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LOST Season 5: Episode 6 “316”- Lost Kassicast Easter Eggs, Theories, and More

1.The Dharma Station named “The Lamp-Post” made me think of a reference to ‘The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe’- Where the way that the children found there way- both to Narnia and home from it- was by locating the Lamp-post. It just hit me when I was writing the recap- that was the first thing I thought of.

2.I think that Ben was all bloodied up- because his “Promise to an old friend” was referencing his promise to Widmore that he would kill Penny. He tried and might have succeeded- not sure, but I’m pretty sure Desmond then kicked the crap out of Ben.

3.Now that we see 5 of the 6 Oceanic 6 on the plane headed back for the island- it makes me think of that ‘runway’ again. The one Kate and Sawyer were helping to build… You remember the one 

4.When we see Hurley- reading a comic book- it just happens to be a comic book that is actually written by a Lost writer- Brian K. Vaughan.

5.Some people think that Jack’s Grandpa Ray- in his quest to go ‘anywhere but here’ has been to the island before- it’s a family thing  I’m not sure if I agree with this.

6.I’m happy they finally explained the White Tennis Shoes on Christian Sheppard 

7.White Rabbit= The name of the episode in which Jack first saw his father in the jungle in season one… White Rabbit= the bunny in the magic show going on when Jack meets his grandpa and find’s his fathers shoes. (Also, we see white bunnies everywhere in this show )

8.Seeing Jin working for Dharma- brings up two main points… 1.That explains why Faraday was working in the Orchid Station in the first episode of this season 2.How long have they been stuck in the 60’s?!?!

9.Ben said on the plane that his mother taught him how to read- another lie- as his mother died in childbirth with him.

10.Sooooo.... Did the plane crash or did the 06ers just "flash" onto the island?? and, if they did - did Frank and Ben go too?? and if so, who's flying the plane now???

11.Was it just me, or did someone else notice that Frank made almost the EXACT facial expressions that Daniel makes when he is trying to figure something out/realizing something is going on. I was wondering if it was on purpose, or if Frank has always done that and I just noticed because he is all cleaned up.

12.From a description: “The man Jacks meets at the airport and that goes on board is a French actor named Said Taghmaoui, famous (at least in France) for his contribution to the movie "La Haine".
Considering his rather large status of fame, it is now obvious that he is doomed to play an important (yet secondary) role in the Season 5;”

13.I doubt this connection means anything important, but charlies father was named simon pace and he was a butcher. this is simons butcher shop. obviously this place is in la, but I thought it was an interesting point.

14.The date on the military photo of the island in the Lamp-Post station is 09/23/1954. The date flight 815 crashed is 09/24/2004- 50 years and 1 day later…

15.I wonder who the "very smart man" was that built the pendulum the Hawkings talked about...hmmm... could it be Daniel Faraday?

16.In Mrs. Hawkings Lamp-Post station- there is a post behind her when she’s talking to desmond. Everything else there looks like an old military station- then there’s this post that looks like old stone… such as the four toed statue.

17.There is also a Mary statue that looks just like the heroine filled Mary’s.

18.After seeing the 6 numbers making up Latitude and Longitude in the Lamp-Post station- I decided to look up the numbers in a “find my latitude/longitude location” site. Found that 4,8,15,16,23,42 will take you to right outside a city called Banga in the Central African Republic…

19.Thoughts From Rick= “I think Kate gave Aaron away to Clare's mom. She knew she had to go back to the island and she wanted to keep Aaron safe. The reason she asked Jack never to ask her what happened is because she wants to keep it a secret so that nobody can find him. And if it isn't Clare's mom, I still believe she gave him away and not that someone took him. If he just disappeared she would continue looking for him for a long time and not just give up and go to Jack's. I think the combination of Ben telling her "he's not your son, Kate" and her seeing and knowing where Claire's mom is a good indicator that she gave Aaron up to her.” I completely agree with this- and (even though Rick’s forgotten) did come to the conclusion Kate gave Aaron away last night. Although- I think that her vision of Claire telling her “Don’t you dare bring him back, Kate” was really the deciding factor.

20.Also From Rick “When Hawking told Jack that he needed to recreate as many circumstances as possible that mirror the original flight, it was not because those items needed to come to the island or that they had special powers or anything like that. It was to show that they believed the island would bring them back. It was a leap of faith, even Hawking mentioned that. When you believe in the island things work out for the better in general. Just look at Locke. Every time he doubted the island things were bad for him. In season 1 when he didn't believe, the island took his legs. He told Eko that Boone was the sacrifice the island needed. Now John is giving the ultimate sacrifice by giving up his life so that the island will bring him back and make everything right again. Now the 5 (minus Aaron) are allowed to come back because they believe it will happen. Even Frank Lapidus knows it will happen and he hasn't even been through half that the others have.

And Ben is allowed back to the island because of the way he has been acting. He has been letting things happen the way they should without knowing all the answers. He asked Jack what Ms Hawking said to him but he also leaves Jack alone to read the letter because he was supposed to. This act of letting the island take over will allow him to come back.”

21.Again: And I completely agree with this one “All of the oceanic 5 + Ben have changed roles on this latest flight compared to who they were on 815. They have all become different people but still people that were on flight 815. Think about this for a second: Jack is now John. Even though john wasn’t much of a believer while he was actually on the flight, he was a true believer once it crashed. And deep down Locke WANTED to believe in something greater. But Jack now is the believer, much different role for him. Kate is Claire. She is all sad and alone on a flight after she just made a big decision about her child...who happens to be the same one. :) Hurley is Charlie. Makes sense since he’s been visited by Charlie so much lately. He probably had another visit with him before he got on the plane. Plus he’s carrying a guitar case which could maybe have belonged to Charlie as well. Ben is Hurley. Hurley barely made flight 815. Remember all the trouble he had and how he barely made it on board? He was even upset later on when he yelled out “I’m not supposed to be her”. Then guess what Hurley says to Ben when he boards? “You’re not supposed to be here.” :) Sun is Rose. Even though it looked like her husband was dead, she believed he was alive. Sayid is Kate. This one was pretty obvious but he is in cuffs just like Kate was on 815.”

22.Rick has lot’s of thoughts this week  “What if the fake wreckage of flight 815 was real? What if it wasn’t flight 815 but rather flight 316? :) What if when Frank saw the dead pilot on the screen, he was seeing himself? Remember Frank was supposed to be the pilot for 815. The universe course corrects itself so the island made sure he came this second time. This is also why Ms Hawking said that it HAD to be this particular flight”

23.Also- Hawkings said that they had 36 hours to get back to the Island… It took them 46 Hours once they were awake- does this mean that they were passed out for 46 hours?!?

24.Rick “Now that we are in dharma time, which I was dead on right about btw :), we will get to see Charlotte as a kid. She mentions when she was time traveling "Why can't Daddy come with us?" I'm sure she is talking to Annie. Annie is her Mom but maybe Ben isn't the Dad. Maybe that is why Ben knew everything about her but didn't like her. So is "Daddy" Widmore or someone else?”

25.Rick is sure that Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve- which I like, but brings up the question- if they die in the 60’s- will they keep traveling through time- or will their bodies stay behind and rot- to find the skeleton’s later… ?

Ok- I think that’s it for now. Leave your theories- or write me your theories and remember- We get to see the story of Jeremy Bentham next week!!!

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