..." scribbled on it.

Hurley's voice calls him away. He runs towards the voice, and sees Hurley struggling in the lagoon below. Jack swan dives off the cliff and makes his way down below and pulls Hurley (and his guitar case… hmmmm guitar case much like Charlie’s that was left behind) to shallow water. Across the lagoon, he sees Kate, unconscious on the rocks. He wades over and quickly revives her. She's OK, but all three are confused as to what happened.

The Lamp Post Will Help You Find Your Way:
Eloise Hawking lights a candle underneath Caravaggio's "Doubting Thomas." (it’s a painting- just in case you weren’t aware- Ben will explain the story later) She greets Ben, Sun, Jack, and Desmond, same as the end of "This Place is Death." She leads them all down a staircase to a large metal door with a Dharma logo on it. Once inside, all look around in wonder, even Ben: They see the pendulum, the blackboard, old electronic equipment, and a series of rotating numbers indicating longitude and latitude (which just happen to be 6 number- such as 4,8,15,16,23,42). According to Hawking, this is The Lamp Post: the way that the Dharma Initiative found the Island. Jack asks Ben if he knew about this place and after Ben says no- Jack turns to Hawking and asks if Ben’s telling the truth. “I doubt it” She replies J That made me laugh

Get ready for your Dharma history lesson: The room was constructed over a unique pocket of energy, similar to various pockets all over the world- such as oh, say, the Island. Those that built it wanted to find not where the Island was, but where it would be. Nice. Turns out some madman back in the day correctly presumed the Island was moving through time. However, this movement wasn't random, but fairly predictable based on equations derived at the time to more or less give highly educated guesses as to possible future locations of the Island. Predicting said locations leads to windows in time; and the Oceanic 6's window closes in 36 hours.

The Island Isn’t Done With Me, I Mean Desmond…:
Des has had just enough of this from the woman that cost him years of his life with Penny. I was waiting for him to speak up. He delivers Faraday's message letting them all know that Hawking is Faraday’s Mother. Funny, Ben looked surprised but Hawking showed no emotion whatsoever. When Hawking says the Island isn't done with Des yet, he explodes, confronting her over their encounter in the jewelry store and that she wasted four years of his life. He tells Jack that they are all just pawns in some large game, and suggest he ignore whatever Hawking says. He declares that he's done with the Island. Ha- yeah- good luck with that.

How will they get back? By selecting a flight that just so happens to fly over the location it will be during that window. And behold, just such a flight exists: Ajira Airways 316 (1.The Water Bottle, 2.See quote above), L.A. to Guam. The Oceanic 6 need to all return together in order to re-create, as best they can, the circumstances under which they initially arrived. The way she relates this suggests a ritual of some sort to appease the Island, which will then re-grant access to its awesomeness. What if they can’t get them to all be on that flight? “The Outcome will be… unpredictable” she says. Jack seems skeptical, but Hawking insists there's a little more for Jack to do.

Re-Create The Past:
Hawking leads Jack alone up to her study in the church. She delivers to Jack Locke's suicide note, which is inside an envelope marked "Jack Shephard." Apparently, Jack didn't believe Locke committed suicide. Hawking insists Locke will help Jack get back as a proxy for Christian- as Jack was transporting a deceased body before- now he will again. As such, Jack needs to find something of his father's and give it to Locke which naturally sets Jack off. Hawking scolds him, and suggests that he accept this "leap of faith." She says the quoted phrase as if she knows Locke once said those words to.

Inside the church, Ben looks a little jealous. After Jack sits near him, Ben gets up, lights a candle, and inquires about his conversation with Hawking. Jack wants to know why she's so important, but Ben instead chooses to lecture Jack on the subject of Caravaggio's panting. He points out that while Thomas is most famous for doubting Jesus' resurrection and needs to touch the wounds, he also bravely suggested all the apostles return to Judea where death awaited them all. "We're all convinced sooner or later, Jack." Sun has already left and now Ben a final loose end he needs to tie up about a promise made to an old friend (hmmm… He did make a promise to Widmore that he would kill Penny), and leaves.

Later, Jack is at a bar trying to have a drink. He's interrupted by a call from his grandfather's nursing home. He visits his grandfather, Ray the next day, sparing him from a magician's act involving a white bunny. The two seem to have a cordial relationship, which is a rarity in the world of Lost. Looks like Ray's a fan of the "anywhere but here" school of thought. Guess it runs in the family. As Jack unpacks Ray's suitcase, he finds Christian's dress shoes inside. Shocked to the core, he asks Ray to take the shoes with him. Ray has an odd expression on his face, but says yes.

