Friday, February 6, 2009

Season 5: Episode 4 "The Little Prince"

Here’s the recap- the other theories and easter eggs will be posted later today!
I was swamped yesterday and didn't have time to do it :(

The Little Prince
Awesome episode! We learned a bit this week- but we’ll get there!  This isn’t going to be a chronological recap- so it’s a little easier to follow

Penny’s Boat:
We start with Kate and Jack talking a few days after being rescued by ‘The Searcher’. Now, I always thought it was Jack’s idea for Kate to raise Aaron… No? No. It was Kate’s… Odd- as, on the island, there were multiple times when Kate handed over Aaron or wouldn’t hold him, claiming to be no good with kids. Jack is cool with it- and tells Kate that tomorrow he’s going to have to convince the others to lie to protect those left behind. “I’ll turn to you first”.

L.A. and the ‘Lawyer’:
Now we’re three years later and Kate is dressed up in one of Sun’s suits. She leaves Aaron with Sun… who by the way, is getting a little scarier each episode… And Sun takes a babysitting break to receive a package. In the package there are photos of Ben and Jack, a box of chocolates (yum ), and a hidden pistol. This was a little funny to me- as if someone would look into the package- don’t they think would be really odd to have a report of someone being followed and a really really heavy box of chocolates? Also, I’m thinking that this makes me think of Sayid a bit- where he received names and guns…

Kate visits the creepy mean lawyer, and tries to strike a deal. Her blood sample for contact with his client. Norton doesn’t like the idea- and is a bit rude- and notes that the client wants to make the exchange of custody as smooth as possible. “You’re going to lose the boy”

More Horse Tranquilizers:
Jack is treating a very annoyed Sayid, but gets pulled away by a hospital administrator- who’s a little upset that Dr. Druggie Jack is treating a patient in the hospital… as he has been suspended. He get’s a call which he has to take and- it’s Hurley, in a too-tight orange prison jumpsuit  HA! Calling from prison.

Meanwhile- A male ‘nurse’ visits Sayid to give him some medication… Yeah- considering that Sayid’s not checked in- that was a bit of a tip off. Sayid takes him out and get’s an address from the man’s pocket… Kate’s address… where she just happens to be living at a house with the number 42. Jack calls Kate, trying to warn her- but she’s busy stalking creepy Lawyer Norton.- So he meets up with her and she tells him all about the lawyer. Jack hops in the car and their off on a slow chase. They track Norton to a hotel.. where low and behold… It’s Carole! (p.s. that’s Claire’s mom). So, now the questions are… How much does she know? How does she know? Who told her? What the ____ is going on? Well turns out, she doesn’t know anything. Jack runs through the pouring rain to go talk to her (funny note- as we’re not in order- but it just so happens to start pouring in LA- right after the scene where it the Losties got moved through time to a thunder storm). Jack talks to Carole then runs back to Kate- and explains that Carole is only in town to get her settlement from suing Oceanic Airlines. Kate doesn’t believe that the fact they have the same lawyer is just a coincidence. I agree…

Who’s Behind It All:
Ben and Sayid arrive at the courthouse where Ben’s lawyer tells him that there’s no real case against Hurley… By the way… Ben’s lawyer happens to be Dan Norton.

Jack and Kate go to the marina to meet Ben and Sayid. Kate calls Ben out as being the one trying to take Aaron. Jack denies it, but Ben admits it was him… (to all those wondering, Rick and I totally called this while watching a preview for the coming season… we went back on it.. but we originally called it- that counts right? ) “he’s not your son” in his normal flat ‘duh’ tone 

Oh wait- there’s Sun and sleeping Aaron- watching the group from a parked car. And what is Sun holding? Oh right, it’s a gigantic firearm…

Bloody Hell:
Back on the Island in 19_ _ Charlotte’s passed out on the ground. As we’ve seen before, one of the tricky side effects of time travel is that it might cause a teensy bran hemorrhage, which first presents itself as a bloody nose. I think my brain might be hemorrhaging from all of this thought about rules on having a ‘constant’… I mean, wouldn’t they all now be each others constant as they knew each other before the flashes began?? Sigh… I think my nose might be bleeding…

Daniel tries to explain to Juliet that it’s like bad jet lag… um yeah- REALLY bad jet lag. He’s looks a bit uncomfortable when Juliet asks why it’s not happening to everyone else. How come no one can just answer a question on this island… (“how old is Alpert?” “Really Old” thanks) Locke tells Sawyer that they should take the Zodiac to travel around the island to the Orchid Station (Woo Hoo! Four Toed Statue Anyone?) so he can leave the Island and get the Oceanic 6 to come back. Sawyer is against the idea, so Locke promises him Kate would come back. “I have to make them come back, even if it kills me”- good guess.

