Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOST Kassicast Season 5: Episode 5 “This Place is Death”- EASTER EGGS AND THEORIES‏

There weren’t too many easter eggs or new theories this week- as it was obviously a ‘catch up’ episode- not a ‘new-issue’ episode. But here’s a few things that I have:

1.Geronimo Jackson- the band- we’ve heard it a lot- it’s a 1970’s band whose member went missing- but we don’t know the details- here’s some past references= Charlie and Hurley found a Geronimo Jackson album in the Swan. –Undercover police officer (in ‘Further Instructions’) wore a t-shirt with Geronimo Jackson on it. –A Geronimo Jackson poster adorned the inside door of the locker that 16-year old Locke was locked in -A Geronimo Jackson vinyl cover is seen next to a DJ at Hurley’s surprise birthday party -Currently- Charlotte says “turn it up! I love Geronimo Jackson!” when she was out of it

2.Gun’s seem to always mess up- when pointed at certain people. Michael tried killing himself and his gun didn’t work, Jack tried shooting Locke- same problem, and now Robert tried shooting Danielle- Good thing that didn’t work either.

3.Fun little fact- the woman playing adult Danielle is named Mira Furlan and the young Danielle is Melissa Farman- same initials

4.When Locke turned the donkey wheel- Was it just me- or did it seem way different than when Ben was down there? It wasn’t freezing. Could it possibly be the other side of the wheel?

5.Locke doesn’t have identification or money- and he’s supposedly dead- where is he going to get this new identity and documentation to back it up with- in the middle of the desert?

6.Why is it that Locke’s legs always get injured? J

7.We already figured Hawking as Faraday’s mother- so that wasn’t a surprise but- it was a surprise that Ben seemed surprised by that.

8.The donkey wheel being off track- seems to possibly have been what was causing the ‘record to be skipping’ So, if Locke stopped that- would the losties be stuck in whatever time the wheel was fixed in? And, if that’s the case- what’s with the ocean 6 having to come back?

9.One thought that goes along with this- Charlotte said Daniel was that ‘Creepy Old Man’ Now- true to a little girl- anyone over the age of 20 seems old- but what if he was really really old- because he had been stuck back in time and aged…

10.Charlotte left the island when she was little with her mum- never saw her dad again… I’m thinking her parents are Ben and Annie.

11.The French group- came out of that smoky hole- possessed some how. Not an imitation like Christian Sheppard- because they could be killed by bullets.

12.The hieroglyphs that were on the outside of Smokie’s cave- are the same that were on that door that Ben called Smokie from- in the basement of his hut.

13.Faraday and Locke are the only two in the Losties group who don’t have bloody noses yet…

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