Well, This Is Just Uncomfortable:
That night, he returns home. Again, he reaches for a drink, but hears someone entering his house. Who is it, Who is it? He wearily walks towards the sound to find Kate, lying on his bed. As we see her face, we see a very, very different Kate than at Slip 23. Her eyes are hollow, her cheeks pale, and she looks like she's aged years. She tells Jack she wants to come with him to the Island. When Jack asks about Aaron's whereabouts, she makes him promise to never ask her that question again- a little angrily. Then they proceed to… ah hem… well, you know… Good Gravy, that was weird.

The following morning, Jack makes Kate breakfast. Kate notes Christian's shoes, which launches Jack into a story of how he forewent shoes like these in favor of white tennis sneakers in 2004 (Thank God we finally know why Christian is always walking around in a suit and white shoes… That’s been bugging me!) He figured no one would look at Christian's feet anyways, though now he notes that such a small effort to get dress shoes probably would have been better (although- at least Christian’s feet are comfortable while hiking through the island and time…). The World's Cheeriest Continental Breakfast ends when Jack gets a phone call extremely bloody and scared Ben. Looks like the someone beat the holy hell out of him, and now Jack needs to run to the butcher shop and pick up Locke's body.

Jeremy Bentham’s New Shoes:
Jack stops by the shop to pick up the body. Jill says she knows him- and Locke’s in the back. She leaves him alone in the meat locker as she pulls the van around back. This leads us to the first Locke/Jack scene of the year! Course, this is a little more one-sided than normal, but on the bright side, it's much less argumentative. As Jack takes off Locke's shoes, he says, "Wherever you are, John, you must be laughing your ass off that I'm actually doing this. Because this? This is even crazier than you were." He then puts the suicide note in John's pocket, unwilling to read it.

Here We Go Again:
At LAX, Jack makes the arrangement for Bentham's body with the Ajira ticket agent. While the agent explains the procedures surrounding caskets (including opening it for security reasons), he spies Kate approaching. On the way to the terminal, he runs into Sun. The gang's coming together. He also sees Sayid...accompanied by a female law enforcement agent- hmmm- the pieces are coming together. As he leaves, the man in line behind him offers condolences to Jack over his friend's death. The man looks familiar to me- but I need to look into it a bit further- lets just say he has a rather large part for a red shirt.

One more to go...and there he is! Reading a Spanish copy of "Y: The Last Man," Hugo Reyes, ladies and gents! He's fresh out of prison and the new owner of 78 seats aboard Ajira Airways. He really is the heart, as he's potentially saved the lives of that many people. When Jack arrives, Hurley is less than forthcoming about how he ended up at LAX. Yeah… How did he know to be there?

One by one, they board. I want to run down the Oceanic 6 remix right now- but I’m saving that for the theories and easter eggs…After a brief scuffle involving Hurley and Ben, the flight attendant hands Jack Locke's suicide note. Looks like it popped out during inspection. Jack's worried about the fate of the others onboard; Ben's as sympathetic to them as he was to those aboard the Kahana. Wow, he’s scary. All I know is that if I was in the waiting room- waiting for a plane- (and watched the news to recognize the faces) I would opt out of that flight once I saw the infamous Oceanic 6 all boarding.

Once in the air, Jack talks to Kate about all the coincidences that brought the Oceanic...well, 5, really, back together. While they talk, the final piece of the Oceanic 815 re-creation falls into place as we learn the identity of the pilot: FRANK LAPIDUS. I spell that in all caps because that was so freakin' obvious and yet I totally didn't see it coming. I soon as we heard his voice- we looked at each other- lost in pure awesomeness. Love. It. Lapidus is happy to see Jack, but after
seeing everyone else, delivers the line of the night: "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Later that night, Jack frets as Ben reads James Joyce's Ulysses. When Jack asks how Ben can read, he replies, "My mother taught me." First Off- HAHAHA- funny reply.. Second- um- here I was thinking his mother died while giving birth to him. Jack pulls out Locke's note, and asks if Ben knew Locke killed himself. Ben denies it- yeah cuz he always tells the truth. Ben offers to give Jack some time alone to read it and heads to the bathroom. The note reads merely: "Jack: I wish that you had believed me. JL." Youch.

Just then, the plane goes a rumblin' and a tumblin'. Jack looks excited. Kate looks nervous. So does Sayid's chest hair. Hurley tells semi red shirt to buckle up and puts on his ‘blindfold’. All of a sudden, the plane's engulfed in a familiar white light.

We Know Where We Are, But When Are We?:
We start at the beginning of the show again- Jack saving Hurley then Kate

None of them remember crashing...all they remember is the white light. Jack suggests they look for the others, but just then, they hear a sound coming from the jungle. A pristine-looking Dharma van pulls up, and an unseen worker grabs a gun and holds them at gunpoint. That man? Jin! Dude's a work man now! AWESOME!!!!

Later Today: Easter Eggs; Theories; and Other thoughts, questions, and things you might have missed

Next Week: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham!!!!!

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