Charlotte Wakes Up, a bit disoriented- wonders who Daniel is for a minute. But, she’s cool. And then, Oh Look- Miles has a bloody nose… oops. Then we find out that the hemorrhaging might have something to do with the duration one spends on the island… ok- so that might work for Desmond and Charlotte (As we’re now relatively sure she was born on the island) But Miles? I’m sticking with he was born on the island as well… Dr. Chang Jr anyone? Um, do you remember our friend George Minkowski from the freighter? He actually succumbed to Unstuckintimeitis, and we have no evidence to believe that he had been to the island before. But had he? It's then that the hamster wheel in my head starts turning, and I think: Fisher Stevens was kind of a high-profile guest star for such a small part. Maybe we can all look forward to a mite more Minkowski in our future.)

I Know When We Are!:
Locke sees a beam of light in the air- and we know they flashed back to a time where Boone had died and Locke went banging on the hatch door in frustration and pain. he gets the crew to move away from the light. He also tells Sawyer that he wouldn't go back and warn his other self of the pain to come. "I needed that pain; it got me to where I am now," he says plainly.

But that detour didn't prevent Sawyer from stumbling upon the exact moment when Kate helped Claire deliver Aaron. In which- Bravo to acting- you could see the love in his face.

Other Other Others:
They make it back to the beach and see their camp- but no Losties… How far in the future are they now? No Zodiac either. But, there is an odd looking canoe with a bottle of Ajira Airways- issued water (thanks to sneaky Juliet- being the only one who know this…) So, another plane crash? What’s with the boats? There are Other Other Others?

They take the boat and start paddling away. Sawyer tells Juliet about seeing Kate. But before he gets into it, they start getting shot at! Again! Now, how another canoe is paddling fast enough to catch up and shooting multiple guns, I have no idea, but they are. Juliet returns fire. But, just as we think, “UH OH” another flash starts. Sawyer raises his arms “Thank You God!” but as the flash ends and they’re in the ocean in a thunder storm, he takes it back. Hahahaha!  They discover wreckage…

Everything is in French. Hmmmm….

I Knew It!- well I thought it at least!:
We’re in a raft with a bunch of French people and- oh look!- they’ve spotted a body in the water. Woo Hoo! It’s Jin! I so knew it!  They make it to the island and low and behold- one of the castaways is pregnant. Welcome back past Danielle Rousseau. So, right now we’re in approximately 1988. I wonder how her team dies… 


  1. I personally think what's happening to Charlotte, Miles and Juliett is not at all the same as to what happened to Desmond and Minkowski!!!! They traveled back to another time in their life (supposedly in their mind), while their bodies stayed on the freighter in a comatose state. Never once have any of the 3 on the island experiencing the nose-bleeds have those similar experiences. (I realize they are both likely related to time jumps, but I'm still not sure those on the island can fix it with a "constant" since the scenarios are quite different; and even if they could, would they have to have a new constant in each jump?)

    I still wonder if the "sickness" that killed Rousseau's team is something related. (Luckily we should find out soon!)... maybe radiation poisoning? ...the purge perhaps?

    Lastly, I want to take this time to gripe about that fact that Walt STILL has not even been mentioned!!! We know Locke went and saw him after leaving the island and if I'm not mistaken told him he'd have to go back too and yet Ben has not once mentioned his name or of any plans to include him on thier journey. They better not just leave him out of this and abandon his story! He had special "traits" even before going to the island so there's got to be more to him. Plus why make the Oceanic six be gone THREE years if not to make it believable for Walt to come back looking a little older??? Anyways, I just wanted to gripe about that!

    One more added note about it being 16 years ago... the purge also happened 16 years ago, presumably around 1988. I'm not sure if anyone followed the off-season extra of the "Dharma Initiative Recruitment Project", but somehow in the end you were able to see a video of Pierre Chang right before the purge stating they knew it was immenant and that they also knew there was nothing they could do about it, but in this video the person taping it with a shaky camcorder disputes a few things Chang says and in the end turns it off... having watched the video several times on Lostpedia, there's no doubt that the person video taping it is Faraday... so maybe there will be a lot to see while on this particular jump! Also, if you're interested in viewing tha video, here is the link below...

    Just scroll down a short ways and you can veiw the video there! Can't wait to see your extra stuff about this week!

  2. I totally agree with your first comment- It is something similar but different- and if they could be fixed with a constant- they would be eachothers constant...
    I tried looking at the link- but couldn't see it :( I'll find it tho- awesome stuff! So Chang new it was going to all happen that way? Interesting :)
    I'm upset that we haven't seen walt yet either- I think he has way more to do with the island than we know--- hence dead birds... :)