Friday, February 6, 2009

"The Little Prince" Theories/Easter Eggs/Questions

Ok- so here’s a few easter eggs and theories…

1.The French novel- “The Little Prince” is about a prince who is stranded in a desert, but eventually visits six planets, each inhabited by a different single character… The King, The conceited Man, The Drunkard, The Businessman, The Lamplighter, and The Geographer.

2.The canister found on the beach (French time) said Besixdouze =Be+Six+Douze= B612= Home Asteroid in “The Little Prince”. The B612 foundation is also “a private foundation dedicated to protecting Earth from asteroid strikes. Their immediate goal is to significantly alter the orbit of an asteroid in a controlled manner by 2015

3.Just a reminder- remember the Asteroid that hit the chicken place Hurley owned?

4.The Numbers are at it again. Sayid was knocked out for 42 hours, Kate’s address is 42 Panorama Crest, and Ben, Jack and Kate met at the 23rd dock in the marina.

5.The name on the side of Ben’s van says Canton Rainier= move the letters to Reincarnation

6.The hotel that Norton met Carole Littleton- looks like the same hotel that Sayid brought Hurley for the ‘safe house’ and also looks just like the hotel in the video that Ben showed to Locke to show him Charles Widmore.

7.Fun little site.
Pilots and sailors avoid a new pacific location: trouble area.

8.On the beach with the Abandoned Losties camp there aren’t any dead bodies with arrows sticking out of them? Where’d they go? Buried? Has it just been long enough that they’re decomposed

9.Remember back when Kate and Sawyer were ‘helping’ the others build an airstrip??? Is this maybe for the Oceanic 6 to come back??

10.Funny thought- but if this time is relatively far in the future… let’s say 10 years and the losties/others/scientist have managed the time traveling thing- but are still keeping themselves protected from others…. Couldn’t they be in the canoe shooting at some random people (say oh themselves from the past) for stealing their canoe… I know it’s making my head hurt… But even try this one on- Locke, Sawyer etc jump back into their boat and try to head back to the beach camp after their Orchid mission… then they see the same boat, the one that shot at them before… Sawyer grabs his gun and takes the first shot, because they know they’re going to be shooting at him. The other people fire back… Then the other boat disappears- meaning it was their boat in the first place.. one boat one gun…

11.Danielle Rousseau never told us what they were researching, but apparently in the scripts, there was a scene where she told Sayid that they were researching time (they had to cut it though because ABC was appalled at the idea of introducing time-travel; little did they know).

12.I thought it was a little odd that Jin said that his boat sank instead of blew up… As he wouldn’t have seen the ship sink. But, back oh- when they were on a raft, the boat did sink and Jin was floating on a piece of wood from it as well… But as he was floating on a door- still assume this is after freighter Jin- just thought it was funny 

13.Young Rousseau is holding the Music Box that Sayid fixes in Season one- in her arms when their raft lands on the island

14.The surveillance report that Sun is reading is actually taken from a fictional crime solving website-,%20i%20think.%20it's%20just%20the%20surveillance%20of%20the%20suspect%20in%20some%20homicide.

15.Who is Sun blaming and after to kill? Ben or Jack- I think it’s really a toss up. Jack left Jin on the boat and wouldn’t let Kate go after him. It’s Ben’s fault the boat blew up.

16.Is she pretending that she’s working for widmore now, or is she playing him too?

17.Charlotte’s been on the island the most time, followed by Miles, followed by Juliet, Followed by?


19.Speaking of that- Where is Vincent (the dog?)


  1. #10 ... I like the idea of Sawyer shooting at himself. I don't think it would have to be way in the future either, for istance, it could happen in the next jump... they could jump back to just before the shooting began and Sawyer could then grab his gun and shoot thinking it was the hostiles that shot at them. If that is the case however, which character did Juliett hit???

    And as for #15/16, maybe she is working for Widmore, it's hard to say, but maybe the gun is to take out Sayid... he has been reaking havoc on presumably Widmore's people for a few years! But I'd have to guess that it's for Ben, or maybe she's working for Ben and has the gun there to enforce anyone that tries to bow out of their trip!

    Now that you mention it, where ARE Rose and Bernard??? And weren't there at least a couple other survivers still with them. (I know there weren't many left after the freighter came, and the flaming arrow incedent, but there were still a few!)

    If you didn't see it, read my comment from the episode recap too!

  2. Hi Kass,

    I watched this episode three times and still didn't see Danielle's music box. Where was I?! lol I was trying to see if Montand had a key on his necklace and totally missed it. ( He did have a key, from what I could see. Different from Jack's gun case key or the Dharma fail safe key, though) Excellent catch! :)

    Ms. Wendy

  3. Rich- (faraday is my constant;)) I still think she's going for Jack- but that's just me :) I don't know- I was thinking she was working for ben- to trick widmore- but that's not looking like a possibility...
    I'm not think Rose and Bernard are dead tho- maybe they all went to the Orchid?? iono

    Ms. Wendy- if you look when they are talking in french on the dark raft. Someone got a screencap- lightened it and sharpened it to clearly see the music box. I could see it in the episode- but barely.

  4. OK, here's my theory about the guys in the canoe. I really think it is the Oceanic 6. They landed on an ajira airlines flight to the smaller island on the runway they were building. Then they had to take the canoes over to the main island. Something must have sent them into the woods and then they followed the bad guys, whoever that turns out to be, back to the beach where they assume they, the bad guys, took the other canoe. So they went after them shooting. And yes, Juliet did shoot someone but I'm sure it was just in the arm or something.

    Frozen polar bear wheel - I really think the polar bears originally were there to move the frozen donkey wheel. They would be perfect down there in the cold, strong enough to move it, and it explains how a polar bear ended up in the desert.